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Katy Perry Furious About Orlando Bloom Spending Time With Attractive Assistant?

“Orlando Bloom Says He Doesn’t Want to Be Divorced ‘Again’ Ahead of Katy Perry Wedding” People, 22 Aug. “Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Getting Married In September Wedding?” Gossip Cop, 12 May 2018. 27 Aug. Katy Perry Orlando Bloom Woman’s Day


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A tabloid is reporting that Katy Perry is jealous and angry about Orlando Bloom spending time with his attractive personal assistant. The actor, who was previously married to Miranda Kerr, noted that he doesn’t want to get “divorced again” and is fully committed to his relationship with the singer. Although the woman accompanying Bloom on the flight appears to be one of his employees, Woman’s Day even admits to not being sure about her identity, so how exactly does the magazine know how Perry feels about her? Although we’re still trying to get confirmation about the woman’s identity, there’s nothing unusual about an actor traveling with an assistant. Gossip Cop can debunk it. According to Woman’s Day, the singer is “fuming” over her fiancé’s “hot assistant.” The article comes on the heels of Bloom arriving at an airport with an attractive young brunette. It’s unclear if the woman is even the actor’s assistant, but the unreliable outlet insists she’s creating drama in his relationship. The magazine came up with its narrative simply because the woman happens to be attractive. Shuster, Andrew. Last week, Bloom opened up about his relationship with Perry in an interview on Sunday Today with Willie Geist. “Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Split Rumors” Gossip Cop, 18 June 2019. There’s no truth to the story. 2019. The couple didn’t even get engaged until February of this year, so the magazine clearly doesn’t know much about their relationship. He added, “She’s remarkable and so I’m always so impressed with that and I’m encouraged.” Perry echoed the exact same sentiment earlier this summer on The Kyle & Jackie O Show, saying, “I think we’re doing really great, and we’re really doing the hard work and laying a beautiful foundation.”
In May 2018, Woman’s Day wrongly reported that Perry and Bloom would be getting married that September. The tabloids have been so wrong about the couple’s romance that Gossip Cop even dedicated an article breaking down several false rumors about Perry and Bloom splitting. Alan Nierob, Spokesperson for Katy Perry. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Orlando and this girl looked very close and she was fussing over him the whole time. 2019. Once people recognized them, there was a lot of whispering going on about she was and what Orlando was doing hanging out with someone that stunning, when he’s engaged to one of the most gorgeous superstars on the planet.”
The so-called “source” speculates, “It can’t be easy on Katy to see Orlando so close with someone so beautiful when she’s not on the scene.” The supposed tipster adds, “If she’s a new employee, the timing couldn’t be worse, when they’re supposed to be finalizing their wedding plans.” The whole premise is just ridiculous. Gossip Cop ran the publication’s article by Perry’s rep, who tells us on the record that it’s untrue and ridiculous. That doesn’t stop the tabloid from adding, “It would be heartbreaking if anything was going on between Orlando and this lady.” The only one who seems to think anything is going on is the outlet’s seemingly fake source.

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