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Truth About Katy Perry Calling Off Her Wedding To Orlando Bloom

Even celebrities are struggling to keep it together during quarantine and are turning to social media to share their meltdowns. Stop partying? proclaimed that Katy Perry had “cold feet” and was calling off her wedding to Orlando Bloom. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter The dubious outlet claimed that the postponement was because the pop star was pregnant. And that was just one of a number of insane claims made by the gossip media about Bloom and Perry’s wedding since they announced their engagement last year. Once again, Gossip Cop busted the story. Our friends at CinemaBlend compiled the best celeb posts into one hilarious video. The story was ridiculous.Of course, ridiculous is what the tabloids do best — like the time NW claimed that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had asked Kanye West to officiate their wedding. The tabloid even used many of the same quotes as the previous story cited here, including the “sign from God” nonsense. Gossip Cop immediately pointed out that all the past occurrences the tabloid cited in the phony article were from years earlier and had no bearing on today. He’s been in lockdown with his fiancée since this all started! Gossip Cop has debunked multiple stories about it in the last few weeks.On March 28, Life & Style reported that Perry was relieved that the wedding was postponed, and she was thinking of ditching the whole idea despite being pregnant with the couple’s first child. Just to confirm that the story was bogus, Gossip Cop checked in with our own impeccable source close to the “Hear Me Roar” singer, who assured us that the story was indeed nonsense.Three days later, OK! There’s a pandemic on! Where in the world was Bloom partying? In actual fact, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s wedding isn’t happening this summer in Japan because of the ongoing worldwide pandemic. 8:00 pm, May 18, 2020(Getty Images)Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were forced to postpone their wedding due to the coronavirus lockdown. The tabloid even argued that this wasn’t the first time for the couple, having postponed their supposed New Year’s Eve wedding in Hawaii — which also wasn’t true. The tabloids have exploited that unfortunate circumstance and invented a whole slew of stories claiming that Perry is ready to cancel all the plans, permanently. Not only did our source previously confirm the Perry wasn’t canceling anything, the stars have been seen often together walking on the beach and flirting with each other on social media.Finally, Woman’s Day joined the fray just last week, asserting that Katy Perry had warned Bloom to stop partying. Gossip Cop will of course continue to call these rags out for untrue stories.In need of a good laugh? The unreliable tabloid alleged that Perry thought the postponement was a “sign from God that Orlando isn’t the one.” The outlet also quoted a supposed source as saying, “Some friends think she’s secretly relieved to have called off the wedding.” Sadly for the tabloid, this story was easy to debunk.

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