Ariana Grande Warning Margaret Qualley Not To Date Pete Davidson?

It must also be mentioned, Life & Style published inaccurate stories about Grande and Davidson when they were still together. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. Life & Style has now decided to drag the Saturday Night Live star’s ex-fiancee into the situation. There’s no truth to it. Gossip Cop also busted the magazine earlier this year for making up a story about Grande feuding with Taylor Swift. 2019. It’s worth noting, Grande sent a message to her fans asking that they be “gentler” with Davidson following their split last year. In response to the online bullying the SNL star was receiving, Grande said, “I really don’t endorse anything but forgiveness and positivity. That’s because this mutual friend doesn’t seem to exist. “Ariana Grande Shoots Down Baby Speculation.” Gossip Cop, 23 July 2018. She got word to Margaret through a mutual pal, that Pete’s an immature stoner who’d make fun of her on SNL after she eventually dumped him, too.” The suspicious source then acknowledges that Grande has “never met Pete’s girlfriend, but thought she should pass along her two cents before it gets serious.”
Naturally, the unreliable tabloid isn’t able to identify Grande and Qualley’s “mutual pal” who supposedly issued the warning on the singer’s behalf. The pop star herself shot down the false rumor. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who assures us Grande hasn’t interfered in Davidson’s new romance. “Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande Feuding?” Gossip Cop, 27 Apr. Shuster, Andrew. i care deeply about pete and his health.” She added, “I will always have irrevocable love for him and if you’ve gotten any other impression from my recent work, you might have missed the point.” Considering that the singer took to social media to ask her fans not to bad-mouth her ex, it seems highly unlikely she’s doing it herself. 2018. “Ariana Grande Asks Fans to ‘Be Gentler’ with Pete Davidson: ‘I Care Deeply’ About His ‘Health.'” People, 4 Dec. Ariana Grande Life & Style Pete Davidson


Zauzmer, Emily. Shortly after the two stars got engaged last year, the tabloid falsely claimed Grande and Davidson planed on having a baby together. (Getty Images)
Ariana Grande hasn’t warned Margaret Qualley not to date Pete Davidson, despite a made-up tabloid report. Although Davidson and Qualley haven’t confirmed their romance, the two were spotted holding hands in Italy last week during the Venice Film Festival, and it’s believed they’ve been seeing each other for a couple of months. A bogus headline in the latest issue of the magazine reads, “Ariana Warns Margaret: Pete’s Bad News!”

An alleged insider tells the outlet, “Ariana felt it was her responsibility as a feminist, of course, to warn Margaret about what she was getting herself into. This latest article roping Grande into Davidson and Qualley’s relationship is more nonsense. There’s no animosity between the two singers, despite the magazine’s insistence on creating drama.

Adam Sandler Rumors

2017. 2017. “Adam Sandler, Wife Jackie Renewing Vows Claim NOT True.” Gossip Cop, 6 Jul. 2017. 12 Oct. “Adam Sandler Dishes on His Dinner With Justin Bieber: ‘He’s Funny as Hell’ (Exclusive).” Entertainment Tonight. 27 Aug. “Jennifer Aniston looks radiant in floral shift dress as she holds hands with co-star Adam Sandler on Murder Mystery set in Milan.” The Daily Mail. 2018. Bueno, Antoinette. Rusk, Connie. “Justin Bieber Did NOT Ask Adam Sandler For Acting Advice, Despite Claim.” Gossip Cop, 12 Oct.
“Jennifer Aniston NOT ‘Caught’ Holding Hands With Adam Sandler After Justin Theroux Split, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 28 Aug. The story was based on paparazzi photos in which Sandler’s wife appears to be waving her arms around. In reality, they were simply filming scenes for their upcoming movie Murder Mystery. An alleged insider told the magazine that the actor and his wife got into a “feisty verbal feud” while riding bikes in Malibu with their two daughters. Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day last September for falsely claiming Sandler got into a heated fight with his wife Jackie during a family day out. At no point in the video did the comedian or his wife get angry with each other. A video of the incident, however, shows there was no argument. Time proved our reporting to be accurate because the spouses, although going strong, haven’t had another marriage ceremony. Sandler himself called the story “weird” and “made up,” noting they simply ate dinner and “hung out.”
And shortly before that, we corrected an article from Star that wrongly maintained Sandler wanted to renew his vows and have a second wedding with his wife Jackie to thank her for “sticking by his side.” While the sentiment was sweet, it simply wasn’t true. Additionally, Sandler is happily married and has been friends with Aniston for more than 20 years. Here are a few wrong rumors. “EXCLUSIVE – Adam Sandler And His Loving Family Ride Bikes Through The Palisades.” YouTube. 2018. Gossip Cop called out RadarOnline last August for making up a ridiculous story about Sandler and Jennifer Aniston getting “caught” holding hands following her split from Justin Theroux. 2018. They weren’t “caught” doing anything other than working. “Adam Sandler Got Into Heated Fight With Wife During Family Day Out?” Gossip Cop, 13 Sep. The unreliable blog further suggested there was some sort of romance developing between the two stars. Adam Sandler Saturday Night Live – SNL


Shuster, Andrew. (Getty Images)
Adam Sandler has been at the center of a lot of phony tabloid stories. 2018. 4 Sep. Sandler, his wife and their two girls simply stopped by the side of the road to have a discussion. Gossip Cop has debunked several bogus reports about the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, who’s returning to host “SNL” for the first time this week. Shuster, Andrew. The actress was even a guest at his 2003 wedding. A couple of years ago, Gossip Cop debunked a claim about Sandler giving Justin Bieber “acting advice.” After Sandler and former “SNL” co-star David Spade were photographed having dinner with Bieber, Us Weekly alleged the singer shared a meal with the two comedic actors because he was interested in “breaking into acting” and wanted to “educate himself about the industry” with their “A-list help.” But, as Gossip Cop noted back then, the tabloid failed with its report. At the time, a slew of mutual of friends of Gossip Cop and the “SNL” alum told us it was false. Sandler and Aniston, who play husband and wife in the Netflix comedy, were photographed hand-in-hand while shooting a sequence in Milan.

Kate Beckinsale’s Friends Worried She’s Going To Break Pete Davidson’s Heart?

Gossip Cop busted the tabloid a few weeks ago for falsely claiming Emma Stone and Richard Madden were dating after meeting at the awards show. That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. “Emma Stone Dating Richard Madden?” Gossip Cop, 22 Jan. 2019. A supposed source tells the magazine, “Pete is absolutely besotted… He’s been showering her with gifts and burning up her phone.” The alleged insider goes on to maintain Beckinsale’s friends think she’s headed for trouble, as “she’ll get bored eventually and move on like she always does.” “That’ll leave Pete nursing a broken heart because he always falls hard and fast like this,” contends the tipster before adding, “look at what happened with Ariana [Grande].”
Davidson, who’s been vocal about his struggles with mental health, posted a suicidal message on Instagram after Grande called off their quickie engagement last year. The actress and the “Saturday Night Live” star are rumored to be casually dating after hitting it off at a Golden Globes afterparty in January. The Beckinsale confidante tells us Heat’s report is “not true,” and its “sources are not valid.”
It’s worth pointing out how the outlet attempted to create a nonexistent romance at last month’s Golden Globes. Their relationship doesn’t appear to be very serious, but according to Heat, Davidson is quickly falling in love. Hohman, Maura. “He’s a classic all-or-nothing character who falls in love very easily.”
The so-called “source” further claims Beckinsale’s friends “are worried she’s going to eat him alive and, at the same time, she’s not doing herself any favors by dating someone who’s as vulnerable as Pete.” The seemingly phony insider concludes that everyone close to the actress fears Davidson will react very poorly if she “goes ahead and breaks his heart, or just decides she’s not interested.”
It’s quite odd the tabloid’s “source” knows so much personal information about both Beckinsale and Davidson, who seemingly hadn’t met prior to last month’s Golden Globes. Celebrity Rumors Heat Magazine Kate Beckinsale Pete Davidson


Goldstein, Joelle and Chiu, Melody. “Kate Beckinsale, Seen Out with Pete Davidson, ‘Isn’t Looking to Get Serious’: Source.” People, 4 Feb. The magazine simply doesn’t have much insight into Hollywood romances. 2019. (Getty Images)
Are Kate Beckinsale’s friends worried she’s going to break Pete Davidson’s heart when she decides to end their fling? Shuster, Andrew. 2019. Gossip Cop looked into the situation, and we can set the record straight. In reality, the actress has been in a relationship with former “SNL” writer Dave McCary for nearly two years. “This is moving pretty quickly, which isn’t unusual for Pete,” contends the anonymous source. Beckinsale, 45, was also spotted holding hands with the 25-year-old comedian outside of his stand-up show in Los Angeles earlier this month. “Emma Stone Steps Out for Rare Public Date Night with Boyfriend Dave McCary.” People, 21 Jan. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a mutual pal of ours and the actress, who wasn’t able to speak on the record, but assures us the magazine’s story is made-up.

Tom Hanks Campaigning For Lady Gaga To Win Oscar?

Celebrity Rumors Lady Gaga OK! 7 Feb. 2019. One of this week’s tabloids claims the actor has been using his sway in Hollywood to help the singer nab an Academy Award. It’s worth noting, Hanks and Wilson are friendly with Glenn Close, who’s considered to be Gaga’s biggest competition in the Best Actress category. This random story is based on claims from an unidentified “source,” but Gossip Cop checked in with Hanks’ rep, who tells us on the record that it’s “not true.” The actor and his wife aren’t trying to convince their Hollywood peers to vote for Gaga over the other actresses nominated in her category. “Lady Gaga NOT ‘In Tears’ After Losing Best Actress Golden Globe, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 7 Jan. Shortly before that, the blog wrongly reported that Madonna was “lived” over Gaga getting Oscar buzz for A Star Is Born. 2015. 2018. The so-called “insider” adds, “Everything Gaga does is a revelation in their eyes, and they’re not embarrassed to gush over her any chance they get. This story seems to have been concocted simply because Hanks hosted “SNL” the same night that Gaga was a musical guest. Shuster, Andrew. (Getty Images)
Has Tom Hanks been campaigning for Lady Gaga to win the Best Actress Oscar for A Star Is Born? “Madonna NOT ‘Livid’ Over Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Getting Oscar Buzz, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 11 Sep. Leslee Dart, Spokesperson for Tom Hanks. In 2012, Hanks and Close attended the “Circle of Hope” charity gala to advocate for mental health research. 2019. Shuster, Andrew. The magazine fails to explain why the two have supposedly been hiding their friendship, but a supposed source tells the magazine that Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, have been “lobbying hard” for the singer to take home the Best Actress win. This latest article is more fiction. Tom and Rita are happy to do their part in backing Gaga this awards season and think their peers should do the same.” The seemingly phony tipster goes on to say that Hanks and his wife are “obsessed” with Gaga and have been doing they’re part to ensure she scores the Oscar. Magazine Tom Hanks


“Tom Hanks, Glenn Close, Rita Wilson walk the red carpet at the SNL 40th Anniversary Special…” Getty Images, 15 Feb. The actor simply hasn’t been playing favorites when it comes to this year’s Oscars ceremony. The famous spouses even walked the red carpet with the actress at the “SNL 40th Anniversary Special” in 2015. Last month, Gossip Cop called out OK!’s sister outlet, RadarOnline, for falsely claiming Gaga was “in tears” after losing the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Gossip Cop is told the story is made-up. According to OK!, Hanks and Gaga have maintained a secret friendship ever since they appeared together on the same episode of “Saturday Night Live” in 2016. 2012. This also isn’t the first time a tabloid has made up a story surrounding Gaga’s involvement in awards season. 0
“Glenn Close and Tom Hanks attend the Circle Of Hope Gala…” Getty Images, 19 Sep.

Colin Jost ‘Nervous’ About Proposing To Scarlett Johansson?

About four months ago, the same tabloid maintained Johansson was pressuring Jost to get engaged, but the reason given why the “SNL” star was reticent to propose had nothing to do with him being afraid “she may say no” or nervous it would be her third marriage. “Scarlett Johansson Reveals She Thinks Monogamy Is Not ‘Natural’: ‘It’s a Lot of Work.”‘ People, 14 Feb. Siegler, Mara and Smith, Emily. Not long after that interview hit newsstands, Johansson and Jost were spotting hooking up at a “SNL” afterparty following her guest hosting the sketch comedy show. What is clear, though, is that In Touch can’t keep its stories straight. It bears mentioning that in the past Johansson has said marriage and monogamy are not natural. Gossip Cop, however, can correct that false narrative. (Getty Images)
Scarlett Johansson wants to get engaged to Colin Jost, but the “SNL” cast member and head writer is too “nervous” to propose to her. And perhaps its third story on the topic, like a marriage for the actress, will finally be the charm. They’ve now been together closing in on two years, and it’s unclear whether she’s changed her mind about marriage or not. Perhaps the magazine should stop coming up with excuses for why Jost and Johansson aren’t engaged and instead focus on finding better sources for them. “Scarlett Johansson Pressuring Colin Jost To Get Married?” Gossip Cop, 30 Sept. 2017. Gossip Cop has a proposal, too. Celebrity Rumors Colin Jost In Touch Magazine Scarlett Johansson


Tracy, Brianne. 2018. According to In Touch, Johansson is looking for Jost to pop the question. That’s the premise behind an article in one of this week’s tabloids. In February 2017, the actress told Playboy, “The idea of marriage is very romantic,” and it could be “beautiful thing,” but added, “It’s a lot of work” and “I don’t think it’s natural to be a monogamous person.” Those remarks, however, were made around the time Johansson was splitting from her second husband, French journalist Romain Duriac. When Gossip Cop first busted that article around 100 days ago, the excuse for why Jost was scared of popping the question, said its purported “insider,” was that he feels “she’s not the easiest person to be with” and can be “really needy and demanding.” As noted then, if she were really so “demanding” and “needy,” they wouldn’t still be together. However, a so-called “source close to the couple” claims the “Weekend Update” anchor is “nervous about proposing.” Part of his fear, alleges the magazine’s tipster, is that “he’s afraid she may say no.” But if he asked for her hand in marriage, which the supposed insider asserts she’d say yes to, it will be “Scarlett’s third marriage, and that’s always made Colin a little nervous.”

Gossip Cop reached out to a mutual friend of ours and Jost, and we’re told the tabloid’s account is “not true.” While our impeccable “Saturday Night Live” production source would only offer that Jost is not “nervous” because of Johansson’s previous marriages and divorces, our insider didn’t discuss whether or not he’s planning on proposing. She was also previously married to Ryan Reynolds. “ScarJo hooks up with ‘SNL’ ‘Weekend Update’ host Colin Jost.” Page Six, 21 May 2017.

Pete Davidson Refusing Help From ‘SNL’ Castmates?

2019. Apatow, Judd. “Ben Affleck Annoying ‘SNL’ Cast With Tips To Improve Show?” Gossip Cop, 26 Oct. And if the publication followed that sad saga, it would know Kelly, who is Davidson’s co-star in the Sundance-bound film Big Time Adolescence, immediately rushed to the “Saturday Night Live” cast member’s side to comfort him, not party. It was even widely reported “SNL” boss Lorne Michael has offered to help Davidson in any way he can. Additionally Davidson, who has been open about his mental health struggles and therapy, has recently been photographed in better spirits. Not to nitpick, but there was only one alarming message on Instagram, which has since been deleted, and not several “suicidal posts,” as the magazine exaggerates. Park, Andrea. “‘SNL’ Boss Lorne Michaels Is Willing to Help Pete Davidson in Any Way He Can, Source Says.” ET, 18 Dec. gonna make sure he’s good, i promise. Gossip Cop, however, can correct the inaccurate report. Bueno‍, Antoinette. 2018. 2018. Weiss, Shari. Seasons one and two are streaming now.” Instagram, 9 Jan. According to the National Enquirer, Davidson has chosen “partying over therapy.” A so-called “source” is quoted by the supermarket tabloid as saying, “After Pete’s suicidal posts on social media, several ‘SNL’ castmates offered to help him get treatment. gonna make sure he’s good, i promise.” The singer added, “can’t have my boy in the darkness like that.”
While it appears three weeks later Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly enjoyed a joint at a Golden Globes afterparty, thrown by InStyle and Warner Bros., there have been no reports about the two out-of-control “partying.” And the “SNL” star has not been “acting like his frightening posts never happened.” He’s simply focusing on the positive, Gossip Cop is told by a staffer at the sketch comedy show. Gawley‍, Paige. (Getty Images)
Is Pete Davidson refusing help from “Saturday Night Live” castmates in favor of partying with Machine Gun Kelly? Kelly tweeted on that scary mid-December day, “im in the plane now on the way to see Pete. Much like those tales, the latest one about Davidson refusing help from his colleagues to instead party with Machine Gun Kelly is similarly untrue. 2018. It bears mentioning the Enquirer hasn’t been entirely reliable when it comes to articles about “Saturday Night Live” and its cast members. 2017. 2017. “Scarlett Johansson ‘Rushing To The Altar’ With Colin Jost?” Gossip Cop, 14 Oct. But instead he’s been hanging out with his rapper pal Machine Gun Kelly.” “Pete’s acting like his frightening posts never happened,” adds the often disproven outlet’s alleged tipster. Shuster, Andrew. “Pete Davidson on His Mental Health: ‘The Last Few Years Have Been Real Rough With Me.’” Self, 29 Aug. Guglielmi, Jodi. “It’s @crashinghbo night at @largolosangeles to benefit @smiletrain. Celebrity Rumors National Enquirer Pete Davidson Saturday Night Live – SNL


Machine Gun Kelly. That’s the premise behind an article in one of this week’s celebrity magazines. “im in the plane now on the way to see Pete. Last Saturday in Denver, Davidson was pictured smiling at a basketball game with Machine Gun Kelly. can’t have my boy in the darkness like that.” Instagram, 15 December 2018. A good 15 months ago, Gossip Cop busted the outlet when it wrongly asserted “SNL” head writer and “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost and his girlfriend Scarlett Johansson were “rushing to the altar.” The magazine also published an inaccurate story about Ben Affleck annoying the “SNL” cast with tips on how to improve the show. “Pete Davidson Is All Smiles at Basketball Game With Machine Gun Kelly.” ET, 6 Jan. “Pete Davidson Appears to Smoke a Joint with Machine Gun Kelly in Golden Globes Photo Booth.” People, 7 Jan. And Judd Apatow posted a photo on Instagram of himself with Davidson, looking happy backstage at an event in Los Angeles on Wednesday for the HBO show “Crashing.”
And contrary to the claim that he’s dismissed the offer of help from “SNL” castmates, an impeccable source involved in the show’s production assures Gossip Cop the tabloid’s take is “not true.” We’re told performers, writers, and the crew of “Saturday Night Live” have been squarely in Davidson’s corner. 2019. We return Jan 20th to @hbo.

5 Wrong Rumors About Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost

2018. Also the actress’s next project doesn’t have a production start date yet, so it doesn’t appear she’s leaving town soon. Here’s an example of the passage of time completely disproving a bogus tabloid story. Celebrity Rumors Colin Jost Scarlett Johansson


“Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost Spend the Holidays Together in Argentina.” Just Jared, 26 Dec. And finally, Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer in October 2017 for wrongly reporting that Johansson and Jost were “rushing to the altar.” We debunked the premise when it first emerged, and the couple still isn’t engaged as of January 2019. For starters, Johansson primarily lives in New York City, where “SNL” is taped. The story was written after the couple was spotted at a residential area, which also doubles as a luxury resort. That remains the case. Around the same time the article emerged, Johansson and Jost went on a date night at a NYC gala, where they were joined by several of the comedian’s “SNL” colleagues. The actress also frequently attends afterparties for the sketch show, so she’s clearly a fan of both the comedy series and her boyfriend’s co-workers. The magazine said Christmas was “a big deal” at Jost’s house, and Johansson was worried about making a good impression with his parents. “Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost have date night at gala.” New York Post, 16 Nov. Last November, Star made up a story about Johansson wanting her boyfriend to quit “SNL” and devote more time to her. The magazine also claimed that the two were in the process of planning their wedding. The couple celebrated Christmas with a romantic getaway for just the two of them, proving that the magazine’s article was fabricated. There were a couple of red flags in the magazine’s phony story. The actress’s spokesperson added, ““They never looked at a condo. 1 August 2018. They went there to get a massage.” As time has proven, the two never purchased a Hamptons home. (Getty Images)
Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost’s relationship is frequently the subject of false tabloids stories. Gossip Cop has debunked several phony articles about the couple. Gossip Cop corrected the New York Post last August after the newspaper wrongly reported that Johansson and Jost were buying an $8 million condo in the Hamptons. Gossip Cop busted Star last week for falsely claiming that the actress was nervous about spending the holidays with her boyfriend’s parents. Despite the outlet claiming the two went “house-hunting,” Johansson’s rep explained that they visited a spa on the property and didn’t tour any of the residences. Here are five wrong rumors. The article was also based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable “source,” but the actress’s rep told us on the record that she and her boyfriend weren’t engaged. Considering the outlet gave zero details about when and where the ceremony would take place, we were quite suspicious of the story. In reality, Johansson and Jost spent the holidays together in Argentina. 2018. Earlier last month, Gossip Cop called out Star for wrongly reporting that the “Saturday Night Live” star proposed to Johansson over Thanksgiving. Marcel Pariseau, Spokesperson for Scarlett Johansson. The magazine contended that the actress asked Jost to quit his TV show and go on the road with her as she travels for work.

5 Wrong Rumors About Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity Rumors Scarlett Johansson


Marcel Pariseau, Spokesperson for Scarlett Johansson. made up a story about Johansson refusing to dye her hair red for her role in Avengers: Infinity War. For starters, Johansson lives in New York City, where “SNL” is taped. Last month, Gossip Cop called out Star for falsely claiming that Johansson wanted Jost to quit “SNL” and devote more time to her. The story made little sense. Not only did a rep for both Lively and Reynolds assures us the report was “false,” but there was zero indication that Johansson was back in touch with the actor. The spouses still remain happily married, while Johansson and Reynolds don’t appear to have rekindled a friendship. But we reached out to the actress’s spokesperson, who told us the two are friends and neighbors, but aren’t romantically involved. Just this week, Gossip Cop busted Star for wrongly reporting that Johansson’s boyfriend, “Saturday Night Live” star Colin Jost, had proposed to her over Thanksgiving. Around the same time the phony story was published, Johansson and Jost were spotted on a date night at a gala, where they were joined by several of his “SNL” castmates. Additionally, the actress only has one project lined up at the moment and it doesn’t have a production start date yet, so it’s not as if she’s leaving town soon. A supposed source told the magazine, “She’s dyed her hair for five films… It’s dry, brittle, and breaking from constantly switching between red and blonde.” Not only did a production insider assure Gossip Cop that the story was nonsense, but the tabloid didn’t realize that the actress never actually dyed her hair red for any of the Avengers films. Gossip Cop has debunked many false stories about the star. And finally, Gossip Cop called out OK! Also last year, OK! last year for alleging that Blake Lively was furious about her husband Ryan Reynolds reconnecting with Johansson, to whom he was previously married. Regardless, the article was based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable “source,” but Johansson’s rep told us on the record that she’s not engaged to her boyfriend. The magazine insisted the two were dating simply because they were spotted out to dinner together in New York City. The magazine further contended that the two were in the process of planning their wedding, but gave no details about when and where the ceremony would take place. More importantly, Johansson was already seeing Jost at the time bogus article was written. The article was concocted after a poster for the movie revealed that Johansson would have blonde hair, unlike in the previous installments where her hair was red. Here are five wrong rumors. The outlet said the actress’s busy schedule called for lots of travel, so she asked her boyfriend to quit his gig and go on the road with her. A source close to the situation assured us the article was baseless. Johansson has worn many different wigs in the Avengers franchise, but thanks to movie magic, she never needed to change the real color of her locks. (Getty Images)
Scarlett Johansson is one of the most popular actresses in the world, which also makes her one of the biggest tabloid targets. Gossip Cop busted Star in October of last year for trying to create a romance between Johansson and chef Bobby Flay. The actress clearly enjoys spending time with her boyfriend’s colleagues, and also frequently attends “SNL” afterparties. The story was baseless.
2018. Leslie Sloane, Spokesperson for Blake Lively. Mapstone, Lucy. “PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Scarlett Johansson dons a long red wig while wearing a figure-hugging black dress as she films scenes for the new Captain America movie.” The Daily Mail, 15 May 2015. “Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost have date night at gala.” New York Post, 16 Nov.

Scarlett Johansson Wants Colin Jost To Quit ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Weiss, Shari. An article in the latest issue of Star reads, “Scar-Jo Tells Colin: It’s Me Or Your Career.” The accompanying article says the actress has a very demanding schedule, so she wants her boyfriend to make “some big compromises” if he wants to settle down with her, and that includes leaving “SNL” to travel with her while she’s shooting films. Just last week, Johansson and Jost had a date night at the American Museum of Natural History Gala, where they were joined by several of Jost’s “SNL” castmates, including Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones, Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant. The claim otherwise is simply baseless. For starters, Johansson only has one project lined up at the moment, a standalone movie centered around her Avengers character Black Widow. Not only did the couple look very happy while posing on the red carpet together, but it’s clear the actress also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend’s colleagues. The harsh reality is that Colin needs to think about leaving the show if he wants to devote more time to Scarlett.” The supposed source goes on to say that Jost is seriously considering giving up his gig as the show’s head writer and “Weekend Update” anchor because “as much as he loves ‘SNL,’ he loves her more.”
The tabloid’s article is simply fabricated. This latest article is more fiction from the unreliable outlet. Additionally, Johansson primarily lives in New York City, where “SNL” is taped. Gossip Cop busted the tabloid last year for wrongly reporting that Jost was proposing Johansson. “Colin Jost NOT Proposing To Scarlett Johansson, Despite Claim.” Gossip Cop, 7 Oct. Johansson isn’t pressuring her boyfriend to give up his career for her. 2018. Celebrity Rumors Colin Jost Saturday Night Live – SNL Scarlett Johansson


“Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost have date night at gala.” New York Post, 16 Nov. Johansson has also frequently been spotted attending the show’s afterparties. Meanwhile, Star has already proven to have little insight into the actress and comedian’s relationship. 2017. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who tells us on the condition of anonymity that the magazine’s story is made-up. The premise is completely untrue. The film is still in development and doesn’t have a production start date yet, so it’s not as if the actress is gearing up to go on location. (Getty Images)
One of this week’s tabloids claims Scarlett Johansson wants Colin Jost to quit “Saturday Night Live” and focus more on their relationship. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Long-distance isn’t good for their relationship. Gossip Cop can debunk it. It’s been more than a year since we corrected that report and the couple still hasn’t gotten engaged.

Ariana Grande Banned From ‘SNL’ After Pete Davidson Split?

(Getty Images)
Is Ariana Grande really banned from “Saturday Night Live” after her split from Pete Davidson? Frankly, the article reads as if the alleged “sources” or whoever concocted this phony story are not aware that Grande and Davidson broke up. Robinson, Joanna. One particularly unreliable blog alleges Grande is “not welcome” to even hang out backstage should she and the “SNL” star get back together. Earlier in the year, Gossip Cop busted the same blog when it published a ridiculous article about how the “SNL” cast was “sucking up” to Colin Jost when he was named head writer, a position he actually held years earlier. Additionally, even though she dropped out of performing on this season’s premiere, clearly “SNL” previously didn’t have a problem with Davidson and Grande, who were the focus of several jokes and sketches during the first show of the year. Ariana Grande Celebrity Rumors Pete Davidson Saturday Night Live – SNL


Rubenstein, Janine and Mizoguchi, Karen. Shuster, Andrew. And by all accounts, they are not getting back together, so talk of the singer being allowed to sit in the audience but not hang out in Davidson’s dressing room, backstage, or attend the show’s after-party following episodes, is really bizarre. 2018. Actually, the far more reputable People recently reported Grande and Davidson’s loved ones are relieved they split, because they felt the relationship and subsequent engagement happened too fast and that they’re both too young. Like many of that site’s stories, there are few concrete facts and even less logic to them. Irrespective, Gossip Cop, which has had close a connection to “SNL,” its cast members, writers and producers for years, checked in with one of our impeccable insiders, and we’re assured the article’s entire premise in “not true.” Perhaps it’s time for Naughty Gossip to stop writing about “Saturday Night Live” and exposing its ignorance about the show. “‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast ‘Sucking Up’ To Head Writers Colin Jost, Michael Che?” Gossip Cop, 23 Jan. Is So Obsessed with Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.” Vanity Fair, 30 Sept. Gossip Cop, however, is assured the story is “not true.”
According to the site Naughty Gossip, “Davidson has been told by his bosses at ‘SNL’ that if he gets back with Ariana Grande, they would rather he come to work alone, rather than showing up every week with her.” The often discredited blog quotes “sources” as saying in unison that the sketch comedy series is “still a job” and Davidson “bringing his girlfriend to work isn’t going to fly.” The so-called “sources” continue, “Ariana is welcome at the after-party, but she isn’t welcome backstage or in Pete’s dressing room while the show is going on.” “It has been made very clear that Ariana can sit in the audience, but she cannot just wander around backstage while the live show is going on,” adds the supposed tipsters. 2018. If the late-night comedy program had no issues with Grande before, why on the off-chance that she and Davidson reconciled would they suddenly develop difficulties with her and only make her welcomed as an audience member? “The Real Reason S.N.L. 2018. “Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s Loved Ones ‘Are Relieved’ They Broke Up: Source.” People, 24 Oct.

Colin Jost Proposed To Scarlett Johansson?

Our source told us the outlet’s entire tale was “not true,” and a year later it’s still 100 percent wrong. While it’s conceivable one day Jost will propose and get engaged to Johansson, in the past the twice-divorce actress has openly expressed her issues with marriage. At the time, Gossip Cop said the tabloid’s claim was false, and now 12 months later it remains untrue. In fact, just one week after the tabloid’s fake proposal piece, the National Enquirer inaccurately claimed Johansson was “rushing to the altar” with Jost. “Scarlett Johansson Sick Of Colin Jost’s Obsession With March Madness?” Gossip Cop, 29 Mar. What Does The Science Say?” Forbes, 16 Feb. “Scarlett Johansson Doesn’t Think It’s Natural To Be Monogamous. Still, the supermarket tabloid alleged Jost was “ready to pop the big question.” To bolster its premise, the magazine quoted a “spy” who contended the “Saturday Night Live” star was “looking at massive diamonds,” and was thinking of proposing during a romantic New Year’s vacation, during which he was going to present her with a “sparkly engagement ring.”

Well, New Year’s 2018 passed, as have 365 days since the tabloid’s story, and Johansson and Jost are still not engaged. Lee, Bruce Y. Last year, in an interview with Playboy, Johansson said she doesn’t think it’s natural to be monogamous. Weiss, Shari. It bears mentioning that neither Star nor its sister publications have been any more accurate about the couple in the intervening months since that initial report and the present. Shuster, Andrew. On October 7, 2017, Star maintained the “Weekend Update” anchor and head writer of “SNL” was “itching” to wed Johansson, even though they had only been dating for a few months. While the couple is still together, they are not engaged. 2017. 2017. Regardless, Gossip Cop proposes Star finds better Jost and Johansson sources. “Scarlett Johansson ‘Rushing To The Altar’ With Colin Jost?” Gossip Cop, 14 Oct. Celebrity Rumors Saturday Night Live – SNL Scarlett Johansson Star Magazine


Weiss, Shari. “Colin Jost NOT Proposing To Scarlett Johansson, Despite Claim.” Gossip Cop, 7 Oct. (Getty Images)
Colin Jost did not propose to Scarlett Johansson, despite a report from exactly one year ago today that asserted he was on the verge of asking her to marry him. 2017. According to that equally bogus article, the actress told the “SNL” actor she wanted to “move quickly and make things official.”
Then, a few months after those outlets predicted they would be engaged or married, Star published a bizarre story about how Johansson was sick of Jost’s obsession with March Madness, and that it was ruining their romance. Since then, their relationship has continued to flourish, with Johansson last month at the Emmys supporting Jost, who co-hosted the awards show. Gossip Cop, which has tight contacts at “SNL,” was assured by an impeccable insider that Jost was nowhere close to proposing to the Avengers star. Our same source told Gossip Cop back then that Jost was not consumed with the college basketball tournament. 2018.

Kanye West NOT Banned From ‘SNL’ After Appearance, Despite Report

Smith, Emily. For example, we corrected the blog last year when it falsely maintained former White House press secretary Sean Spicer was going to make a cameo on “SNL.” Of source, he’s never appeared on the program. Over the years, we have busted the outlet for a slew of provably untrue stories about the sketch comedy show. Much like those articles and several others, the current one that asserts West is “banned” from “SNL” is untrue. In fact, one key staffer assures us it’s absolutely “not true.”
Sadly, Gossip Cop is not remotely surprised by the falsity of the website’s article. 2017. Chris Rock is laughing At @kanyewest.” Twitter, 30 Sept. In that tape, West could be heard screaming at the show’s staffers, “Don’t [expletive] with me,” and still he was asked to come back for this year’s season premiere. (Getty Images)
Kanye West is not banned from “SNL” following his appearance on the series premiere last weekend, despite a new report. 2018. Instead, the blog maintains the rapper’s “insistence he was bullied backstage” by “Saturday Night Live” staffers for wearing the red baseball cap was “the real problem.”

As widely reported, after the live show finished airing on TV, West told the audience in a video captured by an audience member that “SNL” employees were “laughing at me… They screamed at me… They bullied me backstage.” He claimed, “They said don’t go out there with that hat on,” and reiterated his claim that “they bullied me backstage.” The website’s supposed “source” is further quoted as saying, “If you lie about the show… that’s what gets you in trouble.” The outlet contends that is the reason “why Kanye isn’t going to be invited back to the show.”
While dramatic, the report is not accurate. Nicol, Holly. ‘SNL staffer on condition of anonymity, 2 Oct. Gossip Cop also exposed RadarOnline when it wrongly claimed in 2016 that Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon were leaving “Saturday Night Live.” More than two years later, they’re still on the show. 2017. 2016. Shuster, Andrew. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. According to RadarOnline, “producers are now hesitant to ever have [West] come back.” The often discredited outlet asserts it wasn’t that West wore a “Make American Great Again” hat or his “rant” in support of President Trump which earned him the supposed ban. Actually, before launching Gossip Cop, its editor was a producer at NBC for many years and interacted on a weekly basis with “Saturday Night Live” and its employees while it was in production, and none of our impeccable insiders can confirm the blog’s premise. Even though West was not “bullied” backstage, there’s a good chance when the rapper has another album to promote, he’ll be back on “SNL” for the eighth time as its musical guest. Celebrity Rumors Kanye West RadarOnline Saturday Night Live – SNL


2Cool2Blog on Twitter, “Wowwwww only 3 people clapped. “Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones NOT Leaving ‘SNL,’ Despite Report.” 18 Aug. 2018. It should be noted that back in 2016 when he was the musical guest, an audio of West leaked backstage from “Saturday Night Live” in which he yelled about the how the stage was set for his two performances. “Don’t [expletive] with me’: Hear Kanye’s uncensored ‘SNL’ meltdown.” 16 Feb. We’re told it’s simply “not true.” It’s clearly false because West has had issue before with “Saturday Night Live” and was invited back. “Sean Spicer NOT Booked For ‘Weekend Update’ Cameo On ‘SNL’ Summer Show, Despite Claim.” 6 Aug.

‘SNL’ Cast NOT Taking Sides In Ben Affleck, Lindsay Shookus Split, Despite Report

2018. 2017. Last year, we busted the blog for falsely claiming that the cast and crew of “SNL” disliked Affleck and were overheard slamming him at the Emmy Awards. According to RadarOnline, the supposedly “nasty” breakup between the “SNL” producer and movie star has forced the show’s cast to choose between them. 20 Aug. It’s worth noting, this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has had to call out RadarOnline for a similar type of story. “Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Break Up After 1 Year of Dating.” E! The site then quotes a supposed source as saying, “Let’s just say it is going to be a very long time before you see Ben back hosting on ‘SNL’ or attending any parties.” The questionable insider further alleges that Affleck was “not a good guy to Lindsay” during their relationship, which is one of the reasons the cast has her back. “Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Split Over Distance, Says Source: ‘They Tried to Make It Work.'” People. News. Despite the blog’s story being illogical in several different ways, Gossip Cop still checked in with a reliable “SNL” source, who tells us it’s simply “not true.” Shookus’ split from Affleck has nothing to do with the show or its cast members, who the site is dragging into the narrative for no reason. “Ben Affleck NOT ‘Blasted’ By Lindsay Shookus’ ‘SNL’ Friends, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop. 21 Aug. “Being friends with her in the long run is healthier,” adds the supposed tipster. The blog’s article is based on complete inaccuracies. The unreliable blog says, “Surprisingly they picked Lindsay.” Even if this premise were true, which it isn’t, why would that be surprising? News noted that the two “are still very amicable and have stayed friends.” People, another reliable outlet, similarly reported that Affleck and Shookus “truly cared for each other and tried to make it work,” but living on different coasts proved too difficult. Russian, Ale. When it was revealed last month that Affleck and Shookus had split, E! We’ve learned it’s completely fabricated. 2018. Additionally, there’s nothing to indicate that Affleck is close friends with anyone on the cast, so it’s not entirely clear what the outlet even means by “taking sides.” The movie star has hosted the sketch show five times, but it’s not as if he’s been spotted hanging out with any of the current cast members. It seems perfectly reasonable that the cast would side with a close co-worker who they’ve known for years. This latest article surrounding the movie star, his ex-girlfriend and the comedy show is more nonsense. The “SNL” cast isn’t being forced to choose sides between two people who aren’t at odds. 19 Sep. (Getty Images)
The cast of “Saturday Night Live” is not taking sides in Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus’ split, despite a made-up report. Shuster, Andrew. Ben Affleck Celebrity Rumors RadarOnline Saturday Night Live – SNL


Heller, Corinne. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story.

Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost NOT Buying $8 Million Hamptons Condo, Despite Reports

The “house hunting” contention is simply “not true at all,” adds the spokesperson. But they haven’t now set their sights on a Gurney’s condo. We’re now similarly told on background from his side that the condo claim is “not true.”
Unfortunately, a number of online publications picked up the allegations without fact-checking them first. Gossip Cop also reached out to the property’s realtor for comment, as well as Jost’s rep. Though the couple was recently seen at a luxurious property on Long Island’s East End, the visit had nothing to do with an impending purchase together. 2018. And not one place that spread the rumor, from The Observer to Architectural Digest, mentioned reaching out to either star’s camp for confirmation. The paper details the condo’s design, and asserts that it’s “the most expensive of the eight residences left for sale, which start at $2.4 million.”

Johansson is even quoted as joking, “We’ll take it.” But it seems the outlet was misled. Wonderwall is declaring, “Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost considering buying $8M condo.” But repeating claims doesn’t make them accurate. “Scarlett Johansson Buys Hamptons Hideaway.” Variety, 31 Jan. Marcel Pariseau, Spokesperson for Scarlett Johansson. Jost, Colin, and Beth Landman. David, Mark. Weiss, Shari. Chan, Anna. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. And since then, though still together, he and Johansson have not announced any plans to wed. Johansson and Jost were at Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa, not the Gurney’s Residences. 1 August 2018. “Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost Get Cozy in Montauk.” Us Weekly, 4 July 2017. “Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost Engaged?” Gossip Cop, 19 Mar. At the time, Gossip Cop was told on the condition of anonymity by a source close to Jost that there had not been talk of an engagement. The paper based its claims on paparazzi pictures of The Avengers star wearing a “diamond ring that looked like an engagement ring,” even though it was on her right hand. (Getty Images)
Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost are not buying an $8 million condo in the Hamptons, despite reports. This certainly isn’t the first time misinformation about the actress and the “SNL” performer has gone viral. Celebrity Rumors New York Post Scarlett Johansson


“Gurneys Residences | Oaceanfront Living | Hamptons Property.” Gurney’s Residences. “Spa Services.” Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa. Gossip Cop has learned they visited the hotel for some R&R last month, and received one of the massages offered at the spa. “They never looked at a condo,” Johansson’s spokesperson exclusively tells Gossip Cop on the record, confirming, “They went there to get a massage.” The rep stresses there is “no truth at all” to the claims they “toured” a residence and are “considering” buying the apartment. “Scarlett Johansson and “SNL” comedian boyfriend Colin Jost eye up a jaw-dropping $7.95 million palatial apartment in the Hamptons,” announces the Daily Mail on its website. Jost is a fan of the Hamptons, and he and Johansson were seen getting cozy in Montauk more than a year ago. In March, the Daily Mail fueled inaccurate speculation about Johansson and Jost being engaged. “’SNL’ Star Colin Jost’s Guide to the Hamptons: Where to Eat, Drink and Run Into Seinfeld.” The Hollywood Reporter, 25 June 2018. Johansson also bought her own place in the Hamptons area back in 2013. According to the New York Post, Johansson and Jost are “house hunting in the Hamptons.” It’s specifically alleged they “toured a five-bedroom condo at Gurney’s in Montauk,” which also doubles as a high-end resort. 2014.

Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend Lindsay Shookus Wants His Baby?

A so-called “source” tells the magazine that Shookus “sees what a fantastic dad Ben is” to his three young children with Jennifer Garner, so now she’s “fantasizing about starting a family with him.”
The outlet’s questionable insider also says there’s another reason Shookus wants to get pregnant with Affleck’s baby. It’s worth noting, In Touch claimed last year that Affleck was having a fourth child with Garner, so the magazine has little credibility when it come to the actor’s baby plans. Ben Affleck Celebrity Rumors In Touch Magazine Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. The unreliable publication also reported last year that Affleck and Shookus were getting married, which obviously hasn’t happened. (Getty Images)
A new tabloid report claiming Ben Affleck’s girlfriend Lindsay Shookus wants to have a baby with him is completely false. “He’s already juggling his time between his busy Hollywood career, his relationship with Lindsay and his responsibilities as a dad to his three kids,” says the alleged tipster, who further notes, “Lindsay
 is a determined woman, and what she wants she usually gets!”
Meanwhile, the seemingly phony source speculates that Garner “would be livid” if Shookus and Affleck had a baby together, saying the actress believes the “SNL” producer is “conniving enough to get pregnant and go after his millions.” The “insider” concludes that Shookus is “on a mission” to get pregnant, adding, “I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Ben make a big announcement before summer.”
But Gossip Cop checked in with sources close to both Shookus and Affleck, and individuals from each of their circles exclusively assure us the tabloid’s report is completely false. According to In Touch, the 37-year-old “Saturday Night Live” producer, who already shares a 4-year-old daughter with her estranged husband, is hoping to have more kids before it’s too late. “She doesn’t want to lose Ben. The outlet clearly has little insight into the actor’s personal life. We’re told it simply isn’t the case. This is a non-issue. Shookus simply hasn’t been pressuring Affleck to have a baby with her. This latest phony article is yet another example. He’s tied to Jen for the rest of his life because of the children, and Lindsay can’t help but crave the same security for herself.”
As the story goes, however, Affleck isn’t ready for another baby.

Charles Barkley ‘SNL’ Monologue, Sketches – WATCH VIDEO

He then said a lot of people don’t want to hear from “spoiled millionaire athletes” but then reasons why some professional players like him are worth being heard. Not matter what the bachelorette asked, Barkley said he would kill himself if she didn’t pick him. Later, Barkley appeared on a made-up VH1 dating game show called “Hump Or Dump.” In it, Barkley was one of three men who answered questions posed by a female contestant looking for a guy. He made his “SNL” debut in 1993, alongside musical guest Nirvana. Hilariously, the former basketball star kicked off his opening monologue then by playing a game of one-on-one with Barney the purple dinosaur, who appeared on the show after Godzilla “canceled.” Barkley came back in 2010 to front the late-night program, while Alicia Keys provided the music. Following that, the former basketball star played a school tutor on a call-in show called “Homework Hotline,” but every question for him and his sidekick puppet ended up being dirty. I am starving. In that opening monologue, he joked about his weight loss, thanks to Weight Watchers. And finally, he appeared as a guy in a bar during “last call,” who was willing to go home with recurring (drunk) character Sheila Sovage. The one-time aggressive basketball star then played a Con-Ed repairman, who talked with his co-workers about what he would wear if he were a woman walking the red carpet. Timmons kept explaining why neither of them could hold a candle to him or football. Watch the video below of Barkley’s monologue, and keep coming back as we update with more sketches from this week’s “Saturday Night Live”
This is Barkley’s fourth time hosting the comedy sketch series. Please forgive me if I eat one of you tonight,” Barkley told the studio audience. After that, Barkley appeared in a commercial for a product to get rid of insects called Ned’s Roach Away (NRA), in which he said he trained good roaches to shoot dead bad roaches. In his first sketch this time around hosting, Barkley played an actor accused of sexual misconduct, who was up for an award at “The Grabbies,” a spoof of the Oscars where everyone, including the red carpet hosts, were guilty of inappropriate behavior. Basically, the big joke was that Timmons was a bit loopy after repeatedly getting hit in the head. “I am so hungry. Right after that, Barkley and Alex Rodriguez appeared on a talk show called “The Champions.” While Rodriguez and Barkley defended their sports and their careers, Kenan Thompson’s (fictional) NFL star D.C. Watch the video below of Barkley’s opening monologue and several other sketches from this week’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Saturday Night Live – SNL TV Recaps The NBA legend and sports commentator returned once again to host “Saturday Night Live” in 2012. (NBC)
Charles Barkley opened his “SNL” monologue by talking about how athletes have been speaking up and taking a stand.

Migos ‘SNL’ Performances Of “Stir Fry,” “Narcos” – Watch Video

In it, Migos gambles and eats in a Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong before heading over to another restaurant, where they confront and beat up a gang leader using martial arts. “Stir Fry” is the second single off the album and written by group members Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset, as well as by Pharrell. Following that they head in April to Indio, California for Coachella, where they’ll hit the stage on back-to-back weekends. And after a number of more dates in the U.S., Migos is slated for concerts in Europe, including in Barcelona, Paris, and London. The group is appearing on “SNL” in support of its latest album Culture II. While this is the very first time they have been on “Saturday Night Live,” they have performed “Stir Fry” once before on network television, having sung it in January on the “Tonight Show. Following its release on January 28, 2018, the album debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. (NBC)
Migos performed “Stir Fry” and “Narcos” on this week’s “SNL.” The songs are off their latest album Culture II. After “SNL,” Migos heads to New Orleans, where they’ll be performing as part of the Buku Music and Art Project Festival. The song reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, number five on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and 14 on the Rhythmic chart. Check out the video below of Migos’s performances of “Stir Fry” and “Narcos” on “Saturday Night Live.”

Saturday Night Live – SNL TV Recaps For their second performance, Migos sang “Narcos.” This is the first time the group has sung the song live on TV. The official audio for the single was released three weeks ago and to date more than five million people has listened to it on YouTube. A number of rap and hip talents lent their vocals to Culture II, including Drake, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, Cardi B, and Gucci Mane. Watch the video below of Migos’s performances of “Stir Fry” and “Narcos” on “Saturday Night Live.”
This marks Migos’ debut as the musical guest on the sketch comedy program. The music video for “Stir Fry” was released a little more than a month ago, and to date has been viewed close to 37 million times.

Ben Affleck “Chasing” Kristen Wiig While Dating Lindsay Shookus?

We’re told it’s simply not true. Ben Affleck Celebrity Rumors Kristen Wiig OK! Affleck has hosted “SNL” a total of five times, so he clearly enjoys letting loose on occasion. Regardless, he’s not “chasing after” Wiig or desperate to reinvent himself as a comedic actor. The latest issue of OK! Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this fake news. Additionally, OK! Prior to that fabrication, the unreliable outlet had claimed the “SNL” producer was pregnant with the actor’s baby. Gossip Cop, however, checked in with a rep for the former “SNL” star, who exclusively assures us that the tabloid’s story is “not true at all.” We’re told Affleck never reached out the the actress about working on a project together. She feels obligated to reply, but doesn’t want to upset Lindsay.”
The questionable insider concludes, “Ben just wants them to write something together that they can co-star in,” but Wiig isn’t interested. However, the actor’s big-screen resume mostly consists of dramas and thrillers. knows very little about the movie star’s relationship, so it’s not too surprising that the tabloid doesn’t know much about his career either. The producer’s famous boyfriend, however, isn’t begging the actress to return the favor by bringing him into the comedy world. claims Affleck has been “bombarding Kristen with calls and texts,” despite being in a relationship with the “SNL” alum’s former colleague. It’s possible that this narrative was concocted because Shookus helped discover Wiig by scoring her an audition on the sketch comedy show. But the untrustworthy magazine goes on to clarify that the actor’s intentions are strictly professional. This is simply a non-story. The outlet’s supposed source further contends that Affleck is worried about his reputation taking a hit as of late, but he believes he can get back in the public’s good graces if he “lightens up.” The suspicious tipster, however, says Wiig is uncomfortable with the idea of collaborating with her friend’s boyfriend. It’s also worth noting, Affleck already has a number of projects lined up over the next few years. (Getty Images)
Ben Affleck is not “chasing after” Kristen Wiig while dating “Saturday Night Live” producer Lindsay Shookus, despite a made-up and misleading tabloid report. According to an alleged insider, the actor “wants to reinvent himself” as a comedian, so he’s turning to Wiig for help. “It’s an awkward position for Kristen. Gossip Cop recently busted the publication for wrongly reporting that Affleck and Shookus had split over his alleged commitment issues. Magazine

Santa Fields Political Questions In ‘SNL’ Cold Open – WATCH VIDEO

This season has also taken Trump to task. #SNL
— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) December 10, 2017

Saturday Night Live SNL TV Recaps And another episode kicked off with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence taking a shower with Paul Manafort, the former aide to the president who was indicted on money laundering charges and tax fraud, as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. It began with the premiere making fun of his attack on NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem, as well as his stance on North Korea and handling the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The program has always tackled politics and politicians, but the last two seasons have been particularly focused on it because of Trump. She chanted at Trump, “Lock him up!”
Right before that, “Saturday Night Live” did a bit about Donald Trump Jr.’s secretly meeting with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who released emails related to Hillary Clinton and her campaign in the months leading up to the election. Last week, for example, “SNL” opened with Trump and the “ghost” of Michael Flynn, who recently pled guilty to lying to the F.B.I. “Is President Trump on the Naughty List?” #SNL
— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) December 10, 2017

🎼 He’s making a list and checking it twiceGonna find out who’s naughty and niceSanta Claus is comin’ to town 🎶 #SNL
— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) December 10, 2017

The top of everyone’s wishlist this Christmas. There have also been a number of shows that have begun with different aspects related to the probe into Russia’s involvement in the election. Last season was devoted to spoofing the election, including the three debates that led up to it, as well as the Trump’s first press conference and various missteps since becoming president. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below. Billy Bush came from the past, while Vladimir Putin was his present, and Hillary Clinton was from the future. Check out the “SNL” video below of Santa answering political questions from kids. about his contact with the Russians. One boy wondered why Donald Trump hasn’t gotten in trouble. They also also questions mocking the sexual harassment scandal affecting politicians, including Alan Franken and Roy Moore. (NBC)
The cold open of “SNL” began by Santa fielding political questions from kids. Another child asked about the controversy surround NFL players kneeling. In the Oval Office, a shackled Flynn had people from Trump’s past, present, and future visit him in a parody of A Christmas Carol. While Alec Baldwin was not on to spoof Donald Trump, the opening was in keeping with the late-night sketch comedy show’s emphasis on political skits kicking off the show. #SNL
— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) December 10, 2017

Merry Christmas and live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!

James Franco Takes Questions From Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill During ‘SNL’ Monologue – WATCH VIDEO

In the audience were Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. The film, based on the bestselling book of the name same, tells the real-life story of the making of a movie called The Room by Tommy Wiseau. He also appeared as a panelist on the recurring sketch “What Up With That?”
A longtime fan of “SNL,” Franco even made a documentary about the show while getting a filmmaking degree from NYU in 2008. The actor’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live” comes a day after the release of The Disaster Artist, which Franco directed and in which he stars. He then returned the following year to host the show with Muse. Franco then came back five years later to host “Saturday Night Live” in December 2014. The movie, Saturday Night, offered a full-access look at the behind-the-scenes of the sketch comedy series over the course of one week. The last time Franco hosted, he talked about how Sony was hacked in the days leading up to the release of his film The Interview. In addition to the three previous times Franco has been on “SNL” as its host, he has also made cameos on the show. Check out the video below of James Franco taking questions from Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill during his monologue on “SNL.”

James Franco Saturday Night Live SNL TV Recaps Not unexpectedly, Rogen crashed Franco’s monologue and said the hacker “released private photos from our phones,” including pictures of Rogen wearing control top pantyhose, Franco fast asleep on the toilet, the two of them sitting on Santa’s lap, and a photo of them cradling each other in bed like John Lennon and Yoko Ono. A cult film since its release in 2003, The Room is “the best worst movie ever made,” Franco has said. See the video below of Franco’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue. Just a few months before Rogen interrupted Franco’s monologue, the roles were reversed. (NBC)
James Franco opened his “SNL” monologue by taking questions. This marks the fourth time Franco has hosted the sketch comedy show. Rogen asked why he’s only hosted twice when Franco’s gotten to host more. Franco crashed Rogen’s April 2014 monologue, along with Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift. The actor made his “SNL” hosting debut back in 2008, alongside musical guest Kings Of Leon.

SZA ‘SNL’ Performance Of “The Weekend” – WATCH VIDEO

See the video below of SZA’s performance of “The Weekend” on “Saturday Night Live.”
This is the first time SZA has performed “The Weekend” live on TV. The song’s much-anticipated music video, directed by Solange Knowles, is set to be released shortly. The official audio on YouTube, however, has been listened to more than 82 million times to date. Check out the video below of SZA performing “The Weekend” on “Saturday Night Live.”

Saturday Night Live SNL TV Recaps Not only did she release her first studio album, but she’s also the most nominated female artist at this year’s Grammys with a total of five nods. It has truly been a banner year for the singer. As Gossip Cop reported last month, SZA is up for Best Artist against such contenders as Alessia Cara, Julia Michaels, Khalid, and Lil Uzi Vert. This marks the debut appearance for SZA on the sketch comedy show. SZA’s also nominated for Best Rap/Sung Performance for “Love Galore,” Best R&B Performance for “The Weekend,” and the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album for Ctrl. Actually, because of her appearance on “SNL,” SZA had to cancel a Friday show in Norfolk and a conflicting concert on Saturday in Baltimore. (NBC)
SZA performed “The Weekend” on this week’s “SNL.” The song is off her debut studio album Ctrl. In between, she will have played every major city, including Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles. The singer kicked off her North America tour in Providence in August and it wraps up in January 2018 in Honolulu. Right after “Saturday Night Live,” SZA resumes her Ctrl tour, with a performance on Sunday at Brooklyn Steel, followed by a concert on Monday at New York’s Irving Plaza. “The Weekend,” which sample Justin Timberlake’s “Set the Mood (Prelude),” peaked at 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, number 13 on its Adult R&B Songs chart and number 25 on its Rhythmic chart. She’s also nominated for Best R&B song for “Supermodel,” for which she shares a writing credit with Pharrell.

SZA ‘SNL’ Performance Of “Love Galore” – WATCH VIDEO

As Gossip Cop mentioned earlier, the marks the very first time SZA has been on “SNL.” And to say she was excited would be an understatement. (NBC)
SZA sang “Love Galore” on this week’s “SNL.” The song is off her debut studio album Ctrl. But as delicious as they looked, the singer wrote alongside her video, “Got my own damn candy bruh. Check out the video below of SZA performing “Love Galore” on “Saturday Night Live.”

Saturday Night Live SNL TV Recaps “Love Galore” reached number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, number three on its Rhythmic chart and six on its Adult R&B Songs chart. It also garnered her, as Gossip Cop noted, five Grammy Award nominations, the most of any other female artist this year. Her five-month tour ends next month in Hawaii. In the video, which has been viewed nearly 38 million times, SZA seduces Scott and ties him up in bed, only to have another woman bludgeon him to death. Hours before the show, SZA shared an Instagram story from her dressing room at “Saturday Night Live.”
While she videotaped all the action going on inside, she sang, “Today is the day,” as well as showed a bunch of candy bars that were created by the program to commemorate her appearance of the show. The wrappers for the chocolate bars featured SZA’s name, a photo of her, and the date of her performance. Her album Ctrl hit number number three on the Billboard 200 chart, as well as scored the number one spot on its Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. I’m neverrrr opening theeeese. During a recent interview with MTV about her all her nominations, SZA said it was “bizarre” to have been recognized once, let alone five times by the Grammys. Tankies so much SNL.”
SZA is on fire these days. Earlier, SZA performed “The Weekend” on “SNL.” See the video below of her impressing with “Love Galore” on “Saturday Night Live.”
Sza first performed “Love Galore” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in the beginning of the year. She sang it again on the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” with Travis Scott, who also stars in the song’s music video. And of being the most nominated woman, the singer expressed that it was “strange,” adding, “I don’t underhand how it end up being me because I definitely didn’t envision me.”
Following her gig on “SNL,” SZA will be back onstage in Brooklyn on Sunday night, as part of her Ctrl tour.

‘SNL’ Mocks Roy Moore Sex Scandal  – Watch Cold Open Video

Moore meets with Pence who says, “This latest news about you is concerning. “SNL” didn’t even really take a break this past summer from mocking Trump, who was the main subject of virtually every cold open last season as he ran for president, debated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and later took office. Sessions even relates that usually “I’m the creepiest one in the room, but I look at you, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God!’”
With the exception of the cold open that had Jason Aldean singing “I Won’t Back Down” in October, following the shooting massacre outside the Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel in Las Vegas where the country singer was performing at the Route 61 Harvest Festival, the rest of the cold opens during Season 43 have been about the president. And this season’s premiere began with the Commander-In-Chief being the butt of jokes about his handling of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, as well as for his harsh words for North Korea and kneeling NFL players. That same cold open had jokes about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson possibly having called Trump a “moron” and the president’s proposed tax plan. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below. Watch the video below of “SNL” poking fun of Alabama Senator Roy Moore’s sex scandal. The show before that, for instance, spoofed Trump telling Pence to leave a Colts game when their opponents, the San Francisco 49ers, took a knee during the National Anthem. In the sketch, Sen. Then, after Moore says it’s “all lies,” the vice president explains, “It’s hard to convince people that you’re not into young girls when you dress like Woody from Toy Story.”
Next, Pence tries to convince Moore that the accuser was just 14 and he needs “to do the right thing here,” to which the Southern politician responds, “All right, if everybody thinks I did it, I’ll marry her.” And after the vice president suggests Moore step side, the senator asks whether he can “call the boss,” but Pence says, “Sorry, I’m not calling Vladimir Putin about this.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions then pops in and advises Moore to drop out. Saturday Night Live SNL TV Recaps Over the summer, the sketch comedy program aired three primetime “Weekend Update” specials. While the show generally makes fun of Donald Trump, this week the sketch comedy show focused instead on Moore. Last week, for instance, the late-night comedy show lampooned Trump’s connection to Paul Manafort, a former aide to the president who was charged last month with tax fraud and money laundering. At one point in the bit, Trump and Manfort were in a shower together with Pence and Sessions. (NBC)
The cold open of the “SNL” began with Vice President Mike Pence talking to Alabama Senator Roy Moore about his sex scandal from 40 years ago in which he allegedly had relations with a girl who was 14 years old. In those 30-minute episodes, Trump was skewered for, among other topics, his remarks following the white supremacists and neo-Nazis’ march in Charlottesville. The voters in Alabama will never elect someone who’s had relations with a minor,” to which the senator replies, “You sure about that?” “No,” says Pence.

Tiffany Haddish ‘SNL’ Monologue Jokes – WATCH VIDEO

She also discusses her romantic failures, as well as having once been homeless to becoming a professional success. Mostly, she did a routine of all different standup jokes, including a bunch about how she always wears the white dress that she had on. This marks Haddish’s debut as the host on the the sketch comedy series. Saturday Night Live SNL TV Recaps And even more significantly, it’s the very time a black female comedienne has ever been the host of “SNL” in all of its 43 seasons. She then talked about her childhood in foster care before making jokes about Donald Trump and about the recent sexual harassment claims. And in early December, Haddish is set to release her first book, The Last Black Unicorn, a collection of essays that take readers from her difficult childhood in South Central L.A. Check out the video below of Tiffany Haddish’s “SNL” monologue in which she told a series of jokes about herself. From there, she’ll travel across the country, playing comedy clubs in every major city, including New York, Chicago, Boston and Las Vegas. Additionally, right after “SNL,” Haddish continues on her “She Ready” comedy tour, which is set to run through April 2018. In exactly one week, the comedienne will be at the Cleveland Improv. #SheReady.”
It’s been a banner year for Haddish, who starred alongside Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Regina Hall in the hit comedy Girls Trip. Can you believe I will be the very #first black female comedian host?!? See the video below of Haddish’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue. (NBC)
Tiffany Haddish opened her “SNL” monologue by talking about how she’s now a star, but doesn’t have nearly as much money as people think. Along with a photo of herself looking pumped on Instagram, Haddish noted the milestone by writing, “This Saturday, 11/11 on #SNL!! to her present-date life. In addition to that film’s success over the summer, she appeared in in August in her first Showtime comedy special, “Tiffany Haddish: She Ready! Chapters in the book touch on how Haddish grew up poor, without a father, and in foster care, but was able to survive through her comedy. From The Hood To Hollywood.” She’s also currently filming the comedy Night School with Kevin Hart.

Taylor Swift ‘SNL’ Performance Of “Ready For It?” – WATCH VIDEO

And former castmember Kristen Wiig played Swift in a couple of sketches. And, of course, Swift has also been the impersonated and lampooned a handful of times on “SNL.”
Gwyneth Paltrow did an impression of the singer in 2011 in a skit about big-time musicians performing at a bar mitzvah. In that filmed bit, Swift was a Kristen Stewart-esque character who fell in love with a green Frankenstein monster. During that appearance, she sang “Love Story” and “Forever & Always.” The singer also appeared in a sketch about Broadway characters trying to save musicals from closing on the Great White Ways. In 2014, she hopped onstage while Seth Rogen was doing his monologue. To date, it’s been viewed more than 84 million times. One of them was a fake commercial for a “Michael Buble Christmas Duets” album that paired the crooner with Swift , and the other was a bit about music’s biggest superstars stopping by Beyonce and Jay-Z’s home to meet Blue Ivy shortly after the little girl’s birth. Swift then returned several months later in November 2009, during which she had the double duty of both being the host and musical guest. This marks the third time Swift has been the musical performer on “Saturday Night Live.” She made her debut in January 2009 when Neil Patrick Harris was the host. (NBC)
Taylor Swift performed “Ready For It?” on this week’s “SNL.” The song is off her latest album Reputation. Swift released the video for “Ready For It?” two weeks ago. Additionally, Swift has made a couple of cameos over the years. See the video below of Swift’s performance of “Ready For It?” on “Saturday Night Live.”
This is the very first time Swift has sung “Ready For It?” on TV or anywhere live. In the skit, Swift played little orphan Annie. Check out the video below of Taylor Swift performing “Ready For It?” on “Saturday Night Live.”

Saturday Night Live SNL Taylor Swift TV Recaps And she also appeared in 2015 in the mock soap opera “The Californians” during the “SNL 40” celebration. On that episode, she sang “Untouchable” and “You Belong With Me.” Among the more memorable sketches she appeared in was a spoof of “The View,” playing guest co-host Kate Gosselin, and a parody of Twilight called Firelight. It also reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and number 14 and 16 on the Adult Top 40 and Mainstream Top 40 charts, respectively. The sci-fi-looking video features references to such films as Species, Tron, Ghost In The Shell, and Blade Runner, among others.

Taylor Swift ‘SNL’ Performance Of “Call It What You Want” – WATCH VIDEO

Just a couple of days ago, for example, Gossip Cop busted a totally made-up report about how Swift was “extra nervous” and the release of Reputation. She made her “SNL” debuted in January 2009 when Neil Patrick Harris hosted the sketch comedy series. Check out the video below of Taylor Swift performing “Call It What You Want” on “Saturday Night Live.”

Saturday Night Live SNL Taylor Swift TV Recaps While she’s made a few cameos over the years on “Saturday Night Live,” incredibly it’s been nine full years since Swift has performed musically on the legendary studio 8H stage at Rockefeller Center. Since Swift is in the news so much these days, Gossip Cop has had to correct a number of false reports about her. In fact, we’re told Swift has been excited to share her first new album in three years. But that too is incorrect. Earlier, Swift performed “Ready For It?” on “SNL.” See the video below of her singing “Call It What You Want.”
As Gossip Cop noted, this is the third time Swift has been the musical guest. To date, it’s been viewed more than 18 million times. Swift released the lyric video for “Call It What You Want” a week ago. And then she returned 10 months later to be both the host and the musical guest. Additionally, Us Weekly wrongly maintained that after her appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” Swift is flying straight to the MTV EMAs with Joe Alwyn, her boyfriend of nearly a year. (NBC)
Taylor Swift sang “Call It What You Want” on this week’s “Saturday Night Live.” The song is off her latest album Reputation, which was released on Friday. A source close to the singer assured us that the claim, which was made by an often unreliable website, was all untrue. The song is seemingly about her healthy relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn. She will not be at the awards show, which is happening in London on Sunday. Much like “Ready For It,” this marks her very first time singing “Call It What You Want” live before an audience.

Robert Pattinson Calls Donald Trump Tweets About Him “Bizarre”

Stewart told the audience that she was under the impression, at first, that the real estate mogul “hated me” for straying, but then she came to realize the president’s actually just “in love” with Pattinson. Pattinson was recently asked about the 11 tweets Trump posted in 2012, following the revelation that Kristen Stewart had cheated on him and that they two broke up. The actor called it “weird,” but then said the President seemingly just deleted a number of Twitter messages, including the ones about him. She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again–just watch. He admitted that he tends to do that a bit, especially while being interviewed on TV. I was like, ‘Hey, are you trying to sweep me under the rug, man? As Gossip Cop exclusively reported in August, Pattinson told us his masturbating a dog story on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was untrue and simply a joke. He wrote, for example, “Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. The actor was just bending the truth. As noted above, Trump’s 2o12 tweets about Pattinson are still on his Twitter feed. Between October and November 2012, the now-president repeatedly expressed his very pro-Pattinson stance and anti-Stewart view. Pattinson explained his odd habit by saying stars generally only have 10 minutes on a talk show and feel compelled “to say something funny.”

Donald Trump Robert Pattinson The Daily Beast Be smart, Robert.” And almost five years to the date before winning the White House, Trump shared on Twitter, “After Friday’s Twilight release, I hope Robert Pattinson will not be seen in public with Kristen–she will cheat on him again!”
As Gossip Cop reported, when Kristen Stewart hosted “SNL” last February, she said she was “nervous” because she knew the president was watching and expressed, “I don’t think he likes me very much.” She then mocked Trump’s apparent obsession on Twitter with Pattinson. He can do much better!” That was followed up by another missive that read, “Everyone knows I am right that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart. (Getty Images)
Robert Pattinson says Donald Trump’s tweets about him five years ago were “bizarre.” He discussed those and a few tall tales he’s told in a new interview. He also has confessed that a tale he uttered on the “Today” show about seeing a circus car explode and kill a clown when he was a kid was similarly a fib. In a couple of years, he will thank me. What happened? Pattinson told The Daily Beast, “I did notice… I think today or yesterday… in one of his Twitter cleanups that he deleted all those tweets! I’m a part of your life!’” He added, “I just saw the thing and thought, ‘Why did I get cleaned up?’ It’s such a bizarre curiosity.”
In reality, however, Trump has not deleted his tweets about Pattinson.

Anti-Defamation League Rips Larry David’s ‘SNL’ Monologue For Being “Insensitive”

“You know, if we ever get out of here, I’d like to take you out for some latkes… What, what did I say? #HeBombed.”

Larry David Saturday Night Live SNL As Gossip Cop was first to report, David began his “SNL” monologue with jokes about taking advantage of a blind woman he worked for many years ago, and then told the audience that there’s been a lot about sexual harassment in the news recently, and “I couldn’t help but notice a very disturbing pattern emerging, which is that many of the predators… are Jews.” David, who is Jewish, then claimed, “I don’t like it when Jews are in the news for notorious reasons.” And after brief referencing Harvey Weinstein, the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” creator added, “I know I consistently strive to be a good Jewish representative… When people see me, I want them to say, ‘Oh, there goes a fine Jew… Margaret, come here. (YouTube, NBC)
The Anti-Defamation League has ripped Larry David for his “SNL” monologue in which he joked about Jewish sexual predators and dating in a concentration camp. Is it me or is it the whole thing?” he added. A person with the handle @BuffaloBella tweeted, “#SNL I can’t believe they did jokes about a concentration camp I just can’t believe what I just saw #LarryDavid it will never be okay to do.” “I think Larry David is ridiculously funny on Curb, but this monologue is painfully unfunny,” felt @nottheqb. Quite a feat.” David has yet to respond to the criticism, which exploded on Twitter right after his monologue on “Saturday Night Live.” See the video below. Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the ADL, which fights anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry, tweeted on Sunday, “Watched #LarryDavid #SNL monologue this AM. He managed to be offensive, insensitive & unfunny all at same time. Suffice to say, in addition to the ADL calling out David for his “insensitive” and “offensive” monologue, many others on Twitter tore into the writer and producer. And a user named @ThreeColumnsArt expressed, “Just when you thought Larry David’s #SNL monologue couldn’t get worse, he joked about seducing women in concentration camps. David continued, as if he were a prisoner talking to another man in a death camp, “Hey Shlomo, look at the one by barracks 8… Oh my God, is she gorgeous?!… I’d like to go up and say something to her.”
David then noted, “Of course, the problem is there are no good opening lines in a concentration camp.” “How’s it going? Wow. They treating you OK?” he pretended, as if trying to pick up a woman in a concentration camp. I want you to meet this wonderful Jew.’”
Following those questionable remarks, David then segued into a routine in which he began, “You know, I’ve always, always been obsessed with women and often wondered, if I’d grown up in Poland when Hitler came to power, and was sent to a concentration camp, would I still be checking out women in the camp?” “I think, I would,” he answered to a bunch of groans in the audience.

‘SNL’ Mocks Donald Trump And Paul Manafort  – Watch Cold Open Video

Alec Baldwin was back in his blond wig to poke fun of the president. After two weeks off, the sketch comedy show returned to lampoon Trump and his connection to Manafort. Additionally, virtually no big policy announcement or proposed bills and plans by Trump have not been scrutinized and mocked by “Saturday Night Live.”
Watch the video below of “SNL” poking fun of Donald Trump and his connection to Paul Manafort. At one point, Trump and Manafort took a shower so the president could make sure he wasn’t wearing a wire. As Gossip Cop previously noted, pretty much ever since Donald Trump became the Republican’s nominee for the White House, “SNL” has devoted its opens to spoofing him. The last “SNL” took aim at Trump for having Mike Pence leave a Colts game because some of its opponents on the San Francisco 49er took a knee during the National Anthem. All three debates with Hillary Clinton were parodied, as were his early presidential press conferences and rallies. The same sketch mocked Trump’s tax plan and the president reportedly being called a moron by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below. Also in the shower was Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “I brought you in the shower to make sure you weren’t wearing a wire, Paul.” #SNL
— Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) November 5, 2017

“For once, you didn’t finish my dinner.” #SNL
— Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) November 5, 2017

Saturday Night Live SNL TV Recaps The show opened more somberly the week before with Jason Aldean singing Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” days after the country singer’s performance at the Route 61 Harvest Festival was fired upon by gunman Stephen Paddock from high above in his room at the Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. (NBC)
The cold open of the “SNL” mocking Donald Trump and Paul Manfort, who was charged with colluding with the Russians. And the week prior to that was the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” and that kicked off with Trump being lampooned for how he handled the assistance in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, as well as his tough talk about North Korea and his disdain for NFL players kneeling during the Star-Spangle Banner.

Larry David Jokes About Holocaust, Jewish Sexual Predators In ‘SNL’ Monologue – WATCH VIDEO

“Would I still be checking out women in the camp?” David continued, “There are no good opening lines in a concentration camp,” before suggesting he would say, “If we ever get out of here, I’d like to take you out for latkes.”
This is actually only the second time David has been the guest host on the the sketch comedy series, though he’s appeared on the show on other occasions and has had a connection to “SNL” for more than 30 years. David’s version of Sanders, like his character on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” also wasn’t helpful at another point in the sketch, when a woman crashed her car. David used his first monologue in 2016 to discuss how he easily transitioned years ago from being a “poor schmuck” to a “rich prick” without missing a beat. See the video below of David’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue. In the skit, Sanders refused to shake the hand of a supporter who coughed into her hand seconds beforehand. The writer and comedian even made fun of how women date him because he’s wealthy and not because they have a thing for bald guys. David told the audience that he noticed a “disturbing pattern, but many of the predators are Jews” in the news these days. “I consistently strive to be a good Jewish representative… I want them to say, ‘There goes a fine Jew.’” He then went into a bit about what if he were in a concentration camp during World War II. He added that he doesn’t like it when Jews are in the headlines for negative things. David, who himself is Jewish, also made a series of questionable jokes about the Holocaust. Like in the HBO program, his friends Jeff and Susie tore into him for not shaking the voter’s hand. Larry David Saturday Night Live SNL TV Recaps Later in that episode, David did a spoof of his HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but with the main character being Bernie Sanders. Check out the video below of Larry David’s “SNL” monologue in which he joked about the Holocaust and Jewish sexual predators. (NBC)
Larry David opened his “SNL” monologue by talking about how many of the sexual predators in the news these days are Jews. David nailed the Brooklyn accent, the exaggerated gestures and looked like Sanders’ double with his glasses and wispy white hair. As noted above, David first impersonated Sanders in October 2015 when he debuted his uncanny impression of the then-Democratic presidential nominee in a debate with Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon. David was a writer for “Saturday Night Live” during the 1984-1985 season, where he worked alongside cast member Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who he later cast as Elaine on “Seinfeld.” And prior to his debut in February 2016, David made several guest appearances as Bernie Sanders, leading up to the 2016 presidential election.