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Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Trying To Become The Next Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie?

“Lady Gaga Dating Jeremy Renner To Get Revenge On Bradley Cooper?” Gossip Cop, 2 Apr. Gossip Cop can debunk it. And although it’s likely that both are eager to collaborate again in the future, they won’t be presenting themselves as some sort of Hollywood “power couple.”
“Entertainment Tonight,” a much more reliable source for celebrity news than NW, reported last month that Cooper and Gaga “hope to work together again,” but they’re “still just very close friends despite any rumors.” The trusted outlet further noted the actor isn’t making dating a priority and is instead focused on raising his two-year-old daughter with ex Irina Shayk. From there, the suspicious insider maintains the two stars “have been talking marriage and how many kids they want,” while Gaga “thinks they could have a brood as big as Brangelina too.”
In reality, Cooper and Gaga aren’t romantically involved. Back in Mach, Gossip Cop busted NW for wrongly reporting Cooper secretly had a second baby via surrogate with Shayk. 2019. “They’re in it for the long haul, and know how lucky and rare it is to find someone who can be your partner both at work and at home,” adds the seemingly phony source. Separate sources close to both stars have assured us the two are close friends, but they’re simply not a couple. In April, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for falsely claiming Gaga was dating Jeremy Renner to make Cooper jealous. 2019. “Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk Secretly Had Second Baby Through Surrogate?” Gossip Cop, 27 Mar. Shuster, Andrew. The singer was never in a romance with Renner. Shuster, Andrew. Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga NW Magazine


Bueno, Antoinette. (Getty Images)
A tabloid claims Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are trying to become the next Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a famous power couple that makes movies together. Shuster, Andrew. “Bradley & Gaga: We’ll Be Bigger Than Brangelina!” reads a headline in the latest issue of NW, which took it upon itself to dub the A Star Is Born co-stars “Braga.” The accompanying article says the the actor and the singer are a “real-life couple” who want to follow in the footsteps of Pitt and Jolie, “only with a much happier ending.”

A supposed source tells the magazine, “They know they have what it takes to blow everyone away and now that they’re on a roll, there is no stopping them. They’re a force to be reckoned with and are striking while the iron is hot.” The alleged insider further contends the two aren’t ready to go public with their relationship, but Cooper “hopes to have Gaga be his leading lady forever.”
The questionable tipster goes on to say Cooper and Gaga have been writing scripts with “some pretty hot and heavy” love scenes, and already have enough material ready for the next decade. 2019. The tabloid is all over the place when it comes to its manufactured narratives. 2019. “Bradley Cooper Not Making Dating ‘a Priority,’ Still Has a ‘Deep Friendship’ With Lady Gaga, Source Says.” Entertainment Tonight, 19 Jun. Not long after that, the unreliable outlet maintained Gaga was fighting with Jennifer Aniston to win Cooper’s affection. The exes didn’t have a second child and split shortly after the article was published. “Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga Fighting Over Bradley Cooper?” Gossip Cop, 18 Jun. The story is entirely made-up. This latest article likening the duo to Pitt and Jolie is more fiction. Of course, we’re not surprised by the tabloid’s bogus story.

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