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Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon Feuding Over Golden Globes?

There are not enough hugs, heart emojis or words to express how much I cherish working with @jenniferaniston…” 20 Dec. “Jennifer Aniston Hates ‘The Morning Show’ Poster Because Reese Witherspoon Looks Prettier?” Gossip Cop, 20 Oct. While she won’t be doing a Lady Gaga or Katy Perry by wearing anything too crazy, she’s thinking about going slightly more risqué.”The anonymous insider continues, “The rivalry between Reese and Jen is getting intense – they’re even bashing each other to friends.” For good measure, the alleged tipster throws Nicole Kidman into the supposed conflict, as the actress is nominated in the same category for Big Little Lies. “Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and more react to Golden Globe nominations.” CNN, 9 Dec. The magazine’s report is based on the word of an unidentified “source,” but Aniston’s own spokesperson calls it nonsense. (Getty Images)Are Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon feuding now that they’re both nominated in the same category at the Golden Globes? Shortly before that, the outlet said Aniston hated the poster for The Morning Show because she thought Witherspoon looked prettier on it. 2019.Shuster, Andrew. That’s what one of the tabloids is reporting. Naturally, the magazine decided they must be in a vicious battle behind the scenes. This ongoing saga has never been true. 2019.Reese Witherspoon on Instagram: “This was our very last day of shooting @themorningshow. Additionally, this would hardly be the first time In Touch has tried to create a fake fight between the co-stars.In October, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for falsely claiming Aniston was jealous of Witherspoon “stealing” the spotlight on The Morning Show. 26 Dec. It’s no more accurate now that awards season is approaching. “Reese and Jen could cancel out each other, and Nicole could walk away with the trophy. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story.“Golden Globes Drama: Reese Wants To Upstage Jen!” reads a headline in the latest issue of In Touch. When the Golden Globe nominations were announced earlier this month, Aniston responded to the news by saying, “How exciting to wake up to this news and I am so honored to be included with my incredible partner Reese, and all the other extraordinary actresses in our category.” Just last week, Witherspoon shared an Instagram photo from the last day of shooting on The Morning Show. 2019.Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. In fact, Nicole could be a bigger threat than Jen!”The tabloid’s report is just a lame attempt at pitting two women against each other. “Jennifer Aniston Jealous Of Reese Witherspoon ‘Stealing’ Spotlight On ‘The Morning Show’?” Gossip Cop, 26 Oct. Aniston and Witherspoon are both up for best actress in a TV series drama for The Morning Show. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Flipboard Share via Email Golden Globes – Golden Globe Awards In Touch Magazine Jennifer Aniston Reese WitherspoonSourcesMelas, Chloe and Garvey, Marianne. She added the caption, “There are not enough hugs, heart emojis or words to express how much I cherish working with @jenniferaniston.”Aniston and Witherspoon are very close friends and there’s no rift between them over an awards show. “Reese is fiercely competitive and doesn’t want Jen to steal the night,” an unknown source tells the magazine. 2019. 2019.Scott, Hugh. “Reese is hunting for a knockout dress, something that’ll make her stand out from Jen and the rest of the crowd.

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