Brooke Shields Drunk And Unruly During Uber Ride?

The 53-year-old has been in public eye since childhood and she’s never developed a reputation for having a drinking problem. The outlet quotes the alleged “driver” of the Uber as saying, “She was drunk! 2018. A party? 2018. It’s possible this story was concocted because Shields opened up in her memoir about her late mom’s battle with alcoholism. 2019. That clearly never happened. Shuster, Andrew. Jill Fritzo, Spokesperson for Brooke Shields. I had no idea who it was. “Jennifer Aniston Throwing ‘Booze Bashes’ At Her House?” Gossip Cop, 24 Oct. National Enquirer


Hoffman, Barbara. “Brooke Shields talks about her hard-drinking mama in memoir.” The New York Post, 11 Nov. Shields is just the latest target, but this drunken Uber ride never occurred. 2014. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we’ve learned it’s completely untrue. That’s the bogus claim in one of this week’s tabloids. If any of this were legitimate, one would think the “driver” could provide some more of a backstory. Last year, the tabloid wrongly reported Jennifer Aniston was throwing “booze bashes” at her house and getting drunk with friends as a way of getting over her split from Justin Theroux. 20 Sep. She seemed just like any other older cougar in the Hamptons. According to the National Enquirer, Shields was a “nightmare” during a recent Uber ride in the Hamptons. Was she going home or to another location? She made a lot of noise, and I was worried she was going to vomit.”

The unidentified Uber driver adds, “When we got to her destination, she suddenly asked, ‘Do you not know who I am? The Enquirer is the same outlet Gossip Cop busted in 2017 for falsely claiming Ellen DeGeneres was being forced into rehab for drinking issues. I’m Brooke Shields!’ So I took a picture with her.” The anonymous driver further contends that the actress has a “bad rating” on the ride-sharing app, further speculating it’s because she’s “unruly” and “demanding.”
The magazine doesn’t bother to identify the anonymous Uber driver, but Gossip Cop reached out to Shields’ rep, who tells us the story is “absolutely false” and “never happened.” The “driver” also provides very few details to back up these allegations, including when any of this occurred or where Shields was going. Was she being picked up from a bar? The unreliable outlet has a pattern of alleging certain celebrities can’t handle their alcohol intake. “Ellen DeGeneres Never Went To Rehab, Despite Report A Year Ago.” Gossip Cop, 1 Apr. (Getty Images)
Was Brooke Shields drunk and unruly during a recent Uber ride? The actress acknowledged in her book that she still enjoys drinking despite her mom’s history with booze, but made a point of noting, “I never want [my drinking] to get to the point where my kids [are] looking at me differently.” There’s zero indication that’s ever happened.

Truth About Jennifer Aniston Dating Co-Stars

“Jennifer Aniston is ‘charming and lovely’ says her Murder Mystery co-star David Walliams… 2018. “Jennifer Aniston Flaunts Bikini Body at Courteney Cox’s Birthday Bash in Cabo.” Extra, 20 Jun. “Jennifer Aniston Secretly Dating ‘Murder Mystery’ Co-Star Dany Boon?” Gossip Cop, 24 Jun. 2019. Magazine, 20 Apr. “Who is Matt LeBlanc’s girlfriend Aurora Mulligan? “Jennifer Aniston Wants To Date Matt LeBlanc?” Gossip Cop, 7 Jan. “Jennifer Aniston In Love With Jason Bateman?” Gossip Cop, 16 Jan. The actor had described his Murder Mystery co-star as “charming and lovely,” but he also made a point of noting that she was out of his league. 2019. Shuster, Andrew. Notaro, Tig. The outlet maintained that the actress developed deep feelings for the actor following her split from Justin Theroux last year, despite Bateman being happily married to Amanda Anka, with whom he shares two daughters. In January, Gossip Cop debunked a Life & Style story about Aniston being in love with Jason Bateman, her longtime friend and frequent co-star. “Jen doesn’t want to be in love with a married man,” an anonymous source told the magazine. The actress herself later confirmed that to be the case. “Jennifer Aniston Dating ‘Murder Mystery’ Co-Star David Walliams?” Gossip Cop, 24 Dec. People magazine similarly reported how Aniston’s schedule “doesn’t allow too much time for dating,” and she’s “genuinely happy and fulfilled by her work right now.”
Earlier this month, Gossip Cop called out Life & Style for falsely claiming Aniston was getting “too close for comfort” with Naomi Watts’ boyfriend, Billy Crudup, on the set of their Apple series “The Morning Show.” The publication maintained that Aniston and her co-star might be “more than friends,” so Watts had recruited “spies” to keep tabs on them during shooting. “Jennifer Aniston: The Naked Truth.” Harper’s Bazaar, 6 May 2019. 2018. Parker, Heidi. “Jennifer Aniston ‘Isn’t Concerned About Dating’ as She Focuses on Work: Source.” People, 4 Sep. but he was afraid to ask her out as her exes are Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux.” The Daily Mail, 16 Dec. Around the same time the article emerged, trusted outlets such as People magazine and “Entertainment Tonight” reported that Aniston is more focused on work than on dating. 2018. Shuster, Andrew. And last December, Gossip Cop called out Woman’s Day for wrongly reporting that Aniston was dating Murder Mystery co-star David Walliams. 2019. “Jennifer Aniston’s Been Too Busy to Date — But Is Open ‘If Something Comes Into Her Life’: Source.” People, 19 Jun. Friends star dating Top Gear producer.” Hello! Here are five wrong rumors on the subject. “But it’s a classic case of the heart wants what it wants.”
In addition to Aniston’s spokesperson brushing off the story, the tabloid didn’t bother to mention that the actress is actually close friends with Bateman’s wife. “Jennifer Aniston looks smart in high-waisted trousers while heading to a studio with pal Amanda Anka.” The Daily Mail, 7 Sep. The article said the actress and the British comedian hit it off on the set of the movie, and had since taken their relationship to the next level. The two women were spotted on shopping outings in New York and Los Angeles shortly before the outlet published its bogus report. Gossip Cop also busted NW in January for making up a story about Aniston wanting to date “Friends” co-star Matt LeBlanc. Just last week, Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day for wrongly reporting that Aniston was secretly dating French comedian Dany Boon, her co-star in the new Netflix movie Murder Mystery. “I think it would be a bit of a comedown from Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux,” joked Walliams, adding, “I wouldn’t wish that on her.” There was simply never a romance between Aniston and her co-star, nor any of the other ones mentioned above. The actress is still dating Crudup and Aniston never came between them. The unreliable tabloid didn’t bother to mention that LeBlanc has been dating TV producer Aurora Mulligan since 2016. Less than two weeks ago, Aniston and Anka traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to celebrate Courteney Cox’s 55th birthday. Fernandez, Alexia. The ridiculous report came after the actress said on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” that she’s open to a “Friends” reunion. This story seemed to have been concocted simply because Walliams spoke about working the actress in an interview the week prior. McNiece, Mia. According to the magazine, the actress was just “looking for an excuse” to spend more time with LeBlanc after forming a “connection” with him when they worked together all those years ago. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Aniston has been wrongly linked to many of her co-stars recently, despite the actress herself saying she has no time for dating at the moment. Shuster, Andrew. 2018. 2018. Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. 2019. But the relationship between “The Morning Show” co-stars is completely professional, and a source close to Watts assured us she never suspected otherwise. 2019. Gossip Cop has debunked several stories involving the actress’s nonexistent romances. The magazine contended that the two struck up a romance shortly after wrapping production on their comedy, and all of the actress’s friends were “hoping Dany could be the man to prove there is such a thing as happily ever after.”

Not only did Aniston’s own spokesperson dismiss the story as fiction, but just last month, the actress herself told Harper’s Bazaar she has “zero time” for dating and has been focused on her career. Jennifer Aniston


Shuster, Andrew. Shahid, Sharnaz.

Jennifer Aniston Setting New ‘Ground Rules’ For Dating?

2018. “Jennifer Aniston’s Been Too Busy to Date — But Is Open ‘If Something Comes Into Her Life’: Source.” People, 19 Jun. (Getty Images)
A tabloid story about Jennifer Aniston setting new “ground rules” for dating is completely made-up. As for the idea that she’s actively “looking for love,” Aniston told Harper’s Bazaar last month that she’s more concerned with work than with dating, adding, “I feel like whatever [romance] looks like, it will present itself, and it’s not about seeking it out.” The actress also made a point of noting, “I don’t find any of my past has given me a reason to harden up and create a shell or a wall.” Although it’s safe to say that people grow and learn from past relationships, this idea that Aniston is making new “rules” for dating isn’t the case. McNiece, Mia. “Jennifer Aniston Wants Brad Pitt To Go Public With Romance?” Gossip Cop, 25 Apr. Notaro, Tig. Last November, the outlet concocted an even more ridiculous story about Aniston and Pitt having a baby together. 2018. “JENNIFER ANISTON DOESN’T NEED A HAPPY ENDING.” Elle, 7 Dec. The untrustworthy tabloid has zero insight into the actress’s personal life. Shuster, Andrew. In addition to that story being untrue, this latest article makes no mention of the actress ever rekindling a relationship with her ex-husband. That’s not a failure.” The actress made no mention of reevaluating her approach to relationships. “If a guy says, ‘I’m still finding myself,’ she’s running.”

The questionable tipster goes on to say that the “Friends” star has been “going back over her life’s decisions, making amends where necessary and then letting go.” The seemingly phony source further contends that Aniston “has been doing a soul-searching look into her past relationships and why she did what she did.”
None of this is accurate. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Having Baby After Rekindling Romance?” Gossip Cop, 20 Nov. Shuster, Andrew. The actress herself has made it clear she’s focused on her career and isn’t making dating a priority at this time. 2019. Jennifer Aniston Star Magazine


Chocano, Carina. “Jennifer Aniston: The Naked Truth.” Harper’s Bazaar, 6 May 2019. The actress explained, “When they came to an end, it was a choice that was made because we chose to be happy.” She added, “When the work has been put in and it doesn’t seem that there’s an option of it working, that’s okay. People magazine, a much more reliable source for celebrity news than Star, reported last week that Aniston’s schedule “doesn’t allow too much time for dating,” and she’s “genuinely happy and fulfilled by her work right now.” Simply put, the actress isn’t on the hunt for a partner and hasn’t devised a master plan when it comes to her love life. Gossip Cop busted Star back in April for falsely claiming Aniston was secretly back together with Brad Pitt and wanted them to “go public” with their supposed romance. “No more going with her heart and instincts alone,” adds the alleged insider. 2019. “Jen’s looking for love again, but now she has ground rules,” a supposed source tells the magazine, adding that Aniston’s marriages to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux have made her rethink her approach to finding a partner. According to Star, the actress is determined to embark on a new chapter in her life when it comes to romance. Back in December, Aniston told Elle that she considers both of her marriages to have been “very successful,” despite both ending. Gossip Cop can clear up the situation.

Angelina Jolie Drunk Dialed Brad Pitt On Her Birthday Because She Was Lonely?

That story was predicated on the false notion that Pitt and Aniston were back together, which wasn’t the case and still isn’t. “Angelina Jolie Wants To Date Justin Theroux To ‘Get Even’ With Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston?” Gossip Cop, 2 Mar. (Getty Images)
Angelina Jolie did not drunk dial Brad Pitt on her birthday because she was lonely, despite a made-up tabloid report. It was the best birthday present, in hindsight, that she could have possibly dreamed of!”
The tabloid’s account of events simply never happened. According to NW, however, the actress decided to reach out to her ex on her 44th birthday last week “after a few wines.” A supposed source tells the magazine, “It was the last thing he expected, especially as she was acting very friendly. It’s fairly clear that the unreliable outlet publishes fiction about the actress and her estranged husband. “Angelina Jolie Warned Jennifer Aniston To Stay Away From Brad Pitt And Her Kids?” Gossip Cop, 17 Sep. Our trusted insider calls the story “nonsense” and notes that the actress spent her birthday shooting her upcoming movie, Those Who Wish Me Dead. 2018. The so-called “source” further contends that Jolie got “emotional and lonely” after her children went to bed on her birthday, “which is when she decided to reach out to Brad.” The seemingly phony insider adds, “As it turned out, she’s thrilled that she did and loved every second of their phone chat. Prior to that, Gossip Cop busted the publication for wrongly reporting that Jolie was pursuing a romance with Justin Theroux to “get even” with Pitt and Aniston. He couldn’t stop her from talking!”

The alleged insider goes on to say that the two spoke for “well over an hour,” using the time to catch up on “how work was going for both of them and how their families were.” The exes also spoke about their six kids, says the suspicious tipster, adding that the phone call was “therapeutic” for Jolie. 2019. Gossip Cop can debunk the phony story. This latest article involving a drunken birthday phone call is another example. In reality, Pitt was never in a relationship with the actress, and his estranged wife didn’t suffer a “breakdown” over their imaginary romance. Shuster, Andrew. “Angelina Jolie Having Breakdown Over Brad Pitt Dating Charlize Theron?” Gossip Cop, 4 Feb. Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt NW Magazine


Shuster, Andrew. 2018. NW is the same outlet that Gossip Cop busted in February for falsely claiming Jolie was having a “breakdown” over Pitt dating Charlize Theron. Although Pitt and Jolie are on better terms these days, a source close to the actress tells us she didn’t get drunk on her birthday and dial his number. Last year, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for making up a ridiculous story about Jolie warning Jennifer Aniston to stay away from Pitt and her kids. We’re assured the actress never made a boozy phone call to her estranged husband.

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Rumors

Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. All of it. 2018. Despite the outlet’s story being predicated on a false premise, we still reached out to Aniston’s rep, who told us on the record that she didn’t spend $1 million on her body. The outlet went on to say she was undergoing a complete surgical overhaul in order “to be a sex symbol again.” The story didn’t make much sense considering the actress and her ex have said countless times that their separation was amicable. “Jennifer Aniston Getting Breast Lift?” Gossip Cop, 26 Jan. (Getty Images)
The tabloids have come up with a lot of phony stories involving Jennifer Aniston undergoing plastic surgery. The actress’s spokesperson also confirmed to Gossip Cop that there was no truth to the report. I look around and see how bad plastic surgery and injections can really kick you in the [behind].”
Shortly after the actress’s split from Justin Theroux last year, OK! “Jennifer Aniston Spent $1 Million On Body After ‘Reuniting’ With Brad Pitt?” Gossip Cop, 13 May 2019. The magazine contended that the actress was self-conscious about turning 50, so she was treating herself to facial fillers, lip injections and Botox. For starters, the actress isn’t back together with her ex-husband. “Jennifer Aniston Going On Surgery Spree For 50th Birthday?” Gossip Cop, 29 Jan. “Jennifer Aniston: The Naked Truth.” Harper’s Bazaar, 6 May 2019. Back in January, Gossip Cop called out Heat for making up a story about Aniston going on a “surgery spree” to celebrate her 50th birthday. 23 Mar. Only, the actress said in a 2015 InStyle interview that she’s “not a fan” of cosmetic work, further noting that getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water are “your best bets for really great skin.” She added, “People lose perspective. falsely claimed Aniston was getting “revenge makeover” consisting of more than $1 million in plastic surgery. In fact, Aniston told Harper’s Bazaar this month that she has “zero time” to date and has been entirely focused on work. Jordan, Julie. According to the magazine, the actress got an array of laser treatments that destroy fat cells and a non-surgical body lift, among other procedures. Here are five wrong rumors. “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jennifer Aniston.” People, 31 Jan. Nothing about the story was remotely true. Gossip Cop has debunked many bogus reports on the subject. Shuster, Andrew. article alleging Aniston was getting a breast lift because she’s “been upset about her sagging [chest] for a while.” The magazine further maintained that the actress felt particularly insecure while wearing a bikini during a vacation to Cabo. News, 6 Jan. Short of letting everybody have a feel, I don’t know what else to do. Shuster, Andrew. 2019. Just last week, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for falsely claiming Aniston had spent $1 million on her body after supposedly “reuniting” with Brad Pitt. As noted above, Aniston has made it clear she’s not into nips and tucks, but the “Friends” star specially discussed her chest in a 2007 interview with People magazine. When asked about rumors she’s gotten breast augmentation, the actress noted, “It’s still mine. 2015. And finally, Gossip Cop debunked an OK! 2007. “Jennifer Aniston Says Plastic Surgery ”Can Really Kick You in the…'” E! Miller, Mike. “Jennifer Aniston Getting ‘Revenge Makeover’ With Major Plastic Surgery?” Gossip Cop, 2 May 2018. “Jennifer Aniston Is ‘Staying Busy’ After Split from Justin Theroux — How She’s Moving On.” People. I really am pretty happy with what God gave me.”

Jennifer Aniston


Shuster, Andrew. 2018. Aniston had no reason to get “revenge” on Theroux. Toomey, Alyssa.

Jennifer Aniston Adopting Her Brother’s Kids?

2019. That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. According to Woman’s Day, Aniston’s half-brother AJ has “abandoned” his two children, and now the former “Friends” star is “considering ‘adopting’ them” at the request of her 85-year-old father, actor John Aniston. Still, the outlet asserts that after her marriage to Justin Theroux ended last year, Aniston was left at a “crossroads in her life,” with its anonymous “insider” contending, “This has all made Jen realize how precious life is, and despite her difficult relationship with AJ, it’s a good time for her to help out her estranged family by taking care of the kids.”
“She’s ready to play a significant part in Ryat and Kira’s lives,” maintains the untraceable source. We are not remotely surprised because Woman’s Day has published a slew of phony articles about Aniston. Irrespective of logic and reality, the tabloid continues to allege Aniston will be “adopting” Ryat and Kira, and having the children she supposedly “always wanted.”
While the outlet’s entire story is based on quotes from an unidentifiable and quite possibly fabricated “insider,” Gossip Cop reached out directly to Aniston’s rep, who’s authorized to speak on her behalf. (Getty Images)
Is Jennifer Aniston adopting her half-brother AJ’s kids, son Ryat and daughter Kira? The spokesperson was actually speechless because of how insane and untrue a premise the magazine manufactured. And while the 4-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl are being raised by their mother, Adriane Hallek, a so-called “insider” tells the magazine, “It’s no secret Jen has always wanted children.” The publication’s unnamed and seemingly made-up source adds, “Jen can see this is a difficult situation for Ryat and Kira,” and though she would never replace their mom, Aniston would “love nothing more than to be… like a second mum to the siblings.”

The magazine then acknowledges how AJ “hasn’t spoke to Jennifer in more than a decade,” and that the actress has “never met” his kids. By November of that year, the outlet forgot its previous falsehood because it claimed Aniston ran out of a restaurant in tears after seeing Pitt, who she wasn’t prepared to come face-to-face with so unexpectedly. “Jennifer Aniston Visited Brad Pitt’s Family In His Hometown Of Missouri?” Gossip Cop, 28 Mar. 2018. And in July of 2018, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for outlandishly insisting Aniston and Pitt got married again in secret. Maybe it’s time that tabloid adopts better sources and reporting standards. “Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio Developing Romance?” Gossip Cop, 19 Nov. We’re told it’s beyond absurd. Then one week later, without noting any of its earlier lies, the publication alleged Aniston was in a romance with Leonardo DiCaprio, who she was supposedly introduced to her by none other than Pitt. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston ‘Bonding’ With His Kids On Family Vacation?” Gossip Cop, 11 Apr. Gossip Cop can correct the report. The publication’s tipster concludes by noting that it’s both her dad’s “big wish” that the Aniston kids are looked after, and “it could also be [the actress’] chance to finally have the family she’s always dreamed of.” Of course, Aniston has no connection whatsoever to her estranged half-brother’s two children, who AJ barely has anything to do with either now, and the kids already have a mom with whom they live. “Jennifer Aniston Broke Down In Tears After Run-In With Brad Pitt At Restaurant?” Gossip Cop, 12 Nov. 2018. “Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Married In Secret?” Gossip Cop, 24 July 2018. Jennifer Aniston Woman’s Day


Stephen Huvane, spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston, 6 May 2019. That was followed weeks later by an equally fictitious story about Aniston going on a family vacation with Pitt and his kids. 2018. There was a bogus tale about how Aniston visited Brad Pitt’s mom and family in Missouri more than a year ago, which both their reps assured Gossip Cop was wrong.

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux In ‘Money Battle’?

Clearly, anyone who knows anything about the actress (or even the filmmaking business) would be aware that, contrary to its claim, Aniston’s movie Cake did not “[get] her an Oscar nomination.” In fact, Aniston and Cake were famously snubbed for Academy Awards. A spokesperson for Aniston went on the record with Gossip Cop to call the tabloid’s tale “total nonsense.” Meanwhile, Theroux’s rep exclusively assures us the narrative is “absolutely false.”
Star has a track record for publishing phony reports about Aniston. 2015. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston NOT Caught Kissing Or ‘Back On,’ Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 21 Mar. (Getty Images)
Are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in a “nasty money battle”? That’s the claim in one of this week’s celebrity magazines. The article was a complete work of fiction. It also appears the reason the outlet doesn’t name or give a description about its alleged “insider” is because that person doesn’t really exist. Ina Treciokas, spokesperson for Justin Theroux, 1 May 2019. “Jennifer Aniston Discusses Her Oscar Snub for ‘Cake.'” Vanity Fair, 16 Jan. Six months ago, for example, Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it ran a bogus cover story that asserted Brad Pitt and Aniston were having a baby after allegedly rekindling their romance. Now that Gossip Cop has established the publication’s “insider” actually has no inside (or reliable) information whatsoever, are we still supposed to believe Theroux and Aniston are really in the midst of a “nasty money battle” over pillow talk, or as the outlet calls it, “ideas they shared each night before bed”? Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Star Magazine


IMDb listing of award wins and nominations for “Cake.”
Miller, Julie. There was no validity to that report, nor is there to the latest article about Aniston and Theroux fighting over money. According to Star, more than a year after announcing their split, Aniston and Theroux are finally “dividing their finances and intellectual property,” and it’s going to be “messy.” To make its wholly untrue story sound legitimate, the often discredited tabloid contends it has an “insider” who insists, “They had a lot of money tied to shared [movie] projects.” The supposed source further states how Aniston finds this all “annoying” because she was “the breadwinner in their relationship,” and separating their business dealings is “not as simple as just pulling the plug and paying each other out.”

Next, the magazine relates that while the former “Friends” star is known for her acting, through her production company, Echo Films, “Jen’s [also] produced movies like Cake, which got her an Oscar nomination.” The outlet then mentions how Theroux wrote the screenplays for Rock Of Ages and Tropic Thunder, before speculating that his and Aniston’s “money battle” will probably be over “ideas they shared each night before bed.” The tabloid’s anonymous and possibly fabricated “insider” claims, “They have piles of notes and scripts concepts, plus story lines and projects that they both contributed to equally.” “They could have huge value in the future,” maintains the purported source, who adds their split will “get messy as they navigate their spoils.”
Before delving into all the provably wrong aspects of the article, it’s worth pointing out that, despite reiterating throughout its story how Theroux and Aniston have “shared projects” and “piles” of “script concepts” that they’ll be battling each other for ownership and revenue, the publication doesn’t provide any specifics about these movies. 2018. It’s also the same outlet that photoshopped two unrelated pictures together last year to deceive its readers into thinking Pitt and Aniston were caught kissing and “back on” as a couple. Shuster, Andrew. And that’s because the entire tale is a lie. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Having Baby After Rekindling Romance?” Gossip Cop, 20 Nov. Despite the magazine’s ludicrous premise, we checked in with reps for both stars. There isn’t a single detail such as whether the films are comedies, thrillers, or dramas. 2018. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively correct this inaccurate report about their divorce. The only (losing) “battle” here is the one the tabloid repeatedly has with the truth. Stephen Huvane, spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston, 1 May 2019.

What Happened To Jennifer Aniston Dating Will Arnett?

2018. Shuster, Andrew. “Jennifer Aniston, Will Arnett ‘Romance’ Blossoming?” Gossip Cop, 12 Apr. Stephen Huvane, spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. Conversely, not only does Gossip Cop make a point of fact-checking every article, but we also openly and transparently display where our information has come from. Lewis Kay, spokesperson for Will Arnett. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Had Secret Meeting On Sony Lot To Discuss Movies?” Gossip Cop, 19 Mar. Arnett has two kids with his second ex-wife Amy Poehler. In the wake of her split from Justin Theroux in February 2018, the tabloids began wrongly linking the former “Friends” star to a number of men, with one magazine alleging Aniston was in a budding “romance” with Arnett two months after separating from Theroux. One year ago today, Gossip Cop debunked that claim, and not only was our reporting spot-on, but time has also proven Aniston and the “Arrested Development” star are not in a relationship. 2018. 2018. On April 12, 2018, Grazia maintained Aniston and Arnett were getting “close.” And to back up its premise, the publication had an unidentified source who shared the two had so much “in common.” The tipster related how they’re both “funny,” “divorced twice,” and have a number of mutual friends, including Jason Bateman, who wanted nothing more than the two of them to “find happiness together.”

As Gossip Cop noted 12 months ago, other than traveling in the same circles, their lives are actually not similar at all. Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston Will Arnett


Weiss, Shari. 2019. (Getty Images)
What happened to Jennifer Aniston dating Will Arnett? Williams, Alex. Additionally, although a minor point, to date Aniston has only been divorced once (from Brad Pitt), not “twice” as the outlet claimed. It bears mentioning how no one else spotted them at the studio, even though the outlet asserted they were there for “three hours.” What’s more, reps for both Aniston and Pitt told Gossip Cop the report was fabricated, and the supposed meeting never happened. “Jennifer Aniston Cleansing Home Of Justin Theroux?” Gossip Cop, 23 Jan. And now 365 days later, it’s abundantly clear Aniston and Arnett have not been dating. As a result, our posts about Aniston and others remain accurate over time. Once again, the outlet relied on an unnamed and untraceable “source,” who babbled on about how the actress was “releasing the past” from her house. Aniston’s rep, however, assured Gossip Cop the tale was 100 percent “bogus.”
The magazine has also been dead wrong with its narratives about Aniston and her first husband. As opposed to the magazine’s article, which was based entirely on speculation and an anonymous “source,” Arnett’s rep specifically went on the record with Gossip Cop to correct the rumor, telling us they are just friends. It’s for this reason that we revisit reports from the year before, and remind our readers how they need to be skeptical of unsourced tabloid tales. A little more than two weeks after the piece about Arnett, the same publication insisted Aniston and Theroux’s split had turned “toxic.” Not only did a rep for the “The Leftovers” star tell us back then it was completely “false,” but Theroux himself would later reveal to the New York Times there’s absolutely “no animosity” between them. “Justin Theroux Is on the Prowl.” New York Times. In just this post alone, Gossip Cop has highlighted four instances in which the outlet published wholly fictitious stories. Ina Treciokas, spokesperson for Justin Theroux. 22 Sep. Shuster, Andrew. Lewittes, Michael. “Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Split Turning ‘Toxic’?” Gossip Cop, 1 May. In the year since that article, Grazia hasn’t gotten any more accurate with its stories about Aniston. After the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star stopped by her 50th birthday party this past February, the tabloid manufactured a story about how Aniston and Pitt had a secret meeting on the Sony lot to discuss movie projects. Earlier this year, the same tabloid went on to contend Aniston hired an “interior therapist” to cleanse her home of any trace of Theroux. (His first wife was Penelope Ann Miller.) And being a dad of two boys with various co-parenting commitments and responsibilities is very different from Aniston’s life. 2019.

Jennifer Aniston Bought Justin Theroux’s “Silence Forever”?

Shuster, Andrew. 2019. “Jennifer Aniston NOT ‘Desperate To Get A Man’ Before 50th Birthday, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 1 Feb. 2018. Chocano, Carina. “Jennifer Aniston Does NOT Want Justin Theroux Back After ‘Failing To Rekindle’ Brad Pitt Romance.” Gossip Cop, 27 Apr. Weiss, Shari. “Jennifer Aniston Does Not Need A Happy Ending.” Elle, 7 Dec. 2018.
Maybe the blog should enforce a little “silence” of its own, rather than churning out bogus articles about Aniston. The site couldn’t even name one. Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux RadarOnline


Ina Treciokas, spokesperson for Justin Theroux. 2018. But it was completely inaccurate. Stephen Huvane, spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. More recently, the outlet incorrectly maintained Aniston was “desperate” to find a man before her 50th birthday party. In the 365 days since it posted its untrue story about Aniston offering Theroux “hush money” to never share her “dark secrets,” Gossip Cop busted the site on numerous occasions. (Getty Images)
Did Jennifer Aniston buy Justin Theroux’s “silence forever”? And, as for whether she paid him off with “hush money,” Aniston’s spokesperson told us on-the-record the site’s story was “just another fabrication.”
And it became abundantly clear when Theroux gave the New York Times an interview in September how off-base the website was about Aniston having to buy his “silence.” He told the paper, “There was no animosity” between him and his estranged wife. Aniston herself stressed in an interview with Elle for its January cover that she doesn’t feel a “void” in her life because she’s single. On March 6, 2018, RadarOnline reported Aniston was willing to pay off Theroux to stop him from “speaking out” about her or their marriage. Just a month after that tall tale, for example, the blog wrongly insisted Aniston wanted Theroux back after she failed to rekindle with Brad Pitt. That was the claim made by a website exactly one year ago today. The blog never mentioned that. 2018. “Neither one of us is looking to throw hatchets at each other… It’s amicable,” he added. In fact, the site’s “source” contended, that with nothing in writing, Aniston was incentivized to give him cash to remove any “temptation” Theroux might have to expose her “dark secrets.” The outlet’s tipster also asserted Aniston was going to sweeten the deal with enough “hush money” that Theroux could “start anew in New York.”

While there was a slim chance Theroux would pen an embarrassing “tell-all,” claimed the outlet, Aniston was still prepared to buy his “silence forever.” So how much cash did it cost Aniston? “Justin Theroux Is On The Prowl.” New York Times, 22 Sept. At the time, Theroux’s rep told Gossip Cop the actor had no desire to write a “tell-all” about Aniston. “Jennifer Aniston Did NOT Offer Justin Theroux Cash To Keep “Dark Secrets” Quiet, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 6 Mar. And as we often say, time is not the friend of fabricators, since the truth will always emerge. Gossip Cop noted it was untrue when it was first published, and 12 months later it’s even more obvious how false it was. Williams, Alex. Weiss, Shari. And, of course, Theron didn’t need Aniston’s money, having starred in 2018 alone in The Spy Who Dumped Me, Bumblebee, On The Basis Of Sex, and the Netflix series “Maniac.”
RadarOnline doesn’t exactly have a stellar record when it comes to reporting about the former “Friends” star or Theroux. As noted on several occasions, Gossip Cop looks back at stories from a year before to help readers better weigh which outlets they can and cannot trust. And what were some of the “dark secrets” the actress was supposedly concerned about him revealing? That’s because the blog or its unnamed, untraceable, and unaccountable “source” seemingly made up the entire phony tale.

Jennifer Aniston NOT ‘Desperate To Get A Man’ Before 50th Birthday, Despite Report

I have great friends. Shuster, Andrew. 2019. “What quantifies happiness in someone’s life isn’t the ideal that was created in the ’50s,” the actress stated. “It’s not like you hear that narrative about any men. In Aniston’s cover story for the January 2019 issue of Elle, the actress made it very clear she feels no discontentment about being single at her age. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the first time one of the tabloids made up a story surrounding the actress’s milestone birthday. “Jennifer Aniston Going On Surgery Spree For 50th Birthday?” Gossip Cop, 29 Jan. Shuster, Andrew. “We live in a society that messages women: By this age, you should be married; by this age, you should have children,” the actress said. Earlier this week, Gossip Cop busted Heat for falsely claiming Aniston was going on a cosmetic surgery spree for her 50th birthday. According to RadarOnline, the actress wants “to have a man on her arm” when she turns 50 on February 11, “even if she has to fake” the romance. Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston RadarOnline


Chocano, Carina. “Jennifer Aniston Invited Brad Pitt To 50th Birthday Party?” Gossip Cop, 28 Nov. That’s part of sexism – it’s always the woman who’s scorned and heartbroken.” She went on to explain there’s no “void” in her life just because she’s single, and added, “What brings me happiness? The supposed source adds, “Jen is searching far and wide for a handsome man to make sure people aren’t feeling sorry for her.”

The site’s story is completely inaccurate. “That’s a fairy tale. I have no reason to feel otherwise.”
RadarOnline’s latest article about Aniston being desperate to find a man goes against everything the actress discussed in her Elle interview. I have a great family. An alleged insider tells the blog that the actress “thought she would be settled into a new relationship” following her divorce from Justin Theroux nearly a year ago, and now she’s panicking about celebrating her milestone birthday as a single woman. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Aniston is not “desperate to get a man” before her 50th birthday, despite a completely untrue report. 2018. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story. There’s simply no truth to it. The blog concocted its phony article because the actress is single and turning 50, which isn’t something she’s the least bit upset about. This latest article about the actress being “desperate” to celebrate her birthday with a man is more fiction. 2018. “JENNIFER ANISTON DOESN’T NEED A HAPPY ENDING.” Elle, 7 Dec. Shortly before that, the magazine made up a story about Aniston inviting Brad Pitt to her 50th birthday party. That’s the mold we’re slowly trying to break out of.”
Aniston further noted that she hopes to empower other women to realize they can “achieve a sense of inner happiness” without being married and having kids. I have a great job.

Elizabeth Hurley, Justin Theroux NOT Dating, Despite ‘Romance’ Reports

“Justin Theroux, Aubrey Plaza ‘New Couple Alert’ Is Wrong.” Gossip Cop, 29 Mar. Weiss, Shari. Weiss, Shari. 2018. “Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux NOT Getting Back Together, Despite Claim Romance Isn’t ‘Over.'” Gossip Cop, 11 Aug. 2018.
(Getty Images)
Elizabeth Hurley and Justin Theroux are not dating, despite reports by a couple of unreliable outlets that they may be in a “new romance.” Gossip Cop can exclusively correct these untrue claims. Basically, the habitually disproven website regurgitated what it saw in readily available pictures from events for the ABB FIA Formula E 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix auto race, including how Hurley and Theroux “walked side-by-side, ” “chatted,” and “posed for photos.” It then pointed out how Hurley posted several photos to Instagram from the racing event, while wrongly theorizing that even though the actress “didn’t have a dedicated post of the two of them doesn’t mean they’re not an item.” The blog even claimed Hurley might be waiting “before officially introducing [Theroux]… as a significant other” on Instagram. For both those untrue stories, much like now, the site made inferences based on photos. But that’s not journalism or “digging.” It’s just bad guesswork. “Here’s to the future @fiaformulae #marrakech @davebenett.” Instagram, 12 Jan. Theroux and Hurley are not dating. They are not a couple. Celebrity Insider Celebrity Rumors HollywoodLife Justin Theroux


“Abb Fia Formula E 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix.” Getty Images, 12 Jan. Hurley, Elizabeth. Simply, Theroux and Hurley were the two most famous celebrities at the Formula E auto race, which also drew several European socialites and designers, as well as model Elaine Irwin. We’re told the speculation is 100 percent “false.”
On Saturday, HollywoodLife manufactured a story about whether Theroux and Hurley were now “together” after being spotted two days in a row in Marrakesh, Morocco. The repeatedly discredited site, which is often called HollywoodLies, exclaims the alleged new couple was “moving quickly.” The untrustworthy blog then notes how it supposedly doing some digging to find out if Hurley and Theroux “have officially begun dating.” Spoiler alert: The outlet learned nothing. 2019. While HollywoodLies just made baseless speculations (and Celebrity Insider rephrased them), Gossip Cop reached out to Theroux’s rep, who exclusively assures us on the record that the blogs’ reports are “false.” The actor’s spokesperson explains they were pictured together, only because they were “both at the same event.” Of course, we’re not in the least surprised that HollywoodLife’s article is wrong since the website’s track record is about the same as the driver who came in last at the ABB FIA Formula E 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix. There’s no romance between them. 2019. Nor will they become Instagram official. “They definitely seem like they’re into one another,” squealed the astoundingly inaccurate website, before concluding, “Only time will tell if they are, in fact, together.” Naturally, that prompted Celebrity Insider, which rewrites other outlets’ articles rather than actually reporting, to publish an equally phony piece about how Theroux and Hurley have sparked “dating rumors” and “make a cute couple.” Contrary to HollywoodLies’s assertion that “only time will tell,” Gossip Cop fact-checked the claims and can most assuredly tell its readers now that Hurley and Theroux are not dating at all. 2019. It also mistakingly contended Theroux was dating Aubrey Plaza shortly after his split from Aniston. Just a few months ago, Gossip Cop busted HollywoodLies when it incorrectly maintained Theroux and Jennifer Aniston were back together. Ina Treciokas, spokesperson for Justin Theroux, 12 Jan.

Top Celebrity Feud Rumor Of 2018: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox No Longer Friends

The actress’s rep, who’s qualified to speak on her behalf, confirmed earlier this month that the follow-up articles were also fabricated. As Gossip Cop has stressed all along, the longtime friends are still very close. “Courteney Cox Didn’t Invite Jennifer Aniston To Irish Wedding?” Gossip Cop, 9 Dec. When the first story hit newsstands in September, a spokesperson for Aniston told Gossip Cop on the record that it was untrue. The two actresses, who’ve been close friends since their classic sitcom debuted in 1994, posed for several photos together at the event’s afterparty. (Getty Images)
The tabloids created a lot of fake celebrity feuds in 2018. Just a few weeks ago, Cox supported Aniston at the premiere of her new Netflix movie Dumplin’. “Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Had Falling Out Over Justin Theroux?” Gossip Cop, 8 Dec. 2018. 2018. Shuster, Andrew. Still, a questionable tipster told the tabloid that Aniston felt “betrayed” by her “Friends” co-star. “Jennifer Aniston Furious With Courteney Cox For Keeping In Touch With Justin Theroux?” Gossip Cop, 26 Sep. The imaginary battle between Aniston and Cox marks 2018’s top fake celebrity feud. In September, In Touch made up a story about Aniston being furious with Cox for keeping in touch with Justin Theroux. The unreliable outlet didn’t bother to mention exactly when and where Cox and Theroux’s alleged hangout took place. “Friends Forever! The magazine maintained that Cox and her boyfriend Johnny McDaid secretly met up with the actor in New York City, and Aniston went “into a tailspin” when she found out. That article said Aniston discovered that her friend still keeps in touch with her estranged husband. Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. Cox’s attendance at her friend’s movie premiere dispelled any notion of a falling out between the pals. “Jen said the only way she’d think about rebuilding things would be if Court apologized,” added the seemingly nonexistent insider. Hohman, Maura. 2018. Shuster, Andrew. Jennifer Aniston Gets Sweet Support from Courteney Cox at Netflix Movie Premiere.” People, 7 Dec. 2018. A supposed source told the magazine that Aniston had stopped inviting Cox to her girls’ nights, and the two were no longer on speaking terms. A mutual pal of ours and Cox, however, assured us Cox wasn’t headed down the aisle and hadn’t snubbed Aniston from her imaginary ceremony. That’s become very apparent in the time since we debunked this ongoing narrative. The tabloid further contended that Cox has met up with the actress’s ex several times since their split, but the outlet provided zero evidence to back up the claim. Celebrity Rumors Courteney Cox Jennifer Aniston


Shuster, Andrew. At the top of the list is a supposed rift between Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. “Until then, their friendship as they’ve known it is over.”
Also earlier this month, the National Enquirer made up a story about Cox banning Aniston from her Irish wedding. Earlier this month, In Touch’s sister publication, Life & Style, published a similar story about Aniston and Cox having a “falling out” over Theroux.

Courteney Cox Didn’t Invite Jennifer Aniston To Irish Wedding?

Additionally, Aniston’s rep went on the record to dismiss the story. The longtime friends posed for photos together at the afterparty. This latest article now says they’re getting married twice. “Friends Forever! Just last week in fact, Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer’s sister publication, In Touch, for falsely claiming that Aniston and Cox were feuding because Cox still hangs out with Justin Theroux. But she’s still deeply hurt that she wasn’t even asked.”

The magazine further contends that Aniston had organized an “Irish-themed bridal shower” for Cox over the summer, making the snub even more upsetting. Shuster, Andrew. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Jen is aware that the Irish affair is for Johnny’s friends and family. This latest article makes no mention of that bogus scenario. Aniston wasn’t left out of Cox’s nonexistent Irish ceremony and the two actresses aren’t at odds. Celebrity Rumors Courteney Cox Jennifer Aniston National Enquirer


Hohman, Maura. It’s clear they’re still very close and there’s no drama over a wedding snub. 2018. (Getty Images)
One of the tabloids claims Courteney Cox didn’t invite Jennifer Aniston to her so-called “Irish wedding” to Johnny McDaid. “Courteney Bans Jen From Wedding” reads a headline in the latest issue of the National Enquirer. Meanwhile, Cox supported Aniston at the premiere of her new Netflix movie Dumplin’ last week. Jennifer Aniston Gets Sweet Support from Courteney Cox at Netflix Movie Premiere.” People, 7 Dec. Shuster, Andrew. Regardless, a source close to Cox, who wasn’t authorized to go on the record, assures us the actress doesn’t have two weddings in the works. It’s also worth noting, the Enquirer’s other sister publication, Star, wrongly reported last month that Cox was refusing to marry McDaid because he wouldn’t sign a prenup. It’s clear the tabloid and its related outlets can’t keep track of their phony narratives. “She’s getting shut out,” adds the supposed source. The accompanying article says Cox and her boyfriend are planning to walk down the aisle in his hometown of Northern Ireland, but her “Friends” co-star and longtime pal isn’t on the guest list. The outlet goes on to say that Cox and McDaid will have a ceremony in Malibu following their Irish nuptials, and although Aniston will be at the California affair, she still feels slighted. 2018. 2018. The magazine doesn’t mention when Cox’s so-called “Irish wedding” will be held, nor when the Malibu ceremony will take place. “She’s deeply hurt by this snub and isn’t ready to forget it.”
Naturally, the unreliable outlet gives no timeframe for these supposed events. It’s entirely fabricated. Gossip Cop can correct the phony story. “Courteney Cox Refuses To Marry Johnny McDaid Unless He Signs Prenup?” Gossip Cop, 11 Nov. “Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Had Falling Out Over Justin Theroux?” Gossip Cop, 8 Dec.

Wrong Rumors About Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler

“Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.”, 2 Feb. Here are a few wrong rumors about the co-stars and longtime pals. The actor and actress, who play husband and wife in Murder Mystery, were holding hands while filming a scene. Fernandez, Alexia. One of those famous friends was said to be Sandler, who was on “Team Jen,” along with stars like George Clooney and Ellen DeGeneres. “Justin Theroux, Emma Stone and Jonah Hill’s ‘Maniac’ Reveals Netflix Premiere Date — Watch Teaser!” Entertainment Tonight, 29 Jul. It’s worth noting, that wasn’t the first time a tabloid attempted to create a love affair between the co-stars. 2018. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s friendship has been at the center of several false tabloid stories as of late. The outlet even alleged that the actress had no problem stealing the actor from his wife. The premise was completely ridiculous. The unreliable outlet didn’t realize that Theroux co-stars on the Netflix series “Maniac,” which debuted just weeks after the tabloid published its poorly-researched article. 2011. In September, Gossip Cop busted In Touch for falsely claiming that Aniston was trying to destroy Justin Theroux’s career by getting her A-list friends to shun him. The blog alleged that the co-stars were “caught holding hands” while taking a stroll in Italy. 2018. Not only did a rep for the actress tell us the story was “made-up,” but Theroux himself said in a recent New York Times interview that there’s “no animosity” between him and his estranged wife. “Jennifer Aniston ‘Isn’t Concerned About Dating’ as She Focuses on Work: Source.” People, 4 Sep. 22 Sep. Ng, Philiana. Meanwhile, People magazine reported that Aniston “doesn’t even talk about [Theroux] anymore” and “doesn’t keep up with what he does.” The actress didn’t team up with Sandler as any sort of “revenge.” The actress’s spokesperson also called the story “completely absurd.”
Gossip Cop busted RadarOnline in August for attempting to create a nonexistent romance between Aniston and Sandler. The two weren’t on a romantic getaway together – they were at work. Adam Sandler Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston


Williams, Alex. The only thing the two were “caught” doing was shooting a movie. Aniston’s rep laughed off the story and noted that she’s “been buddies with him and his wife forever.” In the years that followed, Aniston began a relationship with Theroux and Sandler has remained happily married. In reality, Sandler and other Hollywood stars haven’t been forced to take sides in Aniston’s divorce. The magazine speculated that Theroux was sure to be jealous of his estranged wife co-starring with the comedian on a Netflix project because he was eager to work for the streaming service. Phony reports about the two began circulating when they filmed their Netflix movie Murder Mystery this past summer. Also in September, Gossip Cop called out Woman’s Day Australia for alleging that Aniston was getting payback on Theroux by making a movie with Sandler. Unfortunately, when the two reunited for Murder Mystery earlier this year, wrong rumors about the pair started all over again. In fact, Aniston and Sandler have been friends for more than 20 years, and the actress was even a guest at his 2003 wedding. “Justin Theroux Is on the Prowl.” New York Times. Back in 2011, the National Enquirer claimed that Aniston “fell in love” with Sandler while filming their comedy Just Go With It. 2018.

Story About Angelina Jolie, Justin Theroux Talking For Hours About Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Is Fiction

2018. Briefly, while Gossip Cop was the first to debunk the reports, Hudson herself later denied the rumor she was dating Pitt. The two stars have no connection to each other, let along “have feelings for one another,” despite a completely fabricated article that also falsely drags Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston into its made-up narrative. Weiss, Shari. “Kate Hudson ‘Reveals What Went Down’ With Brad Pitt, Exposing HollywoodLife.” Gossip Cop, 8 Nov. Since then, Pitt has not spent time with Aniston, his first ex-wife, nor has Theroux ever had a private dinner with Jolie. “Brad Pitt is NOT dating Neri Oxman: The MIT professor sets the record straight.” USA Today, 9 Oct. “Brad Pitt NOT Dating Elle Macpherson, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 27 June 2017. 2018. 2018. Once more it wrongly maintains, “Jolie’s romance with Justin Theroux is getting intense” and that it’s the second time the Oscar-winner has “snagged” a man from Aniston. Just one day after Gossip Cop busted the disreputable outlet for injecting Aniston into its series of fake news stories about Jolie and Theroux, that site has again concocted yet another phony angle to drive visitors to the unreliable blog. (Getty Images)
A new report claiming Angelina Jolie and Justin Theroux “talk for hours on end” is nothing more than fiction. In addition to contending Theroux and Jolie have “feelings for one another,” the often disproven site asserts their supposed “romance [is] heating up.” Having again relied on an already discredited Life & Style cover story for its material, the blog alleges Jolie and Theroux speak on the phone “for hours on end.”
Later in its manufactured article, the outlet writes, “If they are dating… the whole thing could blow up” because of their exes, namely Pitt and Aniston. 2018. The truth, which frequently eludes that website, is Jolie and Theroux are not dating. 2018. In essence, the website’s entire story is a mishmosh of lies. 31 Oct. But a lie is a lie no matter how many times the blog repackages it. Additionally, Theroux’s own rep told Gossip Cop on the record the actor isn’t involved at all with Jolie, and that tales tying them together are 100 percent “false.”
Notwithstanding, the ironically named Celebrity Insider has dressed up this total falsehood about Theroux and Jolie dating in three different ways over the course of as many days. Shuster, Andrew. “Angelina Jolie ‘Absolutely Not Seeing Anyone’ Since Brad Pitt Split, Says Source.” People, 27 Mar. Jensen, Erin. Weiss, Shari. Any scenarios that deviate from that are lies. Wait, how did it go from their “romance heating up” and Jolie and Theroux having “feelings for one another” to “if they are dating”? Guglielmi Jodi and Green, Mary. Here’s what’s true: Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt in September 2016, while Aniston and Theroux announced their split in February 2018. As widely reported earlier this year, Jolie has no interesting in dating anyone right now. Lewittes, Michael. And further evidence the site knows virtually nothing about its subjects is one of the article’s last lines, which asserts how since his split from Jolie, Pitt has dated “Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson, and Elle Macpherson. In fact, we’ve recently been reassured by her camp that her focus remains on her kids and her career. “Brad Pitt, Sienna Miller NOT ‘Secretly Dating,’ Despite Tabloid Cover Story.” Gossip Cop, 5 July 2017. And Gossip Cop also shot down a phony cover story about Pitt dating Miller. And Gossip Cop knows this because we’ve fact-checked every single one of these claims. Ina Treciokas, spokesperson for Justin Theroux. “Angelina Jolie, Justin Theroux NOT Dating, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 31 Oct. The only non-celebrity he [h]as allegedly dated is Neri Oxman.” The reality, however, is Pitt has dated none of those women. Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Celebrity Insider Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux


“Jennifer Aniston Caught In Fake News Linking Angelina Jolie To Justin Theroux.” Gossip Cop, 3 Nov. Gossip Cop has reached out to the site’s managing editor about whether any attention is paid to accuracy, or if it’s all about traffic, and the truth be damned. Gossip Cop has the truth. 2017. While that blog casually throws around words like “insiders” and “friends,” in actuality the outlet has absolutely no proof or sources to back up its fictional scenario. Similarly, his rep confirmed to us that Pitt wasn’t dating Macpherson either. And that’s exactly what Celebrity Insider has been publishing for the last few days about the four stars. Meanwhile, even though we were the first to correct stories linking the MIT professor to the movie star, ultimately Oxman publicly denied having dated Pitt.

Jennifer Aniston NOT Writing ‘Blockbuster Tell-All,’ Despite Report

12 Apr. 2018. 23 Oct. Last year, Gossip Cop busted the blog’s sister publication, Star, for falsely claiming that Aniston was writing a tell-all book that could earn her as much as $11 million. 3 Apr. The gossip media enjoys recycling this “tell-all” narrative, whether it’s in the form of a book or TV interview. We’ve learned it’s false. The article alleged that the actor was planning to expose all of his estranged wife’s darkest secrets. 2018. It’s worth noting, RadarOnline has come up with different variations on this theme. 27 Feb. The actress still has zero desire or plans to write a memoir, despite the blog’s baseless claim otherwise. “It wouldn’t be anything salacious or unpleasant, because that’s not Jen’s style and never would be,” adds the questionable source. “But she figures that if anyone’s going to put together a definite portrait of her life then it may as well be her.”
This premise isn’t true and it’s cropped up many times before. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claim. These countless articles never pan out, especially in the case of Aniston, who’s fairly private when it comes to her personal life. The actress’s rep exclusively told us at the time, “Jen has never wanted to write a memoir, and we have continuously made that clear every time gossip magazines have fabricated this story.” Aniston’s opinion on the matter hasn’t changed. Regardless, Gossip Cop once again checked in with Aniston’s spokesperson, who confirms this latest report is more nonsense. “Jennifer Aniston Doing Tell-All Interview About Brad Pitt, Justin Theroux With Ellen DeGeneres?” Gossip Cop. Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston RadarOnline


Weiss, Shari. 2018. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Aniston is not writing a “blockbuster tell-all” about her life, despite a bogus tabloid report. Weiss, Shari. “Jennifer Aniston NOT Writing Tell-All Book, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop. Also earlier this year, Gossip Cop debunked a tabloid story claiming Aniston was doing a tell-all interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” That never happened either. Weiss, Shari. 2017. “Justin Theroux NOT Writing “Scathing Tell-All” About Jennifer Aniston, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop. Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop called out the site for wrongly reporting that Theroux was writing a “scathing tell-all” about Aniston. According to RadarOnline, the actress has been fielding offers to tell her life story in a “sensational autobiography” that will “make her a fortune.” An alleged insider tells the blog, “This would be Jen’s chance to set the record straight about so many aspects of her life that have been badly conveyed or misunderstood.”

The site goes on to say that Aniston’s dating history and love life will be a major topic in the book, specifically her failed marriages to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. Of course, no book was released and Theroux isn’t in the process of writing one.

Jennifer Aniston NOT Launching Designer Denim Line, Despite Report

And the reason for the lack of those details and many others is that, even though it’s easy for the site to make up claims, it’s nearly impossible for it to back up those falsehoods. That’s why Gossip Cop went directly to her longtime rep. That was a lie, and so is the last story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabricated claim. The often discredited site maintains Aniston will seek inspiration from her own “classic look.” Its anonymous and purposefully untraceable “informant” asserts the actress is ready to create a “brand of jeans” because her own “collection of denim is legendary and timeless.”
The main impetus for the already rich star to go into the clothing business, contends the outlet, is money. Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston RadarOnline


Stephen Huvane, spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston, 4 Oct. “Jennifer Aniston NOT Reuniting With Brad Pitt Because She Visited George Clooney’s House, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 6 Aug. We’re told it’s not true and “totally made-up. As opposed to the blog’s no-named and seemingly concocted sources, Aniston’s spokesperson told us on the record the entire jeans report is “totally made-up.”
Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by the latest article since we’re constantly correcting that site. We recently ripped the outlet, for example, for untruthfully maintaining Aniston was reuniting with Brad Pitt because she was spotted at George Cooney’s house in Italy, where she was filming the Netflix comedy Murder Mystery. Interestingly, one of the very few specifics in the story is the blog’s contention that it was Aniston’s “reps” who are pushing her dive into the fashion business. Nor does the outlet reveal anything about where the jeans will supposedly be manufactured or sold. After rolling our her jeans, which the site notes she looks “fabulous” in, the film and TV star will “expand to accessories.”
While it’s true that Aniston does look “fabulous” in jeans (and a variety of other clothes), everything else in the article is fiction. Frankly: Many of that outlet’s claims are like a bad pair of jeans: You can try to wiggle around them, but ultimately they just don’t fit. Noticeably, RadarOnline doesn’t mention anything about who promised the actress she’ll become a billionaire from her denim collection or even who’s funding the label. The unidentifiable tipster claims Aniston agreed to the denim line thanks to the “promise that she’ll become a billionaire” in just one year. Shuster, Andrew. The website further asserts the clothing company will quickly “make her a billionaire.” An unnamed and possibly manufactured “source” tells the blog how Aniston has always “relied on stylists,” and never imagined that she would be a fashion designer, but her “reps are leaning on her” to come up with “something big and splashy,” and after some convincing the former “Friends” star has “decided to go for it.”

So what will her label look like? 2018. 2018. According to RadarOnline, in the wake of her split from Justin Theroux, Aniston plans to enter the fashion industry by launching her very own denim line. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Aniston is not launching a “designer denim line,” despite a new report that was made out of whole cloth.

Emma Stone Trying To Breakup Ex Andrew Garfield, New Girlfriend Susie Abromeit?

It’s actually been three full years since Stone and Garfield split up in 2015, and they’ve remained friendly ever since. That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Stone herself has said Theroux is more like a “brother” than anything else. Gossip Cop, however, looked into the report and found out it’s not true. Then, to bolster its premise, a supposed “source” is quoted as telling the magazine, “Andrew actually wanted to get back together” with Stone, his Amazing Spider-Man co-star, “but Emma kept playing games, even bragging that she had him wrapped around her finger.”

However, explains the alleged insider, “Andrew got tired of waiting for Emma,” and so he began seeing Abromeit, who he’s “happy” and “excited” to be with these days. “Andrew Garfield EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man star is seen kissing Jessica Jones actress Susie Abromeit during Malibu beach date.” Daily Mail, 11 Sept. “Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Split After Four Years Together.” Us Weekly, 27 Oct. “Front Row at Louis Vuitton Cruise 2019: Emma Stone and Justin Theroux were among the A-listers attending the show.” WWD, 29 May 2018. As for Garfield, she and the actor have longed moved on from their romance. Curiously, the magazine makes no mention whatsoever about how it asserted Theroux and Stone were going to “become Hollywood’s next power couple.” That outlet even dragged in Theroux’s ex, Jennifer Aniston, who’s a pal of Stone’s, to claim it will be “so embarrassing” for the former “Friends” star to have to “avoid Justin and Emma at events and on red carpets, like she did with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.”
The only thing more “embarrassing” than that would be the tabloid’s reporting about the Oscar-winning actress. According to a piece in Life & Style that’s titled, “Throwing Stones At Andrew’s New Girlfriend,” the actress is unhappy that Garfield has moved on from her and onto the “Jessica Jones” star. “Justin Theroux, Emma Stone Moving In Together?” Gossip Cop, 20 June 2018. (Getty Images)
Is Emma Stone really trying to break up her ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield and his new girlfriend Susie Abromeit? 2015. Shuster, Andrew. Diderich, Joelle. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked with a friend of ours and Stone, and we’re assured she is absolutely not trying to split up Garfield and Abromeit, nor is she asking her friends to help get him back. 2018. Andrew Garfield Celebrity Rumors Emma Stone Life & Style


McDonagh, Rose. The tabloid tips off what precipitated its article, noting how just a few weeks ago photos surfaced of Garfield kissing Abromeit. The magazine’s tipster further contends Stone is so distraught that she’s “pleading with their pals to help her win Andrew back.” “Emma says she’s his real soulmate, not Susie,” concludes the purported “source.”
It’s interesting the publication maintains the actress is “pleading” with their mutual friends to “help win Andrew back” and that she considers herself “his real soulmate,” because over the summer that very same tabloid reported Stone was “moving in” with Justin Theroux. Marquina, Sierra.

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux “Still Talk Regularly” Is Made-Up

And just a few weeks ago, People reported that Aniston “doesn’t keep up with what he does.”

Celebrity Rumors HollywoodLife Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux


Nicol, Holly. “Jennifer Aniston ‘Furious’ Over Selena Gomez, Justin Theroux ‘Dating Rumors’ Is Made-Up Story.” Gossip Cop, 16 May 2018. And do they “regularly” talk about Theroux’s insecurities over Aniston dating her trainer Leyon Azubuike? Last month, that same often discredited site claimed the actor was “jealous,” and had one of its untraceable sources maintain, “Justin’s not ready to hear about Jennifer dating anyone else.” So they “regularly” talk, but just not about that? And while the blog repeated how Theroux told the paper, “we respected each other enough that it was as painless as it could be,” it seems to have missed that the actor was speaking in the past tense, signaling that they’re not in regular contact. Weiss, Shari. We’re told that while their split was and remains amicable, they are not in “constant contact,” as falsely maintained by a blog that’s nicknamed HollywoodLies. In May, the website said the former “Friends” star was “seriously upset” about it. Gossip Cop can correct this fabricated claim. Lastly, while their split is “amicable,” they do not make an effort to be in contact with one another. That was one of the falsehoods HollywoodLies published not long after he and Aniston announced their split. We also exclusively reported Aniston is not dating her trainer nor was Theroux “jealous.” And, of course, Gomez and Theroux never dated, so clearly Aniston wasn’t “furious.” All those and many more stories were simply falsehoods spun by HollywoodLies, which claimed to have an “insider.”
It’s also interesting that the online outlet’s “insider” contends that even though they are “regularly” in contact, “The exes are not at a stage where they’re spending any time together just yet.” Just a month ago, the amnesiacs at HollywoodLife alleged Aniston and Theroux’s romance was “back on.” Both Aniston and Theroux’s reps told Gossip Cop the blog’s story was untrue. 2018. As Gossip Cop previously reported, based on facts and named sources, Theroux never met with Jolie to discuss a movie nor is he “tempted” to work with her. Do they text back and forth about how Theroux is “tempted” to work with Angelina Jolie? What’s really going is Theroux gave an interview with the New York Times in which he noted that he and Aniston had a “gentle separation” and there was “no animosity.” Given that, the creative writers at HollywoodLies came up with the site’s latest fabrication. Ina Treciokas and Stephen Huvane, spokesperson for Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston, respectively. “Jennifer Aniston ‘Isn’t Concerned About Dating’ as She Focuses on Work: Source.” People, 4 Sept. In its latest concocted tale, which hasn’t been confirmed or repeated by any of the more legitimate outlets, HollywoodLife asserts that Theroux and Aniston “talk, text and email each other fairly regularly.” The habitually disproven blog alleges a so-called “insider” says Aniston “thinks about Justin a lot” and will “often send Justin a photo or an anecdote that she knows will make him laugh.” Naturally, while the website maintains it has an “insider,” that person offers no insight whatsoever about one single thing Aniston has texted Theroux or what they talk about. “Justin Theroux Avoids Running Into Ex Jennifer Aniston at Jimmy Kimmel’s Son’s Birthday Bash.” People, 23 Apr. 2018. 2018. 2018. Williams, Alex. In fact, last spring Aniston made a point of attending Jimmy Kimmel’s son’s birthday after Theroux left, the party. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux do not still talk “regularly,” despite a report from a site that regularly makes-up stories. “HollywoodLife Flip Flops On Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston Romance ‘Back On.’” Gossip Cop, 12 Aug. Weiss, Shari. And Gossip Cop can only imagine what kind of emails Aniston fired off to her ex after hearing he was dating Selena Gomez. 2018. Fernandez, Alexia. “Justin Theroux NOT ‘Jealous’ Over ‘Rumors’ Jennifer Aniston Is Dating Trainer, Despite Claim.” Gossip Cop, 23 Aug. “Story About Angelina Jolie ‘Desperate’ To Work With Justin Theroux Is Fake News.” Gossip Cop, 22 Feb. “Justin Theroux Is on the Prowl.” The New York Times, 22 Sept. Miller, Mark. 2018.

Angelina Jolie Reaction To Jennifer Aniston InStyle Interview Is Fake News

Weiss, Shari. 2018. That is not how news outlets are supposed to work. “A Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Reunion Seems Unlikely: ‘They Haven’t Seen Each Other in Ages’.” People, 16 Feb. “Angelina Jolie Films Maleficent 2 in London – with All Six Kids Going to School on Set!” People, 31 May 2018. The article, which was posted online on Wednesday, was a popular topic in the celebrity news world throughout the day, and now the website is very obviously trying to capitalize on the interest in it. The blog is referring to Aniston’s September cover story for InStyle, in which she spoke about everything from tabloid rumors to her latest movies to making the world a better place. 2018. Guglielmi, Jodi. Now let’s consider the premise presented in the website’s headline. And if Jolie is “too busy” to read the article, why would a “source” close to her take the time to discuss the subject with a gossip site? So the notion that Aniston’s latest magazine cover story, one of dozens she’s done over the years, is even on Jolie’s radar is a bit far-fetched. “Angelina Jolie Feeling ‘Vindicated’ After Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Split Is Made-Up Story.” Gossip Cop, 21 Feb. “Angelina is in no hurry to read Jen’s latest interview. 2018. “Angelina Jolie: Is She Impressed With Jen Aniston’s New Sexy & Candid Interview?” HollywoodLife asks in a headline. Nicol, Holly. Real people don’t talk that way. “Jennifer Aniston Is Doing Just Fine.” InStyle, 1 Aug. Even more implausible is the idea someone in Jolie’s camp would even bother publicly discussing it at all. The article ultimately doesn’t deliver on the headline’s promise. 2018. She is curious about what Jen is up to, but Angie is too busy to stop her day to read about Brad’s ex,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. The outlet tries to lure in readers by teasing Jolie’s reaction. The site also purported to know Pitt’s reaction to Aniston’s interview, and it’s apparent HollywoodLife is trying to exploit the topic by manufacturing related stories. Angie has her own, full life with lots of kids to worry about first, so she is in no hurry to catch up with the single life of Jen.”
Jolie does have a full life. Russian, Ale. This report becomes further problematic when, after recounting some of Aniston’s InStyle quotes, the blog editorializes, “It doesn’t sounds like Angelina [sic] has to worry about Brad and Jen reuniting now that they’re both single, as previous rumors have suggested could happen.” Why would Jolie “worry” about that, anyway? Note how this alleged tipster went from referring to Jolie as “Angelina” to Angie” in back-to-back sentences. In addition to balancing those family and work obligations, Jolie also spent a weekend on a humanitarian mission in Mosul. Feingold, Spencer. But in the second paragraph, the publication reveals she can’t respond to the interview at all because she supposedly hasn’t read it. (Getty Images)
A site known for making up stories related to hot topics is claiming to know whether Angelina Jolie is “impressed” by Jennifer Aniston’s new interview. Angelina Jolie Celebrity Rumors Fake News HollywoodLife Jennifer Aniston


McNearney, Molly. The unidentifiable snitch goes on to contend she’ll “probably come around to reading it eventually,” just “because friends keep mentioning it to her, and she usually reads everything.” But the purported insider maintains that still, Jolie “is in no rush to read the interview or look at Jen’s pictures. The outlet suggests to readers it knows whether Jolie is “impressed” by Aniston’s interview… only to admit in the story that she hasn’t read it, which means she can’t be impressed or not impressed. She filed for divorce from Pitt nearly two years ago. “Brad Pitt’s Reaction To Jennifer Aniston InStyle Shoot Is Made-Up.” Gossip Cop, 2 Aug. The blog has a documented history of doing this. Since late May, she and her kids have primarily been in London where Jolie is filming Maleficent 2. What is presented as a real news story is quite obviously a fake one. In February for example, when much of the gossip media was fixated on Aniston’s breakup from Justin Theroux, the website concocted a bizarre story about the split making Jolie feel “vindicated.” The goal, it seems, is to peddled tales about certain celebrities and subjects no matter how flimsy the premise as long as it brings in traffic. The publication has deceptively packaged its narrative in a way where the headline doesn’t really match the article, and the claims within it don’t even make much sense. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news. And as Gossip Cop and others have reported throughout the better part of 2018, a Pitt-Aniston reunion has always been highly unlikely, and such reconciliation rumors remain entirely bogus. “Angelina Jolie Visits War-Torn Mosul.” CNN, 16 June 2018.

Justin Theroux “Blown Away” By Jennifer Aniston InStyle Shoot Is Made-Up Story

As Gossip Cop has reported, Aniston is the cover star for InStyle‘s September issue. However Theroux does or doesn’t feel about Aniston’s shoot, positive or negative, fans shouldn’t expect to get genuine insight from this particular blog. Then it spread fake news about Angelina Jolie’s supposed reaction to Aniston’s interview. Uh, okay. (Getty Images)
A story about Justin Theroux being “blown away” by Jennifer Aniston’s InStyle shoot was made-up. Weiss, Shari. But then the outlet doesn’t want readers to “assume” Theroux “wants her back.”
Contends the unnamed tipster, “They’re genuinely still really good friends but that’s it. There was no expression of public support then. “Justin Theroux, Aubrey Plaza ‘New Couple Alert’ Is Wrong.” Gossip Cop, 29 Mar. “Jennifer Aniston Shows off Her Amazing Abs in Blue Bikini.” Daily Mail Online, 23 July 2018. After all, if the website really had a “source” as alleged, it wouldn’t have wrongly issued a “new couple alert” for Theroux and Aubrey Plaza earlier this year, and it wouldn’t have spread bogus tabloid claims about Theroux dating Selena Gomez. The outlet repeatedly proves it can’t be trusted, and this time is no different. To capitalize on all the interest, HollywoodLife has been making up related stories. “Jennifer Aniston ‘Furious’ Over Selena Gomez, Justin Theroux ‘Dating Rumors’ Is Made-Up Story.” Gossip Cop, 16 May 2018. Weiss, Shari. This is the bottom line: HollywoodLife is seemingly so desperate to capture online traffic related to Aniston’s cover story, it is manufacturing reactions supposedly from this person and that one. “Brad Pitt’s Reaction To Jennifer Aniston InStyle Shoot Is Made-Up.” Gossip Cop, 2 Aug. 2018. And not one reputable outlet is corroborating the assertions with similar reports. These claims are only coming from a site that been caught so many times making things up that its nickname is HollywoodLies. First, the blog purported to know Brad Pitt’s reaction to Aniston’s shoot. When her interview and photo spread was released online on Wednesday, it largely dominated the celebrity news world as it marked her first interview since she and Theroux split in February. There’s no talk of getting back together.” Rather, the publication’s “source” maintains, it’s just that “they’re still each other’s biggest cheerleaders.” Then where was this “source” when Aniston signed on to not one, but two Netflix movies in recent months? Weiss, Shari. “Jennifer Aniston and Tig Notaro to Star in Netflix Political Comedy ‘First Ladies’.” Variety, 18 May 2018. Celebrity Rumors HollywoodLife Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux


McNearney, Molly. Gossip Cop can bust this apparent fabrication. 2018. Kroll, Justin. The focus here is on Theroux, and the website wants readers to believe that a “source close to Justin told HL exclusively how much he’s ‘missing’ her!”
“Justin’s seen all the pictures [from InStyle] and he’s blown away by how sexy Jen looks,” claims this untraceable snitch, who adds, “He kind of misses her and is suffering major FOMO.” He “kind of” misses her and has a fear of missing out on the woman he separated from six months ago? And now there’s a third offering that further exploits the subject. 2018. But in all three cases, the quotes don’t make much sense when examined closely. “Jennifer Aniston Is Doing Just Fine.” InStyle, 1 Aug. And if it’s just about a physical attraction, why were there no comments from a “source” last week when Aniston was photographed lounging in a bikini? It is now the third time a certain site has claimed to know how a big celebrity reacted to Aniston’s new cover story.

Emma Stone Pregnant With Justin Theroux’s Baby?

The Oscar winner’s career obligations are also evidence she’s not expecting and doesn’t plan to have a child in the near future. He also wasn’t dating her, much less starting a family together. “Emma Stone & Jaden Smith Attend LVMH Prize 2018 Final!” Just Jared, 7 June 2018. “Is Emma Having Justin’s Baby?” asks Woman’s Day Australia in a headline. But even if she were, Theroux would not be the father. The tabloids are clearly in a hurry to make “The Leftovers” star a father, but it isn’t happening at this time. As we’ve already reported, the stars aren’t even dating. Diderich, Joelle. In early March, New Idea claimed Theroux wanted to have a baby with Alexa Chung. In late May, Stone told WWD that Theroux is “like my brother.” And the assertion that they are currently “filming together” is provably false. Weiss, Shari. Obviously, the actress wouldn’t be filling up her work schedule if she were pregnant and preparing to welcome a baby. Celebrity Rumors Emma Stone Justin Theroux


“Emma Stone Visits Tony-Winning Best Musical ‘The Band’s Visit’.” Just Jared, 24 June 2018. 2018. Theroux, Justin. 16 July 2018. “Jennifer Aniston Worried Justin Theroux Will Have Baby With Petra Collins?” Gossip Cop, 22 Mar. Conclusion: Woman’s Day speculates Stone is pregnant with Theroux’s baby, claiming she is sporting a “baby bump.” But recent photos of the actress show she is as slim as ever. “Front Row at Louis Vuitton Cruise 2019.” WWD, 29 May 2018. And Theroux’s own spokesperson confirms they are not having a baby together. “’Zombieland’ Sequel a Go With Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin (Exclusive).” The Hollywood Reporter, 13 July 2018. In those pictures, in which she’s wearing a pair of tight jeans with a tucked-in shirt, as opposed to “baggy clothes,” it’s clear she has no “baby bump” at all. Much like Stone, though, he wasn’t dating her, either. But just a few weeks ago, Stone didn’t hide her midsection at all when she saw The Band’s Visit on Broadway. Stone is in talks to star in a new Little Women adaptation, and next January, Stone will film Zombieland 2. That same month, Heat did a cover story contending Aniston was worried Theroux would have a baby with Petra Collins. 2017. Instead, it merely speculates, spreads supposed “rumors,” and offers misinformation. The piece begins, “They might be filming together, but [Jennifer Aniston’s] ex Justin Theroux has certainly been spending plenty of time with his co-star Emma Stone when the cameras stop rolling.”

Continues the magazine, “Now, after countless flirty outings together, rumors are rife that Emma may be pregnant!” The outlet contends Stone has been “spotted on several occasions in the past few weeks wearing baggy clothes and seemingly trying to cover a baby bump.” The publication features an undated photo of Stone in which her arm is over her stomach. The tabloid wrongly says the co-stars are still filming their show when they wrapped last year. Gossip Cop can debunk this story. Kroll, Justin. The tabloid doesn’t actually have the answer to that question. “Jennifer Aniston ‘Devastated’ Justin Theroux Wants Baby With Alexa Chung Is NOT True.” Gossip Cop, 5 Mar. 2018. “@Justintheroux on Instagram: ‘MANIAC 2018 #Thatsawrap #Bts.’” Instagram, 11 Dec. “Greta Gerwig Eyes ‘Little Women’ With Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Saoirse Ronan, Timothee Chalamet Circling (EXCLUSIVE).” Variety, 29 June 2018. Ina Treciokas, Spokesperson for Justin Theroux. The same is apparent in photos of Stone at the LVMH Prize 2018 Edition in early June. It is evident the tabloid didn’t bother to do any research or fact-checking before peddling this tale about the pair having a baby together, which a rep for Theroux confirms to Gossip Cop is untrue. For all these reasons, Gossip Cop is deeming this story false. (Getty Images)
Emma Stone is not pregnant with Justin Theroux’s baby, despite a new report. As Theroux posted on Instagram back in December, their upcoming show “Maniac” wrapped filming more than six months ago. Weiss, Shari. This is the third time since his split from Aniston that the gossip media has wrongly alleged the actor may soon become a dad. Kit, Borys.

Jennifer Aniston Paying Justin Theroux $5 Million To Stop Tell-All?

Weiss, Shari. Shortly after the stars split in February, the tabloid’s sister publication, RadarOnline, peddled an article untruthfully contending Theroux was contemplating writing a “scathing tell-all.” Then in March, the site wrongly claimed Aniston was offering him “hush money” to “keep quiet” over “dark secrets.” Now months later, OK! And given that this is the same magazine that lied to readers about Aniston being pregnant nearly a year ago, there is no reason to trust this narrative. Weiss, Shari. “Justin Theroux NOT Writing ‘Scathing Tell-All’ About Jennifer Aniston, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 27 Feb. features a teaser announcing, “Jen Betrayed! Ina Treciokas, Spokesperson for Justin Theroux. Magazine


Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. 2018. 11 July 2018. Meanwhile, no credible media has ever corroborated any of these allegations. “Jennifer Aniston Never Had ‘Miracle Baby’ Nine Months After Pregnancy Report.” Gossip Cop, 22 June 2018. Justin’s $5 Million Tell-All.” Inside the issue, a headline declares, “Jen’s Divorce Pay-Off.” According to the story, Aniston is “ready to part with millions to ensure” Theroux’s “discretion” in the wake of their February breakup. (Getty Images)
Is Jennifer Aniston really paying Justin Theroux $5 million to stop him from writing a tell-all? The magazine floats the unsubstantiated rumor that Aniston and Theroux never really got “hitched in the first place,” allowing them to separate without the assistance of divorce lawyers and “legal complications.” That said, the outlet asserts she “still has reasons for wanting to sign an official agreement.”
Contends the supposed snitch, “She wants a gag order!… Jen values her privacy and is paranoid about her image, especially now after the collapse of another marriage. She knows anything Justin says about her, no matter how innocent, could be turned into something savage.” It is further claimed that, since Aniston and Theroux always maintained their relationship did not begin until after he split from Heidi Bivens, she “wouldn’t want Justin to say anything that could be interpreted as going against that.”
As for Theroux’s perspective, the outlet’s purported tipster alleges he was “mildly offended by the contract” and “has no desire to drag Jen’s name through the mud,” but “everyone expects him to play ball.” Adds this questionable insider, who can’t seem to decide whether the couple is really married or not, “He probably thinks he can get more than $5 million if he pushes back, but Jen wants this over with — and that’s her final offer.”
A spokesperson for Aniston, however, tells Gossip Cop on the record that these claims are “completely absurd and a fabrication.” Theroux’s rep similarly tells us the story is “absurd” and “false.” It is also entirely unoriginal, which further underscores its inaccuracy. That’s the latest claim from the tabloids. It’s specifically alleged she is “prepared to hand Justin $5 million — approximately how much he would stand to make from a tell-all — to buy his silence.”

“She wants this quick and clean, which is why she’s feeling so generous,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. Gossip Cop can bust the story, and reveal where it really originated. “Jennifer Aniston Did NOT Offer Justin Theroux Cash To Keep ‘Dark Secrets’ Quiet, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 6 Mar. 2018. 11 July 2018. The new cover of OK! has combined both of those falsehoods into one story. Weiss, Shari. Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux OK!

Brad Pitt Parents Urging Him To Marry Jennifer Aniston Again?

So not only is this Life & Style tale wrong, contradictory and filled with misinformation, but it’s not even original. Conclusion: This Life & Style article about Aniston and Pitt has factual inaccuracies, and also conflicts with what the tabloid has previously claimed. None of that is even mentioned here, which shows the outlet has a problem with both accuracy and consistency. “They have become close, and are in a great place,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. Guglielmi, Jodi. 2018. A headline in the new issue of Life & Style announces, “Brad’s Parents Play Matchmaker: Marry Jen Again!” According to this bogus article, Pitt and Aniston “quietly started talking again” in the wake of their respective “heartbreaks” with Angelina Jolie and Justin Theroux. It’s alleged, “They are desperately trying to convince Brad that Jen was the right one for him all along.” The purported “source” adds, “Brad’s parents want them to get married again.”
These questionable tipsters maintain Pitt’s parents “constantly remind Brad that they always loved Jen and that Angie was never a good fit for him.” The outlet even claims that the actor “understands why they feel the way they do.” Insists the publication, “For now, Brad and Jen have kept their relationship friendly, but there’s an intense connection between them. “Some of his best friends think he should give it a shot, but the majority of the pressure is coming from his own parents,” a supposed “insider” contends to the magazine. In actuality, it was first reported in March of 2017 that Pitt and Aniston were still in contact. “Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt ‘Relationship Timeline’ Is Wrong.” Gossip Cop, 11 May 2018. Gossip Cop can bust it. That’s the premise of a story in this week’s tabloids. Additionally, Gossip Cop already busted RadarOnline earlier this year for falsely claiming Pitt’s mom was begging him to get back with Aniston. And his parents hope it turns romantic again soon.”
There are a multitude of problems here, beginning with the contention that the former spouses are suddenly back in touch in the wake of their respective breakups. Brad Pitt Celebrity Rumors Fact Check Jennifer Aniston Life & Style


Fisher, Kendall. “Brad Pitt’s Mom NOT Begging Him To ‘Get Back’ With Jennifer Aniston, Despite Claim.” Gossip Cop, 23 Feb. On top of all this, Gossip Cop also checked in with Pitt’s rep who literally laughed off this story and confirmed it is not remotely true. In that piece, the outlet asserted that not only had the former couple reunited, but they were moving in together and having a baby. Weiss, Shari. 2017. There is no evidence of an ongoing relationship between the stars apart from the limited communication it was already known they had. Matthew Hiltzik, Spokesperson for Brad Pitt. “Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Are Still in Contact.” E! As People reported in February in a story about why it’s highly unlikely Pitt and Aniston would ever reunite romantically, it was specifically noted, “They aren’t in regular contact, beyond an occasional text back and forth to wish each other the best when there’s been a new project or big event.” It was further revealed they haven’t seen one another “in ages.”
And while this narrative claims the exes are “friendly” again but haven’t become “romantic,” that goes against the Pitt-Aniston “relationship timeline” the magazine peddled in May. 12 July 2018. That was nearly a year before her separation from Theroux. Weiss, Shari. And Pitt’s spokesperson, who is authorized to speak on his behalf, confirms on the record that the allegations his parents are involved, something that was already debunked months ago, are still false. 2018. “A Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Reunion Seems Unlikely: ‘They Haven’t Seen Each Other in Ages’.” People, 16 Feb. But that contact is not what the tabloid describes. Online, 1 Mar. (Getty Images)
Are Brad Pitt’s parents really urging him to marry Jennifer Aniston again?

Meghan Markle Caught In Angelina Jolie, Amal Clooney “Feud”?

And we nailed the same outlet more recently when it maintained Jolie was “looking for revenge” because Brad Pitt and Aniston had reunited. The claim is provably wrong on several fronts. Without any proof, the magazine maintains the two-time Oscar winner is “fiercely jealous” that the human rights attorney and her actor husband “scored an invite” to Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding and that she did not. Simply, Jolie is in London to shoot Maleficent 2. Nor is Jolie “jealous” whatsoever that the Clooneys “scored an invite.” As opposed to Jolie not having anything to do with the new Duchess of Sussex, Amal Clooney and Markle have a friendship. According to the often inaccurate New Idea, there’s a “battle brewing between Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney, with both stars desperate to befriend” Markle. 2018. Spokesperson for Angelina Jolie, 3 June 2018. In the past, Gossip Cop has busted New Idea for publishing a number of fibs about Jolie. Amal Clooney Angelina Jolie Meghan Markle


Chitwood, Adam. Weiss, Shari. Admittedly, we’re not entirely surprised by the falsity of the magazine’s latest article. “Justin Theroux, Angelina Jolie NOT ‘Caught Out’ In ‘Hook-Up,” Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 26 Feb. Weiss, Shari. The unreliable tabloid alleges Jolie is “desperately trying to score a meet-up” the new Duchess of Sussex, all in an effort to “outdo” Clooney. We mention those two stories from the past few months because, like the current article, the tabloid contended its information came from a source close to “Ange,” as they call her. “Angelina Jolie ‘Attacking’ Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston?” Gossip Cop, 21 Mar. She had no intention of attending the wedding, nor was she remotely heartbroken that she wasn’t invited to the affair for which she had no connection. Much was falsely made of the fact that the actress arrived in the UK days before the nuptials, but her presence in England has nothing to do with the royals. “Amal Clooney Is Helping Meghan Markle Settle into London Life: They Have a ‘Natural Friendship’.” People, 30 May 2018. Weiss, Shari. The publication asserts Jolie has been “trying to meet with the duchess for months and is green with envy over” over Clooney’s friendship with her. But, of course, those claims were provably nothing more than fiction. And while it’s already abundantly clear that the outlet’s story is made-up, still we reached out to a Jolie rep, who exclusively tells us there’s “no truth” to the tabloid’s tale about a “battle brewing” between the movie star and the human rights lawyer. Jessen, Monique, and Dana Falcone. For example, we exposed the magazine when it outlandishly claimed Jolie was “caught” in a “hook-up” with Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston’s estranged husband. The far more reputable People recently reported that “Meghan and Amal have known each other for a while” and that the human rights attorney, who’s a British national, has been “helping Meghan settle into London life.” Again, Jolie is just in town for a few weeks to shoot her Disney sequel. (Getty Images)
Meghan Markle is not caught in a “feud” between Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney, despite a new made-up report. Days before the nuptials, Gossip Cop shot down talk that Jolie was in London for the royal wedding, and the same sources we turned to then assure us now the actress is not in any sort of a “feud” with Clooney. 2018. Much like those reports and a slew of others, there’s also no truth that Jolie and Clooney are caught in a “feud” over Markle. Of course, there’s no real basis for Jolie to be in a “feud” or have a “battle brewing” with Clooney, since there was no reason for her to have been invited to the royal wedding in the first place. “Angelina Jolie NOT Attending Royal Wedding, Despite Speculation.” Gossip Cop, 17 May 2018. “Filming Begins on ‘Maleficent II’ as Cast and Synopsis Revealed.” Collider, 29 May 2018. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this untrue report. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying Jolie is “incredibly jealous of Amal” and was “absolutely gutted that Amal and George were invited to the wedding and not her.” The supposed insider adds that Jolie is “annoyed at getting snubbed” from the recent marriage ceremony.

Nicole Kidman Furious Over Jennifer Aniston, Keith Urban “Secret Rendezvous” Is Fake News

Weiss, Shari. The purported “insider” also states, “The fact that Jen has just filed for divorce means that people are going to put two and two together.” “Seeing Keith out with Jen having such a lovely time is going to make her feel jealous,” adds the phony “source.”
There’s more nonsense, but Gossip Cop is going to cut it off right here. The reality was Kidman and Theroux simply attended the same Louis Vuitton event in New York, along with a list of other celebrities. Celebrity Rumors Fake News Jennifer Aniston Keith Urban Nicole Kidman


Google Images, 15 February 2013. And how exactly did Kidman find out about Aniston and Urban’s supposed “dinner together”? Was it in New York, Los Angeles, or even at the palace in Genovia? Another tip-off that the tabloid’s reporting skills are not exactly up to par is the line about how “Jen has just filed for divorce.” Actually, Aniston and Justin Theroux announced in mid-February they had split, but neither has filed divorce papers. However, Aniston and Kidman are friends, as clearly seen in the photo of them backstage during the same Oscars ceremony (see above). While Gossip Cop admittedly couldn’t identify the origins of the Kidman and Aniston photos, we discovered the image the tabloid used of Urban was cropped so that Kidman herself was cut out of the frame, which had captured the happy couple after a Valentine’s Day dinner in 2013. The magazine, which teases this story on the cover of its current issue, also has a photo of Aniston and Kidman looking awkwardly together at another event. Not only are we told it’s a complete lie, but more importantly we can also easily prove it. Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston, 28 May 2018. And when did they have this “secret rendezvous”? “Nicole Kidman, Justin Theroux ‘Hiding’ Chemistry From Keith Urban, Jennifer Aniston?” Gossip Cop, 12 Dec. Naturally, New Idea didn’t have any photos of Urban and Aniston together, so it tried to muddy the waters by illustrating its article with a picture of the actress presumably leaving a restaurant, a concerned looking Kidman in the middle, and a photo of the country singer looking carefree after a fun meal. Glaringly, the tabloid does not mention some journalism basics, including noting when or where Aniston and Urban secretly met up. That, however, is the least of the publication’s problems. We have yet to hear back from Kidman and Urban’s spokespeople. 2017. Gossip Cop found that the picture of the women caught in a weird pose was taken at the 2017 Academy Awards. Aniston’s rep, however, tells us on the record the alleged “secret rendezvous” or “dinner together,” as claimed by the tabloid, “never happened.”
Curiously, the publication makes no mention how it previously tried to do a variation on this theme with Kidman and Theroux. Back in December, well before Aniston and her husband split, the tabloid ran a completely fictitious article about how Theroux and Kidman were “hiding” their chemistry from Aniston and Urban after sharing dinner together. There’s one tiny problem with that: We searched and there are absolutely no recent photos or articles about Urban and Aniston sharing a meal together. “Nicole Kidman, Justin Theroux, & More Stars Attend an Evening Honoring Louis Vuitton!” Just Jared, 30 November 2017. (Getty Images)
Nicole Kidman is not “furious” with Jennifer Aniston and her husband Keith Urban for having a “secret rendezvous,” because it never happened, despite a new report. According to the often disproven New Idea, Kidman was “livid when she saw the pair had been out to dinner together.” The tabloid asserts the “Big Little Lies” star “felt her husband had betrayed her trust.” An either ill-informed or possibly made-up “source close to the actress” claims, “Nicole absolutely hit the roof when she found out Keith and Jen had been out to dinner together.” The almost assuredly concocted “source” continues, “She knew nothing about their night out until much later and she really felt like she’d been betrayed.”

The same alleged “insider” contends Urban reassured Kidman, “There’s nothing going on and they were just meeting up to discuss a new project together.” Still, maintains the unnamed source, “[Kidman] can’t help but be worried.” The highly suspect tipster further shares that Kidman “knows Jen is really charismatic and funny, and could imagine there being chemistry between the pair.”
But that’s not the end of the fake quotes. And while Gossip Cop has already transparently proven how the tabloid’s tale is simply a work of fiction, we still reached out to reps, as a last step in our fact-checking. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fake news story that alleges Kidman was “reeling” that Urban and the former “Friends” star had a private meet-up. The was no truth whatsoever to that story and there’s none to the current article that manufactured a fake dinner date with Urban and Aniston. Was it yesterday, two months ago, or just a week from… never? The untrustworthy magazine says, “She saw the pair had been out to dinner,” but “knew nothing about their night out until much later.” One naturally infers that Kidman must have seen photos of her husband wining and dining Aniston or perhaps read an article about it.

Jennifer Aniston NOT “Furious” Over Justin Theroux’s “Busy Love Life,” Despite Report

He is merely spending time with pals, which is what she’s been doing, too. Surely if Theroux were actually trying to send a “message” to Aniston, he probably would make a point of repeatedly being seen with Plaza. A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Jen is reeling over this… She’s telling friends he’s being heartless and cruel, flaunting another woman in public.” Adds this supposed source, “It’s like he’s showing Jen he’s better off.”
“It makes Jen feel foolish Justin and Aubrey have kept up their friendship,” the purported tipster claims to the supermarket tabloid. “Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Have Barely Spoken Since Split.” Us Weekly, 21 Mar. According to the National Enquirer, Aniston is “steaming” over Theroux “sending the message he’s just fine without her” by stepping out with women like Aubrey Plaza. 2018 2018. Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux National Enquirer


Guglielmi, Jodi. By the way, it should be noted that the National Enquirer is so sloppy, it refers to Theroux as “Justin Trudeau.” That would be the prime minister of Canada. In their joint statement, they noted that “the gossip industry cannot resist an opportunity to speculate and invent.” They even predicted there were going to be a lot of “fictional narrative[s].” And this appears to be exactly the type of tabloid tale they anticipated. “Justin Theroux Is Now ‘Bffffffs’ with Emma Stone and Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness.” W Magazine, 3 Apr. “Aubrey Plaza Has a Boyfriend – and It’s Not Justin Theroux.”, 30 Mar. 2018. 29 Mar. 2018. See screengrab below. In fact, when Theroux posted on Instagram a picture of himself and his “Maniac” co-star Emma Stone, he made a point to write, “Bffffffs. It’s likely Jen won’t want to talk to him either, especially after this insult with Aubrey.” Of course, there was no “insult with Aubrey.” Theroux was spotted just once last month with Plaza and, as Gossip Cop was told on the record by his rep, they were hanging out to talk about working together. A source similarly told People Theroux and Plaza are not dating and only met up “to discuss a potential project.”
That’s nothing to be “reeling” over. The premise of this article, that Aniston is “furious” over Theroux’s “busy love life,” doesn’t make much sense considering that all the evidence shows he doesn’t have a love life at all right now. Though the gossip magazine acknowledges that Theroux and Plaza aren’t “romantically linked,” it’s claimed the actor “loves that he’s being photographed looking footloose and fancy-free — and getting Jen’s goat.” Contends the questionable snitch, “Justin’s playing the field and enjoying the single life.”
The outlet’s “insider” goes on to assert, “He and Jen are not on friendly terms and haven’t spoken since announcing their split. 2018. And yes. JUST bfffffs.”
Additionally, contrary to the aforementioned claim about “The Leftovers” star “playing the field,” it was reported by “Entertainment Tonight” just last month that Theroux is still “heartbroken” over his split from Aniston and “is not one to play the field but rather prefers to be in a relationship.” Around the same time, Us Weekly reported that Aniston and Theroux have “barely spoken,” which is actually significantly different from the National Enquirer’s claim that they “haven’t spoken since announcing their split.”
This story is precisely what Aniston and Theroux warned about when they separated in mid-February. Gonzalez, Sandra. For instance, Aniston and some of her friends, both male and female, recently went to Tahiti. “Jennifer Aniston Spends Time in Tahiti with Her Famous Friends.” Just Jared, 1 Apr. Spokesperson for Justin Theroux. 2018. Park, Andrea. 2018. We’re told it’s entirely off-base. Willis, Jackie. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Aniston is not “furious” over Justin Theroux’s supposedly “busy love life.” Gossip Cop can correct this falsehood. “Justin Theroux Still ‘Heartbroken’ Over Jennifer Aniston Split Despite Dating Rumors (Exclusive).” Entertainment Tonight, 15 Mar. “Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Announce They’ve Separated.” CNN, 16 Feb. (Google)

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National Enquirer

Jennifer Aniston is furious over Justin Theroux’s busy love life. And while the publication also brings up sightings of Theroux with Petra Collins and model Erika Cardenas, he hasn’t been seen engaging in romantic behavior with them or anyone else. Gossip Cop is told on background by an Aniston confidante that she’s not the least bit concerned about Theroux hanging out with his friends, and she intends to keep doing the same.

Justin Theroux, Selena Gomez NOT Sending Flirty Texts Following Jennifer Aniston Split, Despite Report

The questionable source adds, “He’s asking for major trouble by trying to hang out with her so soon after his and Jen’s split.”
The supposed tipster goes on to say that Gomez has been receptive to the actor’s advances, before further speculating that Aniston will be infuriated when she finds out. Although the actor and singer became friendly after meeting through Aniston, there’s nothing “flirty” about their dynamic. 25 February 2018. The seemingly phony insider says the actress believed the pop star was “very much her friend, not Justin’s,” so she’ll likely see their communications as a betrayal. None of this is remotely true. “Justin Theroux Hitting On Selena Gomez Following Jennifer Aniston Split?” Gossip Cop. The pop star was also dragged into the exes’ marriage back when they were still together. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this story. “Jennifer Aniston NOT “Jealous” Of Selena Gomez, Despite Ridiculous Claim.” Gossip Cop. However, the actor simply suggested she adopt a rescue dog. It’s worth noting, Gomez has revealed in interviews that she looks up to Aniston, who gives her “maternal advice.” The pop star has further noted that she’s been a lifelong fan of the actress, so she’s particularly grateful that they now “have real conversations with such a real heart.” The idea that Gomez would start flirting with her close friend and mentor’s estranged husband is simply absurd. Tuesday, April 10, 2018
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Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux RadarOnline Selena Gomez


Justin Theroux on Instagram: “Another very inspiring visit with the incredible people and pups @austinpetsalive…” Instagram. A rep for the actor tells us there’s no truth to it. Unfortunately, this phony narrative has cropped up before. Shuster, Andrew. 18 April 2017. An alleged insider, however, tells RadarOnline that Theroux “was sweet on Selena when he and Jen hung out with her,” and now the newly-single actor is pursuing the singer via text. He wasn’t flirting. Last April, Gossip Cop busted a bogus In Touch story alleging that Aniston was jealous of Gomez and her so-called “flirty friendship” with Theroux. (Getty Images)
Justin Theroux and Selena Gomez have not been exchanging flirty texts with each other following his split from Jennifer Aniston, despite a made-up report. “Selena Gomez Talks Friendship With Jennifer Aniston: ‘She Gives Me Maternal Advice.’” ET Online. Weiss, Shari. Share The Facts

Daily Mail

Justin Theroux and Selena Gomez are sending flirty texts. While the blog hides behind an anonymous and untraceable source, Theroux’s rep tells Gossip Cop on the record that he hasn’t been exchanging flirty texts with Gomez. 23 June 2015. And they certainly have no intention of dating. 9 March 2018. Tuesday, April 10, 2018
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Life & Style

Justin Theroux is flirty texting Selena Gomez. It’s possible this scenario was created because Theroux gave Gomez a shoutout on Instagram last month while visiting an animal shelter in the singer’s hometown of Texas. Regardless, Gossip Cop can confirm there’s no truth to the blog’s account of events. Gossip Cop called out NW last month for making up a similar story about Theroux hitting on Gomez in the wake of his separation.

Justin Theroux, Aubrey Plaza “New Couple Alert” Is Wrong

Furthermore, Plaza isn’t even single, we can confirm. Still, the blog editorializes that, with the timing of Theroux’s breakup, “It certainly wouldn’t be far-fetched for him to have moved on by now.”
Further indicating it doesn’t know for sure what’s actually going on, the outlet points out Plaza has been “in a serious relationship” with Jeff Baena since 2011, and notes that they were “definitely still together as of 2017, but they haven’t been photographed together in more than a year.” Asserting that Plaza is “very private about her personal life,” the online publication calls it “not surprising” she and Baena haven’t been seen with one another “in quite a bit of time.”
Then the website wonders if Plaza and Theroux’s get-together “could be nothing more than a meet-up between friends,” but still adds, “It definitely has people talking!” Clearly the wishy-washy site rather fan the flames and throw out various scenarios than actually investigate. Thursday, March 29, 2018
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Celebrity Rumors HollywoodLife Justin Theroux That’s led HollywoodLife to breathlessly ask, “Do we have a new couple on our hands!?” The site speculates Theroux “may already be moving on” from Jennifer Aniston, even as it admits the actor “didn’t flaunt any PDA or even touch” Plaza in the paparazzi pictures. Even the Daily Mail noted in its original report, “There is nothing to suggest the pair are anything more than friends.” Yet HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, still saw fit to jump the gun. The friendly stars spent time together primarily for professional, not personal, reasons. It’s also worth noting, given that it’s not mentioned in its piece, the blog is seemingly unaware that Theroux and Plaza previously worked together on “Parks And Recreation” for episodes that aired back in 2010. In contrast, Gossip Cop took the time to fact-check so we could learn what really is or isn’t going on. Additionally, a rep for Theroux confirms to Gossip Cop that he and Plaza were hanging out to discuss a work project, which was also reported by People. In the course of our research, we checked in with a mutual pal, who assures us Plaza is still with her longtime boyfriend. (Getty Images)
Justin Theroux and Aubrey Plaza are not dating, despite speculation from a website that has already issued a “new couple alert.” Gossip Cop can set the record straight. But opposed to that actually happening, Gossip Cop predicts the website will either manufacture fake “exclusives” about Theroux and Plaza’s (nonexistent) relationship or suddenly claim to know the “truth” about them just being pals. Perhaps if HollywoodLies spent more time on real reporting than spreading bogus gossip, it could become a reputable publication. Share The Facts


Justin Theroux and Aubrey Plaza may be dating and a new couple. Our eyes will be peeled. But the rumor mill kicked into overdrive on Thursday when the Daily Mail published photos of Theroux and Plaza outside his New York City apartment. And instead of focusing on facts, like Gossip Cop has done here, the outlet instead brings up other rumors that have wrongly linked Theroux to Olivia Munn and Petra Collins in recent weeks.

Angelina Jolie Demanding Brad Pitt Dump Jennifer Aniston Or Never See Kids?

As we already pointed out, the latest issue of NW untruthfully claims Pitt and Aniston were married again in Paris, even though he is still legally wed to Jolie. Share The Facts


Angelina Jolie is demanding Brad Pitt dump Jennifer Aniston or never see their kids. None of these claims hold up because the tabloid is apparently set on delivering fan-fiction instead of the truth. While it was reported over a year ago that Pitt and Aniston were in touch very casually and occasionally, there hasn’t actually been an Aniston-Pitt reunion in the wake of her separation from Justin Theroux. Thursday, March 29, 2018
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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Brangelina Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston NW Magazine This story is based on the entirely false premise that Pitt and Aniston are back together when they aren’t. If the “feud” was ended, why would Jolie object to Aniston being around her kids? Of course, Jolie never actually issued such an “ultimatum” anyway, as she has no reason to make this kind of a demand. Given those facts, it obviously makes no sense to claim Jolie is ordering Pitt to dump her. The only aspect here that is remotely true is that Jolie and Pitt are still working on a divorce settlement, including a custody agreement. In another trick, the outlet features photos of Aniston in a white wedding gown, but fails to mention the pictures are from when she filmed a wedding scene with Owen Wilson for the movie Marley & Me. But he isn’t. But NW is a publication that’s run previous tall tales about Jolie and Aniston ending their “feud” at a Golden Globes party and Jolie wanting to date Justin Theroux to “get even” with her and Pitt. The whole basis for these claims about the Oscar winner supposedly threatening her estranged husband is Pitt being back in a relationship with Aniston. Neither of those claims, which Gossip Cop debunked and can be seen in our archives, jive with this current narrative. As evidenced by the marriage fabrication pointed out above, the outlet clearly wants readers to believe otherwise. No matter how “well connected” Jolie is, she has no legal ground to threaten Pitt in this way. However, this purported tipster further claims, “Brad’s assured Jen he’s not taking Ange’s ultimatum seriously. and is also a woman who is very used to getting what she wants,” asserts the outlet’s supposed source. There’s no way a judge would give in to her demands.” And that’s just one of the reasons this storyline is entirely bogus. But again and again, reps for both Aniston and Pitt have separately confirmed to Gossip Cop that there is no romance between them and there hasn’t been for more than a decade. But as tangled as this web of lies appears, it’s abundantly clear that it’s all phony and untrue. He was not. Gossip Cop can debunk it. (Getty Images)
Angelina Jolie is demanding Brad Pitt dump Jennifer Aniston or never see his kids again, according to a completely wrong tabloid report. It’s alongside these outright lies and misrepresentations that the publication has a sidebar with a headline blaring, “Ange’s Rage: ‘Dump Jen Or You’ll Never See Your Kids!” According to the article, Jolie is “seeing red over Brad’s newfound happiness with Jen, and it’s kicked off a new round in their long-running divorce war.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “She’s giving him an ultimatum… It’s Jen or the kids.”
Jolie currently has temporary primary custody of their six sons and daughters, and the tabloid contends she’s “opposing his requests” for more time with the brood because “she can’t stand the idea of her children being around Jen and, even worse, calling her stepmom.” The magazine goes on to allege that if Pitt “doesn’t remove Jen from his life… Ange [is] going to go hard for full custody and demand that their agreement stipulates that he can’t see them if Jen’s around.”
“Angelina is very well connected in L.A. And if Jolie wanted a romance with Theroux, how could she then hypocritically object to Aniston and Pitt being together? To sell this fabrication, the gossip magazine is using an old photo of Pitt and Jolie, in which the actress’ head is swapped with Aniston’s to deceptively make it look like the actor was photographed kissing his ex-wife.