How Is Katie Holmes Coping With Jamie Foxx Split?

Without any evidence to back up its article, the tabloid insisted the actress had gotten a facelift, nose job, implants, lip fillers and Botox, in addition to other procedures. In addition to there being very little evidence to back up the premise, Holmes’ rep also confirmed it was fabricated. The entire premise was based on the word of an anonymous “source,” but Holmes’ spokesperson assured us it was fabricated. “Katie Holmes Speaking Out Against Jamie Foxx And Tom Cruise?” Gossip Cop, 28 Aug. Scott, Hugh. Leslie Sloane, Spokesperson for Katie Holmes. The tabloid alleged the actress’s health and self-esteem were suffering following her breakup, as she was supposedly refusing to eat. (Getty Images)
Katie Holmes is doing just fine following her split from Jamie Foxx, but the tabloids have published a number of false stories claiming otherwise. The magazine said she planned to “openly bash” the actor and reveal that their relationship ended because he “betrayed her with dozens of women over the years.” At no point in the story was it mentioned when, where or how this interview would go down. Gossip Cop later busted Life & Style for falsely claiming Holmes got a “revenge makeover” following her breakup in a “desperate effort to boost her sagging self-esteem.” The report emerged after the actress was photographed looking glammed up during Fashion Week. “Katie Holmes Leaning On Ex Chris Klein Amid Jamie Foxx Split?” Gossip Cop, 29 Aug. There was also no indication of her “leaning” on Klein following her 2012 divorce from Tom Cruise, so why turn to him after her her split from Foxx? The actress didn’t get a “revenge makeover.” She simply dressed up for a major fashion event. for falsely claiming Holmes would be speaking out against Foxx in an interview about their split. The report was total nonsense, as a rep for the actress confirmed. Here are just five wrong rumors on the topic that we’ve recently corrected. Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes


Shuster, Andrew. 2019. It’s impossible she’d be able to recover in time, and there’s been no hint of surgeries in any recent photos. “Katie Holmes Gets ‘Revenge Makeover’ After Jamie Foxx Split?” Gossip Cop, 12 Sep. Holmes’ spokesperson called the story “crazy,” further noting that the actress “has always been fashionable.” Holmes even had her own clothing line at one point, and has served on multiple campaigns for various fashion brands. 2019. Matis, Griffin. And finally, Gossip Cop called out NW earlier this week for wrongly alleging Holmes underwent $75,000 in plastic surgery to get over her split from Foxx. “Katie Holmes Spent $75,000 On Plastic Surgery After Jamie Foxx Split?” Gossip Cop, 17 Sep. The outlet maintained the actress was seeking comfort in Klein, who she was engaged to in 2005 before calling it off. 2019. However, Holmes is frequently photographed in public and she’s attended a number of events as of late. 20 Sep. However, it doesn’t seem there’s been much interaction between Holmes and Klein since their 2005 split. Just one day after, Gossip Cop called out Woman’s Day for making up a story about Holmes leaning on ex-fiance Chris Klein amid her split from Foxx. Earlier this month, Gossip Cop debunked an NW cover story about a “heartbroken” Holmes starving herself following her split from Foxx. Holmes’ rep, who’s qualified to speak on her behalf, assured us she was perfectly “happy.” That became even more evident in the days that followed when the actress was seen out and about during New York Fashion Week. 2019. “Katie Holmes Heartbroken And Starving Herself Following Jamie Foxx Split?” Gossip Cop, 4 Sep. In late August, Gossip Cop busted OK! 2019. Holmes wasn’t having any sort of meltdown in the wake of her relationship ending. Matis, Griffin. 2019. Gossip Cop has debunked several phony articles about the actress’s supposed difficulties coping with the breakup. Matis, Griffin.

Miley Cyrus And Kaitlynn Carter Buying ‘Love Nest’?

Matis, Griffin. Shuster, Andrew. We called out NW earlier this month for a phony rumor about Cyrus and Carter planning to wed in a wild Las Vegas ceremony. However, they’re perfectly happy in their current situation, and there’s no evidence to suggest they’re already house-hunting. The singer and the reality star have been spending a lot of time together in recent weeks and have been displaying a fair amount of PDA, and Cyrus and Carter are reportedly staying together, according to People magazine. “They want to spend around $8 million and have been looking in Malibu and Hidden Hills.”

The outlet further contends that Cyrus and Carter have been living at the reality star’s pad in West Hollywood, but they’re looking to expand their space. Matis, Griffin. “Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Got Married For Tax Purposes After Malibu Home Burned Down?” Gossip Cop, 11 Jan 2019. “They need a place where they can start fresh, with a lot of space for all of Miley’s animals.”
Gossip Cop reached out to one of our sources in Cyrus’ camp, who assures us the story isn’t true. This is just another case of the gossip media trying to come up with a new angle about Cyrus and Carter’s relationship on account of it being one of the hottest topics in celebrity news right now. Life & Style says Cyrus and Carter have already moved on from their respective breakups with Liam Hemsworth and Brody Jenner, and are taking the next step in their relationship with each other. 2019. 2019. “Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter Step Out as Source Says They’re ‘Very Happy’ Living Together.” People, 2 Sep. “Miley Cyrus Joining ‘The Hills’ Alongside Kaitlynn Carter?” Gossip Cop, 11 Sep. It’s just a lazy attempt at authenticity. Life & Style Miley Cyrus


DeSantis, Rachel. Instead, the outlet just pulls “$8 million” out of the air to try to exude some sense of legitimacy while keeping other details vague. Gossip Cop has also busted several stories specifically regarding Cyrus and Carter’s relationship. We also busted Star for wrongly reporting Cyrus was joining Carter on the second season of The Hills: New Beginnings. “It’s nice, but it’s small,” adds the supposed tipster. (Getty Images)
Are Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter looking for a “love nest” to buy together? It was a similar case when Star, a sister publication of Life & Style, falsely claimed Cyrus and Hemsworth wed just to take advantage of tax and insurance laws after their Malibu home burned down. The outlet never specified what exact loopholes or laws the couple was using to their advantage. That’s the latest story about the couple in one of the tabloids. “Miley Cyrus, Kaitlynn Carter Planning To Wed?” Gossip Cop, 3 Sep. Gossip Cop can confirm it’s untrue. “Miley and Kaitlynn are searching for a love nest,” a suspicious source tells the magazine. 2019. The gossip media is clearly just making up assumptions about the current state of Cyrus’ newest relationship, without any genuine insight into it.

Channing Tatum Upset About Jenna Dewan’s Pregnancy?

Although Tatum and Dewan separated in 2018, they’re still targeted by the tabloids with false rumors. “Instagram vs Reality.” Instagram, 31 Aug. Channing Tatum NW Magazine


Dewan, Jenna. “Channing doesn’t want to be replaced as a dad and he’s feeling really shut out being so far away from Evie.”
The magazine then drops a bold statement by implying the actor may immediately fly to Los Angeles to “mark his territory,” whatever that means. “Jenna’s a dancer and her body is always so tight and toned, so it’s been almost impossible for her to hide it,” an anonymous source tells the magazine. In June, In Touch pushed a fake story about Dewan racing to beat Tatum to the altar with their respective new partners. “Jenna Dewan ‘Dragging Feet’ On Finalizing Channing Tatum Divorce?” Gossip Cop, 5 June 2019. Shuster, Andrew. “It’s just really hard seeing her pregnant with Evie’s little brother or sister and him not being the dad.”
Considering that Dewan isn’t pregnant, nothing about the magazine’s premise is accurate. 2019. This latest article surrounding pregnancy drama is no more realistic. Dewan isn’t expecting a child, and Tatum isn’t upset over a nonsexist scenario. This is based on photos of the dancer at the beach with her 6-year-old daughter she shares with Tatum, and her boyfriend Steve Kazee. (Getty Images)
Channing Tatum is upset after discovering his ex Jenna Dewan is pregnant? The only difference is that she isn’t mid-step or trying to corral her child at the beach in her social media photos. “She and Steve have done their best,” adds the source, “but whispers are she’s almost four months [along] already.” The outlet further contends that Tatum is troubled by the situation. The photos of Dewan’s “baby bump” are from August 31, and Dewan herself posted pictures of herself in the exact same outfit on Instagram later that day. It’s classic tabloid behavior to take photos of a female celebrity in a bathing suit and insist she has a “baby bump.” Half of the time it’s because the woman was caught mid-exhale or post-meal. “He’s really happy with Jessie [J], but seeing Jenna, Steve and Everly together has got him freaking out,” adds the suspicious tipster. Shuster, Andrew. Meanwhile, Star published an equally untrue claim about Dewan “dragging her feet” on finalizing her divorce from Tatum in an attempt to exert control over his personal life. That’s the story in one of the tabloids. According to NW, Dewan has been happily “flaunting” a baby bump. “It’s not that he wants Jenna back,” the questionable insider says. Gossip Cop can confirm that nothing about it is remotely true. “Jenna Dewan Rushing To Marry Boyfriend Before Channing Tatum Weds Jessie J?” Gossip Cop, 26 June 2019. Instead, she’s reclined on a fence post, and the only thing she’s “flaunting” is her well-toned abdominal muscles.

Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx Mending Friendship After Katie Holmes Split?

for wrongly reporting that Holmes would be “speaking out” against both Cruise and Foxx. An alleged source tells the outlet, “Everyone forgets that the only reason Katie and Jamie know each other is Tom Cruise. In late August, Gossip Cop called out OK! After Katie and Tom’s ugly split, Foxx and Cruise’s friendship broke up too.” The seemingly phony insider adds, “It wasn’t pretty, but now Tom and Jamie are mending their broken relationship.”
There’s a major red flag here regarding this quote from the blog’s “source.” The so-called “insider” can’t seem to decide whether they know Tom Cruise as “Tom” or as “Cruise.” The same goes for Jamie Foxx, who’s referred to as both “Jamie” and as “Foxx” by the same tipster. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who tells us the blog’s article is totally fabricated. 2019. Although it remains unclear how Foxx’s romance with Holmes impacted his friendship with Cruise, we can confirm the blog’s take on the subject isn’t accurate. “Katie Holmes Speaking Out Against Jamie Foxx And Tom Cruise?” Gossip Cop, 28 Aug. Cruise and Foxx co-starred together in the 2004 thriller Collateral, one year before Cruise started dating Holmes. This latest article involving the nature of Cruise and Foxx’s relationship is more nonsense. The website is simply capitalizing on Holmes and Foxx’s breakup by dragging her famous ex-husband into the situation. Foxx wasn’t spotted with either star at any other point during their relationship. It should be noted, Cruise and Foxx were friendly around the time Collateral was released, but there’s no indication the two were ever the best of friends. The magazine falsely claimed Cruise was begging Holmes to take him back following her split from his former co-star. “Tom Cruise Begging Katie Holmes To Take Him Back Following Jamie Foxx Split?” Gossip Cop, 9 Sep. Our insider wasn’t able to speak on the record, but we’re told Cruise and Foxx haven’t been in touch for quite some time and that hasn’t changed in the wake of Foxx’s split from Holmes. Jamie was once great friends with Tom.” The suspicious insider adds, “Jamie has been there literally since day one of Tom and Katie. In fact, the only time Foxx was ever photographed hanging out with both Cruise and Holmes was at a 2006 Redskins-Vikings game. The blog tries to make it seem as if Holmes and Foxx immediately got together following her divorce, but it’s unclear when their casual romance started. (Getty Images)
A story about Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx mending their friendship following Foxx’s split from Katie Holmes is totally made-up. Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Tom Cruise


Shuster, Andrew. Shuster, Andrew. Gossip Cop busted NW for trying a similar tactic earlier this week. That storyline was also pure fiction. We’ve learned it’s fiction. The two actors became friendly while working on the movie, but according to Naughty Gossip, they had a falling out after Cruise’s 2012 divorce from Holmes. Gossip Cop looked into the situation. The earliest they were spotted together was at a charity event in late 2013. The inconsistency here is just sloppy. The actress has no plans to talk publicly about either of her exes. 2019. Other reports indicate the pair didn’t start dating until 2015.

Truth About Justin Bieber’s Mental Health

“Justin Bieber NOT On ‘Suicide Watch,’ Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 27 Feb. The gossip media, however, often frames his struggles into something they’re not just to sell magazines. However, his openness and candor regarding his mental health are admirable. Not longer afterwards, Heat insisted the singer’s mental health struggles were taking a toll on his relationship, and that Baldwin was sick of “playing therapist” for Bieber. (Getty Images)
Justin Bieber’s rise from child star to pop icon has kept him in the spotlight for more than a decade. Meanwhile, Baldwin’s repeated social media posts gushing about her husband disproved the article’s allegations about her growing tired of him. “Hailey is absolutely miserable,” an unnamed “tipster” told the outlet. “Justin Bieber On Suicide Watch After Instagram Post?” Gossip Cop, 9 Sep. The singer’s past drug tests have never revealed either of those drugs in his system, and Bieber clearly isn’t struggling with any addictions currently. “Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin On Verge Of Split Over His Depression?” Gossip Cop, 13 March 2019. Baldwin frequently posts about Bieber on social media, even referring to a recent outing as the “the most perfect day with my person.” People magazine, a far more legitimate outlet, recently reported how supportive Baldwin is when it comes to Bieber’s mental health. Bieber’s note mentioned “doing heavy drugs at 19,” which the outlet alleged were crack cocaine and crystal meth. Matis, Griffin. 2019. “Her entire life has become consumed by Justin.” The magazine based its piece on an Instagram post from Bieber, who asked fans to pray for him after he admitted to “struggling” and “feeling super disconnected and weird.”
The tabloid completely missed the parts of Bieber’s post where he reassured everyone he was doing fine and not to worry about him. “Hailey’s exhausted, and it feels like she’s constantly managing Justin’s mood swings,” an anonymous insider told the magazine. A source in Bieber’s camp assured us no one in his inner circle was concerned about him harming himself, and the entire premise was “completely false.” Additionally the singer had been spotted socializing and smiling in public at the time the article was published. “Hailey Baldwin Sick Of Playing ‘Therapist’ To Justin Bieber?” Gossip Cop, 10 Sep. Unfortunately, the tabloids have used Bieber’s personal struggles as inspiration for fake stories. In February, Star published a cover story which falsely reported Bieber was put on suicide watch and had “lost the will to live” after he began receiving treatment for depression. Unfortunately, this was just another misrepresentation of a message posted by Bieber on social media. Growing up in the public eye is difficult, but the singer has opened up lately about his personal struggles and mental health in an effort to be transparent with his fans. Justin Bieber


Shuster, Andrew. 2019. Earlier this week, NW falsely maintained Bieber was put on suicide watch after posting a note on Instagram where he opened up about his past struggles, ranging from drug use to depression, and his rise to fame. Bieber’s time in the spotlight has been admittedly tumultuous at times. The publication also noted how Bieber was seeing therapists on both coasts, so it didn’t make sense that Baldwin would be stuck feeling like one. Gossip Cop had busted similar claims about Baldwin and Bieber’s relationship, but we had never covered the tabloid’s next accusation. 2019. These are just a few of the wrong rumors about Bieber’s mental health that Gossip Cop has had to debunk. A few weeks later, In Touch wrongly reported Baldwin was on the verge of splitting from Bieber over his depression. “Of course, she wants him to get better,” the purported source added, “but she currently feels more like his carer than his wife.”
Once again, this was all untrue. Gossip Cop will continue to call out these tabloids when they do so. The tabloid further contended Baldwin was having difficulty handling her husband’s mental state. Lewittes, Michael. Matis, Griffin. The magazine asserted Bieber’s “mood swings and fits of tears” were preventing his wife, Hailey Baldwin, from helping him “beat his demons.” The piece even claimed Bieber’s weight had dropped to 130 pounds, and he was breaking out in pimples “more than he ever did as a teenager.”

In reality, the outlet was just desperate to capitalize on the news then about Bieber seeking help for depression.

Kourtney And Khloe Kardashian Fighting Over Brad Pitt?

For the sake of argument, however, let’s say she didn’t want to make jokes out of respect for her sisters. In July, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Pitt was flirting with Katy Perry at a party in Beverly Hills. Scott, Hugh. The questionable insider claims Khloe texted first and asked Pitt to work out with her, but “Kourt decided to fight fire with fire and asked Brad over for dinner… and plans to make him a few aphrodisiac dishes.”
Although Kourtney and Khloe were in attendance at West’s church service on the day Pitt visited, Gossip Cop found no evidence of the three ever interacting. It’s worth noting, Kendall Jenner spoke about seeing Pitt at the church service during an interview on The Tonight Show last week. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we’ve learned it’s entirely made-up. In August, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming Pitt was teaming up with Snoop Dogg to make music. This inspired NW to create a bizarre love triangle. “Brad Pitt Hit On Katy Perry At A Party?” Gossip Cop, 1 July 2019. It should be mentioned, NW has a habit of creating fake scenarios involving Pitt and other celebrities whenever he happens to be at the same events as them. “Pour It Out w/ Kendall Jenner.” YouTube, 5 Sep. And while it’s certainly possible some of the sisters briefly met Pitt, they didn’t get physically flirty or trade numbers with him. Still, we ran the tabloid’s story by a source close to Pitt, who dismissed it as nonsense. If the model’s two sisters were actually fighting over Pitt, it seems like the sort of thing she would have joked about on the show. There were hundreds of people in attendance at West’s Sunday Service, so it’s nearly impossible that there wouldn’t be at least one photo of such an interaction. Both stars were at the same event to honor renowned architect Frank Gehry, but no “flirting” went on. (Getty Images)
Are Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian really fighting over Brad Pitt? Brad Pitt Khloe Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian NW Magazine


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. According to the magazine, two sisters are now battling over who will go on a date with the actor first. This latest article involving the Kardashian sisters is more nonsense. 2019. In that case, she would have refrained from trying to make a love connection between Pitt and Rihanna. “But Kourt definitely dominated. That’s the crazy scenario in one of the tabloids. The model admitted she was so starstruck that she fled the service rather than introducing herself. Shuster, Andrew. Jenner also noted that she wanted to set Pitt up with Rihanna because they’re both “so gorgeous. There was a real spark between them.”
The suspicious tipster goes on to say that Khloe did her best to “keep up” by being more physically flirty with the Ad Astra star, but it came to a draw after both sisters got Pitt’s number and texted him within hours. 2019. Earlier this month, Pitt went to Kanye West’s Sunday Service, which was also attended by several members of the Kardashian family, including Kourtney and Khloe. That phony article was only concocted after the rapper was spotted at premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “Brad Pitt Teaming Up With Snoop Dogg To Make Music?” Gossip Cop, 13 Aug. There are multiple photos and videos of West and Pitt exchanging greetings, but nothing showing the Kardashian sisters talking to him. “They were swarming around Brad likes bees to a honeypot,” says an anonymous tipster. She got very flirty with Brad, and he was clearly lapping up the attention.

Brad Pitt Had Laser Treatment And Eye Surgery To Look Younger?

To back up its story, the tabloid uses a “before” photo of Pitt, in which he’s in mid-sentence. Gossip Cop also caught New Idea making up a similar story about Pitt and Aniston going on a “secret getaway” to Mexico. 2019. There’s no collaboration between the two in the works. This latest on based on the actor’s appearance on the red carpet is more fiction. The tabloid doesn’t use a fair comparison, because that would reveal the actor hasn’t undergone any major surgeries. Shuster, Andrew. We busted the outlet a few weeks ago for a bizarre claim about Pitt teaming up with Snoop Dogg to make music. A fair comparison would be two photos of Pitt with similar facial expressions, as well as making sure he had the same amount of sleep and water in both photos, since those are big factors in the appearance of one’s skin. 2019. Using the headline, “The Curious Case of Brad Pitt,” NW says the actor looks suspiciously younger these days. “Brad Pitt Teaming Up With Snoop Dogg To Make Music?” Gossip Cop, 13 Aug. “Jennifer Aniston Took Brad Pitt On Secret Trip To Mexico?” Gossip Cop, 6 Sep. (Getty Images)
Did Brad Pitt undergo laser treatment and eye surgery to make himself look younger? The magazine quotes a plastic surgeon as saying, “It certainly appears that he has had eyelid surgery on both his upper and lower lids. Lighting plays a major role in one’s appearance in a picture, which is the more likely explanation behind Pitt’s eyelids looking tighter on the red carpet in Mexico. Just last week, we debunked Star’s claims about Jennifer Aniston taking Pitt to Cabo after he was done promoting his movie in Mexico City. 2019. Additional photos of Pitt in Mexico, as well as more recent pictures of the actor, reveal that his eyelids and skin looks completely natural for a person who’s 55-years-old. That’s the claim in one of the tabloids. This cannot be chalked up to a good night’s sleep!” The physician goes on to say that Pitt could “have had some laser resurfacing under his eyes” in addition to other procedures. Gossip Cop found the story to be completely untrue. “This gives him a more alert appearance, but it also shaves years off his age and looks natural.”
The magazine’s article is based on very flimsy evidence. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Went On Secret Getaway To Mexico?” Gossip Cop, 26 Aug. Gossip Cop has also busted a fair amount of stories related to the actor’s recent time in Mexico. Gossip Cop is no stranger to NW’s blatantly false rumors about Pitt. Brad Pitt NW Magazine


Scott, Hugh. The article is based on a single photo of the actor at the Mexico premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and the word of a doctor who’s never treated or even seen the movie star in person. Moving one’s mouth causes causes wrinkles to be more prominent, so this is hardly a smoking gun. Meanwhile, the “after” photo used as “proof” of plastic surgery is one that involves Pitt raising his eyebrows, which tightens the skin. Shuster, Andrew.

Truth About Jennifer Lopez Delaying Wedding To Alex Rodriguez

In August, the Enquirer made up a story about Lopez being “too busy” to marry Rodriguez, claiming she was purposely taking on new projects to push back the wedding, causing friction in their relationship. Here are a few times Gossip Cop has called out the tabloids in recent months about Lopez allegedly delaying her wedding. The absurd story was created simply because Lopez was spotted lifting weights with Rodriguez. The couple is planning to get married next year, but that hasn’t stopped the gossip media from churning out false reports about their marriage plans being in jeopardy. “Jennifer Lopez Getting Cold Feet Before Marrying Alex Rodriguez?” Gossip Cop, 4 Sept. In reality, the engaged couple enjoy working out together, and their hobby hasn’t impacted their wedding plans. The magazine maintained that the singer was “really dragging her feet” and “won’t make it down the aisle.” The story leaned heavily on the idea that Lopez’s past marriages were making her nervous about marrying the former Yankee for fear that it would also end in divorce. For starters, brides aren’t typically fitted for dresses in advance of a wedding date being set. 2019. And just last week, NW falsely claimed Lopez was too muscular for her wedding dress, so she was pushing back her nuptials to get fitted for a new gown. Lopez told Entertainment Tonight there’s “no rush” to get married, adding, “We really see this as something that’s gonna be forever, and we’re gonna just take our time and do it right.” The singer didn’t postpone a wedding that wasn’t imminent in the first place. Matis, Griffin. It’s true that the couple is very busy, as Lopez has been on tour and is getting ready to shoot a new movie, while Rodriguez is a color commentator for ESPN, but their schedules weren’t “delaying” a wedding that hasn’t been planned yet. Alex Rodriguez Jennifer Lopez


Shuster, Andrew. A few weeks after the couple got engaged in March, Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer for falsely claiming Lopez was having second thoughts about marrying Rodriguez. “Jennifer Lopez Having Second Thoughts About Marrying Alex Rodriguez?” Gossip Cop, 18 April 2019. Scott, Hugh. “Jennifer Lopez Too Muscular For Her Wedding Dress?” Gossip Cop, 9 Sept. Like any busy couple, they are planning their wedding around their hectic schedules. Scott, Hugh. In September, Gossip Cop called out Life & Style for claiming Lopez was getting cold feet before marrying Rodriguez. “Jennifer Lopez ‘Too Busy’ To Marry Alex Rodriguez?” Gossip Cop, 7 Aug. The whole story was nonsense. 2019. This bogus story hearkened back to the earlier narrative that Lopez had “come down with a case of pre-wedding jitters” because the singer would be “humiliated” if the marriage turned into her fourth divorce. A source close to the singer confirmed the storyline was ridiculous. 2019. Around the same time the phony article was published, Lopez shared several Instagram photos of the two together, including one of them sharing a kiss in New York City. An individual in the singer’s camp assured Gossip Cop there was “no truth” to scheduling issues causing friction between the pair. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez has not been delaying her wedding to Alex Rodriguez, despite an ongoing narrative in the tabloids.

Katie Holmes’ Daughter Suri Cruise Sad About Jamie Foxx Split?

Shuster, Andrew. Last year, Gossip Cop called out Woman’s Day for making up a story about Holmes’ daughter begging her to dump Foxx. The young girl never made such a request. “How Suri’s Coping With Losing Her Second Dad,” reads a headline in the latest issue of In Touch, which claims the 13-year-old had come to think of the actor as a father figure in the years since she’s been estranged from real dad Tom Cruise. That obviously didn’t happen. As recently as April, Gossip Cop debunked a phony story claiming Holmes wanted Foxx to replace Cruise as Suri’s new father. “Katie Holmes Fighting With Daughter Suri Cruise Over Jamie Foxx Moving In?” Gossip Cop, 22 Oct. 2018. Now that Holmes and Foxx have split, the gossip media is just trying to involve Suri in the breakup too. Shuster, Andrew. That’s the phony premise featured in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can set the record straight. “Katie Holmes Wants Jamie Foxx To Replace Tom Cruise As Suri’s ‘Father Figure’?” Gossip Cop, 16 Apr. Leslie Sloane, Spokesperson for Katie Holmes. An unknown source is quoted as telling the magazine, “When Suri asked about Jamie, her mom told her the truth – that they had broken up.”

The anonymous insider adds, “Suri was sad, but she’s able to handle it. In Touch Magazine Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Suri Cruise


“Jamie Foxx Never Adopted Suri Cruise, Despite Report A Year Ago.” Gossip Cop, 27 Apr. The actor never lived with Holmes or her daughter. Shortly after that, NW wrongly reported that Suri was fighting with her mom over Foxx moving in with them. Nothing about this ongoing saga has ever been true. She’s a lot more mature than people think. (Getty Images)
Is Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri Cruise sad about her mom’s split from Jamie Foxx? 6 Sep. Suri wasn’t involved in her mom’s relationship with the actor. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the first time a tabloid has decided to drag Holmes’ daughter into a story about the actress’s romance with Foxx. Back in 2017, Gossip Cop busted In Touch’s sister outlet, the National Enquirer, for falsely claiming Foxx would be legally adopting Suri. The actress’s rep assures us In Touch knows nothing about Suri and should “stop using Katie’s daughter to sell magazines.” Holmes’ relationship with Foxx was kept totally separate from her family life. 2018. The actor spent a very limited amount of time with Suri while he was dating her mom. 2018. Holmes and Foxx had an unconventional romance and lived their own lives when they weren’t together. As for this latest take on the subject, Holmes’ spokesperson says on the record that it’s completely untrue. “Suri Cruise Begging Mom Katie Holmes To Dump Jamie Foxx?” Gossip Cop, 13 Aug. 2019. For starters, trusted sources have repeatedly assured us that Foxx was never like a “second dad” to the teenage girl. 2019. She trusts her mom.” In reality, the unreliable tabloid has absolutely zero insight into how Holmes’ daughter feels about her mom’s breakup.

Lady Gaga And New Boyfriend Dan Horton Already Living Together?

2019. “Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Trying To Become The Next Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie?” Gossip Cop, 9 July 2019. This is not the first time NW has been way off base regarding Gaga’s relationship status. Just days after that and other bogus reports linking Cooper and Gaga, the tabloids had to pivot and switch their narratives because of photos that emerged of the singer kissing Horton. A source close to her assures Gossip Cop the story is made-up. Shuster, Andrew. “Lady Gaga Faking New Romance To Make Bradley Cooper Jealous?” Gossip Cop, 9 Aug. Much like those articles, the latest about the sound engineer having already moved in with Gaga is also untrue. We’re told it’s “not true.”
According to NW, Horton sold his house in Nashville, and has “shacked up” with Gaga in her L.A. While it’s true the two are dating, Horton has not moved in to Gaga’s house. “Truth About Bradley Cooper’s Involvement In Lady Gaga’s New Romance.” Gossip Cop, 25 Aug. And to cover their tracks, the celebrity magazines made up a slew of phony stories tying Cooper into Gaga’s new relationship with the sound engineer. In July, for example, Gossip Cop busted the same magazine for wrongly maintaining Cooper and Gaga were looking to become the next Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the story about the recording engineer now living together full-time with Gaga. Irrespective of the outlet’s issue with logic, Gossip Cop noted that tale was completely untrue since the two A Star Is Born co-stars never dated. That’s the premise behind a new tabloid report which further claims the singer has gotten over her “infatuation” with Bradley Cooper, thanks to Horton. Shuster, Andrew. To make its article sound more legitimate, the outlet quotes what it maintains is an “insider” as saying, “Gaga and Dan are moving really fast,” and now Horton is “spending most of his time at her Hollywood Hills house.”

The report goes on to assert that neither Horton nor Gaga “were looking for love, but they’re very happy” ever since finding it with one another. 2019. We also shot down an outlet’s claim about how Gaga was faking her romance with Horton to Cooper jealous. Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga NW Magazine


Shuster, Andrew. (Getty Images)
Has Lady Gaga’s boyfriend Dan Horton moved into her Los Angeles home? And two days after that, Gossip Cop corrected another magazine’s story about Gaga only dating Horton because Cooper refused to commit to her. 2019. mansion. For instance, Gossip Cop had to set the record straight about how Cooper has had no involvement with Gaga’s new romance. In that article it was bizarrely claimed that, while they wanted to be “bigger than Brangelina,” Cooper and Gaga were supposedly keeping their romance a secret. Shuster, Andrew. The tabloid contends the two have been living together ever since she moved on from Cooper. “Lady Gaga Started New Romance Because Bradley Cooper Refused To Commit?” Gossip Cop, 11 Aug.

Miley Cyrus, Kaitlynn Carter Planning To Wed?

Either the source is lying to one of the magazines, or, more likely, the source is entirely fake and the tabloids are just trying to hedge their bets on a possible location if the two ever do wed. (Getty Images)
Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter are planning to wed? “Miley Cyrus Being Admitted To Psych Ward To Save Marriage To Liam Hemsworth?” Gossip Cop, 6 Aug. “If anyone stands in their way, they’ll elope if they have to,” adds the insider. Adam Leber, Spokesperson for Miley Cyrus. We also debunked the tabloid’s story about Hemsworth and Cyrus’ “open marriage” in May. “Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Have Open Marriage?” Gossip Cop, 6 May 2019. 2019. Gossip Cop already busted NW for publishing a piece in August claiming that Cyrus’ family was pushing for her to spend a few weeks in a psych ward to save her marriage to Hemsworth. We reached out to Cyrus’ rep, who tells us on the record that the story is “completely false.” The story as a whole is also remarkably similar to one published this week by NW’s sister outlet, Heat. “They’ve even talked about renting a couple of floors in one of the hotels. That’s what one of this week’s tabloids is claiming. “They’ll say ‘I do’ in one of the little chapels and then go crazy with everyone at a nightclub,” adds the unidentified tipster. The outlet simply doesn’t know anything about Cyrus’ personal life, including her relationship with Carter. “They’re deadly serious about this and have already told Miley’s parents,” says an unnamed source. The only thing that “stands in the way” of this marriage is the truth. A new headline in NW reads “Miley & Kaitlynn’s Shotgun Wedding!” The article alleges that Cyrus and Carter intend to get married once their respective divorces from Liam Hemsworth and Brody Jenner are finalized. Miley Cyrus NW Magazine


Matis, Griffin. The outlet even insists there are “whispers” that the two “had a secret commitment ceremony” during their recent time in Europe. Shuster, Andrew. “You’d think she’d have told Miley to hold her horses, but she didn’t,” says the anonymous tipster, adding that they’re putting together plans for a Las Vegas ceremony. Gossip Cop investigated the story and we’ve learned it’s totally false. The so-called “insider” goes on to say that Cyrus and Carter “are literally planning their wedding alongside their divorces.” Even Tish, Cyrus’ mother, supposedly approves of the quick timeline. 2019. Both publications include similar quotes, which would indicate they’re getting their information from the same “source.” The problem is that this “insider” tells Heat that the two are most likely going to wed on a private island, not in Vegas. 3 Sept. It won’t be quiet or sophisticated, that’s for sure.”
According to the mysterious source, Cyrus “doesn’t want to make the divorce easy for Liam” but is willing to do what it takes to speed up her marriage to The Hills: New Beginnings star.

Katie Holmes Heartbroken And Starving Herself Following Jamie Foxx Split?

The actress’s rep, who’s qualified to speak on her behalf, assures us she’s perfectly “happy.”
The tabloids have been churning out many false reports in the wake of Holmes and Foxx ending their casual romance. The cover story photo, depicting the actress with sharp cheeks and roughly applied makeup under her eyes in a denim dress, was pulled from a shot of Holmes in character on set of her directorial debut, All We Had. A supposed “insider” is quoted as saying, “The weight’s melting off her, poor thing, but she’s at risk of losing even more. The magazine’s own photos exposes its story as fiction. Just last month, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Holmes was pregnant with Foxx’s baby and planned to raise the child alone. One month later, the same outlet is making no mention of a pregnancy and instead says Holmes is so upset over Foxx dating other women that she isn’t eating. Naturally, the actress isn’t expecting a baby. Additional images of the actress at the pool, as published on PopSugar, make it clear that she was only inhaling in that single pose. Katie can’t be taking in more than 500 calories a day, if that.”
The outlet’s story is based on the word of an anonymous tipster, but Gossip Cop reached out to Holmes’ spokesperson, who tells us on the record that it’s untrue. As Gossip Cop has noted, the two never considered themselves to be a conventional couple, despite seeing each other on and off for years. The alleged insider goes on to blame Foxx for the “heartbreak diet,” saying, “Jamie’s really done a number on her self-esteem – and consequently her health. (NW Magazine)
Katie Holmes is not “heartbroken” and starving herself following her recent split from Jamie Foxx, despite a bogus tabloid report. That false scenario is now being used by NW for yet another bogus story about their split. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes NW Magazine


Scott, Hugh “Katie Holmes Devastated Over Jamie Foxx Partying With Other Women?” Gossip Cop, 2 Sept. 2019 The magazine has never had any insight into their relationship and doesn’t know any more about their split. We’ve learned the actress isn’t having any sort of meltdown in the wake of the breakup. The outlet is too lazy to come up with a story that even makes sense chronologically. Stress and heartbreak are playing havoc on her physically and right now she just feels too sick to eat. The bigger issue about these photos is that they’re from 2011 when she was still married to Tom Cruise. This week’s cover of NW claims the actress has been distraught since her relationship with Foxx ended, especially after watching him “entertain over 30 women in his first weekend as a single man.” The tabloid contends that Holmes has lost more than 20 pounds since the split, and includes a very unflattering photo in an attempt to back up the claim. Oddly enough, that article said Holmes was fine letting the actor “date who he wants,” while she raises a child without him. The publication is trying to frame photos from a 2015 movie set and another one from eight years ago as a reflection of her current status. Her clothes are just falling off her and food is the last thing on her mind.” The article further maintains that the 5’9” actress now weighs a scant 92 pounds. It should be mentioned, the photos that NW uses to illustrate its story are both misleading and out of date. That movie was shot in 2015 – a full four years before her so-called “heartbreak.”
Another “heartbreak” photo inside the magazine shows Holmes at a pool, sucking in her stomach as she takes off a pair of shorts covering her bikini. Last week, we busted a Woman’s Day story claiming Holmes was devastated because Foxx had been partying with 30 women in a single weekend.
Leslie Sloane, Spokesperson for Katie Holmes. 2019. “Katie Holmes: All We Had set photos arrive.” Entertainment Weekly, 15 Aug. Rosen, Christopher. “Bikini-Clad Katie Holmes Gives Tom Cruise a Big Kiss!” PopSugar, 18 July 2011. 2019. Shuster, Andrew. 3 Sept. Merriam, Allie. “Katie Holmes Pregnant With Jamie Foxx’s Baby And Plans To Raise It Alone?” Gossip Cop, 5 Aug. 2019.

Angelina Jolie Forced Into Rehab For Eating Issues?

Shuster, Andrew. The story is yet another weak attempt at attacking the actress’s physical and mental health. 2019. “She will be monitored there by dietitians and a psychologist, who are helping her with both her mental and physical well-being.”
Naturally, the outlet also throws Brad Pitt into the equation, claiming the actress’s divorce battle with the actor has led to her alleged eating issues. (NW)
Angelina Jolie is not being forced into rehab for alleged eating issues, despite a made-up tabloid report. “Angelina Jolie Warned By Doctors To ‘Eat Or Die’?” Gossip Cop, 24 June 2019. 2019. “Angelina Jolie ‘Devastated’ Over Son Maddox Going To College?” Gossip Cop, 24 Aug. It remains untrue and the actress isn’t having a breakdown over her kids growing older. Gossip Cop already debunked the notion that Jolie is “devastated” over Maddox leaving for college when RadarOnline peddled the same narrative last week. Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt NW Magazine


Scott, Hugh. Gossip Cop can set the record straight. Several trustworthy celebrity news outlets have reported that the actress is very proud of her son. Unfortunately, NW has come up with countless variations of this fake narrative, despite the fact that the actress has been steadily working while raising six kids. Gawley, Paige. Entertainment Tonight even made a point of noting that Jolie “has encouraged him to travel nonstop, to learn many languages, and now has plans for him to go to university overseas.”
Still, Gossip Cop checked in with an individual in Jolie’s camp, who assures us she hasn’t been forced into a rehab for eating issues, nor is anyone in her inner circle worried about her health. “Angelina Jolie NOT At Risk For Bone Disease Because Of How She Eats, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 4 Jun. “The stress is literally eating away at her body,” says the seemingly phony source. “Angelina Jolie Celebrates Son Maddox’s 18th Birthday in Cleveland Before He Goes to College.” ET Online, 9 Aug. “If she loses any more weight… she may as well accept being force-fed through a tube or pick out a coffin now.”
The tabloid’s bogus story seems to have been written simply because a video emerged of the actress getting emotional while dropping her son off at school. “There’s nothing she can do about this and it’s left her crippled with anxiety,” an alleged source tells the outlet. In June, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming doctors were warning Jolie to “eat or die.” Earlier that month, we called out the magazine for similarly alleging Jolie was risk for bone disease because she wasn’t eating. Shuster, Andrew. The publication has decided to rehash its phony storyline now that her son has left for college. 2019. The unreliable magazine says the so-called “devastation and desperation” Jolie is feeling has left her “refusing to eat and at her lowest weight yet.” The publication further maintains that the actress’s kids are terrified for her, as are her close friends, who’ve supposedly put her “on watch by a 24/7 medical team to ensure she’s getting enough nutrients into her body.”
“Her medical team has put her in an outpatient program at a clinic in Los Angeles,” adds the questionable tipster. According to NW, Jolie is “traumatized” over her 18-year-old son Maddox going to college in South Korea, and equally disturbed at the thought of her younger five kids following suit and leaving home in the near future.

Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio Helping With Each Other’s Love Lives?

Shuster, Andrew. Despite being single, Pitt’s far more focused on “being a dad than on dating,” according the movie’s star’s own rep and reliable publications such as People magazine. Shuster, Andrew. “Truth About Brad Pitt And Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Bromance.'” Gossip Cop, 30 July 2019. Pitt won’t be the best man at his co-star’s imaginary “shotgun wedding.”

Brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio


Shuster, Andrew. “Brad Pitt To Be Best Man At Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Shotgun Wedding’?” Gossip Cop, 6 Aug. The tabloid contended that the actor’s girlfriend was pregnant, and Pitt was “one of the first people Leo called” when he learned the news. Gossip Cop spoke to a source close to DiCaprio, who told us the actor wasn’t engaged to his girlfriend. The entire story was false. 2019. The magazine said Pitt didn’t want to “rush into anything” while he still had the divorce hanging over his head, but “Leo’s given him the boost he needed to get back out there with the ladies.”
The story was a hyper exaggeration of DiCaprio and Pitt’s friendship, while the dating aspect was a total fabrication. Shuster, Andrew. The piece also lacked logic, considering the two had been wrapped up in the global press tour for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, leaving no time for their so-called “boys’ nights” at Pitt’s house. The outlet quoted a so-called “insider” as saying, “Brad gave Leo tips on how to pop the question in a romantic fashion without coming across too cheesy.” The outlet also maintained that Pitt would be “front and center” on DiCaprio’s wedding day. In June, Star came up with the idea that DiCaprio was “playing Cupid” for Pitt after he was declared legally single in his divorce from Angelina Jolie. A few days later, NW intensified the false narrative by claiming Pitt was going to serve as DiCaprio’s best man in a “shotgun wedding” to Morrone. We checked with an individual in Pitt’s camp, who told us as much. There have been quite a few articles about the two actors helping the other’s love life. 2019. Meanwhile, the tabloids have also published plenty of stories about Pitt returning the favor and helping DiCaprio out with his love life. “Brad Pitt Helped Leonardo DiCaprio Propose To Girlfriend Camila Morrone?” Gossip Cop, 2 Aug. Here a few examples that Gossip Cop has busted. We checked with DiCaprio’s spokesperson, who told us on the record that the article was total junk. This was backed up by another source in Pitt’s camp who confirmed that he didn’t assist with any kind of a proposal. (Getty Images)
Ever since Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio were announced as co-stars in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the tabloids have been desperate to come up with false rumors about the two A-listers. In July, Woman’s Day published a story about Pitt and DiCaprio’s “bromance.” In addition to featuring a bunch of nonsense about the two ordering takeout and playing video games at Pitt’s house, the article also included a section about DiCaprio helping his co-star get back into the dating scene. DiCaprio’s girlfriend isn’t expecting his child, and the two aren’t headed down the aisle either. falsely claimed Pitt helped DiCaprio propose to Morrone. Earlier this month, OK! The tabloid said the co-stars had even went on a double date with DiCaprio’s girlfriend Camila Morrone and a mystery woman in Los Angeles. “Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Playing Cupid’ For Brad Pitt?” Gossip Cop, 7 June 2019.

Truth About Jennifer Lawrence Getting Close To Liam Hemsworth Following Miley Cyrus Split

Hemsworth and Cyrus’ split hasn’t jeopardized their wedding plans, nor does the situation have anything to do with Lawrence. According to NW, Lawrence has been helping her Hunger Games co-star get over his separation from Cyrus with “secrets texts and late-night phone calls.” An alleged insider tells the outlet “there’s always been a spark” between Lawrence and Hemsworth, and they immediately reconnected following his breakup. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Lawrence has not been getting close to Liam Hemsworth following his split from Miley Cyrus, despite a false tabloid report. Lawrence is also happily engaged to art gallery director Cooke Maroney, but the outlet’s “source” believe it’s possible “she’s having second thoughts about the wedding” now that Hemsworth is supposedly back in her life. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story. The suspicious source goes on to describe the Hunger Games co-stars as “former flings,” adding, “Jen’s often said he’s pretty much her dream man, but they never quite got to the exclusive stage.” It should be noted, Lawrence admitted on Watch What Happens Live in 2015 that she once shared an off-screen kiss with her co-star, but it doesn’t seem the two ever actually dated. Shuster, Andrew. “Jennifer Lawrence Calls Fiancé Cooke Maroney ‘The Greatest Human Being I’ve Ever Met.'” People, 13 June 2019. Jennifer Lawrence Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus NW Magazine


Murphy, Helen. The claim otherwise is absurd. Around the same time that article was published, Lawrence and Maroney were spotted smiling arm-in-arm while taking a stroll in New York City. The questionable tipster further contends that Hemsworth’s mom had wanted him to get together with Lawrence years ago, and had even begged him to date her instead of Cyrus. News reporter Catt Sadler. The idea she’s considering dumping her fiancé for the actor is totally ludicrous and untrue. The couple remains happily engaged and will walk down the aisle at some point in the near future. In March, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Lawrence’s engagement was “in crisis” following a tense dinner date with her fiancé. “Now it looks like she might just get her way,” adds the so-called “insider.”
Gossip Cop checked in with a trusted individual in Lawrence’s camp, who tells the the magazine’s story is “completely untrue.” Our reliable source confirms the actress hasn’t been getting close to Hemsworth following his recent split. “Jennifer Lawrence Engagement ‘In Crisis’?” Gossip Cop, 26 Mar. The story was baseless. In June, Lawrence described Maroney as “the greatest human being I’ve ever met” during an interview on a podcast hosted by former E! Additionally, NW has already proven to know very little about the actress’s relationship. 2019. It’s completely fabricated. The actress added, “He really is, and he gets better.” Those hardly sound like the words of someone who would start having “second thoughts” about getting married because her former co-star has become newly single.

Jennifer Aniston Pitching Brad Pitt Books To Turn Into Movies?

According to Heat, the exes have been meeting up at the super-exclusive San Vicente Bungalows in Hollywood, which has a strict ban on paparazzi and camera phones. Last year, in fact, we busted Heat for falsely claiming Pitt and Aniston would be starring in a romantic comedy together. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Teaming Up On Movies?” Gossip Cop, 5 Mar. Separate reps for both stars assured us they never met up at the studio and weren’t collaborating together. The exes formed the production company Plan B back when they were still married, but the actor took over following their 2005 divorce. The alleged insider, however, maintains that Aniston wants to get involved in the company again. Despite how many different ways the gossip media attempts to sell this storyline, Gossip Cop can confirm that the ex-spouses have no plans to work together. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Had Secret Meeting On Sony Lot To Discuss Movies?” Gossip Cop, 19 Mar. 2019. Shortly before that, NW made up a story about Pitt and Aniston “teaming up on movies” now that they’re on friendly terms again. At the time the story was published, the actress’s spokesperson plainly told us, “There are no projects that Jennifer is considering with Brad.” Nothing has changed in the time since, and this latest article doesn’t mention what happened to the romantic comedy they were supposedly planning. Matthew Hiltzik, Spokesperson for Brad Pitt. 2019. A supposed source tells the magazine, “It’s a favorite place for a lot of A-listers because they can slip in and out without getting noticed, and [Aniston] is meeting Brad there lately.”

The outlet goes on to say the primary reason Pitt and Aniston have been meeting up is to talk about producing a project together. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Aniston has not been pitching Brad Pitt books to turn into movies, despite a made-up tabloid report. The ex-spouses aren’t in discussions to work together. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. “He’s really missed having her intellect involved in the production company. It was her idea to turn The Time Traveler’s Wife into a movie back when they were still married, which ended up doing great business for the company.”
Not only does Pitt’s spokesperson tell us the tabloid’s report is “nonsense,” but Gossip Cop has already corrected many variations of this phony narrative. Brad Pitt Heat Magazine Jennifer Aniston


“Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt NOT Reuniting For Romantic Comedy, Despite Reports.” Gossip Cop, 31 July 2018. 2019. Shuster, Andrew. 20 Aug. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop called out Grazia for wrongly reporting that Pitt and Aniston were meeting up on the Sony Pictures studio lot to discuss film projects. “Jen is an avid reader and has been telling Brad all about the books she thinks would make great films,” adds the anonymous tipster. The tabloid insisted the two were “going through old scripts” they had in development back when they launched Plan B.

Truth About Bradley Cooper Dating Jennifer Aniston While Irina Shayk Dates Justin Theroux

“Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Finalizing Divorce Because He’s In ‘Romance’ With Jennifer Aniston?” Gossip Cop, 17 Mar. 2019.
“How Irina Shayk Is Taking Time to Heal After Her Split From Bradley Cooper.” E! Bueno, Antoinette. News, 23 July 2019. Not only did trusted sources assures us the two weren’t a couple, but E! “Irina Shayk Moving On From Bradley Cooper With Justin Theroux?” Gossip Cop, 24 July 2019. The blog, which has been known to regurgitate false claims without doing any fact-checking, cherrypicked details from both articles referenced above to make it seem as if they were somehow connected. Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux


Shuster, Andrew. Shuster, Andrew. We can set the record straight once again. (Getty Images)
A blog has created a crazy story about Bradley Cooper dating Jennifer Aniston while Irina Shayk dates Justin Theroux in what’s being called an “exes exchange.” The ridiculous and false narrative is based on stories that Gossip Cop has already debunked. There’s no truth to any of it. Back in June, NW falsely claimed Aniston and Cooper had “become especially close” following his split from Shayk, and the actress was hoping “it could be the start of something serious between them.” An anonymous “insider” insisted that the two stars were going on secret dates in Los Angeles and frequently chatting on the phone. However, a spokesperson for the “Friends” star told Gossip Cop on the record that the story was “complete nonsense.” Additionally, “Entertainment Tonight” reported around the same time that Cooper isn’t making dating a “priority” following his split and “is completely focused on his career and his daughter [with Shayk].”
Meanwhile, Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day last month for wrongly reporting that Shayk had started dating Theroux shortly after her split from Cooper. IBT is just using different parts from different tabloids to create a Frankenstein monster of a story. News reported the same week that Shayk “isn’t dating anyone” following her breakup as she’s “focused on her daughter and spending time with her.”
This week, the International Business Times published a story combining both untrue scenarios to make it seem as if all four stars have moved on with each other’s exes. “Bradley Cooper Not Making Dating ‘a Priority,’ Still Has a ‘Deep Friendship’ With Lady Gaga, Source Says.” Entertainment Tonight, 19 June 2019. In other words, the blog enjoys dragging the “Friends” star into celebrity breakups that don’t concern her. The outlet maintained that the Russian supermodel struck up a romance with Aniston’s ex after they crossed paths at a restaurant and exchanged numbers. Finn, Natalie. Both reports were fictional and came from different publications. “Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga Fighting Over Bradley Cooper?” Gossip Cop, 18 June 2019. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop called out the same website for falsely claiming Brad Pitt was pushing for his divorce from Angelina Jolie to be finalized because he was in a secret romance with Aniston. The outlet essentially took two recent tabloid articles and used them to create a new, equally fictional narrative about Cooper dating Aniston at the same time as Shayk dating Theroux.

Julia Roberts Getting Plastic Surgery To Save Her Marriage?

2014. “Julia Roberts Celebrates 17th Wedding Anniversary Wearing a Shirt with Husband Danny Moder on It.” People, 4 July 2019. Shuster, Andrew. It should be mentioned, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid earlier this year for making up a story about Roberts being in a secret romance with Brad Pitt. Every aspect of the tabloid’s article is fabricated. Russian, Ale. The unreliable publication seems to come up with new narratives on a whim. Here’s what’s really happening. In late July, Gossip Cop called out NW for falsely claiming Moder had “dumped” Roberts for a younger actress. Instead of acknowledging that Moder hasn’t left Roberts for a younger woman, the magazine is instead alleging that the actress is attempting to look younger to “save” her marriage. Gossip Cop can debunk the ridiculous story. This storyline wasn’t true when the tabloid kicked it off two weeks ago, and this follow-up article is no more accurate. “Julia’s gone from a C-cup to a DD,” an alleged insider tells the magazine. The magazine said the cinematographer had “walked out” on his wife to work on the movie Flag Day in Canada, where he was supposedly growing close to 41-year-old actress Katheryn Winnick. For starters, Roberts has already spoken out against undergoing cosmetic surgery. “Julia Roberts ‘Dumped’ By Husband For A Younger Actress?” Gossip Cop, 29 July 2019. Shuster, Andrew. Just last month, in fact, Roberts posted a tribute to her husband on Instagram in honor of their 17th wedding anniversary. “Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts In Secret Romance?” Gossip Cop, 14 Jan. The actress isn’t going under the knife to fix nonexistent marriage problems. (NW)
Julia Roberts is not getting plastic surgery to save her marriage to Danny Moder, despite an absurd tabloid report. She added, “I’ve told Lancome that I want to be an aging model – so they have to keep me for at least five more years until I’m over 50.” Simply put, the actress is a proponent of aging naturally. “Julia Roberts: I’ve risked my career by not having cosmetic surgery.” The Guardian, 27 Oct. According to NW, the 51-year-old actress has been getting a number of nips and tucks in a desperate attempt to save her 17-year marriage. “She is way perkier and it’s no secret that this is an area of her body which has given her a lot of insecurity in the past.”

The questionable tipster adds, “Her and Danny’s love life has needed some help, so Julia’s bitten the bullet to spice things up.” The seemingly phony source also maintians that Roberts has gotten a facelift and lip fillers “to regain her youthful looks” and prevent Moder from setting his sights on younger women. “By Hollywood standards, I guess I’ve already taken a big risk in not having had a facelift,” the actress said in a 2014 interview while promoting her collaboration with the cosmetics company Lancome. 2019. The magazine contends that the actress is going on a “surgery spree” to reignite the spark with her husband. Julia Roberts NW Magazine


Child, Ben. There was no romance between the two on set. That clearly wasn’t the case.

Brad Pitt Teaming Up With Snoop Dogg To Make Music?

They have been pals for years and Snoop is keen to write some music for Brad.”

The tabloid’s story is based on claims from an anonymous “source,” but Pitt own rep tells us on the record that it’s fabricated. 12 Aug. Here’s what really seems to be happening. The outlet quotes an unnamed “insider” as saying, “Brad was telling Snoop he’s been playing lots of guitar and Snoop invited him to his recording studio. Shortly before that, the magazine wrongly alleged that Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio were “fighting over” Robbie, despite the actress being happily married. Even if Pitt was attempting to kickstart a music career, it doesn’t seem like Snoop Dogg would be his ideal collaborator. To drop….” The rapper’s post seems to have inspired the tabloid to concoct a bogus article involving the two men. 2019
Shuster, Andrew. Last month, Snoop Dogg gave a shoutout to Pitt on Instagram after attending the Los Angeles premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Although Pitt and Snoop Dogg are friendly, there’s nothing in the rappers’s post to indicate they’re preparing to record music together. The rapper posted a photo of him and the actor at the event, and added, “Great man great friend in a great movie that’s about. “Brad Pitt’s Favorite Music: A Look Into The Actor’s Musical Soul” Huffington Post, 4 June 2013. “Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio Fighting Over Margot Robbie?” Gossip Cop, 28 May 2019
Matthew Hiltzik, Spokesperson for Brad Pitt. At first these various articles were limited to the stars of the film, but now NW is targeting a celebrity who simply attended the premiere, which is why Snoop Dogg has randomly entered the picture. (Getty Images)
Brad Pitt is not teaming up with Snoop Dogg to make music, despite a made-up tabloid report. “Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie Going On ‘Secret Dates’ Across Europe?” Gossip Cop, 12 Aug. Brad Pitt NW Magazine


Snoop Dogg on Instagram: “Great man great friend in a great movie that’s about…” 23 July 2019. In fact, the Huffington Post previously published an article compiling a list of Pitt’s favorite bands and musicians, with some of the artists including The Doobie Brothers, Dire Straits, Muse and Radiohead. Last month, the unreliable outlet published an untrue story about Pitt confessing his love for Robbie. There’s no collaboration in the works between the movie star and the rapper. The actor hasn’t been romancing his married co-star overseas during his downtime from recording tracks with Snoop Dogg. All of these stories were published to capitalize on the popularity of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Gossip Cop can debunk the crazy story. Of course, we’re not surprised by NW’s tall tale. Shuster, Andrew. 2019. This is the same outlet that Gossip Cop recently busted for falsely claiming Pitt was taking Margot Robbie on “secret dates” across Europe. According to NW, Pitt is deep down a “frustrated musician” who’s now turning to the legendary rapper to help launch his music career. And in addition the movie star’s spokesperson refuting the story, there’s no indication that Pitt is much of a hip-hop fan. “Brad Pitt Confesses Love For Margot Robbie?” Gossip Cop, 29 June 2019
Shuster, Andrew.

Miley Cyrus Being Admitted To Psych Ward To Save Marriage To Liam Hemsworth?

That bogus report came just a few months after the magazine had sworn Cyrus and Hemsworth were going to split because the singer was partying too much. Miley Cyrus on Instagram. Gossip Cop investigated the claim and we can firmly debunk every aspect of the story. 2019. 2019. Back in May, however, the same tabloid wrongly stated that Cyrus and Hemsworth were already in an open marriage. similarly alleged that Cyrus had returned to her “wild” ways, the singer spends the majority of her time working or at home with her husband. Such an endeavor doesn’t seem possible if one’s on the verge of a breakdown. Meanwhile, Cyrus’ brother Trace left heart emojis and compliments about the singer’s outfit on one of her other Instagram posts. Even her family doesn’t understand why she’s acting so weird. That’s what one of the tabloids is alleging. The unreliable outlet seems to make up its stories about the singer as it goes along. 3 Aug. Oddly enough, NW also included a snippet in its latest article claiming Cyrus has been pushing for an open marriage with her husband. They’re not expressing concerns about her well-being. An alleged source tells NW, “It’s apparent to everyone that she’s back in a dark place, but as usual, Miley knows best and won’t listen to advice.” The supposed insider adds, “Liam is at his wit’s end. After Cyrus posted an Instagram photo of her performing on stage earlier this week, her mom, Tish, commented on it, happily writing, “Yep…she’s mine.” Cyrus also posted a video of her singing with a caption celebrating how much she loves her mother, prompting Tish to reply with an equally adoring comment. Miley Cyrus on Instagram. “Hard to get thru this one without choking up every single time…” 3 Aug. Adam Leber, Spokesperson for Miley Cyrus. Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus NW Magazine


“Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Marriage In Trouble After She Returns To ‘Wild’ Ways?” Gossip Cop, 20 July 2019. 6 Aug. Even the singer’s friends are present in nearly all of her posts, each commenting with something supportive or silly. 2018. Shuster, Andrew. When reached for comment, Cyrus’ rep called the story “absurd.” The singer’s spokesperson pointed out that she’s been busy on her worldwide tour, including a performance in Kosovo last weekend. Shuster, Andrew. Additionally, as we reported last month when OK! These wholesome and loving comments hardly sound like something a family in conflict would be sharing. “If it saves her marriage, it’ll be a small price to pay.” And although the anonymous tipster keeps referencing how the singer’s “pals” and “family” are concerned about her, not a single one of these loved ones are ever mentioned by name. And despite what the outlet has to say about Cyrus’ relationship with her family, her interactions with them on social media tell a very different (and accurate) story. “Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Have Open Marriage?” Gossip Cop, 6 May 2019. 2019. “Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Headed For Split Because She’s Returned To Her Wild Ways?” Gossip Cop, 18 Dec. (Getty Images)
Miley Cyrus’ family wants to admit her to a psych ward to save her marriage to Liam Hemsworth? They’re telling her to face up to her demons and seek treatment before it’s too late.”

“All she needs is a few weeks recuperating,” adds the unnamed source.

Daniel Craig’s Ankle Injury Causing Problems In Marriage To Rachel Weisz?

“They have all the money in the world to hire home help, but he’s so protective of his privacy that Daniel would only have Rachel,” a supposed source tells the outlet. “She was crying out for a break. Meanwhile, this wouldn’t be the first time a tabloid has wrongly alleged that the actor’s involvement in the Bond franchise was putting a strain on his marriage. In February, Gossip Cop called out Star for falsely claiming Craig’s extreme diet and workout routine for the film was driving his wife insane. The gossip media simply has no insight into the couple’s relationship. He’s doing well.” The idea that the actor’s on-set injury has resulted in his marriage falling apart is just irrational. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the couple, who wasn’t able to speak on the record, but assures us the outlet’s article is nonsense. Production on the film was temporarily halted to give Craig time to recover. Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for purporting that the actress forced Craig to go on a special mission to find her a particular type of acne cream. Russian, Ale. Daniel Craig NW Magazine Rachel Weisz


Adejobi, Alicia. “Rachel Weisz Says Husband Daniel Craig Is Doing ‘Very Well’ After Ankle Injury on James Bond Set.” People, 22 July 2019. “Daniel Craig breaks from Bond to enjoy anniversary dinner with Rachel Weisz at Camden restaurant.” Metro, 23 June 2019. (Getty Images)
A tabloid claims Daniel Craig’s ankle injury on the set of the latest James Bond movie is causing problems in his marriage to Rachel Weisz. 2019. Gossip Cop can debunk it. It’s made her see him in a whole other light – and not a particularly good one. Shuster, Andrew. Back in June, the actor underwent minor ankle surgery after getting hurt while filming Bond 25 in Jamaica. The story is completely absurd. Really well. It should be noted, Craig and Weisz were spotted celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary in London on June 22, which fell during the time the actor was recuperating from his injury. “Daniel Craig’s ‘James Bond’ Diet Driving Rachel Weisz Insane?” Gossip Cop, 14 Feb. She hopes this time away from one another is what they need to get their relationship back on track.”
The tabloid’s report is fairly ridiculous. Craig didn’t force his wife to nurse him back to health, and the actor’s minor injury isn’t sparking the possibility of a divorce. Just a couple of weeks ago, “Extra” asked Weisz for an update on Craig’s condition, and she told the entertainment outlet, “He’s very well, thank you. According to the magazine, the actress wasn’t happy about having to spend a month caring for her husband. “Daniel Craig On Special Mission To Find Acne Cream For Rachel Weisz?” Gossip Cop, 27 Mar. Earlier this year, Star made up an equally ridiculous story about Weisz being the one who’s the diva. Thank goodness she finally got it because she was teetering on the edge of walking out!”
The alleged insider goes on to say that Weisz “is literally breathing a sigh of relief now that Daniel’s back on set” as he was “a slave driver from his bed and it left her reeling.” The questionable tipster adds, “It was suffocating being at Daniel’s beck and call. 2019. The incident never occurred. The movie star was back on set two weeks after undergoing surgery, but NW claims the incident has created tension with his wife of eight years.

Brad Pitt Confesses Love For Margot Robbie?

(Getty Images)
Brad Pitt did not confess to Margot Robbie that he’s in love with her, despite a ridiculous tabloid report. Pitt’s rep, who’s qualified to speak on his behalf, has told us countless times that his relationship with Robbie is friendly and professional. “Brad’s been incredibly supportive and has been helping Margot through with words of advice, having been through two marriages himself,” adds the suspicious tipster. “Brad Pitt Hit On Margot Robbie At Party?” Gossip Cop, 13 Mar. There’s no love triangle between the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood stars. It never happened. The supposed insider further contends Robbie and her husband have been arguing over her friendship with Pitt, but it’s only pushed her further into her co-star’s arms. Shuster, Andrew. The co-stars currently don’t have another film in the works, let alone several more. Matthew Hiltzik, Spokesperson for Brad Pitt. Back in May, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming Pitt was fighting with Leonardo DiCaprio to win Robbie’s affection. “Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie Becoming The Next Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone?” Gossip Cop, 20 May 2019. 29 July 2019. “She seemed incredibly lonely and in the moments where she wasn’t being kept busy, she looked as if she may burst into tears,” an alleged source tells the outlet. Brad Pitt Margot Robbie NW Magazine


Shuster, Andrew. The premise was fabricated. 2018. Shortly before that, the outlet made up a story about Pitt and Robbie becoming the next Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone by teaming up on a bunch of movies together. The actor’s spokesperson confirms that this latest take on the subject is more nonsense. “He tries to lift her spirits whenever he can and he’s clearly hoping that her marriage struggles will open a door.”
The seemingly phony source goes on to assert Pitt let his feelings for Robbie be known at the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premiere, where he “made it clear how beautiful and talented he thinks she is.” The questionable insider concludes, “He is secretly gunning for Margot’s feelings to develop from platonic to romantic, and he hopes that if the marriage deteriorates any further, she’ll realize Brad’s the man she’s meant to be with.”
The tabloid’s report is a total work of fiction. The actress’s husband simply had a scheduling conflict that prevented him from attending the premiere of her new movie. The magazine has been peddling fiction about the two stars since well before they officially started working together. And back in March 2018, when Robbie was still in talks for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the tabloid wrongly reported Pitt had hit on the actress at an Oscar party. Shuster, Andrew. Additionally, the spouses are producing partners who are working together on a number of projects, including Robbie’s upcoming Barbie movie. For starters, Robbie and Ackerley aren’t having marriage problems. According to NW, Robbie’s marriage to Tom Ackerley is falling apart, which is the reason he didn’t attend the Los Angeles premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last week. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story. Meanwhile, this would hardly be the first time NW has attempted to create a nonexistent romance between Pitt and his co-star. “Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio Fighting Over Margot Robbie?” Gossip Cop, 28 May 2019.

Julia Roberts ‘Dumped’ By Husband For A Younger Actress?

Back in January, Gossip Cop called out NW for falsely claiming Roberts was in a secret romance with Brad Pitt. Shuster, Andrew. From there, the questionable tipster maintains that Roberts is losing weight amid her so-called “marriage troubles,” adding, “When times are tough, she tends to neglect her diet and barely sleeps, so the pounds just melt off her.”
The seemingly phony insider adds, “It’s sad to see them go through this, but it’s been coming to a head for a while. 2018. “Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts In Secret Romance?” Gossip Cop, 14 Jan. The untrustworthy outlet has zero insight into the actress’s marriage, which has been going strong for 17 years. “Julia Roberts In Divorce Agony?” Gossip Cop, 6 Sep. 2019. According to NW, the cinematographer has “walked out” on his wife of 17 years to work on the movie Flag Day in Canada, where he’s supposedly growing close to Winnick, one of the stars of the film. Julia Roberts NW Magazine


Russian, Ale. Naumann, Ryan. Still, the suspicious tipster continues, “Danny’s adamant nothing’s going on with Katheryn and she’s being paranoid over nothing. “Julia Roberts ‘Divorce Shock’ Story Is Untrue.” Gossip Cop, 11 Feb. Then they can live in peace and stop bickering over stupid, needless stuff like this.” Once again, it was the outlet’s “source” who insisted that Moder had “dumped” his wife for Winnick, so changing the narrative to Roberts being “paranoid” contradicts the whole premise. “Julia Roberts Celebrates 17th Wedding Anniversary Wearing a Shirt with Husband Danny Moder on It.” People, 4 July 2019. 2018. The reason the magazine isn’t able to stick to a particular storyline is that none of this is remotely true. In her post, the actress is seen wearing a T-shirt with an old photo of her husband popping a wheelie on his bike. She added the caption, “17 Years #TheWheelieKingsWife.” It should also be noted, The Blast published an article less than two weeks ago noting that Roberts uses a photo of her husband’s face as the wallpaper for her iPhone. An alleged insider tells the magazine that Moder shares an “intense connection” with the actress, best known for her role on the TV series “Vikings.”

The supposed source goes on to note that Roberts and Moder started dating after meeting on the set of The Mexican in 2000, which means he has a history of falling for his colleagues. Just a few weeks ago, Roberts posted a tribute to her husband on Instagram in honor of their 17th wedding anniversary. (NW Magazine)
Julia Roberts has not been “dumped” by husband Danny Moder for actress Katheryn Winnick, who’s 10 years her junior, despite a false tabloid report. He wants this marriage to last but wishes she’d take a chill pill. “Julia Roberts Uses Her Husband’s Face for Her Cell Phone Wallpaper.” The Blast, 16 July 2019. That wasn’t the case. There’s no truth to it. It’s very clear that Julia needs to chill out and trust Danny if she wants their marriage to last.” The tabloid’s “source” fails to explain why Roberts should be more trusting if her husband is getting close to another woman, as is being alleged. Gossip Cop can debunk the phony story. Last September, the tabloid wrongly reported Roberts was headed for a divorce, and it was “taking a toll on her health.” And back in February 2018, Gossip Cop busted the publication for making up a story about Roberts and Moder getting a $200 million divorce.

Katie Holmes Pregnant With Jamie Foxx’s Baby And Plans To Raise It Alone?

Shuster, Andrew. “Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Expecting Baby Boy?” Gossip Cop, 8 Jan. 5 Aug. “Katie’s more than capable of being a single mom and raising two children by herself,” adds the questionable tipster. That article quoted a “source” as saying that Holmes “wants to get moving and be pregnant by early 2020 at the latest.” Just one month later, the same magazine is claiming she’s already three months pregnant. The alleged insider contends she’s “not fazed about doing it all again” when it comes to her supposed child with Foxx. Leslie Sloane, Spokesperson for Katie Holmes. In January, the tabloid said the actress was “four months along” with a baby boy and “telling close friends it’s going to be a mini-Jamie.” Just some quick math tells us that if she was four months pregnant in January, the baby would already be a couple of months old. People magazine and E! According to NW, the two stars conceived a child around mid-May, but the actress is more than happy to raise the child without Foxx as he’s supposedly been “messing with her head for years.” A supposed source tells the magazine, “Katie still loves Jamie, but she’s not expecting too much from him when she has this child. Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes NW Magazine


Shuster, Andrew. In the meantime, Katie is all about staying healthy and relaxed while getting everything ready for the new arrival, who’s due in the New Year.”
The tabloid’s story is based on claims from an anonymous and seemingly imaginary “insider,” but Gossip Cop checked in with Holmes’ spokesperson, who tells us on the record it’s “untrue.” Despite what the outlet’s unidentified “source” says, a rep qualified to speak on the actress’s behalf confirms she’s not pregnant. (NW)
A tabloid claims Katie Holmes is three months pregnant with Jamie Foxx’s baby and plans to raise the child alone. The seemingly phony source continues, “Katie’s got a nursery being built in her LA home and is already picking out baby names.” It should be noted, Holmes’ primary residence is New York City, which is where her daughter Suri attends school. “Katie Holmes Begging Jamie Foxx For A Baby?” Gossip Cop, 1 July 2019. The two are on the same page when it comes to their dynamic and Foxx hasn’t been “messing with her head.”
Of course, this isn’t the first time the outlet has falsely claimed that Holmes was pregnant with Foxx’s child. The so-called “insider” adds, “She’s convinced it’s a girl, but she’s waiting until she’s further along before getting confirmation. There’s zero truth to the story. As Gossip Cop has noted several times, Holmes and Foxx have a somewhat unconventional relationship and aren’t together all the time. As recently as one month ago, Gossip Cop debunked another story about Holmes “begging” Foxx for a baby. The reason the outlet can’t keep its stories and timelines straight is because this baby scenario has never been true. 2019. 2019. She doesn’t want to push him and ask for something he can’t deliver, so she’ll keep the status quo and let him date who he wants, instead of pushing him to [settle down] with her.”

Holmes largely brought up her 13-year-old daughter Suri on her own following her 2012 split from Tom Cruise. Gossip Cop can debunk it. News, outlets more reputable than NW, have both similarly reported that the two stars spend time together when their schedules allow it, but also have their own separate lives.

Truth About Jennifer Aniston And Angelina Jolie Feuding

Shortly before that, Gossip Cop busted OK! Back in March, Gossip Cop called out NW for making up a story about Jolie getting “revenge” on Aniston by hooking up with her ex, Justin Theroux. And also last year, Gossip Cop called out In Touch for wrongly contending that Jolie was “furious” over Aniston’s supposed plan to have a baby with Pitt. 2018. Matthew Hiltzik, Spokesperson for Brad Pitt. The ridiculous article came on the heels of a previous one about Aniston and Pitt trying to conceive a child, either naturally or through IVF. The reason? “Brad Pitt Is Spending Time With Kids While Filming New Movie With Leonardo DiCaprio.” Entertainment Tonight. Jolie wasn’t enraged over an imaginary situation. The bogus rivalry was created simply because both actresses happen to be working for the company. According to the outlet, Jolie reached out to Theroux to discuss collaborating on a movie together, but with the “ulterior motive” of wooing him. 2018. Shuster, Andrew. (Getty Images)
There have been countless tabloid stories about Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie actively feuding with one another. In reality, Aniston and Pitt haven’t rekindled a romance, as reps for both stars have assured us countless times. Around the same time the article emerged, “Entertainment Tonight” reported that Pitt had “taken a step away from dating because of the importance of his children and also to help mend fences with Angelina.” The idea that the actor was not only dating his ex-wife again, but bringing her around his kids amid a divorce battle, was simply ludicrous. Here are few wrong rumors about the actresses that Gossip Cop has debunked. Pitt’s two exes certainly aren’t friends, but this ongoing saga about them constantly fighting is simply untrue. The actress also has no involvement in her ex-husband’s divorce from Jolie, and no opinion on the matter. Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston


Shuster, Andrew. “Angelina Jolie ‘Furious’ Over Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Baby Plans?” Gossip Cop, 10 May 2018. “Angelina Jolie Getting ‘Revenge’ On Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston By ‘Hooking Up’ With Justin Theroux?” Gossip Cop, 2 Mar. 2019. “Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston Feuding Over Netflix?” Gossip Cop, 31 Aug. 24 Jul. Jolie and Theroux never met up in any capacity, and as time has proven, they’re certainly not “hooking up.”
Last September, Gossip Cop debunked an NW story claiming Jolie had warned Aniston to stay away from Pitt and her six kids. However, Aniston and Jolie also have busy and successful careers outside of Netflix and aren’t competing over their status at the streaming service. Spokespeople for both stars went on the record to refute the story. The report was based on the false notion that the “Friends” star was back together with her ex-husband and spending time with his children, which wasn’t the case. The magazine contended that the “Friends” star was back together with her ex-husband and wanted him to be officially divorced so they could “move on” with their lives. In June, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for falsely claiming Aniston was furious over Jolie supposedly “dragging her feet” on finalizing her divorce from Pitt. “Angelina Jolie Warned Jennifer Aniston To Stay Away From Brad Pitt And Her Kids?” Gossip Cop, 17 Sep. The narrative was totally absurd. 2018. for falsely claiming Aniston and Jolie were feuding over who would become the biggest Netflix star. Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. The story was made up because Jolie directed a film for the streaming service, while Aniston is starring in several movies for the content provider. In reality, Brad Pitt’s two exes don’t have any sort of relationship, good or bad. Bueno, Antoinette. “Jennifer Aniston Furious Over Angelina Jolie ‘Dragging Out’ Brad Pitt Divorce?” Gossip Cop, 17 June 2019.

Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Goals Causing Problems In Her Marriage?

2018. “Jessica Simpson Is ‘Working Really Hard’ on Getting Back in Shape After Her Third Child.” People, 11 July 2019. Jessica Simpson OK! She tells him, just another month or two, and it’ll all be worth it.”
The outlet’s story seems to have been concocted simply because Simpson recently opened up to People magazine about getting back into shape after having her third child. 2019. (Getty Images)
A tabloid claims Jessica Simpson’s weight loss goals are causing problems in her marriage to Eric Johnson. “Jessica Simpson Getting Plastic Surgery Following Birth Of Third Baby?” Gossip Cop, 12 Mar. Although the singer noted that she’s been eating healthier and exercising, Simpson’s spokesperson assures us she’s not neglecting her marriage to lose weight. She’s either locked up in the gym or out on a four-hour run.” The suspicious tipster continues, “Eric wants her to relax. “Jessica is working hard to get in shape and feel good and be her healthiest, but she is not on any crash diet or crazy work-out regimen,” says a rep qualified to speak on the singer’s behalf. A supposed insider asserts the singer wants to lose 70 pounds and has become obsessed with working out, but her husband is growing frustrated with her fitness fixation. It bears mentioning how this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has busted a tabloid for running a false story about fashion mogul’s body and marriage. “Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Causing Marriage Problems?” Gossip Cop, 4 Feb. Lauren Auslander, spokesperson for Jessica Simpson, 23 July 2019. The singer’s rep assures us it’s 100 percent false. During her third pregnancy, Star wrongly reported Simpson couldn’t “stop eating.” The story was just a cheap attempt at exploiting her pregnancy weight gain, which is par for the course when carrying a child. He misses their date nights but she doesn’t want to ditch her diet to have a few drinks or eat out. Magazine


Mazziaota, Julie. A headline in the latest issue of OK! “Eric is, as always, 100 percent in support of Jess, and they even work out together a lot.” The happy spouses also exercised together following the births of their older children, Maxwell and Ace. Shuster, Andrew. The singer’s weight and marriage are clearly two topics the tabloids love to target with phony reports. Gossip Cop also busted NW for falsely claiming Simpson would be getting plastic surgery after the birth of her third baby, going as far to say she wanted “a [behind] like Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba’s abs.” In Touch then wrongly alleged that Simpson was so upset about her pregnancy weight gain that it was negatively impacting her marriage. 2019. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story. The so-called “source” adds, “He never sees her anymore. reads, “Eric Begs Jessica: Slow Down!” The magazine says that following the birth of her third child, Simpson is desperate to regain her pre-baby body for swimsuit season. “Jessica Simpson ‘Can’t Stop Eating’ During Third Pregnancy?” Gossip Cop, 16 Dec.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Camila Morrone Pregnant With His Baby?

Leonardo DiCaprio NW Magazine


Shuster, Andrew. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. Nothing about the premise was true. 24 July 2019. Shuster, Andrew. “Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio Dating For Months After Brad Pitt Introduced Them?” Gossip Cop, 27 Nov. In addition to him being in a committed relationship with Morrone, his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star Robbie is happily married. (Getty Images)
Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend Camila Morrone is not pregnant with his baby, despite a false tabloid report. We’ve learned the actor isn’t about to become a father. A supposed source tells the outlet, “She’s not confirming it, but it looks like she’s definitely having a baby. “She’s lasted a lot longer than plenty of his other girlfriends, but that’s mainly because she’s a blast to be around and never asks too much of him,” says the anonymous source. And if she is, it wouldn’t have been planned, if Leo had anything to say about it.”

The alleged insider further contends that during a recent date night, Morrone “couldn’t stop resting her hand on her belly” and was trying to hide a baby bump by wearing “floaty clothes.” From there, the questionable tipster maintains that a baby could spell trouble for the couple’s relationship. It’s clear the magazine knows very little about DiCaprio’s personal life. In May, Gossip Cop called out NW for making up a story about DiCaprio fighting with Brad Pitt over Margot Robbie. This latest article makes no mention of that bogus scenario. According to NW, however, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star has accidentally impregnated his girlfriend of around a year and a half. 2018. Last November, Gossip Cop also busted the tabloid when it came up with an even more ridiculous report claiming DiCaprio had been secretly dating Jennifer Aniston for months after being introduced to her by Pitt. Brooke Blumberg, Spokesperson for Leonardo DiCaprio. “Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio Fighting Over Margot Robbie?” Gossip Cop, 28 May 2019. “That could all change if she has a child.” The seemingly phony insider goes on to assert that although DiCaprio won’t be thrilled about having a kid, it’s unlikely the actor would ditch his model girlfriend because he “was raised almost single-handedly by his mom. At the time the story emerged, the Titanic star had been dating Morrone for nearly a year. Even if the child was an accident, the last thing he’d want is to do that to his own flesh and blood.”
The tabloid’s story is based on claims from an untraceable “source,” but Gossip Cop reached out to DiCaprio’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record it’s untrue. Just a few days later, the two were spotted on a date night in Los Angeles. Despite what the magazine’s unidentified tipster claims, a rep qualified to speak on the actor’s behalf confirms he’s not expecting a child with his girlfriend.

Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner Have Baby Pact?

The “Game of Thrones” star obviously wasn’t pregnant. 23 July 2019. Shuster, Andrew. Jordan, Julie. “Sophie’s cleared her schedule for the next few months, so the time is now, and Joe is definitely on board,” says the questionable tipster. As for Chopra, she and Nick are going “full steam ahead” on having a baby, says the seemingly phony insider, adding that the actresses “can’t wait to plan each other’s baby showers next.”
The tabloid’s story is based on claims from an anonymous and seemingly imaginary “source,” but Gossip Cop reached out to Chopra’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record that it’s simply “untrue.” Despite what the magazine’s unidentified “insider” says, a rep qualified to speak on the actress’s behalf assures us she doesn’t have any sort of “baby pact” with her sister-in-law. for inaccurately asserting Turner was expecting a baby with Joe. We’ve learned it’s completely fabricated. Back in February, we called out Star for wrongly reporting Chopra and her husband Nick were having a baby the same time as Turner and her husband Joe. “I always say, ‘Man proposes, God disposes.’ So I’m not taking any chances,” explained the actress. “Honeymoon and Babies! “Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner NOT Expecting Baby, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 26 Sep. 2018. This “baby pact” is no more realistic. It’s worth noting, Gossip Cop debunked a very similar storyline just a few months ago. Additionally, Chopra opened up about her post-wedding plans in an interview last year, and shared how she doesn’t believe in making a schedule when it comes to starting a family. Dana Supnick-Guidoni, Spokesperson for Priyanka Chopra. 2018. With this latest article, they’ve been roped into a bogus scenario together. (Getty Images)
Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner do not have a “baby pact,” despite a report claiming the new sisters-in-law plan to get pregnant at the same time. NW Magazine Priyanka Chopra Sophie Turner


“Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Having Baby Same Time As Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner?” Gossip Cop, 7 Feb. They helped plan each other’s multiple weddings and honeymoons, and now they want to be moms together too.”

The alleged source further contends the two actresses plan to conceive children immediately. That article referred to the supposed plan as a “pregnancy pact.” Chopra’s spokesperson also dismissed that story as “false” when it first emerged. 2019. A supposed insider tells the outlet, “They do everything together. According to NW, the new wives of two of the Jonas brothers plan to strengthen their connection even further by synchronizing their pregnancies. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Reveal Their Post-Wedding Plans.” People, 5 Dec. The gossip media has a habit of publishing fiction about both actresses’ family plans. “We definitely want kids, and when the time is right, it will happen.”
Also last year, Gossip Cop busted OK! Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

George Clooney Has Secret Love Child With Ex-Girlfriend Stacy Keibler?

“George Clooney, Meghan Markle Had Secret Fling?” Gossip Cop, 2 Apr. Gossip Cop recently busted NW for falsely claiming Clooney had a secret fling with Meghan Markle prior to meeting Amal. 2019. “George Clooney Addicted To Painkillers?” Gossip Cop, 8 Apr. According to NW, Clooney recently received an “anonymous letter” demanding that he take a DNA test to determine if he’s the real father of Keibler’s five-year-old daughter Ava, whom she shares with husband Jared Pobre. This also wouldn’t be the first time a tabloid has concocted a phony narrative involving the actor and his ex. Shuster, Andrew. Shortly after that, we called out the publication for wrongly alleging Clooney was addicted to painkillers. It should be noted, a family photo that Keibler posted on Instagram shows that Ava looks very much like Pobre, her actual father. Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by the tabloid’s bogus story. The Ocean’s Eleven star never had a romance with the former “Suits” actress prior to her becoming a duchess. Gossip Cop can debunk the outrageous story. There’s no truth to it. Back in 2014 when Clooney got engaged to Amal, we debunked a report about Keibler “seething” because she believed the actor should have married her instead. In reality, the former WWE star had already happily moved on with Pobre, with whom she now shares two kids. 2019. An alleged insider tells the outlet that Clooney’s wife Amal “was left floored and in tears” after discovering the note at their Lake Como home. 2018. “CLAIM: Stacy Keibler Upset About George Clooney Engagement.” Gossip Cop, 7 May 2014. (Getty Images)
George Clooney does not have a secret love child with ex-girlfriend Stacy Keibler, despite an absurd tabloid report. Shuster, Andrew. Simply, their oldest child doesn’t belong to Clooney. Feeling blessed that we get to call this place home.” 5 Oct. “George split from Stacy in July 2013, but there were rumors they were still seeing each other on and off over the next couple of months,” says the supposed source, adding that the actor ended the fling “after seeing Amal and realizing they shared a deep connection.” The purported tipster further contends Keibler was still hooking up with Clooney when she started dating her now-husband, “which throws a question mark over who Ava’s father is.”
The possibly made-up source goes on to assert Amal is “a wreck” over the situation, and it’s causing a major rift between the couple, “despite George laughing it off and insisting it’s impossible.” The so-called “insider” concludes, “While she trusts George and wants to believe him, even harboring the tiniest doubt it could be true has shaken her to the core.”
Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the movie star, who wasn’t able to speak on the record, but tells us the magazine’s article is completely ridiculous. George Clooney NW Magazine


Stacy Keibler on Instagram: “#wyominglife! We’re assured Clooney never received a letter demanding a paternity test for Keibler’s daughter.

Justin Bieber’s Drama With Taylor Swift Causing Problems In Marriage To Hailey Baldwin?

It’s clear the magazine has zero insight into the couple’s relationship, including this latest situation involving Swift. The singer apologized for mocking her online in 2016, but also staunchly stood up for Braun, saying the manager “has had your back since the days you graciously let me open up for you.” He added, “What were you trying to accomplish by posting that blog? Our trusted insider notes that Baldwin herself liked a post by Braun’s wife, Yael, who defended her husband on Instagram. It’s highly unlikely she’d be upset with Bieber for doing the same. Shortly after Swift took to Instagram, Bieber defended himself and his manager with a post of his own. “Anyone can see that Justin’s life is in turmoil at the moment,” a supposed source tells the outlet. “Justin Bieber Being “Forced Into Rehab” By Hailey Baldwin?” Gossip Cop, 5 Mar. NW is the same tabloid that Gossip Cop busted in March for falsely claiming Baldwin was forcing Bieber to go to rehab. Gossip Cop can correct the story. That didn’t happen. Earlier this month, Swift called out Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun on Instagram after he purchased her entire music catalogue. Meanwhile, Bieber and Baldwin celebrated the Fourth of July with his manager just days after the drama involving Swift unfolded. 2019. Swift accused the manager of years of “incessant manipulative bullying” and using his clients, including Bieber, to bully her online. On Monday, Baldwin defended Bieber on Twitter after Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan slammed him. They got married the following month. “Now Scooter has stripped me of my life’s work, that I wasn’t given an opportunity to buy,” she wrote. “Hailey has been the one trying to keep their marriage alive. seems to me like it was to get sympathy u also knew that in posting that your fans would go and bully scooter.”
According to NW, the situation has caused tension between Bieber and his wife of 10 months. 2018. “Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Breaking Up?” Gossip Cop, 13 Aug. Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber NW Magazine Taylor Swift


Yael Cohen Braun on Instagram: “@taylorswift, I’m here to talk privately anytime.” 30 June 2019. The “Sorry” singer had shared the lyrics of Tool’s “The Pot” on his Instagram Stories, and when an article later emerged about Bieber being a fan of the band’s music, Keenan tweeted, “#bummer.” Baldwin took to Twitter to call out the rocker for being “childish and hurtful.” Simply put, the model doesn’t mind engaging in some drama of her own if it means defending a loved one. “Hailey Bieber Fires Back at ‘Childish’ Tool Singer For Dissing Husband Justin Bieber.” Entertainment Tonight, 16 Jul. (Getty Images)
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s marriage isn’t in trouble over the recent drama involving him and Taylor Swift, despite a false report. We’re told there’s no truth to it. Murphy, Desiree. 2019. Last August, the unreliable publication insisted Bieber and Baldwin were breaking up. There’s only so long she’ll put up with his childish antics.”
The alleged insider further contends that Baldwin had begged her husband not to weigh in on the battle between Swift and Braun because “she knows people on both sides” and “would much rather Justin concentrated on their marriage than get involved in another firestorm.” The questionable tipster adds, “But when she told him this, he had one of his tantrums and flew off the rails insisting their marriage was over if she wasn’t 100 percent supportive of him.”
Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Bieber, who tells us the tabloid’s report is completely false. Mizoguchi, Karen. But she’s at her absolute wits end with Justin. “Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Spend Fourth of July with Scooter Braun Amid Taylor Swift Drama.” People, 5 July 2019.