India to see quickest economic rebound in Asia, says UBS

However, the country’s economic activity recovered more than expected in the third and fourth quarters of 2020.According to the report, financial conditions have now eased to levels better than those registered during the pre-Covid period (January/February 2020), which is also helping support economic recovery. The bounce-back in India’s economic growth will be largely led by continued improvement in consumption, stronger global growth, success in rolling out a Covid-19 vaccine, and the focus on growth supportive reforms, said UBS.“Of these, the corporate tax rate cut, incentives for manufacturing, easier labor laws, and encouraging FDI [foreign direct investment] inflows bode well for India’s medium-term growth, in our view,” Gupta said.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section Follow RT on

A new report by UBS Global Research has projected India’s economic growth as reaching a multi-decade high in 2022. We expect India’s real GDP growth to rebound to +11.5 percent year-on-year in FY22 (consensus +9.2 percent year-on-year),” reported Tanvee Gupta Jain, economist at UBS Securities India. “While economic growth in FY22 could be at a multi-decade high, this largely reflects the rebound from deeper contraction in FY21 GDP (-7.5 percent year-on-year),” Jain said.Growth will moderate to six percent year-on-year in FY23 as domestic and global financial conditions begin to normalize. 

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UBS had earlier estimated that the Indian economy would lose 10.6 percent of its GDP due to pandemic-related restrictions. Its economy is expected to clock the fastest growth of all Asian nations, it said. “The Covid situation in India has stabilized for now.

Bottled off: India’s Ambani dethroned as Chinese water tycoon becomes Asia’s richest man

The firm raised more than $1.1 billion via its successful IPO, pushing Zhong’s fortune higher and allowing to join the top ranks of China’s wealthiest and eventually take the first place. He added over $18 billion to his fortune during the past 12 months, meaning it is now estimated at $76.9 billion.The 66-year-old Chinese businessman gained prominence earlier this year, when the water company he founded nearly quarter of a century ago, Nongfu Spring, started trading in Hong Kong. Also on
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The beverage company is not the only project fueling Zhong’s success. Follow RT on

As the year draws to a close, Chinese bottled water billionaire and vaccine investor Zhong Shanshan has become the new richest man in Asia, overtaking the region’s long-tern leader, Indian business magnate Mukesh Ambani. With a fortune approaching $7 billion back in January, Zhong’s wealth has surged by nearly $71 billion since then, with only Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and Tesla CEO Elon Musk making more money this year among the richest people on the planet, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index. Thus the Chinese billionaire’s estimated wealth rose to a whopping $77.8 billion, putting him in 11th place on the list, right ahead of Reliance Industries chairman Ambani. Also on
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While Ambani has slipped down to the second spot among Asia’s wealthiest, he is not too far behind. The billionaire also controls Chinese pharmaceutical company Wantai Biological, which went public in Shanghai in April. Stock in the firm, which is developing a nasal spray coronavirus vaccine, surged by over 2,000 percent earlier this year.Zhong worked in construction, journalism, and founded pharmaceutical company Yangshengtang before turning to bottled water. He has earned the nickname ‘Lone Wolf’, as he rarely makes public appearances or agrees to speak to reporters, and he is neither involved in politics nor linked to business groups, according to Bloomberg.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

Big Sean – Inspire Me Lyrics

You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
Can’t go wrong (this one’s for you, you, you)
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me (you, you, you)

[Verse 1]
You tried to keep me away from temptation
Introduced me to The Temptations
Marvin Gaye and Isley Brothers
Dancing so hard the living room shaking
Yeah we dance in the house
My mama’s the man of the house
Mama you too good for them men
Even dad, you too good for him
Mama you know you inspire me
You deserve early retirement
You text me, tell me to take my vitamins
When I got a new love you invite ’em in
When we break up, you don’t like ’em then (no)
Loyal, loyal, swear you super loyal
Worth more to me than striking oil
You deserve the life I’m tryna show ya
I remember all of the sacrifices
Growing up in debt, but never hungry
Rich in everything except money
That’s that faith that you can’t buy
But I buy that new crib, you look right in it
I buy that new car in the color that you like it in
And play my song every single time you drive in it
That’s ’cause you inspired it (yeah)

You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
Can’t go wrong, wrong, wrong
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me

[Verse 2]
I know it’s hard to get me on the line
I’m busy like every other time
Since I got a house in that other town
You wonder when I’ma come around
I know you worry about me
I give you attitude like, “Don’t worry ’bout it”
Don’t hit ya up like I don’t care about you
But I hold you down, I swear I got you
I know I got problems communicating
I probably should’ve went to school
And got that degree in communications
I should be with you on vacation
I should take you where you should be taken
Asia, Africa, Dubai, anything you want, I do buy
Just want you to know I do try
To take care of ya, mama you the one, you the one
You the moon, you the stars, you the sun
I’m so happy I’m your son
I’m so happy I’m your son
You love me since day one
Since before day one
So before the day’s done
I gotta, gotta let you know

You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
Can’t go wrong, wrong, wrong
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me

Look, mama, you know you inspire me
If I ever made you not feel like it, then this is my apology
So sorry, look, dear mama you know your son shine for ya
I’m Sean for ya, my lady
Don’t you ever let ’em talk to you crazy
Anything for the fam, how you raise me
I’m yo baby but you still my baby

Russ – The Best Party

Honolulu views sippin on some fresh guava
Bumping always knew and thinkin’ ’bout my next comma
I put my thoughts into the world until they come true
You chase women I’m the one that they run to
"Russ moves smart this is something you could learn from"
Rappers pay attention maybe you can finally earn something
Low overhead, I don’t need other people
Cause everybody on my team is two other people
I remember imagining livin’ how I’m livin’
Now everything is extravagant
Jets rolexs, new women, new deals
Can’t let the fake game try to tell you who’s real
Cause they gon’ try to but you gotta see through shit
You don’t have to sell your soul, I’m the proof
This is millionaire weed, kush like Regis
I sound like an angel and I look like Jesus
That’s what the women tell me
Fuck it imma run with it
You ain’t gonna get the throne back until I’m done with it
Money flow like water, yea I’m getting Fiji checks
I’m huge in Honolulu, no wonder why Kiki (Waikiki) left
I’m detached from anything y’all attached too
I’m in n out with my groupies like fast food
Who’s the greatest say Russ when they ask you
I sell out shows quick enough to always add two
I laugh too cause some promoters are slackin
But shoutout Cara Lewis always gets me a backend
Meaning you can sleep but we got that covered
You blew up in the spring and you were gone that summer
Money at my feet life’s a cake walk
They love me out in Asia you would think I made K Pop
Too many j kwons, not enough Raekwon’s
Rappers use the same beat and flow and make the same song
I swear the last few months have been the best few months
I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months
And I can tell you only come around when success does
You only check for me when a check does
Ten blunts couldn’t get you higher than me
Cause I’m high off becoming what I aspired to be
You outdated like shirts by Ed Hardy
You know they always show up late to the best party