Investment guru Jim Rogers bullish on Russia thanks to ‘lots of oil & agriculture’

“The bubble popped in fracking and now people realize, oh my gosh, world supplies are declining. However, he says he is very optimistic on agriculture as a commodity and also likes equities in Japan and Russia. Follow RT on

There are bubbles developing in stock and bond markets, according to legendary investor Jim Rogers. We do not have full-fledged bubbles yet except in bonds, bonds everywhere are a full-fledged bubble,” Rogers said in an interview with India’s Economic Times.“At the moment, if I will buy countries, I would buy Japan, I would buy Russia; both are still down dramatically but lots of money is going to pour into both of them because they are cheap and likewise agriculture. “Yes, bubbles are beginning to develop. Bonds are a bubble as we discussed, a bubble is developing in stock exchanges also. Commodities are still very cheap on a historic basis, silver is still down 45 percent from the all-time high.”For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section So, Japan, Russia, agriculture.”Talking about crude, Rogers said, it’s at the highest it has been in years, with the production and the reserves going down. The single cheapest asset is steel commodities. I am not buying America; America is at an all-time high. At the end, I am buying Russia because Russia is depressed and Russia has a lot of oil and a lot of agriculture.” 

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He also said: “We are going to have much higher prices of food, fuel and nearly all commodities.

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