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Truth About Jennifer Aniston And Angelina Jolie Feuding

Shortly before that, Gossip Cop busted OK! Back in March, Gossip Cop called out NW for making up a story about Jolie getting “revenge” on Aniston by hooking up with her ex, Justin Theroux. And also last year, Gossip Cop called out In Touch for wrongly contending that Jolie was “furious” over Aniston’s supposed plan to have a baby with Pitt. 2018. Matthew Hiltzik, Spokesperson for Brad Pitt. The ridiculous article came on the heels of a previous one about Aniston and Pitt trying to conceive a child, either naturally or through IVF. The reason? “Brad Pitt Is Spending Time With Kids While Filming New Movie With Leonardo DiCaprio.” Entertainment Tonight. Jolie wasn’t enraged over an imaginary situation. The bogus rivalry was created simply because both actresses happen to be working for the company. According to the outlet, Jolie reached out to Theroux to discuss collaborating on a movie together, but with the “ulterior motive” of wooing him. 2018. Shuster, Andrew. (Getty Images)
There have been countless tabloid stories about Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie actively feuding with one another. In reality, Aniston and Pitt haven’t rekindled a romance, as reps for both stars have assured us countless times. Around the same time the article emerged, “Entertainment Tonight” reported that Pitt had “taken a step away from dating because of the importance of his children and also to help mend fences with Angelina.” The idea that the actor was not only dating his ex-wife again, but bringing her around his kids amid a divorce battle, was simply ludicrous. Here are few wrong rumors about the actresses that Gossip Cop has debunked. Pitt’s two exes certainly aren’t friends, but this ongoing saga about them constantly fighting is simply untrue. The actress also has no involvement in her ex-husband’s divorce from Jolie, and no opinion on the matter. Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston


Shuster, Andrew. “Angelina Jolie ‘Furious’ Over Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Baby Plans?” Gossip Cop, 10 May 2018. “Angelina Jolie Getting ‘Revenge’ On Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston By ‘Hooking Up’ With Justin Theroux?” Gossip Cop, 2 Mar. 2019. “Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston Feuding Over Netflix?” Gossip Cop, 31 Aug. 24 Jul. Jolie and Theroux never met up in any capacity, and as time has proven, they’re certainly not “hooking up.”
Last September, Gossip Cop debunked an NW story claiming Jolie had warned Aniston to stay away from Pitt and her six kids. However, Aniston and Jolie also have busy and successful careers outside of Netflix and aren’t competing over their status at the streaming service. Spokespeople for both stars went on the record to refute the story. The report was based on the false notion that the “Friends” star was back together with her ex-husband and spending time with his children, which wasn’t the case. The magazine contended that the “Friends” star was back together with her ex-husband and wanted him to be officially divorced so they could “move on” with their lives. In June, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for falsely claiming Aniston was furious over Jolie supposedly “dragging her feet” on finalizing her divorce from Pitt. “Angelina Jolie Warned Jennifer Aniston To Stay Away From Brad Pitt And Her Kids?” Gossip Cop, 17 Sep. The narrative was totally absurd. 2018. for falsely claiming Aniston and Jolie were feuding over who would become the biggest Netflix star. Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston. The story was made up because Jolie directed a film for the streaming service, while Aniston is starring in several movies for the content provider. In reality, Brad Pitt’s two exes don’t have any sort of relationship, good or bad. Bueno, Antoinette. “Jennifer Aniston Furious Over Angelina Jolie ‘Dragging Out’ Brad Pitt Divorce?” Gossip Cop, 17 June 2019.

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