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David Beckham Ordering Victoria To Quit Drinking?

Last summer, Gossip Cop called out star for wrongly reporting that David and Victoria were headed for a divorce over rumors he got their daughter’s teacher pregnant. David Beckham Star Magazine Victoria Beckham


Shuster, Andrew. It should be noted, Victoria has been running a successful fashion empire for several years, which isn’t exactly an easy task for someone with a supposed drinking problem. The “insider” further contends that the former Spice Girl “loves champagne and she’ll quickly down a couple glasses, but with her small frame and the fact that she eats practically nothing beforehand, it goes straight to her head.” The anonymous tipster concludes, “David wants her to focus on the family brand, and as such, to have a totally healthy lifestyle.”
There is a lot to unpack from this story, including how vicious the tabloid is towards Victoria, alleging she’s an anorexic alcoholic, which is totally untrue. 2019. Gossip Cop can bust it completely. Although the former soccer star will be spending some time there while launching his new team, London will remain his primary residence. “Victoria Beckham NOT Divorcing Over False Rumor David Got Teacher Pregnant, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 27 June 2018. Those rumors were totally baseless and the spouses of 20 years are still happily married. 2019. “David And Victoria Beckham Moving To Miami Full-Time?” Gossip Cop, 16 Aug. The tabloid is just taking mean-spirited shots at the couple, and it’s all coming from an untraceable “source.”
Gossip Cop checked in with the Victoria’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record that the story is complete “nonsense.” In fact, we already busted Star earlier this month for wrongly reporting that David and Victoria were moving to Miami full-time. Jo Milloy, Spokesperson for Victoria Beckham. Then there’s that backhanded “no angel” remark about David, implying infidelity with no evidence to back to it up. An article in this week’s Star features the sensational headline, “David Begs Posh: Stop Boozing!” The magazine quotes a supposed source as saying, “It’s been an issue for years, but David always let it slide because he’s been no angel himself in other areas of the marriage.” The questionable tipster goes on to say the reason David is doing this now is in anticipation of the family supposedly moving to Miami, where he’s launching a new soccer team. 28 Aug. (Getty Images)
A tabloid is claiming David Beckham has ordered wife Victoria Beckham to quit drinking because she’s allegedly developed a problem with alcohol. “The last thing he wants is Victoria stumbling out of a restaurant… or slurring her words at important power meetings,” adds the seemingly phony source. The story is incorrect for a number of reasons. The tabloid’s report is simply bogus.

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