Russia’s foreign exchange reserves reach almost $600 BILLION

The international funds grew by $5 billion, or nearly 0.8 percent, from December 25 to January 1, the regulator said, adding that the volume practically did not change by January 8. Also on
‘The world is going back to a GOLD STANDARD as the US dollar is about to collapse’ – Peter Schiff

The country has also been reshaping its international holdings, cutting the share of the US dollar in favor of other currencies and gold. The growth was driven by “positive exchange rate revaluation and higher gold prices,” it noted.Russia’s international reserves are highly liquid foreign assets comprising stocks of monetary gold, foreign currencies and Special Drawing Rights (SDR) assets, which are at the disposal of the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) and the government.The holdings have been steadily growing in recent years and have exceeded the half-trillion-dollar target set by the regulator. Follow RT on

Russian gold and foreign currency holdings have increased to a total of $597.4 billion as of January 8, according to the latest data released by the country’s central bank. The recent record rally in gold prices drove Russia’s international holdings to all-time highs in August, when they surpassed the $600-billion level. Last year, growth totaled $43 billion, while in 2019 and 2018 it was nearly $86 billion and around $33 billion respectively. The previous record of $598.1 billion was reached in August 2008, right before the global financial crisis.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

Russia’s Nord Stream 2 is ‘part of a reliable gas supply system’ for Europe for years to come – German MP

“This is the only goal of the institution, namely, to support measures for the protection of climate and the environment not only in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, but also on the entire coast of the Baltic Sea, in the territories of the countries with access to the Baltic Sea,” he said.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section Follow RT on

Allegations that the Nord Stream 2 project’s implementation could lead to Europe’s over-reliance on Russian energy supplies are groundless, says a member of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD), Jochen Schulte. “We, here in the federal state, adhere to the point of view that in the coming years we will have a need for gas, not only for gas from Russia, but also, for example, from Norway or the Netherlands.”

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German region approves creation of fund to bypass US sanctions designed to stop Gazprom’s vital Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

“And this gas pipeline is part of a reliable gas supply system for Europe for the coming years. But this is a long way, and it cannot be done in a short time,” said Schulte, a member of the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania state parliament.READ MORE: US threatens sanctions against European firms working on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipelineTalking about the Nord Stream 2-linked fund that has been approved by parliament this month, the politician said that it was not designed with the aim of completion of the pipeline’s construction. Although the goal of our federal state, of course, is ultimately self-sufficient energy supply, to a greater extent with the help of renewable energy sources. “These two statements do not fit together,” he said.Schulte pointed out that either such project does not play any role in gas supplies to Europe,“since we don’t need this gas pipeline,” or if there is such a need, “it won’t be able to create dependence on Russia.”Therefore, those who accuse Moscow of monopolizing the European energy market, should finally decide what position they really take, he said. He told RT that those who claim that there’s no need for Nord Stream 2 gas supplies to Europe and at the same time say that the project could increase dependence on energy deliveries from Russia, are inconsistent.

Massive new gas field discovered in Russia’s Far East

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Russia looking to bolster oil supplies to India for decades ahead

Rosneft recently announced discoveries of large oil and gas fields in the Kara Sea, saying that overall, more than 30 “prospective structures” were identified there. Follow RT on

Russian energy giant Rosneft has announced the discovery of a huge gas condensate field in the Far Eastern republic of Yakutia. The results of the drilling prove “the discovery of a new Kara offshore oil province,” the energy giant said.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section It contains over 75 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 1.4 million tons of condensate. The new deposit is part of the company’s drilling campaign to explore the region’s oil and gas potential.The discovery was made by Rosneft’s subsidiary Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha. A joint venture between Rosneft (50.1 percent), BP and a consortium of Indian companies, Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha operates in 10 license areas. Among those is the Srednebotuobinskoye oil and gas condensate field, which is one of the largest assets of Rosneft in Eastern Siberia.

Russia to win back crown of world’s top wheat exporter despite looming quotas & export tax

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Russia will retake the lead in global wheat exports in spite of an upcoming grain export quota and wheat export tax, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in the latest industry outlook. According to the forecasts of global grain and oilseed production, Russia will become the top exporter in the 2020-2021 season that ends on June 30. Also on
Moscow Exchange sows seeds of potential with launch of wheat futures contracts

The step is expected to protect domestic supply and stabilize prices of several commodities such as flour and bread amid the economic upheaval from the Covid-19 pandemic and a plunge in oil prices.According to the USDA, the step that has resulted in growing prices for grains won’t prevent the country from taking the leading position in exports of its wheat.Earlier this week, the head of the Russian Union of Grain Exporters told Reuters that Moscow is considering raising its wheat export tax from the currently planned $30 per ton.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section The measure includes imposing an export tax on wheat of $30.40 per ton. In the previous season, sales of wheat from Russia, which had been the world’s number one exporter for several years in row, was outpaced by the EU.In December, Russian authorities introduced an export limit of 17.5 million tons for certain grains, including wheat, rye, barley, and corn for the remainder of the marketing year during the current season.

Russia more than doubles natural gas exports via TurkStream pipeline

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Supplies of gas to Turkey and Europe via offshore pipeline TurkStream have increased more than twofold in a year since the launch of the project, according to Russian energy giant Gazprom. Nevertheless, some European states still opted to boost their gas imports from Gazprom. Since it came into operation on January 8, 2020, Gazprom has boosted the utilization rate of the link by 2.2 times, while for European customers it became 2.5 times higher, CEO Alexey Miller revealed. 

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Serbia starts pumping cheaper Russian natural gas via TurkStream pipeline

The 930km pipeline across the bottom of the Black Sea delivers Russian blue fuel to Turkey and further to European states, including Greece, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina. Turkey, Greece and North Macedonia increased their imports of Russian gas last year, according to Miller. Serbia became the latest country to start receiving gas via the TurkStream pipeline. The gas route marked its one-year anniversary on Friday. It launched its section of the route on January 1, and authorities anticipate that the project will help to substantially cut gas prices for Serbian households. According to Miller, a total of nine European countries increased their purchases year-on-year, while supplies to the Netherlands and Slovakia hit record levels in 2020.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section Also on
Germany may set up special fund to fend off Russia’s Nord Stream 2 from sweeping US sanctions

The pandemic crippled global demand for energy, and Gazprom’s overall exports to non-CIS countries fell around 10 percent year-on-year, the head of the company earlier said citing preliminary data.

Germany may set up special fund to fend off Russia’s Nord Stream 2 from sweeping US sanctions

Thus it could shield the firms from punitive measures threatened by Washington as they wouldn’t directly be linked to the energy project. 

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Norwegian company turns its back on Nord Stream 2 under threat of US sanctions

The northeastern German state is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea and is home to the landing point for the underwater pipeline that stretches from Russia. Follow RT on

The German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern may have a plan to facilitate the completion of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline amid US attempts to sink the $11 billion gas project in the Baltic Sea. If agreed, the region will transfer some 200,000 euros of public money to the fund. The project is expected to double the existing Nord Stream 1 pipeline’s capacity of 55 billion cubic meters annually.Two similar foundations were previously created for Nord Stream, the statement added, noting that the entities have since been supporting environmental projects in the Baltic Sea. 

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Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline WILL go ahead with EU support, regardless of American lobbying and sanctions, says Russian Deputy PM

The foundation is yet to receive approval from the state’s parliament, that is set to announce the decision on the matter later on Thursday. After the latest expansion of the punitive measures against the project, a Norwegian contractor, in charge of verification procedures, abandoned its work. The subsidiary of Russian energy major Gazprom, Nord Stream 2 AG, which is in charge of the project, pledged to contribute 20 million euros to the foundation and make additional donations after the pipeline becomes operational.Washington has been long trying to derail the gas project, while simultaneously seeking to boost imports of its own liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe. The regional government proposed to set up a special “Foundation for climate and environment protection.” In a statement on Wednesday, it said that the purpose of the organization is to carry out environmental projects as the nation is trying to phase out coal power, adding that it could also “contribute” to the finalizing of the Nord Stream 2 project.It is believed that the fund could help the companies involved in Nord Stream 2 to acquire and store equipment and materials needed for the pipeline’s construction. Nevertheless, the construction of the pipeline is ongoing, with around 150 kilometers still needed to be laid.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline clearly beneficial for Europe & WILL BE completed – Putin

a beneficial [project] for the economy of Europe in general and for Germany in particular,” the Russian leader said during his annual conference on Thursday.The Russian president pointed out that the alternative energy resource for Europe is liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US, but it costs around 20 percent more that Russian pipeline gas. Follow RT on

President Vladimir Putin says the Russian natural gas pipeline to Germany, Nord Stream 2, is almost finished and will serve European national interests, allowing the continent to buy cheaper Russian gas. That could hike prices for households and make Germany’s economy less competitive, said Putin. Also on
US makes last-ditch effort to freeze Nord Stream 2 as massive gas project nears completion

The Russian leader added that the project’s construction is almost complete, with only about 160 kilometers of pipeline still needed to be laid in the Baltic Sea.“I hope that the new [US] administration will treat its partners and allies with respect and would not insist that they neglect their national interests,” Putin said.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section “Nord Stream 2 is beyond all doubt, it is absolutely obvious…

Russia second in Bloomberg rating of economies expected to beat expectations in 2021

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Bloomberg analysts have placed Russia second in its ranking of developing markets with the brightest outlook for the economy for the next year, the study of 17 emerging countries reveals. According to the report, based on 11 indicators of economic and financial performance, the Russian economy will be among the leaders next year, thanks to robust external accounts and a strong fiscal profile, in addition to an undervalued ruble.Russia could reportedly boast the lowest government debt burden among the listed states. Also on
Year of the ruble: Commodities to push Russian currency higher in 2021, Saxo Bank predicts

The report also highlights the countries in the rating that managed to take necessary and well-timed steps during the Covid-19 pandemic.Thanks to the solid international reserves and high potential for portfolio inflows Thailand topped the Bloomberg list, while South Korea came in third.Despite impressive projected economic growth China came in last because of the vast share of state debt and small-scale Forex reserves. Moreover, the analysts expect the country’s GDP to grow about three percent. Brazil was rated second to last due to a mounting fiscal deficit and debt concerns as well.The assessment was focused on such factors as GDP outlook, external debt, gold, and foreign currency reserves, share of international investments, real interest rate and other factors.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

German investments in Russia back on track despite pandemic crisis & Western sanctions

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Against the sanctions run of play: German investments in Russia set to smash 10-year record

According to Seele, German corporations are currently running several projects in Russia. Petersburg.German retail chain of hypermarkets, Globus, also invested €50 million into expanding its presence in Russia.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section Agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS is expanding production capacities in the Russian southern city of Krasnodar, while Knauf, a major producer of building materials and construction systems, invested €50 million in a new production line near St. The volume of investment in the third quarter alone amounted to €700 million and offset the plunge seen from April through June, according to Bundesbank data, cited by the business lobby.The Russian market offers good prospects for German corporations, along with high consumption potential, according to Rainer Seele, the president of the chamber.Seele added that the drop in investments recorded in the second quarter was connected to the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the amount of investment is also affected by the long-standing sanctions introduced by the European Union and the US as early as 2014. Follow RT on

German businesses’ direct investments in the Russian economy totaled €1.3 billion in the nine months to September, according to the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce.

Russia looking to bolster oil supplies to India for decades ahead

The project’s annual crude production could be up to 100 million tons, according to preliminary estimates. “This means more oil supplies there on a long-term basis, as well reaching contractual terms for the supply of Russia’s black gold to India for 20-25 years ahead,” he told reporters on Monday, adding that negotiations on the issue are currently underway. “We supply crude oil and liquefied natural gas there. The point is now to raise this cooperation to a new long-term level, and therefore to give a new quality to our interaction in terms of energy supplies and security.” 

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India will drive global energy demand – PM Narendra Modi

The ambassador also talked about attracting Indian investment “more widely” in the development of the Vostok Oil project in the Russian Arctic. Kudashev said that India has shown “great interest in the project.” Crude reserves in Russia’s Arctic have been attracting Indian companies willing to invest into the massive Vostok oil project which is “very interesting” for the country, Indian Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan said earlier.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section Follow RT on

Russia retains a solid place in the Indian energy market, and wants to expand its oil exports to the South Asian country, says Russian Ambassador to India Nikolai Kudashev.

Russia avoided critical economic contraction in face of coronavirus crisis – Putin

However, it is expected to do better than most European countries. The support measures for businesses included rescheduling tax payments, issuing grants and special terms for loans among other programs.The Russian economy showed a strong recovery in the third quarter, but is set to shrink this year. According to the most recent World Bank predictions, Russia’s gross domestic product is forecast to fall four percent this year instead of the previously anticipated five-percent drop. Follow RT on

The coronavirus pandemic did not result in a critical downturn for the Russian economy thanks to the support measures implemented by the government, President Vladimir Putin has stated. Meanwhile, EU GDP is expected to contract by about seven and a half percent in 2020, and the euro area economy is set to contract by 7.8 percent.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section “We’ve managed to solve the issue of protecting the population in general.”

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Russia second in Bloomberg rating of economies expected to beat expectations in 2021

Putin previously said that the government had spent 4.6 trillion rubles (around $62 billion) to support its citizens and keep the economy afloat amid the pandemic. Despite the difficulties, all the macroeconomic indicators remained stable and the country continued to implement major infrastructure projects this year, the Russian leader said during a meeting with the government on Thursday. “We prevented a critical contraction, which could have considerably set back the Russian economy,” he said, adding that the government implemented systemic support measures for key sectors.

Russia’s weekly gold & foreign currency reserves jump by $6.5 billion

The increase came after the country’s weekly forex reserves fell $0.6 billion earlier this month, according to the official statistics. The current level of holdings is higher than the target of $500 billion set by the regulator.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section The growth seen between December 11 to December 18 was supported by “positive exchange rate revaluation and higher gold prices,” the Central Bank of Russia said in a statement on Thursday. Given the latest increase, gold and foreign currency holdings rose $37.6 billion since January 3, when they stood at $556 billion.Russia’s national forex reserves comprise liquid foreign assets, including stocks of monetary gold, foreign currencies, and Special Drawing Right (SDR) assets, which are at the disposal of the central bank and the government. Also on
US sanctions may lead to dollar’s demise, Russian central bank warns

Russia has continued to boost its international reserves this year despite increased budget spending triggered by the coronavirus crisis. Follow RT on

Russia’s foreign exchange holdings rose by over one percent in one week to reach a total of $593.6 billion, according to the latest central bank data.

Russia plans to boost oil production next year under OPEC+ agreement

“If the situation stays normal and stable, we will support the increase,” Novak told reporters on Friday, adding that the parties to the agreement should gradually increase production to avoid jolting the market. The coalition is set to decide whether they should add a further 500,000 bpd to the market from February. After posting weekly gains for several weeks in a row amid vaccine hopes, crude futures retreated this week, amid concerns that the coronavirus mutation could crush fuel demand again. READ MORE: Russia looking to bolster oil supplies to India for decades aheadNovak, who served for eight years as Russia’s energy minister before he was appointed as deputy prime minister, believes that the current situation is still much better, compared to second quarter forecasts. In April, the group agreed to cut crude production by a record 9.7 million barrels a day (bpd), or around 10 percent of global pre-crisis demand, in an attempt to boost the oil market, which was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The limit was subsequently scaled back to 7.7 million bpd in August, and will be further eased at the beginning of 2021.Despite the continuing turbulence and new border closures triggered by a new strain of the virus, OPEC+ members are set to increase daily output by 500,000 bpd in January, bringing the total production cut to 7.2 million bpd. Follow RT on

Russia will support hiking production under the historic OPEC+ accord by 500,000 barrels a day in February if the market continues to stabilize, the deputy prime minister in charge of the energy sector, Alexander Novak, has said. Read more

Russia getting off the oil needle, Putin says

Russia is one of the leading members of the oil-producing coalition known as OPEC+, which comprises the members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and their allies. However, it is still much less than the nearly two million bpd quota reduction scheduled to start in 2021 as per the initial agreement. The next OPEC+ summit is scheduled for January 4. He added that the oil price of $45-55 per barrel would be enough to restore Russia’s oil production, which was down over eight percent this year.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

Russia to invest more than $200 billion in fighting poverty

He advised the government to not only expand the existing social support programs, but also to make them more targeted.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section Also on
Putin wants to cut poverty in Russia by half in next decade

Assessing the anti-poverty policies, Russia’s Accounts Chamber said that not all the measures have proved to be effective. It questions the effectiveness of nearly a third of them, noting that they lack clear impact on improving citizens’ livelihoods. Additional help to poor families could further alleviate the situation, leading to a reduction of poverty by 1.99 percent and growth of real disposable incomes by 0.82 percent, the document envisages.As many as 20 million Russians are living in poverty, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin pointed out during his marathon news conference earlier this month. Moreover, the auditors noted that one fifth of Russian households classified as poor did not get any financial aid from 2014 to 2018.Russia cannot reach its poverty eradication goals based on its economic growth alone, the head of the Accounts Chamber –and ex-finance minister – Alexei Kudrin, said in the report. Follow RT on

The Russian government is to spend a total of 15.3 trillion rubles (nearly $207 billion) over five years to reduce poverty and boost citizens’ real incomes, the country’s Accounts Chamber has said in its latest report. The document, released by the agency on Thursday, says the measures, to be implemented via national and federal projects as well as state programs, are set to help reduce the number of Russians with incomes below the subsistence level. Putin initially wanted to reach the ambitious goal by 2024, but some politicians later asserted that this could be too hard. He said that the country must cut these levels by half by the end of the next decade, from 13.5 percent to 6.5 percent of the population. Also on
Russia second in Bloomberg rating of economies expected to beat expectations in 2021

According to the analysts’ calculations, poverty levels could fall by 2.32 percentage points, while real disposable incomes would increase by 1.04 percent from poverty levels.

Pinning down priorities: Russia’s central bank boss sent coded messages to financial market via her… BROOCHES

The popular toy was also used as the logo for the section on the regulator’s website that was devoted to crisis response measures. © Sputnik / Press service of the Bank of Russia In April, Nabiullina sported a pin shaped like a house, while, in June, she wore a small dove. © Sputnik / Press service of the Bank of Russia She didn’t anticipate that her wave-shaped pin would be taken as indicating her concern that the anticipated election victory of Joe Biden could cause geopolitical turbulence, she said. © Sputnik / Kirill Kalinnikov The first brooсh, which was widely featured in the press, had its first outing in February. © Sputnik / Press service of the Bank of Russia That day, the Central Bank of Russia opted to leave the key interest rate unchanged at 4.25 percent, signaling that further slashes are unlikely, because of the risk of inflation.When asked about her plans for future message-conveying brooches, Nabiullina said she hadn’t yet decided whether she would continue her tradition or buck the trend.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section A wave-shaped pin graced the lapel of her coat in October. According to Nabiullina, she made a random choice on this occasion, though, in December, she was asked with what bird she most identified. “I’ve been wearing brooches for a long time, but this year, I was using them to try to signal our understanding of the current situation,” the head of the regulator said in an interview with RTVi, a New York-based privately run TV network broadcasting in Russian.READ MORE:Russia to slash key interest rate to post-Soviet-era lowNabiullina’s choice of brooches were a hot issue in 2020 for both Russian and international journalists, who frequently discussed what they might mean, or, indeed, whether they had any meaning at all. © Sputnik / Press service of the Bank of Russia In September, her chosen brooch featured a Play/Pause icon. That was believed to be a reference to the steps the bank was taking to support the country’s finance sector during the Covid-19 pandemic. © Sputnik / Press service of the Bank of Russia The beautiful bullfinch she pinned to her jacket last week represented a creature capable of withstanding even freezing weather – “a hardy bird,” according to Nabiullina. This piece was in the shape of a stork. Nabiullina said she thinks through the message a particular pin can convey every time she selects one, but sometimes the choice is given too much credence by onlookers. Follow RT on

Elvira Nabiullina, Russia’s Central Bank chief, said the brooches she wore this year during press conferences after making decisions on key interest rates were all very carefully chosen. © Sputnik / Artem Kudryavcev In March, she pinned a brooch in the shape of a Russian roly-poly doll to her jacket.

Russia’s Far East attracts over $17 BILLION in foreign investment

In 2017, Russia lifted Far East visa requirements for 18 countries to boost tourism and develop the region.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section Today it accounts for 32 percent, which is a 16-fold increase,” Trutnev told Rossiya 24 TV channel on Monday. “When we started working on the development of the Far East in 2013, the share of foreign direct investment was just two percent. “The volume of investments has already exceeded 1.3 trillion rubles ($17.6 billion).”The deputy PM added that the volume of private investment in the Far East is expected to grow to five trillion rubles (over $67 billion).According to him, more than 100 billion rubles ($1.3 billion) of budget funds are being invested within the framework of a program for social development, and more than 1,000 social facilities are under construction. Special economic zoning and concessions have stoked investor interest in the region. Follow RT on

Foreign direct investment in the Russian Far East has grown significantly since 2013, according to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev. Also on
Russia’s Far East has huge investment potential – Ernst & Young

Some 18 priority development territories, as well as the Vladivostok Free Port, have been created under the Far East’s development program. Hundreds of foreign companies have already obtained resident status.The priority development territories in the Russian Far East provide the country’s citizens as well as foreigners with tax and customs concessions.

Russia looks to become leader in hydrogen tech

By using heat, natural gas molecules are broken down into hydrogen and carbon which is not gaseous but solid. According to CEO Leonid Mikhelson, the company is planning to build steam-methane reforming facilities on the Yamal peninsula to produce hydrogen. Before pure hydrogen can be pumped, admixing is a good alternative to reduce the carbon footprint and meet the requirements of customers.The technology Gazprom is looking into, however, is a process called methane pyrolysis. Oil and gas exports have provided the necessary income to rebuild the country and exert influence abroad. Also on
Russia’s latest & most powerful nuclear icebreaker sets off on maiden Arctic voyage

Furthermore, Novatek, Russia’s largest independent gas producer, is already looking for new opportunities to supplement its LNG activities. The carbon then can be used for other industrial processes and increase the value of the process.Lastly, while renewables are not a big part of Russia’s energy mix and the government hasn’t announced ambitious plans, there is a bright future for wind in the country. Russia’s mineral and energy wealth has given it a second chance in global affairs after the Cold War and the implosion of the Soviet Union. Moscow realizes, therefore, that the current modus operandi is not sustainable. Follow RT on

Russia’s vast natural gas reserves and renewables potential could make it one of the world’s largest hydrogen producers within the next decades. For this technique, natural gas is still used as the starting point of the process but the byproduct is different from methane reforming. The current hydrogen plans are imperative to diversify the economy and develop new industries.This article was originally published on The existing natural gas pipelines could be reused to pump hydrogen to consumers.Despite the potential and intentions to become a hydrogen exporter, there is a very long way to go. Moscow, therefore, is trying to find a new purpose for its energy industry by early investments in hydrogen technologies. Mikhelson expects hydrogen to represent “a noticeable share in global energy consumption between 30 and 40 years from today.”
Read more

Time for record global oil demand may have already passed, Russia says

Russia’s unchallenged gas champion Gazprom, however, is pursuing a different path. Additional carbon capture and storage projects will be required to produce so-called ‘blue’ hydrogen and meet the necessary standards. Read more

China turns on nuclear-powered ‘artificial sun’, TEN TIMES hotter than the real thing

Russia’s energy ministry is working on a hydrogen strategy in cooperation with foreign partners in Japan and Germany. The tools for this transformation are the country’s energy titans Rosatom, Novatek, and Gazprom. Especially the coastal regions in the northwest are highly suitable for ‘green’ hydrogen production through electrolysis. The country’s energy mix is a reflection of the current state of affairs.Russia has one of the world’s largest nuclear plant fleets which is built and operated by state-owned Rosatom. Due to the lifetime of the pipelines, hydrogen could be used to extend operations well after natural gas has been phased out. In this regard, Rosatom and Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries intend to export the first shipment by 2024. Each of these companies, with the support of Moscow, is looking into different technologies to produce and export the hydrogen.According to deputy prime minister Alexander Novak, “experts say that hydrogen may constitute 7 to 25 percent of the global energy balance by 2050, as soon as the issues of high production costs and the challenges related to transportation are resolved.”To develop a hydrogen sector, Russia intends to use the assets it already possesses such as the world’s largest natural gas reserves, strong nuclear know-how, and high-class energy research facilities. The company already operates extensive pipeline infrastructure to Europe and is expanding capacity to China. Therefore, nuclear energy is seen as an asset which through the process of electrolysis could be used to produce ‘yellow’ hydrogen.Russian and Japanese officials and representatives of their respective industries are already in talks for cooperation opportunities. The energy transition is the ‘Sword of Damocles’ hanging over the Russian fossil fuel industry. The Japanese intend to expand their knowledge of the industry and build on the experience of importing hydrogen from their enterprise in Australia that will start operations in 2021. Russia is one of the country’s most seriously affected by the energy transition due to its sizeable fossil fuel exports. A significant order portfolio for new plants both domestically and abroad is an incentive to develop and improve existing technologies.

Russia’s oil output plunges to LOWEST in nearly a decade

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Oil and condensate production in Russia fell for the first time in 12 years and reached nine-year lows in 2020, as one of the major global oil exporters supported the historic OPEC+ deal to boost a pandemic-hit energy market. Also on
Russia getting off the oil needle, Putin says

Almost all major Russian oil companies cut oil and condensate output in the last month of the year and for 2020 as a whole. Apart from the devastating impact of the pandemic, the collapse of the previous OPEC+ agreement became another shock for the market last year. 

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Russia plans to boost oil production next year under OPEC+ agreement

In order to stabilize the situation, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allied oil producers led by Russia, together known as OPEC+, inked a new oil deal in April. OPEC+ is set to hold a meeting on Sunday to decide whether the current cut of 7.2 million bpd could be further eased by another 500,000 bpd. Russia’s biggest privately owned producer, Novatek, was the only exception in December: it boosted production by around three percent compared to a year ago, but this was still down 0.5 percent on an annual basis. The pandemic has brought unforeseen turmoil to energy markets, with oil prices suffering an unprecedented decline, as a standstill in travel and production crippled global demand for the commodity. The cuts for the year ranged from six to 12 percent. The parties agreed to historic cuts of 9.7 million barrels per day (bpd), which entered into force in May and were subsequently eased to 7.7 million bpd. New production hikes became effective this year, with an additional 500,000 bpd coming to the market in January. Russia previously said that it would support bolstering the exports.For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section Last year Russia pumped 512.68 million tons of crude and condensate, meaning that the production volume decreased 8.6 percent compared to 2019, according to TASS, citing data from the statistical unit of the country’s Energy Ministry, CDU-TEK. Last year’s oil production almost reached the levels of 2010, when it stood at 512.3 million tons. The decline followed a record output level in 2019, when the nation’s production reached 568 million tons, and marked the first drop since 2008.

Jennifer Lopez Bringing Generators On Tour To Prevent Concert Blackouts?

Jennifer Lopez National Enquirer


“Jennifer Lopez to Light Up MSG on Monday for Blackout Makeup Show.” Variety, 14 July 2019. Lopez addressed her fans on social media right after the announcement was made by Madison Square Garden that the show was being postponed, saying, “I love you; I am so sorry that this happened in the middle of our moment. Shuster, Andrew. It’s clear the unreliable tabloid knows very little about the singer’s personal or professional life. Although Lopez’s concert was canceled after being affected by the blackout that hit New York last month, the show was immediately rescheduled and went on two days later. This wouldn’t be the first time the Enquirer has made up a story about what supposedly goes on behind the scenes of the singer’s tour. The story is complete untrue. Shuster, Andrew. In June, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Lopez was tracking Alex Rodriguez when he joined her on the road because she didn’t trust him being around other women. The singer’s final six shows are taking place in Israel, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Egypt and Russia. 2019. Last month’s incident in New York was a very rare occurrence. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez will not be taking generators on tour with her as a result of the recent New York City blackout that forced her to cancel a concert at Madison Square Garden, despite a false report. An article in this week’s National Enquirer quotes a “source” as saying that Lopez was “frustrated that so many fans had come to see her and the show was cancelled,” so moving forward, “she will be traveling with her own generators.” The “insider” then goes completely over the top by adding, “Now, even an act of God can’t stop J.Lo!” The outlet’s premise isn’t at all accurate. It should also be noted, Lopez’s It’s My Party tour ends on August 11. Gossip Cop can bust it. As time has proven, the couple is still happily engaged. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for wrongly reporting that Lopez would be dumping Rodriguez following unfounded cheating allegations against him. Shortly before that, we called out the publication wrongly alleging that Lopez was rude to one of her fans during a meet-and-greet. I’m going to get back to you as soon as I can with when we are going to reschedule the show.”
Additionally, most arenas where Lopez performs already have generators for emergencies, but no one generator is enough to provide the amount of electricity needed to light and power a production like Lopez’s It’s My Party tour. Shuster, Andrew. She won’t be bringing generators around the globe. “Jennifer Lopez Dumping Alex Rodriguez Over Cheating Allegations?” Gossip Cop, 3 Apr. “Jennifer Lopez NOT Tracking Alex Rodriguez During Her Tour, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 6 June 2019. “Jennifer Lopez Rude To Fan During Meet-And-Greet?” Gossip Cop, 24 Apr. 2019. An individual in the singer’s camp assured us she was paying zero attention to the unsubstantiated rumors. Meanwhile, the odds of a blackout affecting a show are slim enough that it wouldn’t make any financial sense to travel with generators.

Juice WRLD – Spanglish Lyrics

Put that bitch in the back of a Beamer
In the cut and I’m toting my nina
Spill lean on my clothes, race to the dry cleaners
I take off in that car like a cheetah
Got a Spanish bitch, that’s my amiga
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
I choose hoes nigga (I choose you)
I’m just tryna fuck his main bitch (I choose you)
I’m just toting on my stainless (I choose you)
Nigga fuck ya’ and everyone ya’ hang with (I choose you)
Choppa talking, that bitch speaking spanglish (I choose you)
Flex on that bitch like a sit-up, drink Codeine, no liquor (Aye)
White mask on my face, I do not fuck with these niggas (Aye, skrt skrt aye)
You ain’t tough nigga, you’s a fuck nigga (Huh, what else)
My lil’ gun a thottie, load it up, it fuck niggas (Gang gang gang)
Perky in my body, I love to bust niggas (Gang gang, gang)
Bomb like Kamikaze, this K from Russia ho’ (Gang gang, gang)
Desert eagle show no love, it just lust niggas (Gang)
I see all the fuck shit with my eyes closed (Gang)
Daytrip took it to ten
999 that’s the gang
ABK that’s the gang
808 that’s the gang
That’s the gang
That’s the gang
Daytrip took it to ten Play this song
999, oh
Daytrip took it to ten
I’m just tryna fuck his main bitch (Woah, woah, woah)
I’m just toting on my stainless (Gang, gang, gang, gang)
Nigga fuck ya’ and everyone ya’ hang with (Nigga fuck you)
Choppa talking, that bitch speaking spanglish (Gra, gra, gra)
Flex on that bitch like a sit-up, drink Codeine, no liquor (Huh, ya dig)
White mask on my face, I do not fuck with these niggas
You ain’t tough nigga, you’s a fuck nigga (Huh, what else)
My lil’ gun a thottie, load it up, it fuck niggas (Uh huh, fuck)
Perky in my body, I love to bust niggas (Bitch)
Bomb like Kamikaze, this K from Russia ho’ (Gra)
Desert eagle show no love, it just lust niggas (Fuck ’em)
I see all the fuck shit with my eyes closed
[Verse 1]
I’m in the cut getting green like a farmer (Uh, huh)
I put the gun to your head like a barber (Uh, huh)
I fuck in your bitch in a room in Ramada (Uh, huh)
Not at the W, save me some drama (Uh, huh)
I’m taking W’s, no I ain’t not losing (Uh, huh)
Crank that gun like Soulja Boy, you (Uh, huh)
Smoke the strongest marijuana (Uh, huh)
It’ll take you the moon
I’ma admit, I’m taking the shrooms (Woo)
Gun on my hip move dirt like brooms (Yeah)
Shit, I’d rather be rich and mad
Then to be broke and hurt like you (Lil’ bitch)
Long ass barrel, pool stick
Load the clip, lose it
Beat it up, give it a fight
Fuck the bitch, abuse it (Lil’ bitch)
I’m just tryna fuck his main bitch (Fuck his main bitch)
I’m just toting on my stainless (On my motherfucking)
Nigga fuck ya’ and everyone ya’ hang with (Nigga fuck you)
Choppa talking, that bitch speaking spanglish (Gra gra gra)
Flex on that bitch like a sit-up, drink Codeine, no liquor (Huh, ya dig)
White mask on my face, I do not fuck with these niggas
You ain’t tough nigga, you’s a fuck nigga (Huh, what else)
My lil’ gun a thottie, load it up, it fuck niggas (Uh huh, fuck)
Perky in my body, I love to bust niggas (Yeah I do)
Bomb like Kamikaze, this K from Russia ho’ (Gra)
Desert eagle show no love, it just lust niggas (Fuck ’em)
I see all the fuck shit with my eyes closed (I do)
[Verse 2]
Perks by the case load
Run up on me, case closed (Uh)
I’ma let the K blow
Let the K blow
Fucking on a slut ho’ (Lil’ bitch)
That’s your slut bro
Come and get your slut bro
Yeah she got’s to go
Suck my dick so sloppily
Put the sloppy in sloppy joe
Pull up on the scene, Monopoly
Damn that’s a money [?]
Fuck with me that’s a catastrophe
One million plus two million, bitch do the math for me (Count it up, count it up)
I’m smoking on gas, I’m chilling
These fuck niggas in they feelings (What else)
Mad cause a young nigga stay winning (What else)
Mad cause a young nigga stay shining (What else)
Mad cause a young nigga stay grinning
Take off those fake ass diamonds
Who the fuck you thought you was tricking
Who the fuck you thought you was running up on
You thought a young nigga was slippin’?

Angelina Jolie Offering To Help Johnny Depp Get Healthy?

2018. 2018. This narrative seems to have been concocted because some fans have expressed concern about the actor over his recent weight loss. It’s filled with inaccuracies. “Johnny Depp Is ‘Healthy’ Despite Fans’ Recent Health Concerns.” Entertainment Tonight. Jolie hasn’t reached out to the actor to “get him back to health,” nor does she have any reason to. Regardless, a reliable Depp source assures Gossip Cop the tabloid’s story is made-up. 4 Jun. However, he’s perfectly healthy. “Johnny Depp Is “Healthy” Despite Fans’ Concerns Over New Photos.” E! Angelina Jolie Johnny Depp


Tailor, Lena. The tabloid further contends that Jolie has “offered her support to get him back to health,” but the outlet provides zero details about how she plans to take care of him. (Getty Images)
Angelina Jolie has not reached out to Johnny Depp and offered to help get him healthy, despite a completely untrue tabloid report. 4 Jun. News. For starters, Depp is currently on a world tour with his band The Hollywood Vampires, while Jolie is busy shooting Maleficent 2 in London. Also, between shooting a movie and going through a custody battle, the actress has plenty on her own plate at the moment. 4 Jun. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story. “She has been phoning and texting him several times a day while he is on tour in Europe with his band,” says the magazine’s questionable source. Considering that Depp is on the road with his band and doing well, the notion that Jolie reached out to intervene in his life doesn’t make sense. Considering the two have hectic and conflicting schedules, it’s unlikely the actress could find the time to help him. Regardless, Gossip Cop is told on background by a source close to Depp that the tabloid’s article is fabricated. The two haven’t even been spotted together since the film’s red carpet premiere in 2010. Dupre, Elyse. The unreliable magazine also claims the actor is “spiraling” both emotionally and physically. Miller, Mike. When it comes to celebrity news, all three of these outlets are much more trustworthy than Woman’s Day. “Johnny Depp Healthy and ‘Having a Great Time on Tour’ with His Band, Says Source.” People. According to Woman’s Day, the actress became concerned about Depp after seeing photos of him looking thinner than usual while signing autographs for fans in Russia. Also, it isn’t actually clear if Jolie and Depp have kept in touch much since co-starring in a movie together nearly a decade ago. 2018. As “Entertainment Tonight” reported last week, “Depp is healthy, despite fans’ recent concerns.” People backed up this reporting, quoting a source as saying, “Johnny is having a great time on the tour playing with the guys.” And another Depp insider told E! An alleged insider is then quoted as saying, “He’s been displaying some worrying signs that he’s suffering from a personality disorder, which has left his loved ones deeply concerned.”

One of the people supposedly trying to intervene in Depp’s life is said to be Jolie, who co-starred with the actor in 2010’s The Tourist. News “there is no reason to be concerned” for the actor.

Lil Durk – Goofy (feat. Jeezy & Future)

[Intro: Future]
Yeah, Super
Yeah, what we doin’?

[Chorus: Future]
Only the family involved
I don’t fuck with none of these goofy, goofy, goofies
I don’t fuck with none of you goofy, goofies
Only the family involved
I don’t fuck with none of these goofy, goofy, goofies
I don’t fuck with none of you goofy, goofies
Young nigga thought I was trippin’
Had to cut ’em off ’cause you wasn’t gettin’ no money
Young nigga thought I was trippin’
Had to cut it off ’cause you wasn’t catching no hundreds
Shit, I bought the goon from Russia
Shit, I bought the goon from Russia

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
Took the string off the MAC, you a goofy
Switch up for some pussy you coochie (lean)
How you bad and boujee? (bitch)
No car, no house, lil’ bitch you goofy (goofy)
I wouldn’t mind fuckin’ in the coupe (in the coupe)
I wouldn’t mind fuckin’, no groupies (no groupies)
I wouldn’t mind fuckin’ with goofies (lame)
Send his ass off he a goofy (pussy)
Left his ass stretched on the stretcher (goofy)
Fucked the bitch left her in the huncho (groupie)
Lamborghini price go skrt skrt
Young nigga caught a body got right out
In my neighborhood I’m like Tookie (6-0)
Set it off, uzi
Your jewelry gang, foofy (fake!)
You thinking we goofy we hop out and shoot

[Chorus: Future]
Only the family involved
I don’t fuck with none of these goofy, goofy, goofies
I don’t fuck with none of you goofy, goofies
Only the family involved
I don’t fuck with none of these goofy, goofy, goofies
I don’t fuck with none of you goofy, goofies
Young nigga thought I was trippin’
Had to cut ’em off ’cause you wasn’t gettin’ no money
Young nigga thought I was trippin’
Had to cut it off ’cause you wasn’t catching no hundreds
Shit, I bought the goon from Russia
Shit, I bought the goon from Russia

[Verse 2: Jeezy]
Coupe from Italy though
I got two of them Rollies
That mean I’m goin’ to Boosie
All that dick ridin’, no lyin’
Don’t know if they’re gangstas or groupies
I can’t give a fuck ’bout these niggas
Def ain’t textin’ these hoes
Sleep with a million in cash
Them my relationship goals
I’m on the phone with a sheik
I’m tryna cop me some gems
I’m in the coupe with a mink
I’m ridin’ facto the rims
D.A. know who I am
Galore is I don’t give a damn
Open my top like a clam
Bentley as white as them grams

[Chorus: Future]
Only the family involved
I don’t fuck with none of these goofy, goofy, goofies
I don’t fuck with none of you goofy, goofies
Only the family involved
I don’t fuck with none of these goofy, goofy, goofies
I don’t fuck with none of you goofy, goofies
Young nigga thought I was trippin’
Had to cut ’em off ’cause you wasn’t gettin’ no money
Young nigga thought I was trippin’
Had to cut it off ’cause you wasn’t catching no hundreds
Shit, I bought the goon from Russia
Shit, I bought the goon from Russia

Musicals – Chess – Anatoly And The Press lyrics

Reporter #3: [Spoken]
Excuse me, Mr. Sergievsky, why are you leaving
Russia? What about your wife and family?

How long was this planned?
What made you defect?
Did anyone help you?
And do you expect
To be joined in your exile
By loved ones, e.g. your wife?
Or are you starting again
In all aspects of life?

Reporter #7: [Spoken]
Will you be defending your title next year in

Anatoly: [Spoken]
Walter, you bastard, you never told me you and
Global would fix all this!

Walter: [Spoken]
Welcome to the West, Anatoly.

Reporter #6: [Spoken]
Why did you leave Russia?

Anatoly: [Spoken]
I don’t leave anything!

Musicals – Chess – Embassy Lament lyrics

Embassy Officials:
Oh, my dear how boring,
He’s defecting
Just like all the others,
He’s expecting
Us to be impressed
With what he’s done here,
But he hasn’t stopped
To think about the paperwork
His gesture causes–
We’ve an embassy to run here.

If these people can’t strike
Blows for freedom
With a valid visa,
We don’t need ’em.
If we seem offhand
Then please remember
This is nothing very special
He’s the fourth we’ve had
Since last November.
Who do these foreign
Chappies think they are?

Official #1:
And when he’s safely in the West
He’ll be the hero to discuss.
The media will lionize him,
Fame and fortune plus,

No-one will recall it’s
Thanks to us.

Official #1: [Spoken]
You have a wife?

Anatoly: [Spoken]

Official #3: [Spoken]
You have two children?

Anatoly: [Spoken]

Official #2: [Spoken]
And they’re not coming with you?

Anatoly: [Spoken]
No, not for the moment.

Official #4: [Spoken]
You play chess. You are good at it?
[Official #3 whispers in #4’s ear]
Oh. I hear you’re world champion.

Anatoly: [Spoken]
Since yesterday.

Officials: [Spoken]
That’s still good.
Have you an appointment
With the consul?
If you don’t
We know what his
Response’ll be,
He will not see you–
With respect it buggers up
His very taxing schedule,
Pushing peace and understanding.
Let us hope this won’t affect it.

Far too many joker
Cross the border,
Not a single
Document in order.
Russia must be empty
Though we’re all for
Basic human rights,
It makes you wonder,
What they built the Berlin wall for
Who do these foreign
Chappies think they are?

And when you’ve
Filled in all the forms,
And been passed
Clear of all disease,
Debriefed, debugged,
Dedrugged, disarmed,
And disinfected, please
Don’t forget the guys
Who cut your keys.

Shia LaBeouf – Hattrick Freestyle Lyrics

Me again
It’s heat again
Thats three of them
You’d think I was trying to achieve something
What’s the reasoning?
What’s been eating him?
Why’s he got this gusto?
I just finished playing tennis like I’m John McEnroe

Compare me to Brando, Eminem
Pen to pen
I’m better then him and him
20 men, 2 teams of QM’s, with new gems
Who all know him, could speak fluid
I just do this
The truth is, I’m Kubrick
You lose this
Your roof is in jeopardy
Ebro, needs no accessory
Please know you equal a cent to me
Your raps Phil Spector g
Alive for a century
Maintaining impressively

Give him a hand, not applause
His draws is hitting the sand
Can’t get it
Cause attempting Risks shit in his pants
Ignorant, insignificant man
The difference is damn!!!!!
Thats me and your like, “Uh-huh”
You better hide like Trump with Russia
You from the side where guys be stuck up
I’m from the side where guys get…

Emailing Ben to get at me
While I’m in Tallahassee
Pull my phone start writing in taxis
Paying the flat fee
Making it nasty
Great like I’m Gatspy
At you like you owe me
Re-cooper like Bradley
So you agree?
Are you beaten or what?
You got the demeanor.. of a vacuum-cleaner
You suck
Your archeology
I’m the shit—I’m colostomy
Eat you for the novelty
Harbor no animosity
This is all for fun and for free
Just killed rap’s bougoisie
You not hip-hop, you’re
Youre MM-Bop
Just an obscure fruit my dude your kumquat
I’m cultured
I’m umlaut
Above t-dot
That’s three dots like texts when your thinking bout the response
That’s my profession, holmes
I’m an accessible spectacle
I’ll be in Atlanta when my schedule’s flexible

Dealing with dummies both of you should take some classes The masses ask for this hat trick
Eating red vines and the guy who writes on sunglasses
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
This my last line cause you cats ain’t rapping much

P Money –

Whoa, big boy lyric and flow
Whoa, big boy lyric and flow
Whoa, round and round it goes
Whoa, round and round it goes
Hey, big boy lyric and flow
Hey, big boy lyric and flow
Hey, round and round it goes
Hey, round and round it goes

[Verse 1]
Yo, I don’t play, this is not EA
Minimum wage? Promoter, behave
Make sure I’ve got a rider onstage
And three hotel rooms, prepaid
Got a big lyric called “what did he say?”
When I start it, the crowd say “what did he say?”
But I don’t repeat it on the third line
But I hit ’em with the fourth like “what did he say?”
Cause I’m grimy when I’m rhyming with my hood up
In quick time and when I ride in, I get a pull-up
If it’s a hype ting, we’ll slide in when I pull up
DM sliding when I glide in, skrrt, pull up
I does this, then man shoulda, woulda, coulda
I got clarity, dem man dududududu
I’m P Money in a snapback and my hood up
But I’m Wiley to every single girl that I stood up, cause

Whoa, big boy lyric and flow
Whoa, big boy lyric and flow
Whoa, round and round it goes
Whoa, round and round it goes
Hey, big boy lyric and flow
Hey, big boy lyric and flow
Hey, round and round it goes
Hey, round and round it goes

[Verse 2]
Yo, fam, let me tell you why I’m nang
Probably the first grime man in Japan
Every single MC that clashed me ran
Left with their girlfriends, I left with their fans
Money Over Everyone, yeah, that was me
Put together dubstep and grime, that was me
Bosnia, Russia, Australia, Croatia
Can’t forget Germany, bro, that was me
If you wanna spar me, you are barmy, you need an army
You ain’t dark, G, can’t dark me cause I’m a darkie
Can’t harm me, run up, charge me or disarm me
I’m old school but I ain’t Atari, bro, wallahi
My conservative labour works more than a party
Nah, G, on my own, I was calling the party
Humble with it, but I’ll get a D Double rewind
If you might see me go back to being nasty

Whoa, big boy lyric and flow
Whoa, big boy lyric and flow
Whoa, round and round it goes
Whoa, round and round it goes
Hey, big boy lyric and flow
Hey, big boy lyric and flow
Hey, round and round it goes
Hey, round and round it goes

[Verse 3]
Like yo, let me tell you why I’m cold
Made a lot of bangers, [?]
“Slang Like This”, man, you already know
“10/10” now, you already know
Younger than them but I was one of the seniors
Badded up festivals and I done arenas
They ain’t even done this and they was on a major
I ain’t even dropped no album, idiots
Zim zimma, I was getting bigger and bigger
They couldn’t say I weren’t the winner when I got in the bimmer
They can’t buy my style, I’ll six-figure the bidder
They call me chinchilla cause I’ll put their chin on a chiller, it’s mad
Are you hearing the way I’ve been flowing? It’s mad
All the rates and the raves I’ve been going, it’s mad
Lowkey at the show so we go in the back
When your chick picks me up, we go in the back

Whoa, big boy lyric and flow
Whoa, big boy lyric and flow
Whoa, round and round it goes
Whoa, round and round it goes
Hey, big boy lyric and flow
Hey, big boy lyric and flow
Hey, round and round it goes
Hey, round and round it goes

Whoa, big boy lyric and flow
Whoa, big boy lyric and flow
Whoa, round and round it goes
Whoa, round and round it goes
Hey, big boy lyric and flow
Hey, big boy lyric and flow
Hey, round and round it goes
Hey, round and round it goes

B.o.B – Summers Day (Elements Album)

If money is your God who’s your devil?
If everybody die what make’s you special?
I wonder if heaven got a ghetto
And I wonder if it’s crowded
Okay now I’m acting childish but hey
Don’t force your religion on me
And I won’t force my non-religion on you
Truth’s the only thing I’m devoted to
So am I equal or just boredom to you
So Bobby, fourth album how does it feel?
Ever wonder why every artist run out on they deal?
The price you pay to sell out record stores
When they say they sell they soul it’s not a metaphor

I wonder if JFK tried to warn us a storm was around the corner
Most of these law enforcers just force us all in a corner
They make it harder for the foreigners
Your son your wife and you daughter
And make it hard to support them
I’m just here to inform ya
The power structures enormous
Speaking out on these topics is like swatting a nest of hornets
They come from the left and right
They swarm our bodies like garments
With chemicals here to harm us
After you bust your ass they tax your ass for a portion
That’s parasitic behavior
How dare they minimum wage us
How dare you mention a pay cut
Like we here to read the terms and conditions
And they betrayed us
Don’t need permission to wake up
‘Cause silence is your consent for them to consistently wake us
Let’s go

Let’s go
Let’s let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s, let’s go
Let’s, let’s, let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s, let’s go
Let’s, let’s, let’s go

My mentality is post apocalyptic
I think in hieroglyphic
We live inside a system that’s mostly monolithic
America the company who owns the title?
Shit. I don’t know it could be Russia or China
That’s why they identify it as property
Born in the robbery
No Robin Hood
If Satan had a house it’d be in Hollywood
Walking away is the most difficult part
Red carpet for the ritual start
They know they can’t keep me in check
Or keep me asleep with a check
As long as there’s breath in my chest I’m pressing these niggas to death
I’ll never regret
The past that I lived
Or the path that I took
I run when I needed, with every step

let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s, let’s go
Let’s, let’s, let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s, let’s go
Let’s, let’s, let’s go