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Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi Took Trip To Amsterdam To Save Marriage?

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A tabloid is claiming Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi went on a romantic getaway to Amsterdam to save their marriage. “Truth About Ellen DeGeneres Secretly Planning Split From Portia De Rossi.” Gossip Cop, 13 Feb. DeGeneres and de Rossi went on vacation together because spouses enjoy taking trips together, not because they’re trying to fix nonexistent marriage problems. My favorite number with my favorite person.” Those aren’t the words of someone who’s marriage has been in jeopardy. It’s a just cheap ploy the tabloids use to save face after publishing so many untrue split stories. “Ellen and Portia were really having trouble balancing their work and home life,” adds the questionable tipster, “so they’re putting in the effort to try to reconnect before life gets hectic again.”
The tabloid’s report simply isn’t accurate. My favorite number with my favorite person.” 16 Aug. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who confirms there’s no truth to the outlet’s article. The alleged insider further contends that DeGeneres and de Rossi’s busy careers “have driven a wedge between them.” The talk show host kicks off the 17th season of her show next month, while the former actress is busy with her new art company, General Public. Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Star Magazine


Ellen DeGeneres on Instagram: “Happy anniversary, Portia. Just one month prior, the magazine insisted de Rossi was the one divorcing DeGeneres. The talk show host and her wife were spotted vacationing in Amsterdam earlier this month, and that’s really where the story should begin and end. Star, however, is saying the couple went overseas because they hoped to “rekindle the flame” in their relationship. Gossip Cop can correct the bogus story. Along with a photo from their 2008 wedding, the talk show host wrote, “Happy anniversary, Portia. 11 years. 2019. Shuster, Andrew. In reality, it seems Star is simply trying to cover its tracks after wrongly reporting for quite some time that the spouses were divorcing. The spouses simply took a trip together, despite a magazine attempting to create problems between the happy couple. 11 years. Just last week, in fact, DeGeneres shared a loving Instagram post in honor of her and de Rossi’s 11th wedding anniversary. 2019. That phony scenario didn’t pan out either. “Portia De Rossi Divorcing Ellen DeGeneres For Defending Kevin Hart?” Gossip Cop, 17 Jan. 2019. Star doesn’t want to acknowledge that it knows nothing about the couple, so the outlet has instead come up with this fake narrative about them taking a trip to “save” their marriage. “They wanted to get away before Ellen goes back to work again,” a supposed source tells the magazine. Back in February, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming DeGeneres was “plotting a split” from de Rossi and would be moving into her own “bachelorette pad.” That didn’t happen.

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