Gwen Stefani Pregnant, Blake Shelton Proposing On ‘The Voice’?

That phony narrative can be found in one of this week’s tabloids. From there, the “insider” maintains that Stefani and Shelton also plan on getting married, and the proposal is going to take place on their reality competition show. “Blake Shelton Dumped Gwen Stefani On Mother’s Day?” Gossip Cop, 22 May 2019. (Getty Images)
Gwen Stefani is not pregnant with Blake Shelton’s baby, nor does the country star plan to propose to his girlfriend on The Voice this season. This barrage of fiction and lack of consistency is just astounding. Gossip Cop can confirm there’s zero truth to it. Instead, the publication insists they’re getting married and having a baby, which isn’t the case either. Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Life & Style


Shuster, Andrew. In May, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming Shelton had dumped Stefani on Mother’s Day. “The rumor is that Blake wants to surprise Gwen and propose to her live on The Voice,” says the possibly fictitious insider, who just ruined the supposed “surprise” by telling a tabloid about it. “Gwen Stefani Announced She’s Pregnant During Blake Shelton Wedding?” Gossip Cop, 17 Apr. The couple is still together and this latest article makes no mention of a split. “He loves Gwen’s boys, but they’re a lot of work, so the idea of adding a new baby to the hectic mix has really made him contemplate what life will really be like,” adds the seemingly phony source. Weiss, Shari. “Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Summer Wedding & Baby Report NOT True.” Gossip Cop, 4 Apr. Shuster, Andrew. 2018. It should be noted, Life & Style has published so many wrong reports about the couple that it’s becoming laughable. “She’s absolutely glowing lately, more than usual.” The supposed insider further contends that the mom of three boys is “praying for a healthy little girl,” adding, “She’s absolutely desperate for a daughter.”

The questionable tipster goes on to say that Shelton “can’t wait to be a dad,” but “he’s also a little overwhelmed” by the prospect of fatherhood. 2018. Shuster, Andrew. “I’ve heard that Gwen is finally pregnant with Blake’s baby after years of trying,” an alleged source tells Life & Style, adding that the singer has been undergoing IVF treatments for several years. Just one month before that, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for making up a story about Stefani announcing she was pregnant during a “secret wedding” to Shelton at his Oklahoma ranch. The magazine’s report is simply bogus. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who confirms that Stefani isn’t pregnant and Shelton won’t be presenting her with an engagement ring on The Voice. Less than a year ago, the unreliable tabloid swore Stefani and Shelton were expecting twin girls. “Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Expecting Twins Girls?” Gossip Cop, 12 Dec. 2019. We should also mention that in April 2018, Stefani and Shelton had a wedding in Mexico after discovering she’s pregnant, at least in the fantasy world created by Life & Style.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Spotted On Boat In Italy?

(Getty Images)
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were not spotted together on a boat in Italy, despite a laughably wrong tabloid report. She very clearly isn’t Aniston. 2019. In fact, they’re all riding the same water taxi that the actor used while making his entrance to the Venice Film Festival. In April, Gossip Cop called out the publication for falsely claiming Pitt and Aniston were getting married again. The Daily Mail posted more photos from Pitt’s boat ride in Italy, and the face of his female companion can be seen in these images. The outlet describes the woman as a “female friend,” but it also appears she could be a colleague or an employee, as do several of the other people on the boat with Pitt. That story emerged shortly after the actor attended the Mexico premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. 2019. It seems likely that New Idea had access to the photos where the woman’s face is less concealed, but decided not to print them and instead used ones that it could try to pass off as Aniston. Shuster, Andrew. The actress didn’t attend the Venice Film Festival and didn’t accompany Pitt on his trip. During the Venice Film Festival last week, Pitt was pictured on a small boat with an unidentified woman and a few other people. Even if the woman who accompanied Pitt on the boat was Aniston, which it wasn’t, the exes haven’t been pictured together anywhere else in Italy. The latest issue of New Idea includes a few photos of the woman with her face mostly concealed, but one can see she has dirty blonde hair under a floppy hat. “Brad Pitt puts on animated display with a female friend as he boards a water taxi after arriving in Italy ahead of the 76th Venice Film Festival.” The Daily Mail, 27 Aug. Still, the supposed source adds, “They’re tired of staying behind closed doors and keeping their romance under lock and key. 2019. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Went On Secret Getaway To Mexico?” Gossip Cop, 26 Aug. It seems the outlet just likes coming up with phony stories about Aniston joining her ex-husband on his work trips. Regardless, separate reps for both Pitt and Aniston assure us they’re not back together and haven’t spent any time together in Italy. In addition to that story being totally untrue, this latest article makes no mention of the exes tying the knot. Although the actor was photographed on a boat with a woman overseas, she wasn’t his ex-wife or any sort of love interest at all. How exactly have they been publicly flaunting their love overseas? Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston New Idea Magazine


Patel, Bhvishya. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Since arriving in Italy, they have made no effort to hide away and are acting like a normal, happy, in-love couple.” This assertion makes very little sense from the start. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Getting Married Again Now That He’s Legally Single?” Gossip Cop, 22 Apr. Gossip Cop can clear up the situation. Just last week, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for wrongly reporting that Pitt and Aniston went on a secret getaway to Mexico. The outlet has wrongly identified her as Aniston. The tabloid’s ongoing saga surrounding the ex-spouses is nonsense. Shuster, Andrew. They want to finally share their romance with the world.” The suspicious tipster goes on to say that Pitt and Aniston feel like “a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders” now that they’ve supposedly gone “public.”
Unfortunately for the magazine, this is all provably false. According to the tabloid, the exes’ so-called “outing” was their way of “telling the world” they’ve rekindled their romance.

Jennifer Aniston Took Brad Pitt On Secret Trip To Mexico?

“Jen Takes Brad To Cabo!” reads a headline on this week’s cover of Star, which claims the exes spent three days and two nights reviving their romance. wrongly reported Aniston and Pitt vacationed together in Cabo following her 50th birthday party. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Vacationing Together? Other tabloids have sent the two off on imaginary getaways to France, Italy, England and other places around the globe. Shuster, Andrew. Separate reps for both stars confirm they haven’t went on any secret getaways together, nor have they rekindled a romance. One month before that, OK! Those articles mentioned above only cover Pitt and Aniston’s fake trips to Mexico. “She hired a private chef, scheduled couples massages and a private hike to a secluded waterfall. It was like 1999 all over again – just before they got married, when she and Brad were so in love and planning a life together.”

According to the supposed insider, the trip came together during a recent night when “Jen just blurted out, ‘Let’s go to Cabo!’” and “Brad said, ‘Just like the old days, let’s do it.’” The seemingly phony tipster adds, “They both wanted a total escape from reality. Less than three months ago, Gossip Cop dedicated an entire article to many of the false rumors about Aniston and Pitt vacationing together. 2019. In March, we called out the Globe for making up a more ridiculous story about Pitt and Aniston eloping in Mexico. “Jen went all out,” an anonymous source tells the magazine. 2019. (Star)
Jennifer Aniston did not take Brad Pitt on a secret trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, despite a false tabloid report. He took time off from promoting Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and she took a much needed break from her ongoing divorce negotiations [with Justin Theroux].”
The alleged source goes on to say that the exes didn’t tell anyone else they were going to Cabo together, but “a part of them thought it’d be fun if the word about their trip got out, especially to [Angelina Jolie], who’d be livid over the news of their romantic getaway.” The unidentified insider concludes that Pitt and Aniston aren’t in a rush to get remarried or engaged, but “they’ve been taking baby steps toward fully committing to whatever it is they’re doing.”
This fake storyline has been recycled to the point of absurdity. Here’s The Truth.” Gossip Cop, 14 June 2019. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Went On Secret Getaway To Mexico?” Gossip Cop, 26 Aug. Shuster, Andrew. Shuster, Andrew. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Vacationed In Cabo After Her Birthday?” Gossip Cop, 27 Feb. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Secretly Eloped In Mexico?” Gossip Cop, 14 Mar. The ex-spouses aren’t back together and haven’t enjoyed any romantic getaways either. That’s because these secret trips haven’t taken place. Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Star Magazine


Shuster, Andrew. Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. This ongoing saga just won’t seem to go away, despite the fact that the two stars haven’t been spotted on any joint trips. Just last week, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for falsely claiming Pitt and Aniston went on a secret getaway to Mexico. 2019. Gossip Cop can debunk the narrative, which has cropped up countless times before.

Jennifer Aniston Needs Justin Theroux’s Blessing Before Adopting A Baby?

The idea behind the article doesn’t make much sense either. Regardless, an individual in the actress’s camp tells us this latest take on the subject is more fiction. The seemingly phony source then notes how Aniston and Theroux got together last month to bury their dog Dolly, adding, “Their friendship is in a much better place now, and since he doesn’t want to adopt himself, there’s no real reason why Justin would’ve give Jen his blessing.” The so-called “insider” concludes, “She’d prefer to be doing this with a partner, but she’s not going to let the fact she’s on her own stop her from realizing her dream.”
None of this is remotely accurate. (Getty Images)
A tabloid claims Jennifer Aniston wants to adopt a baby but needs Justin Theroux’s blessing before she can make it happen. “Jennifer Aniston Adopting Baby Girl From Mexican Orphanage?” Gossip Cop, 23 Jan. The only reason the magazine concocted this latest report is because Aniston and Theroux recently reunited. “Jennifer Aniston NOT Adopting From Mexican Orphanage, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 15 Nov. Nothing about the story is true. Heat Magazine Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux


Weiss, Shari. “They were very close to making this happen before they split, and it’s one of those painful subjects that was left up in the air and never really resolved,” adds the questionable tipster. According to Heat, the exes were in the process of adopting a child from an orphanage in Mexico prior to their split, and now the actress want to put the wheels back in motion. Even if Aniston and Theroux had filled out a joint application to adopt a child, there’s no reason the actress wouldn’t be able to apply for a new application now that she’s single. However, the exes didn’t fill out adoption papers prior to their 2018 split. Gossip Cop can debunk it. “Jen has always said she’d love to have kids when the time is right,” a supposed source tells the outlet. The actress’s spokesperson has assured us several times she has no plans to adopt a child. 2016. Shuster, Andrew. Gossip Cop first corrected this premise is 2016 when RadarOnline wrongly reported that Aniston was considering adopting a child from a Mexican orphanage. The bogus narrative got rehashed in January when the Globe made up a story about Aniston adopting a baby girl from a Mexican orphanage. 2019. “If she was in a committed relationship, she would still be looking at the possibility of carrying a baby herself, but given her age, the reality is that adoption is the least stressful way to go.”

The alleged insider goes on to say that Theroux’s name was on the initial adoption application that the actress filled out a couple of years ago, and now she’s talking to him about allowing her to proceed alone.

Kris Jenner NOT Pushing Scott Disick To Propose To Sofia Richie On Camera, Despite Report

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with an individual in Disick’s camp, who tells us the blog’s article is complete nonsense. Also last year, Gossip Cop debunked the blog’s phony article about Disick and Richie moving to Mexico. According to RadarOnline, the Kardashian family matriarch wants Disick to give his girlfriend an engagement ring so she can capture the proposal on camera, but he’s “not having any of it.” An alleged insider tells the blog, “He wants to do this under his terms, and everyone is getting really impatient. The family matriarch never told her daughters to bring children into the world for the sake of making headlines. The problem with the premise? The couple never split, which the reality star himself confirmed in an Instagram post mocking the false breakup rumors. The outlet is all over the place when it comes to the dynamics between everyone involved in this latest article. It’s also worth mentioning, the unreliable website once made up a story about Jenner “getting flirty” with Disick and texting him late at night. Scott loves Sofia, this is obvious, but he refuses to be forced into anything.”

The unreliable website doesn’t bother to clarify whether Jenner wants the proposal to take place on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” or on Disick’s new reality show, “Flip It Like Disick.” It’s always a red flag when an outlet isn’t able to flesh out its story with pertinent details. We looked into the situation and have learned the truth. 2018. In June 2018, Gossip Cop busted the website for making up a story about Disick being “devastated” following a spilt with Richie. As for RadarOnline, the blog has proven to have little insight into Disick and Richie’s romance. Gossip Cop previously called out RadarOnline’s sister publication, Star, for falsely claiming Jenner was ordering daughters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall to get pregnant for publicity purposes. “Kris Jenner ‘Flirty’ With Scott Disick Story Made Up.” Gossip Cop, 30 May 2017. 2017. More than a year later, however, they still live in Los Angeles. The website based this simply on the fact that the couple often vacations in Mexico. “Scott Disick NOT ‘Devastated’ Over Sofia Richie Split, Despite Claim.” Gossip Cop, 5 June 2018. It’s worth noting, this wouldn’t be the first time a tabloid has alleged that the momager was interfering in a loved ones’ personal life for financial gain. (Getty Images)
Kris Jenner is not pushing Scott Disick to propose to Sofia Richie on camera, despite a bogus report. “Sofia Richie, Scott Disick Are NOT Moving To Mexico, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 13 Feb. Kris Jenner RadarOnline Scott Disick Sofia Richie


“Kris Jenner Ordering Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian To Get Pregnant?” Gossip Cop, 2 Nov. Gossip Cop can correct the made-up story. We’re assured that Jenner hasn’t been pressuring the reality star to propose to his girlfriend, either on camera or off.

Jennifer Aniston Starring In Bollywood-Style Movie With Musical Numbers?

(Getty Images)
Jennifer Aniston wants to star in a Bollywood-style movie with big musical numbers? Gossip Cop recently busted the Globe’s sister publication, the National Enquirer, for claiming Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were moving to India because the singer was getting offers to star in Bollywood movies. Oddly enough, this idea of a celebrity starring in a Bollywood film has also cropped up in the tabloids before. Gossip Cop checked in with Aniston’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record that the report is fabricated. The two stars never dated. 2019. “Jennifer Aniston Wants To Date Johnny Depp?” Gossip Cop, 21 Nov. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we’ve learned the truth. Jennifer Aniston The Globe


Shuster, Andrew. The ex-spouses, who aren’t back together in any capacity, didn’t elope in Mexico. In the past, various magazines have come up with narratives involving a “Friends” reunion movie, a collaboration with Angelina Jolie, a romantic comedy with Brad Pitt and more imaginary projects. A supposed source tells the magazine, “Jen’s put the word out she wants to rock a fun-filled, stylized Bollywood-type rom-com that’ll knock people’s socks off.”

The alleged insider goes on to say that Aniston is being careful when it comes to choosing a Bollywood project because Brie Larson’s 2018 movie, Basmati Blues, flopped at the box office. And last year, the unreliable outlet attempted to create a romance between Aniston and Johnny Depp. In March, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Aniston secretly married Brad Pitt in Mexico. That clearly didn’t happen. According to the Globe, the actress is eager to show off her singing and dancing skills on the big screen. 2019. Back in January, Gossip Cop called out the publication for wrongly reporting that Aniston was adopting a baby girl from a Mexican orphanage. The tabloid’s story is simply made-up. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Secretly Eloped In Mexico?” Gossip Cop, 14 Mar. “Jen, no doubt, will be on high alert to choose a super script,” adds the seemingly phony source. 2018. Shuster, Andrew. This latest take on the subject is equally bogus. “5 Wrong Jennifer Aniston Movie Rumors.” Gossip Cop, 20 Jun. Shuster, Andrew. Despite what the outlet’s anonymous and possibly fictitious “source” claims, a rep qualified to speak on the actress’s behalf tells us she has no plans to star in a Bollywood-style production. Of course, the Globe has repeatedly published fiction about the actress’s personal life, so it’s not too surprising the magazine is making up stories about her career. 2018. It should be mentioned, the tabloids have attached the actress to so many nonexistent films that Gossip Cop dedicated an article to many of the wrong rumors about Aniston’s movie career. “Jennifer Aniston Adopting Baby Girl From Mexican Orphanage?” Gossip Cop, 23 Jan. That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids.
“Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Moving To India?” Gossip Cop, 24 Dec. 2018. Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. 22 May 2019. Shuster, Andrew.

Sophie Turner Ignored Joe Jonas At ‘Game Of Thrones’ Premiere Party?

E! 2019. As time has proven, the “Game of Thrones” wasn’t pregnant last year and still isn’t carrying a child. Also during the event, the actress and her fiancé posed for a photo with her co-stars Kit Harington and Jack Gleeson. Not only is it clear that Turner and Jonas were by each other’s side during the afterparty, but the singer also mingled with his fiancée’s colleagues. She posed with him when the cameras were there and then pretty much ran off to gossip with her castmates, leaving him awkwardly by himself.”

The alleged insider goes on to say that the singer understood it was the cast’s last premiere together, but “he wasn’t happy with the fact that he seemed to be an afterthought.” The seemingly phony source adds, “The ‘Game of Thrones’ crew can be very cliquey, and Sophie could’ve been more considerate of his feelings.”
The tabloid’s story is completely made-up. News, a much more reliable source for celebrity news than OK!, noted that the happy couple strolled on the beach holding hands and cuddled by the pool during their trip. According to OK!, Turner “ditched” Jonas immediately after the two walked the red carpet together at the New York City premiere of the final season of “Game of Thrones.” A supposed source tells the outlet, “Joe’s still annoyed about it. It’s worth noting, OK! (Getty Images)
Did Sophie Turner really ignore Joe Jonas during the “Game of Thrones” premiere party earlier this month? Their relationship is clearly going strong and no drama occurred at the afterparty for the actress’s HBO series. Game of Thrones Joe Jonas OK! The tabloid is seemingly trying to capitalize on the popularity of “Game of Thrones,” as well as the public’s interest in Jonas and Turner’s romance, by coming up with a false premise combining both. Shuster, Andrew. For starters, photos taken from inside the afterparty show Turner and Jonas sitting at a table together. 2018. Magazine Sophie Turner


“Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas attend the ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 NY Premiere…” Getty Images, 3 Apr. Cohen, Jess. One of this week’s tabloids claims the actress snubbed her fiancé at the event to spend time with her co-stars instead. The only thing that should be “ignored” is the magazine’s bogus article. News, 17 Apr. “Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner NOT Expecting Baby, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 26 Sep. has already proven to have zero insight into the singer and the actress’s romance. 2019. “Jack Gleeson, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas attend the ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 NY Premiere…” Getty Images, 3 Apr. Dozens of photographers covered the bash, and there’s not a single image showing Jonas “awkwardly by himself.”
Additionally, Jonas and Turner went on a romantic getaway to Mexico following the “Game of Thrones” premiere. 2019. Last September, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for wrongly reporting that Jonas and Turner were expecting a baby together. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. “Inside Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Romantic Trip to Mexico.” E!

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Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Had “Quickie” Marriage In Mexico?

It’s clear Life & Style doesn’t have reliable sources when it comes to Shelton and Stefani. The magazine even asserted own its front page how Stefani and the country singer were hoping to have “a girl.” Inside the publication, however, the outlet pivoted and said a wedding was only “in the works.”

To make its story sound more credible, the publication contended it had an “insider” who shared the wedding would take place in the “summer” (of 2018) in either Playa del Carmen or Tulum, Mexico; just “22 friends” would be invited; and Shelton and Stefani’s respective ex-spouses, Miranda Lambert and Gavin Rossdale, gave their “blessings.” The tabloid’s unnamed and seemingly phony source also alleged Shelton and Stefani were “finally” tying the knot because she was “pregnant.” The same anonymous “insider” added it was Stefani’s “dream” to wed Shelton and “have his child.”
Actually, it was the tabloid that dreamed up the entire tale. “Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton NOT Planning Wedding At His Oklahoma Ranch, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 20 Sept. And the outlet was also off-base three months later when it insisted Stefani was pregnant with Shelton’s twin girls. “Gwen Stefani Addresses Blake Shelton Marriage Rumors.” ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on YouTube, 10 Apr. That claim was made one year ago today on the cover of one the celebrity magazines, which also maintained the “No Doubt” singer was pregnant with Shelton’s baby. “Gwen Stefani Says There’s ‘Zero Pressure’ to Get Engaged to Blake Shelton — But They’re ‘Forever.'” People, 12 Dec. 2018. On April 4, 2018, Life & Style published an article that announced they had a “quickie” wedding ceremony in Mexico. She also laughed off talk of her being pregnant while appearing on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” last April. 2018. Hohman, Maura. As Gossip Cop noted 365 days ago, Stefani and Shelton weren’t having a baby or a summer wedding. Shuster, Andrew. Dennis Dennehy, spokesperson for Gwen Stefani, 4 Apr. While the outlet’s premise was based on the words of an untraceable and possibly manufactured “insider,” Stefani’s rep went on the record with Gossip Cop to call the report “untrue.”
A couple of points bear mentioning. At the time of that report, her spokesman again assured Gossip Cop the article was not true. Not insignificantly, the tabloid has repeatedly printed falsehoods on its cover about Stefani and Shelton getting married and having babies. Gossip Cop will occasionally revisit a story from the year before to show readers how claims hold up over time. And while that’s not completely shocking, what is disappointing is that the magazine has not acknowledged its errors or updated its articles (below) to reflect that it has been frequently wrong about Stefani and Shelton getting married and having a baby. 2018. 2018. 2018. (Getty Images)
Did Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have a “quickie” marriage in Mexico last summer. At the time, Gossip Cop exclusively reported the story was untrue, and now 12 months later there’s no question the tabloid was 100 percent wrong about the couple having a wedding and a baby. Having forgotten or not cared that it claimed the two were going to tie the knot last summer, on the first day of fall the same magazine swore up and down Stefani and Shelton were planning a wedding at his Oklahoma ranch. Since that made-up article, Stefani herself said on the “Today” show there’s “zero pressure” to get engaged to Shelton, let alone married. “Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Summer Wedding & Baby Report NOT True.” Gossip Cop, 4 Apr. (Life And Style Composite)

Blake Shelton Celebrity Rumors Gwen Stefani Life & Style


Weiss, Shari.
2018. “Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Expecting Twins Girls?” Gossip Cop, 12 Dec. Shuster, Andrew.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Secretly Eloped In Mexico?

The actress and her ex-husband never met up in Mexico at all. There’s not a shred of truth to it. Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. 2019. “Jen knew then that she had to follow her heart and remarry Brad.”
As the story goes, Aniston met up with Pitt in Mexico at some point during her vacation, and “when no one was looking, snuck off and tied the knot in a quickie commitment ceremony.” “They’ll have a bigger bash for pals later,” adds the seemingly nonexistent tipster. 2019. (The Globe)
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did not secretly elope in Mexico, despite an absurd tabloid report. The image was photoshopped. The accompanying report says the ex-spouses secretly got hitched in Mexico last month, and Angelina Jolie is furious about the supposed marriage. An alleged insider tells the magazine that Jolie is accusing her estranged husband of “bigamy” since they aren’t legally divorced yet, and she wants to get the “ultimate revenge” by putting him “behind bars.”

As widely reported, Aniston’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing while en route to Cabo San Lucas a few days after her 50th birthday last month. Brad Pitt Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston The Globe


Shuster, Andrew. The outlet had spent the past couple of months insisting that Pitt was dating Charlize Theron. After Pitt attended Aniston’s 50th birthday party last month, the magazine decided to drop its storyline involving Theron and create a love affair between him and his ex-wife. Additionally, Gossip Cop called out the magazine in January for making up a story about Aniston adopting a baby girl from a Mexican orphanage. According to the magazine, the scary incident is what inspired her to walk down the aisle with Pitt again. Shuster, Andrew. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story. Neither scenario is true. “Brad & Jen Say ‘I Do’ Again!” reads a headline in the latest issue of the Globe. The outlet’s ridiculous story is based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable “source,” but Gossip Cop reached out to Aniston’s rep, who tells us on the record that it’s nonsense. 2019. “Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron Having A Baby?” Gossip Cop, 13 Feb. That never happened. “She realized that life’s short and she could have easily died in a plane crash,” says the tabloid’s supposed source. 14 Mar. 2019. The way things are going, however, we fully expect the Globe to try and impregnate the actress with Pitt’s baby. It must also be mentioned, the unreliable publication changes its phony narratives on a whim. It’s worth noting, the Globe uses a doctored image on its cover (see above) to make it appear as if Pitt and Aniston were spotted on the beach together. “Jennifer Aniston Adopting Baby Girl From Mexican Orphanage?” Gossip Cop, 23 Jan. “Angelina Jolie Thinks Charlize Theron Is Dating Brad Pitt To Get Revenge On Her?” Gossip Cop, 3 Feb. Shuster, Andrew. Just one month ago, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Pitt and Theron were having a baby together.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Planning Destination Wedding In Mexico?

She’ll presumably be celebrating her birthday somewhere in Florida, and the occasion won’t double as a wedding. Despite what the outlet’s anonymous and untraceable “insider” claims, the former Yankee star’s spokesperson confirms he’s not getting married in Mexico this summer. “Jennifer Lopez Announces ‘It’s My Party: The Live Celebration’ Tour.” Billboard, 13 Feb. back in September 2017 for wrongly reporting that Lopez and Rodriguez were planning a wedding in the Hamptons. A supposed source tells the magazine, “She’s a woman who knows what she wants – and she wants everything to be perfect. 2019. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are not planning a destination wedding in Mexico, despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop Staff. We’re told it’s simply untrue. That obviously never panned out. It’s worth noting, Lopez said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” just a few months ago that she doesn’t know if she’ll get engaged to Rodriguez anytime soon, but they’re “very happy” together. 2018. Naturally, that wasn’t the case. This latest article surrounding a nonexistent destination wedding is another example. She’s picking out napkins already!”

The outlet further contends that Lopez wants her wedding to coincide with her 50th birthday in July. The ceremony will be complete with “a world-class chef and entertainment, lavish flowers and a lot of extravagant personal touches,” says the alleged insider. Last July, Gossip Cop called out the tabloid for falsely claiming Lopez was pregnant with Rodriguez’s baby. Gawley, Paige. According to OK!, the singer is busy planning “the ultimate A-list wedding” to her boyfriend of two years. Weiss, Shari. The idea that she’ll be flying to Mexico for a giant wedding during the two days she has off is illogical. 2018. 2017. Gossip Cop reached out to a rep for Rodriguez, who tells us on the record that the tabloid’s report is false. “Jennifer Lopez Pregnant With Alex Rodriguez’s Baby?” Gossip Cop, 4 Jul. Magazine


Kaufman, Gil. Lopez, whose 50th birthday falls on July 24, has a show in Orlando on the 23rd and one in Miami on the 26th. Meanwhile, Gossip Cop busted OK! Gossip Cop also reached out to a source close to the singer, who points out that Lopez will be on her It’s My Party concert tour throughout July. “She loves getting people talking and being the center of attention. “Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Know If She’ll Ever Get Married to Alex Rodriguez.” Entertainment Tonight, 29 Nov. The unreliable publication clearly has no insight into the couple’s relationship, so it makes up stories about them instead. Alex had made it clear he doesn’t see his future without her, so she sees nothing wrong with getting started on her checklist. “Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Planning ‘Lavish’ Wedding?” Gossip Cop, 9 Sept. Alex Rodriguez Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Lopez OK! You can bet her wedding will reflect that.”
None of this is accurate. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story.

Jennifer Aniston Adopting Baby Girl From Mexican Orphanage?

A supposed source tells the Globe, “Jen has been helping out two orphanages in Mexico, and on a recent visit, she fell in love with a beautiful baby girl. This latest article makes no mention of a rekindled romance with her ex-husband or a relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean star. Jen has longed to adopt one of these kids, and she’d wanted to do this with her ex, Justin Theroux. But he kept making excuses on why it was never a good time.”

The outlet’s alleged insider continues, “With Justin out of the picture, everyone’s telling Jen to go for it. 2016. 2018. For whatever reason, this bogus premise keeps getting recycled. In 2011, the magazine once again insisted Aniston was bringing home a baby from Mexico (see below). Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we’ve learned the truth. Earlier this week, NW made up a similar story about Sandra Bullock encouraging Aniston to adopt a baby, and the actress was said to be considering orphanages in Mexico. “The child has dark brown eyes and a lot of very dark hair, and the longest eyelashes Jen has ever seen,” adds the seemingly nonexistent source. It’s clear the tabloid comes up with bogus narratives about the actress on a whim. That’s the story one of this week’s tabloids is selling. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston NOT ‘Officially In Love Again,’ Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 9 Aug. Weiss, Shari. 2019. In November 2016, RadarOnline said Aniston was adopting a child from a Mexican orphanage. Shuster, Andrew. Two months ago, the outlet maintained that Aniston wanted to date Johnny Depp. She’s absolutely besotted with this baby, and she’s started the process by getting the paperwork in order.” According to the tipster, the actress’s new daughter is a 13-month-old toddler who lost her parents. This latest one isn’t remotely original. “It’s only a matter of time before she takes her precious child home to stay.”
None of this is true. “Jennifer Aniston Encouraged By Sandra Bullock To Adopt Baby?” Gossip Cop, 22 Jan. Meanwhile, the Globe claimed less than six months ago that Aniston was “officially” back together with Brad Pitt. (Star)

Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston The Globe


Shuster, Andrew. Nearly a decade ago, Gossip Cop busted the Globe’s sister outlet, Star, for wrongly reporting the actress was adopting a child from an orphanage in Mexico (see below). It wasn’t true in the past and it’s no more accurate now. (Getty Images)
Is Jennifer Aniston adopting a baby girl from a Mexican orphanage? Much like this latest article, the premise was based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable “source.” The actress’s rep, however, tells Gossip Cop on the record that she has no plans to adopt a child at this time. “Jennifer Aniston NOT Adopting From Mexican Orphanage, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 15 Nov.

Angelina Jolie, Justin Theroux Went On Secret Vacation To Cabo?

19 Dec. Ina Treciokas, Spokesperson for Justin Theroux. 2018.
In reality, the image of Theroux wearing a backpack was taken while the actor was strolling alone in New York City in July 2013. (Life and Style)
The cover of one of this week’s tabloids claims Angelina Jolie and Justin Theroux went on a secret vacation to Cabo together. According to Life & Style, the stars have been dating for months and recently jetted off to Mexico, where they stayed at Jennifer Aniston’s favorite hotel. In October, the tabloid kept the bogus storyline going by insisting that Jolie and Theroux were dating. and Mrs. They’re having a blast sneaking around under the radar.”
Life & Style kicked off this narrative back in September when it falsely claimed that Jolie invited Theroux to dinner in New York City under the guise of discussing a film project, but with the ulterior motive of seducing him. The tabloid’s ongoing storyline involving Jolie and Theroux has more in common with a fictional soap opera than it does with anything resembling journalism. Once again, a rep qualified to speak on the actor’s behalf told Gossip Cop that the romance rumors were completely false. “Justin Theroux Strolls Through NYC With A Backpack.” X17, 22 Jul. Not because she still has feelings for Justin, but more due to the fact that Angelina has already stolen her man once, so for history to repeat itself with Justin would be too much for her to handle.”
The seemingly phony source says Jolie initially pursued Theroux to get revenge on Aniston, but “to Angelina’s surprise, she’s actually fallen for Justin.” The “insider” concludes, “They both have developed feelings. Regardless, the actor’s spokesperson assured us he never met with the actress. This latest article about the pair vacationing together in Cabo is also based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable “insider.” Theroux’s spokesperson, however, is going on the record yet again to confirm that there’s no relationship between him and Jolie. Shuster, Andrew. “Angelina Jolie, Justin Theroux NOT Dating, Despite Report” Gossip Cop, 31 Oct. Angelina Jolie Celebrity Rumors Justin Theroux Life & Style


Shuster, Andrew. Angelina is just Justin’s type: She’s sexy, sophisticated and has a rock ’n’ roll streak.” The questionable tipster further contends that Aniston “doesn’t know about Justin and Angelina, but if she were to find out she’d go absolutely ballistic. 2018. Gossip Cop can debunk it. An alleged insider tells the magazine that Jolie and Theroux “booked the room under ‘Mr. 2018. The actor’s rep calls this latest article flat-out “absurd.” A mutual pal of ours and the actress also confirms the report is fabricated, and further tells us, “She’s not dating [at all], and is focused on her children.”
It’s worth noting, the tabloid created a fake image on its cover to make it appear as if the stars were photographed walking with their bags through a jetway. The two were also never photographed together either. As we noted at the time, the magazine never bothered to mention exactly when and where their supposed meal took place. Smith while he was still married to Aniston. The outlet’s supposed source goes on to say that Jolie and Theroux “have more in common than Jen and Justin ever did. & Mrs. 2013. Smith’” and “had difficulty keeping a straight face as they gave their alias.” Of course, Brad Pitt met Jolie on the set of 2005’s Mr. The story is completely fabricated. “Angelina Jolie NOT Getting Revenge On Jennifer Aniston By ‘Seducing’ Justin Theroux, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 12 Sep.

5 Wrong Rumors About Scott Disick

Martin, Anne. Heller, Corinne. The reality star wasn’t “devastated” over a nonexistent split. Gossip Cop corrected RadarOnline in June after the blog made up a story about Disick being “devastated” after splitting from Richie. story alleging that Kris Jenner wanted Disick to take a paternity test to determine if he was the real father of Kylie’s baby daughter Stormi. According to the magazine, Jenner slammed their romance because she was “jealous” and had been crushing on Disick for years. “Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram: ‘Detox.’” Instagram, 14 Aug. The article emerged after the model wrote an Instagram post shading his relationship with Richie. The tabloid claimed that Kylie wasn’t sure if Travis Scott was the dad because she had also been hooking up with Disick. Celebrity Rumors Scott Disick


“Sofia Richie & Scott Disick Have a Double Date Night.” Just Jared, 2 Sept. In August, Gossip Cop called out OK! 29 Jan. 2018. 2015. Australia for falsely claiming that Kardashian was pregnant with Disick’s fourth baby. Here are five recent wrong rumors. There was no truth to the story, and as time has shown, the couple is still together. “Scott Disick Takes Sofia Richie to Mexico for Her 20th Birthday.” E! Furthermore, a YouTube video released following Stormi’s birth showed Kris, Scott and his mother watching Kylie get an ultrasound during a doctor’s visit. However, Disick and Richie were spotted on a date night in Malibu around the same time the bogus story was published. Online, 24 Aug. More than two months later, Kardashian still isn’t pregnant and she’s not back together with Disick, let alone getting married to him. In fact, both Jenner and Disick have mocked rumors about them having an affair, as has Kourtney Kardashian. Last month, Gossip Cop busted Heat for wrongly reporting that Disick and girlfriend Sofia Richie were at a “breaking point” because he was getting close to Kourtney Kardashian again. And finally, NW made up a ridiculous story in February about Kendall Jenner being in love with Disick. The couple never split. In February, Gossip Cop debunked an OK! Not only did Jenner’s camp tell us the story was “laughable,” but similar premises have cropped up before. Gossip Cop frequently debunks phony claims about the reality star. Kylie Jenner on YouTube. 2018. 2018. The entire narrative was ludicrous. Kardashian, Kourtney. (Getty Images)
Scott Disick is often the subject of false tabloid stories. Regardless, we were assured by a source that there was no truth to the article. The pair was spotted in Los Angeles having lunch and grocery shopping together immediately after. The magazine further maintained that the exes were planning to get married. “To Our Daughter.” 4 Feb. Bueno, Antoinette. The premise seemed very unlikely, especially because days prior, Kardashian posted an Instagram photo in which she showed off her sculpted abs. Although reports emerged over the summer that the two had broken up, Disick himself denied the split rumors. 2018. The main problem with the claim? “Khloe Kardashian, Scott Disick mock Kendall Jenner ‘affair.'” UPI. At one point in the footage, Kris says to the rapper’s mom, “There’s your grandbaby.” There were no doubts about the baby’s paternity, and zero chance Disick could have been the father. “Scott Disick Denies He and Sofia Richie Broke Up.” Entertainment Tonight, 4 June 2018. Just weeks prior, Disick took Richie on a trip to Mexico for her birthday. For starters, Disick and Kylie were never an item.

Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander Living Separate Lives?

Fassbender and Vikander have been together since 2014 and have managed to make their relationship work despite both having busy careers. “Things aren’t going the way Alicia thought they would, so she’s just wondering how she can get it back on track,” adds the seemingly phony tipster. 3 Apr. 2018. Pasquini, Maria. (Getty Images)
Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are not living “separate lives,” despite a completely inaccurate tabloid report. 2018. Why would their schedules all of a sudden become an issue now that they’re married? This latest story surrounding the couple’s so-called “separate lives” is equally baseless. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the couple, who tells us on the condition of anonymity that the magazine’s story is false. The actor had been with Vikander for nearly a year when that bogus story was published. This past April, Fassbender and Vikander vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and the Daily Mail even noted that the two “appeared like they were still in the honeymoon phase.”

Still, an alleged insider tells the tabloid, “A lot of their relationship has been long-distance, but after their wedding, Alicia was hoping they’d make more time for each other.” The questionable source further contends that Vikander “was under the impression they were going to try and start a family,” but her husband has been too busy working. “James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender play chess on X-Men: Dark Phoenix reshoots in Montreal.” The Daily Mail. 21 Sep. The magazine’s article is flawed from the very start. The happy spouses aren’t having any marriage problems. Gallagher, Brian. Additionally, Vikander opened up about her married life in an interview with Vogue earlier this year, saying, “I feel I’m more happy and content than I’ve ever been.” It should also be mentioned, Gossip Cop busted OK!’s sister publication, Star, for falsely claiming in 2015 that Fassbender was dating Marion Cotillard. For instance, it claims Fassbender recently “set off to film Kung Fury 2 leaving Alicia behind.” That movie, however, isn’t in production yet. The same magazine wrongly linked Vikander to Matt Damon in 2016. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claim. “Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender Enjoy Honeymoon in Italy After Private Wedding.” People. “Alicia Vikander Opens Up About Married Life with Michael Fassbender: ‘I Feel I’m More Happy.'” People. Magazine


Mizoguchi, Karen. Fassbender and Vikander went on a honeymoon in Italy one week after tying the knot last year. 2018. 24 Oct. It’s worth noting, the outlet’s report is filled with inaccuracies. 2017. The spouses of nearly one year are going strong. Alicia Vikander Celebrity Rumors Michael Fassbender OK! “Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender share kiss on the beach during romantic Mexico vacation.” The Daily Mail. According to OK!, however, the couple’s “busy schedules have kept them from enjoying life as newlyweds” following their October 2017 wedding. Are we to believe the “insider” knows the secrets of the actor’s marriage, but not which project he’s shooting? 8 Feb. Fassbender is currently in Montreal filming reshoots for X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Sofia Richie, Scott Disick At “Breaking Point”?

The story also doesn’t make clear that the “intimate dinner” Kardashian and Disick were “spotted” on was a group outing for Kylie Jenner’s birthday. Weiss, Shari. 2018. But Gossip Cop can reveal the truth. Furthermore, the “KUWTK” star isn’t exactly single. Online, 24 Aug. Kardashian and Bendjima reunited for a dinner date earlier this week, indicating that things between them aren’t completely finished. It’s not said, however, just how Richie is supposedly being paranoid or how Disick has been pushed away. The way it’s referenced by the tabloid suggests the exes and co-parents were seen sharing a private meal just the two of them. Just a few days ago, Richie and Disick stepped out for a date night in Malibu. Corinthios, Aurelie. A new report claims their relationship is in jeopardy, and Kourtney Kardashian may be to blame. That’s not the case. “Kardashians Sparkle in Sexy Dresses at Kylie Jenner’s 21st Birthday Bash.” Page Six, 10 Aug. “Scott Disick Takes Sofia Richie to Mexico for Her 20th Birthday.” E! Heller, Corinne. Suspiciously, the vacation, which was widely documented by the media, isn’t mentioned in the publication’s article. 2018. And as opposed to trying to get back together with Kardashian, Disick took Richie on a trip to Mexico for her birthday late last month. She’s convinced that Scott wants to get Kourtney back.” This untraceable tipster goes on to contend, “Sofia knows Kim and Khloe [Kardashian] would love for Kourtney and Scott to be together again — they see him as part of the family.” And while Richie “feels it’s important for Scott to have a good relationship with them for the kids’ sake,” it’s claimed she “felt more secure when Kourtney was dating Younes.”
“Sofia adores Scott, and she doesn’t want to lose him, but her paranoia is pushing him away,” contends the outlet’s alleged tipster. “Sofia Richie, Scott Disick On The Rocks?” Gossip Cop, 29 Aug. In other words, there is no reason for Richie to be concerned about Kardashian rekindling something with Disick. 2018. Some of the quotes look to be somewhat plagiarized. Lastly, Gossip Cop must note that it appears this story was largely copied from OK!, which last week peddled a similar narrative about Richie and Disick being “on the rocks.” But it’s not just thematically the same. It’s specifically claimed, “After Scott and Kourt were spotted having an intimate dinner… the relationship [with Sofia] is at a breaking point.”

A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Sofia’s freaking out. “Kourtney Kardashian Reunites with Younes Bendjima for Dinner 1 Month After Split.” People, 4 Sept. 2018. The tabloid alleges Richie is “feeling vulnerable” as Disick “grows closer” to Kardashian, who recently split from Younes Bendjima. For example: “She’s convinced that Scott is trying to win back Kourtney” versus “She’s convinced that Scott wants to get Kourtney back,” and “Sofia would be crushed if they break up, but her paranoia is just making things worse” versus “She doesn’t want to lose him, but her paranoia is pushing him away.” So it seems Heat is not just guilty of being wrong with its claims, but of stealing them, too. 2018. Minton, Melissa. Celebrity Rumors Heat Magazine Scott Disick Sofia Richie


“Sofia Richie & Scott Disick Have a Double Date Night.” Just Jared, 2 Sept. (Getty Images)
Are Sofia Richie and Scott Disick at a “breaking point”? “Is It All Over For Scott & Sofia?” Heat asks in a headline.

Rihanna, Hassan Jameel Split Stories Proven Wrong

“Rihanna Turns 30: Inside Her Private Romance With Hassan Jameel.” E! Gossip Cop Staff. And while we didn’t get an official comment from her camp, a mutual acquaintance confirmed that Rihanna and Jameel had not split, and that such contentions were “untrue.” We were even able to use our inside access to uncover how the singer was reacting to this fake news as it spread. In fact, some have observed that they appear to be having a heated discussion in the new paparazzi snapshots. 2018. Just over a month after the echo chamber of wrong split rumors, Rihanna and Jameel were photographed last week on vacation in Mexico. (Gossip Cop Composite)

Celebrity Rumors Rihanna


Lewittes, Michael. Notably, neither blog had any evidence of when this purported split supposedly occurred. That was the case with the many other publications that also misguidedly spread the assertions as fact, such as the Daily Mail, Glamour and Vibe. “Rihanna Has VERY Tense Exchange with Hassan Jameel in Mexico.” Daily Mail Online, 10 July 2018. As was already known at that time, Rihanna has always opted to keep her romance with Jameel private. In contrast, Gossip Cop fact-checked the claims. And that’s exactly what’s happened. Online, 20 Feb. Unsurprisingly, MediaTakeOut has yet to acknowledge that they’re clearly still a couple, while HollywoodLife now has a story headlined, “Rihanna & Hassan Jameel Photographed On Vacation After Split Rumors.” The website writes, “Despite rumors of a split, Rihanna is still very much together with boyfriend of one year Hassan Jameel.”
Of course, that’s what Gossip Cop correctly told readers weeks ago. (Getty Images)
Rihanna and Hassan Jameel are still together, just as Gossip Cop rightly reported more than a month ago. None of this is to say Rihanna and Jameel will stay together forever. “Rihanna, Boyfriend Hassan Jameel Have NOT Split, Despite Claims She ‘Dumped’ Him.” Gossip Cop, 1 June 2018. She gets tired of men sometimes.”

The website, which has falsely impregnated Rihanna countless times, had no proof to back up its breakup allegations. Heller, Corinne. Our rock-solid confidante explained that Rihanna was “ignoring” the bogus split reports, and felt no need to go out of her way to debunk them. Now there’s new evidence further proving those allegations were wrong. This further underscores the importance of fact-checking and how rumors snowball when outlets don’t. In early June, a number of outlets falsely claimed the couple split. That said, we were assured in time it would be clear they were still together. But that didn’t stop HollywoodLife from regurgitating the claims. “Rihanna ‘Ignoring’ Untrue Hassan Jameel Split Reports.” Gossip Cop, 3 June 2018. On June 1, MediaTakeOut announced Rihanna was a “single lady again” after she and Jameel “decided to separate.” An alleged source, said to be one of “Rih’s gals,” was quoted as saying, “Rihanna and him weere [sic] together for a while it was a good relationship, but now it’s over.” It was further claimed, “Rihanna just got tired of him. But regardless of what happens with them in the future, it’s now abundantly apparent how bogus the original breakup report was more than a month ago.

5 Wrong Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Marriage And Wedding Rumors

Australia declaring the “reunited lovebirds” were making plans to say “I do.” It was specifically alleged they were “talking about tying the knot in early 2018,” with Barbados, Hawaii and Mexico named as possible “romantic wedding locations.” But a so-called “insider” maintained that since Gomez’s mom was against the relationship, “they’ve decided to marry in secret.” It made no sense, however, to contend an “insider” was leaking their “secret” plans to a gossip publication. Gossip Cop also noted that this was a retread of a debunked Life & Style story. Fans can hold out hope Bieber and Gomez will make it down the aisle someday, but all of these stories so far have been indisputably wrong. Below are five wrong “Jelena” marriage and wedding rumors we corrected in the last six months. Not only did Gossip Cop bust those false claims at the time they came out, but now the stars aren’t even together anymore. In the article, it was alleged the pair were planning two weddings, one to take place in California and the other to be held in Texas. Beyond blatantly contradicting its previous article from a few months prior, this supposed breakup reason, that Gomez wanted to marry and Bieber refused, was completely inaccurate. “Selena Gomez Is Happy, Healthy and on ‘Better Terms’ With Her Mom After Justin Bieber Split (Exclusive).” Entertainment Tonight, 10 May 2018. And Gossip Cop will continue to fact-check any additional marriage and wedding claims that arise. 2017. “Justin Bieber Wants To Shut Down Hollywood Life Website.” Time, 15 June 2016. [He] has been looking at rings and plans to ask her to marry him over Christmas,” alleged a supposed “source.” As Gossip Cop pointed out then, there was a suspicious lack of details, such as just where Bieber was scoping out engagement rings. In actuality, as Gossip Cop revealed at the time, the Gomez portion was taken at the InStyle Awards in October, while the Bieber portion was from an August charity basketball game. Online, 28 Dec. The two tabloids are both published under Bauer Media, and often share content to trick readers across the globe. Sure enough, they did not celebrate the holiday together, and the proposal never happened. The website gave the excuse that he was “waiting until it’s the right time,” because she had “made it clear to Justin that she doesn’t want to rush things.” What was actually clear was that this narrative was made-up. Drysdale, Jennifer. Vulpo, Mike. The separate pictures were digitally combined to dupe readers, and that was clear evidence the magazine shouldn’t be trusted. Ziyadat, Shareif. And at the time the article was published, the pair wasn’t wedding planning but actually miles and miles apart, as Gomez was in Mexico with friends. Lang, Cady. 2017. The following month, RadarOnline claimed Bieber was going to propose over Christmas. In the wake of Gomez’s split from Bieber, “Entertainment Tonight” actually reported that she didn’t “have it in her to be in a serious relationship.” Obviously, then, the contention that Gomez called it quits because he wouldn’t get married was false. Overdeep, Meghan. 2017. “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Will Celebrate Christmas Separately .” InStyle, 12 Dec. In early November, right after Gomez and Bieber rekindled their romance, Life & Style announced on its cover that Gomez was going to be a “pregnant bride.” The front of the issue featured a deceptively photoshopped image that made it look like the stars were posing together after reuniting. What’s more, we had already reported at the time, and others had confirmed, that Gomez and Bieber would be spending Christmas separate, as she would be in Texas with her family, where he wasn’t exactly welcome. (Getty Images)
When Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber reconciled last fall, the tabloids became filled with stories about the on-and-off couple tying the knot. The year ended with OK! When Gossip Cop originally debunked the report, a Gomez contact dismissed the allegations on background as “lies.” That was clearly the truth. “Justin Bieber Attends 2017 Aces Charity Celebrity Basketball Game at…” Getty Images, 13 Aug. “Friends expect Justin to pop the question over the holidays. 2017. Our archives are filled with many more similar tall tales. And a so-called “source” speculated about Gomez, “She could be pregnant already.” Of course, time has since proven that the former child star wasn’t expecting a child of her own, and the purported weddings never happened. “Selena Gomez Heads to Mexico With Friends to Ring in 2018.” E! Perhaps needless to say, but there weren’t any Bieber-Gomez nuptials in “early 2018.”
Come February, HollywoodLife claimed to know that Bieber was ready to propose to Gomez “right now.” So, why hadn’t he? “Selena Gomez Arrives at the 3rd Annual InStyle Awards at The Getty…” Getty Images, 23 Oct. “He wasn’t ready to settle down with her as soon as she wanted to and she couldn’t get him to actually think about marriage in a serious nature,” a clearly ill-informed, and possibly nonexistent, “source” was quoted as saying. Both performers had already publicly blasted the blog, with Bieber even calling for HollywoodLife to be shut down, and there was no proof or reason to believe someone close to him would spill to a site he detests about any proposal plans. On top of that, a Gomez insider, who declined to speak on the record, told Gossip Cop the outlet’s stories about an impending marriage “couldn’t be further from reality.”
That was apparent earlier this month, when the website did a 180 and alleged Bieber and Gomez split because he “couldn’t promise marriage.” As Gossip Cop explained, the blog went from claiming he wanted to propose and she wanted to take things slow to asserting the exact opposite. Celebrity Rumors Justin Bieber Selena Gomez


Granitz, Steve. Again, these are just five untrue rumors from the past six months alone.

Young Thug – Up Lyrics

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You know she treat the Molly like the coca
[Bridge: Lil Uzi Vert]
Let’s go up
We can go up, we can go up
We can go up, let’s go up
We can go up, we can go up
[Verse 3: Young Thug]
Shh, shh, Scotty, look at this dead man, shh, shh
Come on, we gotta put him in a trash can (come on)
I’m ’bout to run, I was just on a Xanny
Don’t give no fuck, I got a prostitute Granny
I got some girl, and that shit stuck in my vein (yeah)
I’m in a coupe, ’bout to be switchin’ the lane (yeah)
I got a girl meetin’ me right when I land (yeah)
I made it clear, I’ma look out when I can (yeah)
Thank you, my brother, thank you, thank you, pardon me (pardon me)
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for remainin’ the same (‘mainin’ the same)
[?] tryna [?] a ho, you a lame
Money callin’ and I’m reachin’ out every rate (yee)
[Chorus: Young Thug]
I take molly and go up (up)
We take coke (and what?) we go up (go up)
We got hoes (bitches) it’s ’bout to go up (ooh)
You playin’ with smoke (brrt), it can go up (it can go up)
It can go up (yee-hee), it can go up (yee-hee)
It’s up (say what?), it’s up (ayy)
It can go up (yee-hee), we can get up (yee-hee)
Let’s go up (yee), let’s go up (yee) [Intro: Young Thug]
Southside on the track, yeah
Back to back
Ooh, ooh

OK! Flip-Flops On Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Being Married

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OK! Of course, both statements were a complete lie. A headline on the outlet’s website states, “Wedding Bells? Also ignored is the purported pregnancy. On Tuesday’s episode of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ she finally addressed whether she’ll be walking down the aisle anytime soon.”
After recounting Stefani’s comments about being interested in marriage, the publication writes, “So when is it going to happen? (Getty Images)
OK! In addition to explaining all the red flags in the report that indicated it was made-up, we also had Stefani’s rep on the record telling us it was “untrue” she and Shelton had wed. “Gwen Stefani Addresses Blake Shelton Marriage Rumors.” YouTube, 10 Apr. As Gossip Cop pointed out, however, the couple was in Mexico for Luke Bryan’s annual Crash My Playa festival, not to rejoice over a nonexistent wedding. 3 Jan. This flip-flop not only further shows that Gossip Cop was right to debunk all those tall tales, but it is also additional evidence that OK! “Luke Bryan Wraps 2018 Crash My Playa.” CMT News, 22 Jan. Gwen Stefani Dishes On Plans To Marry Blake Shelton — ‘I Think About It All The Time.’” The accompanying story begins, “Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dating for a long while, so naturally the question that has been on everyone’s minds is when are they going to get married already. So, is OK! “Story About Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Getting Married In ‘Backyard Wedding’ Is Untrue.” Gossip Cop, 3 Jan. 2018. Friday, April 13, 2018
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Blake Shelton Celebrity Rumors Gwen Stefani OK! Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Are Married,” declared the headline on the magazine’s website. On January 3, OK! 2018. Just as important is that during the interview, DeGeneres grilled Stefani on whether she’ll get married to Shelton, thereby confirming that they haven’t tied the knot yet, as Gossip Cop rightly said again and again earlier this year. Gossip Cop busted the tabloid earlier this year for falsely claiming the couple tied the knot. Hardly. Gossip Cop was able to debunk the fabricated article within hours of the issue hitting newsstands. issuing a correction and apology for its multiple false stories? Repeating its inaccurate allegations about a December wedding, the outlet now added on the contention that Stefani was expecting and already a “few months along.”
Three months have gone by since this storyline was started in early January. The magazine then stepped in it further on January 31 when it claimed Shelton and Stefani hadn’t merely been celebrating a marriage, but also a pregnancy. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 2018. Yet when Stefani announced her Las Vegas residency on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this week, she most certainly did not have a baby bump. The magazine makes no mention whatsoever of its previous insistence in several different articles that the couple had wed. “Gwen Stefani Announces Las Vegas Residency.”, 10 Apr. Now the gossip magazine is acknowledging they’re unwed, but isn’t taking responsibility for its lies. Kinane, Ruth. 2018. published a cover story that claimed Shelton and Stefani were “just married” in a “backyard wedding” that was supposedly held at her home in December. If Stefani was a “few months along” then, she’d be in her second or third trimester now. doesn’t actually have real insight on the couple and is duping readers with fake claims. Magazine


Weiss, Shari. “It’s Official! 2018. is flip-flopping on whether or not Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are married. That is, unless Gwen and Blake decide to surprise everyone and elope.” The tabloid ends by asking readers, “Would you like to see Gwen and Blake get married already?”
Uh, what happened to Stefani and Shelton being “just married” after the “backyard wedding” in December? Clearly fans will have to remain in the dark for a little bit longer. One day later, on January 4, we called out the outlet for trying to spread its falsehoods online. The couple wasn’t “married” and nothing was “official.” But a few weeks after that, the tabloid tried peddling its narrative again on January 23 with an online story that claimed Stefani and Shelton were “on their honeymoon” and “celebrating their nuptials” with a trip to Mexico. And that is just not okay. Spokesperson for Gwen Stefani. Magazine

Claims to know about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton getting married.

Sofia Richie NOT “Thirsting Over” Younes Bendjima Photo While On Trip With Scott Disick, Despite Claim

Certainly if Disick was upset Richie is fixated on the snapshot, wouldn’t he also be even more upset given her history with Bendjima? According to the site, Richie “likes what she sees” as far as the shirtless Bendjima goes, and Disick is “not thrilled” with her reaction. But as opposed to Richie actually obsessing over Bendjima’s photo and quarreling with Disick over it, Gossip Cop is told by a confidante close to the couple that they’re having “fun” on the vacation and are “happy to get a break” from Los Angeles, even if the paparazzi are still monitoring their every move. It makes little sense to allege they’re spending their time arguing about what Bendjima and Kardashian are doing back in the United States. While it’s not irrational to suggest they’re still checking social media while on their trip, it’s a bit far-fetched to claim they’re preoccupied by another couple while on their getaway. We rest our case. Remember, this is the same blog that ran multiple made-up stories about Richie getting ready to dump Disick right before they went to Mexico. The pair have been focused on enjoying pool time with Disick’s little ones, and, as seen on Richie’s Instagram, the couple also found time to ride ATVs on the beach. Celebrity Rumors HollywoodLife Sofia Richie A so-called “insider” claims Richie has been “teasing” her boyfriend over the “sexy photo” and thinks Bendjima is a “total hunk.” Meanwhile, Disick is said to be upset that “his girlfriend is trolling Kourt’s Instagram, checking out the topless picture of Younes.” The outlet’s alleged source maintains Richie “can’t help noticing how sexy Younes is,” but Disick “can’t stand the situation” and has ordered “Sofia not to mention Younes around him.”
Richie and Disick have been on a vacation in Mexico, joined by the kids he shares with Kardashian. It seems apparent the site wanted to exploit both subjects by concocting a storyline that combined them. This version of events, we’re told, is just “ridiculous.”
As it is known to do, HollywoodLies is creating drama where there isn’t any. Kardashian’s new post even specifically noted that it was an “ad” and part of a “paid partnership with Calvin Klein.” But HollywoodLife is now trying to capitalize on interest in the photo by making-up a related story. Kardashian and Bendjima’s photo made headlines on Friday, and Disick and Richie’s trip has remained a hot topic all week. Gossip Cop can bust this silly, untrue story about Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s significant others. (Getty Images)
Sofia Richie is not “thirsting over” Younes Bendjima, despite a claim. It appears HollywoodLies didn’t think this premise through, probably because it tends to make-up its stories as it goes along. There’s also a curious omission from this tale. She is a spokesmodel for the brand after the Kardashian-Jenner women did a Calvin Klein shoot together a few months ago. While it was claimed last October that Richie and Bendjima are no longer friends since she became more involved with Disick, this is all relevant background information that one would think the outlet would’ve included in this story if it was actually informed. In fact, this seemingly fabricated article fits the website’s typical M.O., which is manufacturing narratives about whatever is dominating the celebrity news world. We’re told it’s “ridiculous.”
As was widely reported by a number of outlets, on Friday Kourtney Kardashian shared on Instagram a photo of herself straddling Bendjima while wearing Calvin Klein underwear. Surely if the online publication had a real “source,” this person wouldn’t just be sharing how Richie is “thirsting” over the aforementioned photo of Bendjima, but would also note they used to be close. Nowhere does HollywoodLies, as the blog is nicknamed, mention that Richie and Bendjima know each other and used to hang out.

Scott Disick NOT Saying Sofia Richie Is Better With Kids Than Kourtney Kardashian, Despite Report

In this People story from more than a month ago, it was specifically noted that because Richie “spends a lot of time at Scott’s,” Kardashian “allowed her to meet the kids” and they had gotten together a “few times” already. Share The Facts


Scott Disick says Sofia Richie is better with his kids than their mom, Kourtney Kardashian. There’s no dispute. (Getty Images)
Scott Disick is not going around saying Sofia Richie is better with his kids than their own mother, Kourtney Kardashian, contrary to an outrageous report. But as Gossip Cop has reported, Disick and Richie are currently on vacation with the children in Mexico, and HollywoodLife has been using their trip to try to stir up drama with Kardashian. Lastly, there is no evidence that Disick has ever quibbled with Kardashian’s parenting in the past. After making-up a demonstrably wrong story about Kardashian being against Disick and Richie taking the kids away, the site is now claiming to have “exclusive details” on how Disick is “using their bond to taunt” his ex. And given that Disick and Kardashian don’t have a formal custody arrangement, it is illogical to claim he would want to risk losing visits with the kids by angering her. The Daily Mail posted intrusive paparazzi photos from Richie and Disick’s vacation, but none of the snapshots show her actually interacting with the children. Gossip Cop can bust the made-up and untrue story. One would think Disick would want to make such comments publicly on the record if the goal was really to “taunt” her. As the primary caregiver, she’s the one that holds the cards in their co-parenting dynamic, not him. Disick has no problem with Kardashian’s very capable parenting abilities and he would never bad-mouth her in that way. Additionally, the claims that the children “like Sofia more than Kourtney” blatantly contradict an article the website ran in January, in which it was claimed Disick’s kids didn’t like Richie at all. A so-called “source” even alleges the “whole point” of the trip was to upset Kardashian, claiming he’s now “taunting Kourtney with pictures of Sofia and the kids bonding.”
“But what’s even more twisted,” contends the site’s supposed snitch, “is that he’s been telling their mutual friends that Sofia is better with the kids than Kourtney is.” The alleged tipster further maintains Disick is saying their children also “like Sofia more than” their own mom, knowing “it’s going to get straight back to Kourtney and mess with her head.” But if the whole point is for the comments to get back to Kardashian, why is HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, hiding behind an unidentifiable and untraceable “source”? Far from “bonding,” that story actually alleged she was usually “ignoring them,” to the point where Disick was now leaving the model out of their visits and “begg[ing] Kourtney to speak to the kids to try and fix the situation.” It not only makes little sense to now essentially contend the opposite, but the inconsistencies prove the outlet doesn’t know what it’s talking about and makes it up as it goes along. As for the contention that Disick is trying to upset Kardashian with photos of Richie “bonding” with their kids, no such pictures have actually surfaced. Regardless, Kardashian wouldn’t have a problem with them “bonding,” anyway. Also, Gossip Cop is told by a source close to the situation that Disick has no interest in jeopardizing his relationship with the children, and would never speak ill of the mother of his kids, someone whom he still loves deeply. Friday, March 30, 2018
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Celebrity Rumors HollywoodLife Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick Sofia Richie

Lionel Richie Told Sofia Richie To Stop Spending Money On Scott Disick?

We’re told it’s “false.”
According to OK!, 19-year-old Sofia has been “flashing the cash” ever since she got together with Disick, and her dad Lionel is “feeling the pinch.” A so-called “source” is quoted as telling the gossip magazine, “Lionel has always disapproved of the relationship, but what bothers him most right now is how much money Sofia is charging to his credit cards.” The outlet’s dubious “insider” continues to claim that while the model has money of her own, she doesn’t have enough to “pay for nonstop vacations in Mexico and Venice,” having allegedly spent “$500,000 in Mexico with Scott, on their resort, dinners and helicopter rides.”
The publication’s questionable tipster further purports, “Lionel’s told Sofia to cut it out, but all she talks about is where to take Scott next!” Gossip Cop, however, fact-checked the story, and a source close to Lionel tells us the report is entirely “false.” We’re further told Sofia’s spending has “never been mentioned,” nor has it ever been a topic of conversation between the father and daughter. Much like that bogus report, this latest one about Lionel telling Sofia to stop spending money on Disick is equally untrue. when it falsely claimed that Sofia only started dating Disick to rebel against her family, but began to freak out when she discovered he wanted to get engaged. That’s the latest claim coming from one of this week’s tabloids, but Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight. He’s been very cool. He’s very supportive, whatever that means,” she said, while Lionel amusingly (and jokingly) made a hand gesture that looked like he was aiming a gun at his head. (Getty Images)
Did Lionel Richie really tell his daughter Sofia to stop spending money on Scott Disick? Thursday, February 8, 2018
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Celebrity Rumors Lionel Richie OK! “He’s good. Of course, this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has busted the often discredited publication for spreading nonsense about the couple. Lionel went on to crack, “I am into her business, and she’s trying to keep me out of her business. Magazine

Lionel Richie told Sofia to stop spending her money on Scott Disick. The fact is, I don’t know, how can you sneak when everything is on Instagram?” Sofia quipped, “Well, I’m not hiding anything from you!” It’s clear the father and daughter share a great relationship, and it’s even clearer that the report about the star telling Sofia to stop spending money on Disick is completely phony. Additionally, contrary to the outlet’s claim, the “All Night Long” singer has given Disick his stamp of approval. In November, for example, we called out OK! Magazine Scott Disick Sofia Richie During a joint red carpet appearance in November at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Patron of the Artists Awards, Sofia shared how her dad Lionel feels about her dating Disick. He’s been very nice. Share The Facts


Gwen Stefani Pregnant With Blake Shelton’s “Miracle Baby” Is Fake News

If anything, the pictures there of Shelton and Stefani strolling on the beach give no indication that she’s a “few months along” with a baby. And that’s because it never took place. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a Stefani insider, who laughed off the latest unverified speculation before adding it’s “false.”
Of course, Gossip Cop is not surprised that the blog’s latest article is wrong. (Getty Images)
Gwen Stefani is not pregnant with Blake Shelton’s “miracle baby,” despite a new report. As far as we can tell, there is no record in California of Shelton and Stefani having tied the knot around Christmas. What’s more, the two were photographed in Playa del Carmen, Mexico a few weeks later. In fact, Gossip Cop has yet to find a big, accurate scoop that’s been broken by that blog. We’re told the claim is completely “false.”
Picking up on an already debunked story from the equally untrustworthy OK!, the website contends Stefani and Shelton are celebrating “two big changes,” namely being married and Stefani expecting their first baby. Shelton and Stefani did not have a secret wedding in the backyard of her Beverly Hills home or anywhere else. Blake Shelton Celebrity Insider Celebrity Rumors Fake News Gwen Stefani Gossip Cop can correct this fake news story from Celebrity Insider, a site that cuts and pastes fabricated articles from other outlets without fact-checking. Just a few weeks ago, we busted the same outlet when it untruthfully claimed Shelton cheated on Stefani. The site takes the tabloid’s unnamed “source” at its word that Stefani is a “few months along,” following successful IVF treatments. It seems the only “miracle” here would be if the outlet actually got a story right on its own. We’ve also exposed the site for spreading fake rumors about Stefani and Shelton breaking up. Instead, Celebrity Insider seems to just pick up and rewrite whatever is out there, be it fake news or another site’s reporting. The online outlet adds, “Multiple sources over the past two years have reported on how much the couple would like to have a baby of their own.”
The blog even repeats the false contention that the two singers wed at “Stefani’s home a few days before Christmas.” Naturally, the site has no details about the alleged marriage ceremony. Actually, the images show the “No Doubt” singer with a bump-less bare belly holding a drink. The reality is the site appears to not really have any sources of its own who are close or remotely connected to Shelton or Stefani.

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Marriage NOT “Hanging By A Thread,” Despite Report

Notably, People reported earlier this month, “They have figured out a life that works for them.”
Just because it’s not the way certain outlets think it should be doesn’t mean it’s actually problematic. But what the magazine calls a “long-distance marriage” for Aniston and Theroux is actually a great one. One of its favorite things to point out is that the stars are often apart, as if that means there must be issues between them. Her divorce from Brad [Pitt] was the ultimate heartbreak for her, and she couldn’t take all that pain again. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s marriage is not “hanging by a thread,” despite a new report. This storyline continued throughout the rest of last year and is now being peddled in 2018 as well. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of this latest tale from Life & Style, let’s take a look back at the gossip magazine’s track record. That’s said to be the “latest in a series of signs that his two-and-a-half-year marriage to Jen is hanging by a thread.”
So, why haven’t the couple divorced, since the magazine has claimed so many times that they were going to? The tabloids have spent years pushing this tired, old and wrong split narrative. A so-called “friend” conveniently contends, “Jen just can’t let go of Justin. The twist in this piece, though, is that it’s said she’s “intent on salvaging” the relationship. The real problems lie with stories like these, which are manufactured to put a sensational spin on a more boring reality: Aniston and Theroux are doing just fine. In December 2016, the outlet falsely alleged the couple was divorcing over the holidays, even claiming, “There will be a divorce announcement by the end of the year.” In January 2017, the publication again said Aniston and Theroux were headed for a divorce, a bust Gossip Cop actually just revisited a few days ago to show how a year went by with no actual split. Wednesday, January 31, 2018
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Celebrity Rumors Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Life & Style Gossip Cop can once again bust it. It would be the worst kind of public humiliation because she and Justin have put on such a united front about being one of the happiest couples in Hollywood.”
Actually, Aniston and Theroux have never proclaimed to be “one of the happiest couples in Hollywood.” But it seems simply because they’ve stayed together, the gossip media is determined to tear them apart. The purported pal asserts the couple’s recent trip to Mexico was a part of an attempt to fix things, but since they were joined by others, “Jen and Justin didn’t have one-on-one time to work through their dysfunction.”
“As a result, they’ve gone right back to their separate lives and marital discord,” the supposed source claims to the outlet, adding, “Unless there is a miraculous turnaround on both of their parts and they can actually live together in the same home in the same city, Jen and Justin could be history.” At this point, Gossip Cop must state the obvious: No real “friend” of Aniston and Theroux’s would speculate about a possible divorce to a publication such as this one. Share The Facts

Life & Style

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s marriage is hanging by a thread. In its latest issue, the tabloid has a headline declaring, “Jen Can’t Let Go Of Justin,” while on its website, a version of this same article announces, “Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s Marriage Is ‘Hanging by a Thread.’” Both pieces begin by pointing out that Aniston went solo to the Golden Globes, with it being claimed Theroux was absent on a night when she needed his support. In fact, it’s precisely because their inner cycle doesn’t actually talk about any “dysfunction” and “marital discord” that Life & Style has been wrong again and again and again. And then in February 2017, it was said the actress was “dumped” on her birthday.

Jennifer Aniston Leaning On Jason Bateman Amid Justin Theroux Divorce?

“He often acted as mediator between them, which ruined the break for everyone,” says the questionable insider. Regardless, we can confirm that the magazine’s article is pure fiction. According to the New Zealand edition of Woman’s Day, Bateman was overheard telling friends at this month’s Screen Actors Guild Awards that Aniston and Theroux are headed for a split. We’re further told that Bateman never blabbed about his friends’ nonexistent breakup at the SAG Awards. (Getty Images)
A new tabloid report claiming that Jennifer Aniston is leaning on Jason Bateman as she prepares to divorce Justin Theroux is entirely made-up. Woman’s Day has forgone actual journalism in favor of publishing sensational fan fiction. “Jason said this could be Hollywood’s next big divorce story.” The unreliable tabloid further purports that Bateman “will be the one Jennifer turns to as she starts her life without Justin.”
It should be noted, Bateman and Aniston are longtime friends who’ve co-starred in five films together, which is seemingly the only reason he’s being dragged into this phony narrative. This latest article in the ongoing saga is equally bogus. Gossip Cop recently debunk an article alleging that the actress was “livid” about Theroux going shopping with Bateman’s wife. Even if any of this were true, it’s hard to believe that the actor would be sharing the details of his pal’s marriage to a crowd of people at an awards show after-party. He said Justin’s had most of his belongings from their Bel Air home shipped to New York and the couple are barely on speaking terms.”
Bateman and his wife spent New Year’s in Mexico with the famous couple, but according to the outlet, the actor told his pals that Aniston and Theroux fought throughout the entire vacation. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the nonexistent drama. We’re told the couple’s marriage is going strong. Celebrity Rumors Jason Bateman Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Gossip Cop is exclusively assured by a source close to the situation that Aniston and Theroux aren’t having any marriage problems. In fact, this isn’t the first time that Aniston’s friendship with Bateman has been exploited to create a bogus story surrounding her marriage. A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “Jason was addressing rumors about Jen and Justin, confirming they were in dire straits.

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez NOT ‘On Break’ Or ‘Fighting,’ Despite Made-Up Report

on Tuesday and worked out together on Wednesday. HollywoodLies then quotes a seemingly made-up “source” as saying, “The fight they had was legit but all they just need now is a few days away from each other.” “They have seen each other a little too much and they need a break,” continues the ill-informed or fake source before adding, “They just need some alone time.” Like many of the site’s so-called “exclusive” stories about Gomez and Bieber, this too is a complete lie. Still, Gossip Cop reached out to a Gomez source, who assures us the HollywoodLife story is “fake news,” and a Bieber insider echoes, “They just make up [expletive].”
Just a few days before HollywoodLies got caught in its latest manufactured article about the couple taking a “break” from each other after supposedly “fighting,” Gossip Cop busted the same site for a fake news story about how Gomez calls Bieber “my husband.” And before that, you’ll recall the blog asserted in a slew of articles that Bieber and Gomez were going to spend Thanksgiving and then Christmas together. And there’s been no break. Regardless, Gomez and Bieber are still dating. In fact, they arrived back in L.A. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are taking a break after fighting on their Cabo bae-cation.” From there, the often discredited outlet warns that its supposed “exclusive” will be “hard for diehard Jelena fans to hear,” but after celebrating New Year’s together in Mexico they had a fight that was “very serious.” “They were spotted arguing on the tarmac when they arrived in LA, too,” adds the site, which sometimes favors fiction writing over fact-checking. (HollywoodLife)
There was no fight. But, as Gossip Cop correctly reported based on impeccable insiders, they didn’t share those holidays together, as the webloid wrongly predicated. Basically, if the most disproven outlet of 2017 maintains it has an “exclusive” about Gomez and Bieber, there’s a good chance that what’s really going on is the opposite of their claim. The wholly concocted tale comes from HollywoodLife, which has rightly earned the nickname HollywoodLies. Celebrity Rumors Fake News HollywoodLife Justin Bieber Selena Gomez The story was manufactured by a site that had by far the most inaccurate and fabricated articles of all the outlets monitored by Gossip Cop in 2017. (Getty Images)
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are not “on a break,” nor did they have an “explosive fight” after returning from Cabo San Lucas, despite an entirely made-up report. The blog begins its phony report by writing, “Oh no! There are even photos of Gomez and Bieber after a private pilates workout at the West Hollywood studio Hot Pilates.

Caitlyn Jenner Not Dating 21-Year-Old College Student Sophia Hutchins, Despite Late And Wrong Report

Gossip Cop debunked the romance rumors when they first emerged a few months ago, and we can do so yet again. Now, nearly two months later, the unreliable website Celebrity Insider insists that the two are together. Shortly after a number of outlets spread the false conjecture, Jenner’s rep exclusively assured us that she wasn’t dating Hutchins. Regardless, Gossip Cop once again checked in with a rep for Jenner, who assures us that she and Hutchins are still “just good friends.” Despite Celebrity Insider’s baseless and outdated report, the pals aren’t romantically involved. The site also notes that in a December 2016 interview, Hutchins credited Jenner with inspiring her to transition, but expressing admiration for someone isn’t evidence of a romance. The two women frequently socialize, which is common practice among friends. (Getty Images)
Caitlyn Jenner still isn’t dating transgender college student Sophia Hutchins, despite a late and wrong report claiming the reality star is in a relationship with the 21-year-old. Unfortunately, it seems the tabloids are eager to create a romance between the reality star and model simply because they both happen to be transgender. Back in October, there was inaccurate speculation that the former Olympian was in a relationship wth the young model and Pepperdine University student after they were spotted vacationing together in Los Cabos, Mexico. Instead, the site recycled old photos of Jenner and Hutchins on the beach in Mexico to back up its claims. Share The Facts

Celebrity Insider

Caitlyn Jenner is dating 21-year-old college student Sophia Hutchins. However, the webloid’s bogus story isn’t based on any new information. Monday, December 4, 2017
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Caitlyn Jenner Celebrity Insider Celebrity Rumors The reality star’s relationship with Hutchins also remains platonic, despite an untrustworthy blog regurgitating an old claim. Gossip Cop previously busted Star for wrongly reporting that Jenner was getting married to her pal Candis Cayne, who she never even dated. It should be noted, the former Olympian has been wrongly linked to other transgender friends in the past.

Caitlyn Jenner NOT Dating Sophia Hutchins, Despite “New Girlfriend” Report

Of course, plenty of friends talk about each other in interviews, go on joint vacations, and hang out with one other’s pets. Share The Facts


Caitlyn Jenner is dating Sophia Hutchins. Sophia is a friend amongst many others.” There you have it. A few months ago, MediaTakeOut went a similar route, announcing that Jenner was now a lesbian and dating a young blonde. In fact, the entire story mostly hinges on Jenner and Hutchins simply hanging out together. It does not mean the dinner companions are dating. Neither Jenner herself nor Hutchins is pictured in the snapshot, which Hutchins posted to Instagram back in July, but to the online publication, it’s proof that there’s a romance going on between the two women. The webloid, however, saw fit to put logic aside for the sake of something more salacious. And now a rep insists to Gossip Cop, “Caitlyn isn’t dating anyone. (Getty Images)
Caitlyn Jenner is not dating Sophia Hutchins, says her rep, despite a report labeling Hutchins as Jenner’s “new girlfriend.” Gossip Cop is told the transgender star is single. The basis for those claims was something as innocent and unremarkable as the star being spotted out to dinner with Hutchins. The site also points out that when Hutchins spoke about her gender identity in an interview last year, she credited Jenner with showing that “normal and successful people [transition] and people are okay when they do it.” That, along with social media photos suggesting the two women have been hanging out the last few months, leads the site to conclude that Hutchins is Jenner’s “stunning girlfriend.”
But speaking highly of Jenner in an interview is not evidence of a relationship, nor are photos that are as generic as simply showing Jenner’s dog in the outdoors. Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Caitlyn Jenner Celebrity Rumors RadarOnline But MediaFakeOut chose to jump to conclusions and sensationalize, much like what RadarOnline is doing now, despite proving in the past that it is untrustworthy by peddling nonsense, such as claiming earlier this year that Jenner was looking to date a “hot young boy toy.” In actuality, Jenner herself has said on multiple occasions that she has no interest in dating. Last time Gossip Cop checked, people go out to dinner with others all the time. RadarOnline is breathlessly blaring in a headline on Tuesday, “Caitlyn’s New Girlfriend Exposed: Jenner, 68, Dating Trans Model & College Student, 21!” The webloid describes their recent vacation to Mexico as a “romantic trip,” but has no sources (real or fictional) actually claiming the pair are dating.

Si aqui estuvieras – Gera MXM letra

Letra Gera Mxm – Si aqui estuvieras

Van, rompiendo fronteras por todos lugares
la city llena de criminales
afuera a cosa esta muy grave
Mexico esta que arde.
Pero si a mi me pidieran que cambie
Mi estilo y mi flow eso no
pero si tu aqui estuvieras
lo vieras de cerca mi sueno y pasion.
Ya se que estamos muy cerca del exito
pero todavia no
o al menos no me conformo
con todo lo que me en ganado.(si aqui estuvieras)

Encerrado en mi silencio me prendi me puse loco
me puse en analizar en que estoy mal y ma equivoco
y noto que en la necesidad de que esto cambie
se juntaron los locos y no existe quien los pare.
Siente lo que hay en mi mente
si me pongo grifo la rim sale potente
lo hago por mi gente
esto es algo consiente.
Los pajaros cumbia
Y los de alzada si que suenan diferente
no me sostengan la mirada
no me junto con la envidia
solo con banda empezada.
Tanga matanga les ganamos esta tanda
si yo me la paso ganando y de parranda
dicen que neto en los controles
yo que digo que mencionene
ni modo de andar por ahi menionandome a mi solo.
Van a ver que va a llegar lejos este cholo
estoy enamorado de la vida y el tonooo.
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