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Truth About Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger Marriage

In reality, however, the two were spotted kissing during a date night in Malibu and happily spending time together at the beach and a yoga class. “Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger ‘Wedding In Crisis’ Story Published After Couple Gets Married.” Gossip Cop, 14 June 2019. In April, the National Enquirer came up with a story about Pratt requesting country legend Garth Brooks play at his wedding. Earlier this year, the Sun published a fake story about Pratt partying at a London strip club to celebrate his engagement to Schwarzenegger. The worst by far was when OK! “She feels she has a lot to achieve. They covered everything from the pre-wedding celebrations to post-wedding clashes. “Garth Brooks Singing At Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger Wedding?” Gossip Cop, 11 April 2019. Earlier this month, the tabloid published an article alleging that Pratt and Schwarzenegger were fighting over kids and money, as well as adjusting to their roles in the marriage. It was alleged that after finishing up some promotion for The Lego Movie 2, the actor went on to spend thousands of dollars on champagne and women. Here are a few examples of the ones we busted. Citing an unnamed “source,” Pratt apparently asked Brooks to sing for his “winter wedding.” Brooks, in turn, “was happy to sing as his wedding gift to him and his bride.”
Not only did Pratt and Schwarzenegger get married in the summer, but we even checked with Brooks’ spokesperson, who told us on the record that the article was “not true.” The report was entirely based on a surprise performance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards where Pratt performed with Brooks. In reality, however, there weren’t any tensions between Pratt and Schwarzenegger’s famous dad, especially as a result of any strip club shenanigans. Pratt was “noncommittal” and began “dressing sloppily,” much to Schwarzenegger’s chagrin, according to the outlet. Gossip Cop checked with our source in Pratt’s camp, who told us the report was fictional. Shuster, Andrew. Pratt even gushed about their “honeymoon phase” in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. 2019. This scenario even went as far as Pratt cheering along a performer before joking about marrying her. Instead, Gossip Cop will just continue to search for the truth in the face of these stories. The Enquirer wasn’t done coming up with stories about the couple once they were actually married. In reality, Pratt and Schwarzenegger had already wed four days before the tabloid hit the newsstands. So much for the magazine’s claims of “cold feet” and Arnold’s crushing “disappointment.” Gossip Cop has rarely seen a story become so outdated before it’s even been published. Shuster, Andrew. The tabloid further stated that the partying infuriated Schwarzenegger’s father, Arnold, who was already angry with Pratt. The way she sees it, she’s only 29 and there’s plenty of time.” Their “insider” even claimed that Schwarzenegger enjoys shopping a little too much, and Pratt “throws a fit” whenever she makes a big purchase. The absolute lack of photos of Pratt entering or exiting the club, as well Pratt’s devout faith, further reduce the odds of this narrative being even remotely true. Those aren’t exactly the signs of a marriage on the rocks. 2019. put out their mid-June issue with a story about Pratt and Schwarzenegger calling off their wedding because they weren’t “ready” to marry. We’d almost be impressed if it weren’t so frustrating. Chris Pratt


Shuster, Andrew. Although Pratt supposedly told her he was still ready, she didn’t accept his claim and the two called it off. The tabloids have managed to get Pratt and Schwarzenegger’s relationship wrong at every stage. “Chris wants Katherine to be a stay-at-home wife and mom,” said a source. “Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger Fighting Over Kids And Money?” Gossip Cop, 15 Aug. (Getty Images)
In the lead-up to Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger’s June wedding, the tabloids published several false and made-up stories. “Chris Pratt Celebrated Engagement At A Strip Club?” Gossip Cop, 11 Feb. Other than that, there was no truth to it. Shuster, Andrew.

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