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Everything You Need To Know About Steve Harvey’s Marriages And Kids

Instead of teasing her, Harvey explained to the audience, “I’m sorry, I don’t know who this is, but I’m going to marry her.”It took over a decade to make that statement into reality, but true love always finds a way. Harvey and his wife now have five grandchildren together.Though it’s obvious that Marjorie and Harvey are very happy together, tabloids continue to claim otherwise. The comedian married again in 1996 to a woman named Mary. Rumors began surfacing, both online via Radar Online and in print form from the National Enquirer, that Marjorie and Steve Harvey were headed for a “$400 million divorce” over Kris Jenner. His family, however, has been the most important part of his life. Harvey adopted her children and his brood instantly swelled from four to seven. Marjorie and Harvey clearly haven’t divorced since we debunked those rumors, which just proves that the untrustworthy outlets simply made up these claims. The case was quickly thrown out by a judge, however, since it needed to be filed in Texas.He’s only had one true love: MajorieIn 2007, Steve Harvey married his current wife, Marjorie. The former couple welcomed a son, Wynton, together. The couple eventually divorced in 1994. Even celebrities are struggling to keep it together during quarantine and are turning to social media to share their meltdowns. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter 10:00 pm, May 18, 2020(Getty Images)Steve Harvey is known for his comedy, his talk show, and his role as the host of Family Feud. In 2017, over a decade after they divorced, Mary filed a lawsuit against Steve Harvey, which included claims of “child endangerment, torture, conspiracy against rights, kidnapping, murder, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress” and “soul murder,” according to TMZ, who broke the news of the lawsuit. Our friends at CinemaBlend compiled the best celeb posts into one hilarious video. Marjorie had three children from a previous marriage: Lori, Jason, and Morgan. During that marriage, Harvey welcomed three children: twin daughters Karli and Brandi, and son Broderick Jr. Strangely enough, all three of Harvey’s wives’ names all start with “M.” Harvey married his first wife, Marcia, in 1980. They obviously misjudged the relationship.In need of a good laugh? The radio show host has been through highs and lows in his personal life through the years, but his dedication to his family has always remained the same.Steve Harvey’s had a few marriagesHarvey, who was born Broderick Stephen Harvey, has been married three times. The pair divorced in 2005, and the ensuing court battle was contentious to say the least. Gossip Cop investigated these allegations and found them totally untrue. Harvey went silent as Marjorie walked to her seat in the front row and Marjorie recalled that she was about to receive “the business” from the comedian about interrupting his show, but that wasn’t what the comic was thinking. Marjorie walked into the club after Harvey had already started his performance. Mary decided to sue her ex-husband because she claimed she hadn’t received the millions of dollars she believed was owed to her following her divorce from Harvey. Though that’s the year the two got married, their love story actually began way back in 1990. At the time, Harvey was doing a set as a stand-up comedian in a comedy club in Memphis.

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