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Jennifer Lawrence, Cooke Maroney Relationship Rumors

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The tabloid pretended to know all of the details about the nuptials, saying it would take place at a “historic mansion along the river” and Emma Stone would be delivering a speech. But photos from the date night in question didn’t show the actress looking remotely upset. Also in March, Gossip Cop called out NW for falsely claiming Lawrence and Maroney’s engagement was “in crisis.” The magazine maintained that the actress was “on the verge of tears” following a dinner date with her fiancé in New York City. 2019. Here are a few wrong rumors. She simply took an extended break from work. Although Lawrence announced in September 2017 that she was taking a hiatus from acting, the idea that she’s “quitting Hollywood” is completely untrue. in February for wrongly reporting that Lawrence and Maroney were planning a summer wedding in her hometown of Kentucky, after which they’d immediately have a baby. Gossip Cop frequently debunks bogus reports about the engaged couple. Just this week, “Entertainment Tonight” reported that New York is the actress’s “first choice of locations” for her wedding, but she’s yet to finalize any details. In addition to being untrue, the premise didn’t make much sense considering that dozens of celebrities live in New York City and have maintained successful movie careers. As time has proven, the couple is still going strong. And a few days after that dinner, the two were spotted looking very happy while taking a stroll in New York. Jennifer Lawrence


“Jennifer Lawrence ‘Quits Hollywood’ For Fiance Cooke Maroney?” Gossip Cop, 27 Mar. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Lawrence’s relationship with fiancé Cooke Maroney has been the subject of many false tabloid stories. According to the outlet, the actress was “risking it all” and relocating from Los Angeles to the East Coast, “even though her management team has warned her not to.” There was one major flaw with the tabloid’s story: Lawrence was already living in New York. Gossip Cop busted OK! Not only did the actress move to the Big Apple prior to meeting her fiancé, but living outside of Hollywood certainly hasn’t hurt her career. Back in March, Gossip Cop busted Us Weekly for publishing an inaccurate story about Lawrence “quitting Hollywood for love.” The outlet contended that the actress had stepped away from show business to focus on her relationship with Maroney, an art gallery director. A supposed insider was then quoted as saying, “No one would be surprised if getting pregnant was her first priority, or even if she was expecting before the wedding.” A source close to the actress dismissed the article as fiction. Regardless, Lawrence didn’t move across the country for Maroney. And last December, Gossip Cop corrected a flawed article about Lawrence supposedly moving to New York for Maroney. Just a couple of weeks after we corrected the report, the actress signed on to star in an untitled indie that starts shooting in New Orleans this month.

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