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Miranda Lambert Pregnant In A Bid To Save Her Marriage?

“She was talking about babies right after they got back from their vacation — and that’s when she started piling on the pounds!”
First of all, Lambert’s marriage isn’t in trouble at all. The Enquirer tried to push a story about Lambert and McLoughlin’s marriage being “on the rocks” in July, which included the claim about the “bevy of babes” word-for-word. Gossip Cop has busted that rumor multiple times, and there’s no truth to any of the claims about Lambert and McLoughlin divorcing or splitting. (Getty Images)
Miranda Lambert is not pregnant, nor is she having the imaginary baby in an attempt to save her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin. 25 Aug. Just last week, Lambert posted several Instagram photos of the two happily hugging while celebrating her parents’ anniversary in Texas. Seeing how Lambert is on her Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars tour until late November, she’d be wrapping up the tour while nearly six months pregnant. Cheers Rick and Bev Lambert.” Instagram. “Miranda has been talking about wanting a baby in the worst way,” says the outlet’s supposed source. Gossip Cop can correct it. That phony premise is featured in one of this week’s tabloids. “Celebrated mama turning 60 and our parents 40th anniversary Texas style! If Lambert was truly “gaining” weight from pregnancy as the tabloid indicates, it would mean she’s approaching her second trimester. As we mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has had to address phony rumors about Lambert and her marriage. Using language like “bloated” and “heftier,” the tabloid says the country singer looks to be pregnant. That’s highly unlikely and not exactly something a first-time mom would put herself through. “Miranda’s Baby-Weight Blues!” declares the National Enquirer. 2019. 2019. “Truth About Miranda Lambert Divorcing Husband Brendan McLoughlin.” Gossip Cop, 26 Aug. Shuster, Andrew. Star, a sister publication of the Enquirer, claimed that Lambert and McLoughlin were headed for a divorce after just 122 days of marriage. Second, the Enquirer’s accusations about “baby weight” are totally unfounded. Nothing in any of the latest photos of Lambert reveal anything resembling a baby bump. Shuster, Andrew. “Miranda Lambert’s Marriage ‘On The Rocks’?” Gossip Cop, 12 July 2019. “Everybody thinks that some of the weight must belong to the baby she’s always talking about,” says the questionable tipster. “She feels that it might be just what they need to rekindle their romance!”

According to the tabloid, Lambert’s marriage has been shaky, and the magazine even repeats an old claim about her husband “partying with a bevy of babes in Manhattan.” The article then goes on to say that since Lambert returned from a vacation in Lake Tahoe, she’s gained weight. “Miranda Lambert NOT Getting Divorced After 122 Days Of Marriage, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 29 May 2019. Lambert, Miranda. That piece was as inaccurate as this latest one about Lambert’s so-called “pregnancy.”

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