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Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Expecting Baby?

29 Aug. Gossip Cop also called out Life & Style for falsely claiming Perry and Bloom were having a baby. The headline on the cover of this week’s OK! “Katy Perry Pregnant With Orlando Bloom’s Baby?” Gossip Cop, 4 Apr. Despite what the magazine’s “onlooker” has to say, Gossip Cop checked in with Perry’s spokesperson, who confirms the pregnancy report is “completely false.” It’s safe to say that a rep qualified to speak on the singer’s behalf knows more about her personal life than a random red carpet bystander, who might not even exist. “Katy was glowing and placed her hands protectively on her tummy all night,” a so-called “onlooker” tells the magazine. This also wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had to shoot down bogus rumors about the singer being pregnant. Meanwhile, the unreliable outlet isn’t even convinced by its own phony premise. Gossip Cop can debunk the report. Perhaps the gossip media shouldn’t be impregnating Perry based on appearances alone. Alan Nierob, Spokesperson for Katy Perry. We’ve learned the singer isn’t pregnant. Shuster, Andrew. Last year, Gossip Cop busted the American edition of OK! Magazine Orlando Bloom


“Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Eloped?” Gossip Cop, 5 Mar. (OK Australia)
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are not expecting a baby, despite a false tabloid cover story. The only evidence to back up the story was that the singer wore a “loose-fitting blouse” to one of Kanye West’s church services. And if Bloom was “over the moon” that night, it’s probably because he was excited to celebrate the premiere his new TV series with his fiancée at his side. “Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Had Honeymoon In Rome?” Gossip Cop, 4 May 2018. for wrongly reporting that Perry and Bloom had secretly eloped in Prague. The couple didn’t get engaged until this past February and they haven’t set a wedding date yet. The article is peppered with sentences like “a little one might be on the way” and “if Katy and Orlando are expecting.” That’s not the case. Back in April. Unmarried couples don’t go on honeymoons, so there was no truth to the scenario. Shuster, Andrew. “She seemed to be caressing a baby bump, and Orlando appeared to be over the moon.”

Gossip Cop should note, we took a good look at a collection of photos from the red carpet premiere of Carnival Row, and there’s not a single image showing the singer “caressing” her stomach. 2019. Shortly later, the tabloid made up a story about Perry and Bloom having a honeymoon in Rome. 2018. Katy Perry OK! 2019. Australia reads, “Katy & Orlando’s Surprise Baby News!” The accompanying article says the pop star was sporting a “baby bump” at the Los Angeles premiere of Bloom’s new Amazon show Carnival Row earlier this month.

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