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Ben Affleck Birthday Drama With Jennifer Garner Made Up By Blog

Despite being on good terms, Affleck and Garner are in fact divorced, so it’s not the least bit unusual that the actor would celebrate his birthday with just his kids. As Gossip Cop noted last week, IBT is the same blog that has spent the past month arbitrarily linking Garner and Bradley Cooper. Basically, ET wrote an article about Affleck enjoying a birthday outing with his children, and IBT cherrypicked the idea that Garner wasn’t there. The tabloids themselves haven’t even published any false Garner/Cooper dating stories in quite some time, so why keep bringing up the phony premise? “A Blog Keeps Linking Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Garner For No Apparent Reason.” Gossip Cop, 22 Aug. 2019. Shuster, Andrew. The outlet clearly isn’t concerned about consistency when it comes to reporting about the celebrities it covers. ET had noted that Garner wasn’t at the dinner, but also made a point of stressing that “the pair is doing great with their co-parenting relationship.” Despite the fact that the ex-spouses are on great terms, IBT decided to rewrite the reliable outlet’s story and sell it as Garner “skipping” her ex-husband’s dinner. A misleading headline isn’t the only issue here. “Ben Affleck and His Kids Celebrate His 47th Birthday With Sweet Annual Tradition.” Entertainment Tonight, 26 Aug. For any reader who sees that headline, the assumption here would be that Affleck invited Garner to his birthday celebration, but there’s animosity between the two so she “skipped” it. Not only do most of these articles only focus on either one star or the other, not both, but the blog is well aware at this point that there’s never been a romance between the former Alias co-stars. This piece was written by the same author who decided a few days later to come up with a headline suggesting there’s tension between the exes. Just this week, for example, the blog wrote a story about Cooper getting a haircut and randomly threw Garner’s name into the headline. The website has published dozens of headlines unnecessarily reminding readers there have been “romance rumors” surrounding the two. Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner


Tailor, Leena. The most likely explanation is that the website wants people to click on its article under false pretenses. That’s not the case and IBT even acknowledges in the body of its story that the exes “remain amicable.” If the website is aware of this, why go with such a sensationalized and deceptive headline? 2019. Gossip Cop can set the record straight. The article is very misleading. Just a few days before the site published its article, it ran a different story titled, “Jennifer Garner Still Very Supportive Of Ex Ben Affleck Amid New Romance.” This headline was based on a separate ET story about how Garner has been supporting her ex-husband on his road to sobriety. On Tuesday, the International Business Times (IBT) published an article with the headline, “Jennifer Garner Skips Ben Affleck’s Birthday Celebration With Kids After Weekend Reunion.” The headline was concocted based on an Entertainment Tonight report about Affleck celebrating his 47th birthday by dining with his three children in Los Angeles. (Getty Images)
A blog took a story about Ben Affleck celebrating his birthday with his three kids and attempted to spin the scenario into some sort of drama between him and Jennifer Garner.

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