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Katie Holmes Leaning On Ex Chris Klein Amid Jamie Foxx Split?

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Is Katie Holmes leaning on ex-fiancé Chris Klein after her split from Jamie Foxx? “Chris Klein talks about Katie Holmes.” 7 Nov. “Katie Holmes Furious Over Jamie Foxx Going To Disneyland With Ex-Girlfriend?” Gossip Cop, 24 July 2019. That’s a huge comfort to her.”
It’s important for us to clarify here that Holmes and Foxx didn’t quite “break up” in any conventional sense, mostly because they didn’t have a conventional relationship. They will always adore one another, and it kills Chris watching Katie get hurt time and time again.” The anonymous tipster adds, “She knows that even if they haven’t spoken for months she can pick up the phone and talk to Chris at any time. 2019. “Truth About Katie Holmes’ Reaction To Jamie Foxx’s ‘Fling’ With Aspiring Singer.” Gossip Cop, 26 Aug. That’s what one of the tabloids is claiming. Klein has spoken in passing of their break-up in a few interviews, but he’s never indicated they’re still in touch. 27 Aug. We also debunked a RadarOnline piece about Holmes and Foxx meeting with Tom Cruise to “clear the air” before announcing their so-called “engagement.” This new article involving Klein is even more random. According to Woman’s Day, “the pair never lost touch.” Klein is happily married with two kids, but the outlet maintains he’s been serving as confidante to his ex all these years. Gossip Cop couldn’t find any interaction between Holmes and Klein since their 2005 split. The tabloid’s claim about the exes always adoring one another also struck us as odd, considering Klein’s language in an interview he did with the now-defunct Details magazine shortly after he and Holmes called off their engagement. Although they do seem to have taken their lives in different directions, they never explicitly identified as a couple. Gossip Cop looked into the story and we’ve learned it’s false. Leslie Sloane, Spokesperson for Katie Holmes. “We grew up,” he said at the time. Still, Gossip Cop ran the story by Holmes’ spokesperson, who tells us on the record that it’s completely made-up. 2019. That being said, this new rumor is a totally random one. Foxx was spotted leaving a nightclub with 21-year-old aspiring singer Sela Vave last week, promoting an alleged insider to say, “When Chris saw those photos he called Katie to see if she was OK. Shuster, Andrew. Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Woman’s Day


Scott, Hugh. Access Hollywood via Today. We weren’t lighting each other’s fire anymore.”
Holmes and Klein have been cordial in all of their post-break-up interviews, but neither has dropped any hints of a friendship or desire to stay connected. There are also no signs that the actress leaned on her ex-fiance during her split from Tom Cruise, which we presume would be more intense considering it involved a child and a divorce. Neither party ever stated or discussed what their romance was like publicly. “The fantasy was over, and reality set in. Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day in July for falsely claiming Holmes was angry with Foxx for going to Disneyland with an ex-girlfriend. Shuster, Andrew. Gossip Cop couldn’t find any sightings of the two in the decade and a half since they split. Holmes and Klein got engaged in 2003 after around three years of dating, but they called off their engagement in 2005. 2018. “Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Meeting With Tom Cruise Before Announcing Engagement?” Gossip Cop, 31 Dec. It should also be noted, Gossip Cop already addressed the photos of Foxx and Vave that the tabloid refers to in its story. This isn’t the first time the magazine has dredged up dating history for a phony story about the actress. 2005.

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