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Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie Having Secret Dates At London Pubs?

The bogus piece very quickly brushes over the fact that Robbie is happily married to producer Tom Ackerley. The publication wrongly asserted that the actor was hoping to swoop in once the actress and her husband split. (Getty Images)
Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie have not been sneaking off on secret dates for the past few weeks, despite a made-up tabloid report. There’s also not a single photo of the two stars visiting any pubs together. “Truth About Brad Pitt And Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Bromance.'” Gossip Cop, 30 July 2019. This week’s issue of Woman’s Day includes a piece about the two stars titled “Margot & Brad’s Secret Hook-Up.” Citing an anonymous insider, the outlet maintains that Pitt and Robbie are more than just co-stars. That story, like this latest one involving Robbie, was rooted in fiction. It seems the tabloid can’t make up its mind about Pitt’s relationship status, but both stories are completely untrue. The supposed source adds, “She gushed to her London friends about how supportive Brad has been and how incredible it’s been to have him guide her in an industry in which he’s been such an iconic actor for so long.” The questionable tipster further maintains that Robbie recently took her co-star “on a tour” of her favorite spots to drink in London. Shuster, Andrew. The magazine recently claimed the two stars were spending their nights ordering takeout and playing video games, and that DiCaprio was helping Pitt get back in the dating game. Back in June, Gossip Cop was exclusively told that Pitt finds rumors linking him to Robbie to be “rude” and “bizarre,” especially considering the fact that his interactions with the actress on the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood were limited. Gossip Cop has learned the premise is fabricated. Just last week, Woman’s Day claimed Pitt was secretly meeting up with Jennifer Aniston at his beach house after rekindling their romance. “Brad Pitt Finds Rumors Linking Him To Margot Robbie ‘Rude’ And ‘Bizarre.'” Gossip Cop, 1 June 2019. The magazine claims the actress has been bringing her Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star to her favorite pubs in London and showing him off to her friends. Nothing about the narrative was a reality. “They constantly joke and tease each other with little private in-jokes, and Margot calls him ‘B’ for short,” an alleged insider tells the outlet. Also last week, Gossip Cop called out NW for falsely claiming Pitt had confessed his love for Robbie amid her marriage supposedly falling apart. If the two A-listers were hitting up bars in London, it’s nearly impossible that no one would have spotted them. The article also fails to mention that Pitt has been sober for more than two years, so it doesn’t seem like he’d be eager to go bar-hopping with his co-star. Pitt and Robbie aren’t romantically involved and the notion otherwise is ridiculous. Shuster, Andrew. Woman’s Day has also been wrong about Pitt’s relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, his other Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star. Brad Pitt Margot Robbie Woman’s Day


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